Uber to launch UberBOAT soon. Get the UberBOAT Clone Script and start your own Uber-like venture today.

By July 10, 2017Company Updates

Uber has come up with a new app for speedboat services in Croatia. It is very well understood that Uber does not earn its revenues (Which is in large large large amounts) just by having a ride-hailing service across countries. Uber has come up with various apps that are most suitable for the city and for Uber-like the app for speedboats in Croatia. The app is going to be super useful for obvious reasons. Get the UberBOAT clone script and start a boat service TODAY! All you need to do is click this and get in touch with us : https://www.appdupe.com/uber-for-x-clone-script/    

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 UberBOAT, offers speedboats that can accommodate 12 people for one ride. The app has been tested in a few cities like Istanbul and Miami and etc, the app will launch in Croatia during the summer which is when the most amount of tourists visit. Appdupe offers exciting features that can beat Uber’s, get the clone script and start your own app today.

Although the idea is unique and it’s not the first/only that offers boat rides in the area. Users will have to login to the Uber app to use the service from the cities of Split and Dubrovnik in the southern Adriatic as well as from the island of Hvar. The price of hiring the speedboat will vary according to the number of people in need of the ride, for example, for 8 people to travel to Havr from Split will cost around 2,600 Kuna which is about $400. Not bad at all Uber.

UberBoat provides two services, a transfer between the mainland and the island or speed boat rent for half or full day trips. Users can not stay overnight on the boat or order a boat without a captain and sailors. Well obviously, it’s not as easy as driving a car. Users can opt to have a schedule provided by Uber or carry their own itinerary for the trips. With the country earning 18% of their Gross Domestic Product from tourist visits UberBoat is going to do just fine if not WELL. Start your own profitable business with the UberBoat Clone even before UberBOATS launches.

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