Upworthy Clone – Monetization Ideas

By September 19, 2013Company Updates

Upworthy Clone script logo

Upworthy is an awesome website. It brings to us the most groundbreaking news, the most passionate cry for help and videos that make us aware and fills us with a need to do something. But the very first thing we do, once we have come across some amazing content on Upworthy, is that we share it to all of our social media avenues.

Upworthy has basically, latched on to the mechanics of our digital egos. It counts on us to share incredible content we discover, because in a way, social media has conditioned us to think that, what we post, defines us. So, basically, when we want to be looked at, as a very concerned citizen, or a scientific aficionado, we try and share things that are relevant to our interests. Thus the success of Upworthy!

This is what YOU can harvest when you buy our Turn-Key Upworthy clone: Noteworthy. And how do you monetize such a viral content showcase you ask? Imagine, people not only seeing an ad once, but sharing it virally! That is the power of the script that YOU buy from us. It has subtle, suggestive features to make people share what they are doing. You can also have paid promotions, for example, you could buy this Upworthy Clone that we have and start a political campaign, that is sure to get the viral notice that you are aiming for etc.

Well, we have the WAY, if you have the WILL, to become a techno social millionaire, You can start your very own VIRAL content showcase and become mighty famous!

Buy YOUR very own Upworthy Clone for a throw away price of $49, right here: http://www.appdupe.com/upworthy-clone