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By June 14, 2014Company Updates


You wake up on a Sunday morning, head throbbing, eyes blurry, you have no idea what you did last night…

Oh wait…its coming back now…you hosted a party because you finally landed that awesome job you wanted..YAY!! Life’s good! So you stumble into the kitchen, after downing two large glasses full of water, you can start to feel your throat again…wait, were you able to feel your throat before you got drunk? Never mind. As you grab whatever greasy edible stuff you have and come sit down on your couch, brunching and checking up on who reached home alive after the party last night and lived to post something on Facebook, you start thinking clearly.

Tomorrow, you start your first day of work and need your suit all spanking new looking. But it is already 11AM now, how on earth are you going to find the strength to sober up and drive to the nearest laundry serive and get it washed, dried, ironed and get back home? You can hardly reach the TV remote.

Enter our champion – a mobile app driven pick and drop supported premium laundry service. Open the app on your iOS or Android phone, select the pick up and drop timings, give special instructions if necessary and voila! You are done!

Washio has been in the news lately and is picking up a lot of steam, traction and funding (Close to $15 Million). I mean, who wouldn’t like the service? Read their TechCrunch article here.


We are testing a similar script right now, that has an easy to use admin panel + server, that can be self hosted, along with User and Driver apps to run the entire business, as the most high-tech premium laundry service this world has ever seen!


You can either have a laundry service of your own, or you can tie up with one or more laundry service establishments for a bulk discounted operating prices.

Next, you arm your drivers (Just you and a bunch of your naive, believing friends, will do for a bootstrapped startup) with the driver app, publish the customer app in the respective app stores and publicize it (Tweet, blog and Facebook it) and standby for taking orders.

As soon as your first customer clicks on the ‘Pick up my laundry’ button, you can set the status as “Coming to pickup”on your admin panel, assign a driver to pick it up, once the items reach either your or a partner’s establishment, your driver will notify you of the drop (in-app).

Now, you need to manually send a bill amount to be paid by your client in-app, via Paypal (This amount directly goes to your predefined Paypal account). Once that is done, you can change the status on this job to “Cleaning in progress”. When your driver has picked up the washed, dried and ironed clothes, you will change the status to “En route to delivery”. Finally, when your driver has dropped off the clothes at your customer’s place, you will, with a smile be able to change the status to “Job Done, Thank you!”.

There you have it, that is how you shall start your on-demand premium laundry service and become the next successful mobile app driven real world business!

Now, all you have to do, to launch said entity, in a matter of hours, is to get it from here:

Get Uber for Laundry Service