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By July 17, 2017Company Updates

As everyone’s preparing to get back to school, Amazon launches a new iOS application targeting the students especially, the app is known as “The Amazon Student” app, with this app college students can check prices for various books they require and other items as well. They can keep lists of the items they would like to purchase and put up their old textbooks on the site, not just books they can even put up their games, or gadgets for trades because let’s face it college isn’t just about the book.

The app consists of a barcode scan feature, similar to Amazons original application. The barcode is a brilliant idea making it a lot faster and easier to find books as well as sell them. Again, not just books, the barcode helps to find just about anything that exists on the app (for ex: DVDs, electronics, gadgets, movies) Users can add their items to a wish list to purchase them in the future or can buy them immediately using the various payment option the app offers. There’s a free 2-day shipping on purchases for 6 months.

The most exciting feature of the app is the TRADE-IN option. The option shows the value of the object the user is willing to put up for trading, after which the user can decide if he/she would like to sell the object to other students. Students can put their textbook, DVDs or other gadgets up and trade with other students, the shipping will be free for any trade-ins done. Instead of receiving cash for trade-ins, students will receive gift cards.

The feature is an upgrade from the “Textbook Buyback” program available at There are about 1 million books on the site at this moment. “ Students will receive 70% back when they trade using the service” says Amazon.


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