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By April 25, 2017Company Updates

Netflix is an American entertainment company founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California. It  provides streaming media and video-on-demand online and DVD by mail. In 2013, Netflix expanded into film and television production, as well as online distribution. As of 2017 the company has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California.  Netflix is a huge hit amongst all age groups because of its varieties  of shows and movies.

In 2000, Netflix offered to be acquired by Blockbuster for $50 million, but the offer was declined. Netflix initiated an initial public offering (IPO) on May 29, 2002, selling 5.5 million shares of common stock at the price of US$15.00 per share. On June 14, 2002, the company sold an additional 825,000 shares of common stock at the same price. Netflix has grown vigorously over the years. The subscription fee depends on the quality of number of people using the same account.

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“Well, we’re about 24 million subscribers today, and that’s up from about 15 million a year ago, so it’s a very high rate of growth, and that’s what’s exciting about the business – more and more people are getting smart TVs, they’re watching Netflix on their iPads.” – Founder 

Amazon Prime Instant Video


Amazon Prime is probably one of the most underrated video streaming apps out-there but, having said that there is a steady growth. For $99 per year,  you get free 2-day shipping along with a host of other features. One of them is Amazon Instant Video. Many people will tell you that the collection pales in comparison to the likes of Netflix or Hulu, but they generally don’t take into account that Netflix doesn’t offer 2-day shipping on Amazon. You can also purchase TV shows and movies that are available on Amazon but not on Instant Video and then watch them using this app. The installation process is a little wonky and the UI is a bit clunky, but it does work. Having a subscription video section of Amazon Prime makes people more likely to both convert from Prime “free trial” users to paying ones, and to renew their Prime subscription when it ends, Bezos said.

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“Because we have this unusual way to monetize the premium content, we can charge less for the premium content than we would otherwise have to charge, if we didn’t have the flywheel spinning to help sell more shoes,” Bezos said.


Hulu is an American subscription video on demand service owned by Hulu LLC, a joint venture with The Walt Disney Company (through Disney–ABC Television Group) (30%), 21st Century Fox (through Fox Entertainment Group) (30%), Comcast (through NBCUniversal) (30%), and as of August 10, 2016, Time Warner (through Turner Broadcasting System) (10%, minority stake). It is primarily oriented towards television series, carrying current and past episodes of series from its owners’ respective television networks and other content partners. It was previously divided into free and paid tiers, with the free service limited in the amount of content accessible by users and is accessible via PC only, and a paid service with a larger library of content and access via Hulu applications for various mobile and connected devices. The subscription service is, in turn, divided into advertising-supported and mostly ad-free tiers. In 2016, Hulu spun out its free content into a joint venture with Yahoo! Called Yahoo! View and announced plans for a live television streaming service some time in 2017.

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Now you can watch all of HBO’s content, past and present, without a cable subscription, as HBO has joined the online video streaming realm. HBO NOW is a stand-alone streaming service that brings you all of HBO’s original series as well as comedy specials, documentaries and new movies. You can even watch live programming as it airs on regular cable television. With HBO NOW, you have unlimited access to every episode and season of the network’s shows. Anyone who downloads the HBO NOW app and signs up for the service can use it. Unlike HBO GO, which is a part of your HBO subscription with your cable provider, HBO NOW is not associated with an HBO subscription. After you’ve signed up using your Amazon Fire tablet, iPad, iPhone or Android device, you can log in from other supported devices to stream instantly. This means you can watch content on your mobile devices, Roku, your TV with Chromecast or Apple TV or your Mac or Windows laptop or desktop computer.

“It all starts with an Idea, an idea that you’re willing to work towards and work on to bring something new to this world” – Founder, Charles Dolan

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