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Move-To-Earn (M2E) is a model which has been around for some time. However, we offer you the enhanced creative version of the gaming solution that makes every step count and pay! Unlike Play-To-Earn (P2E) Games, the M2E provides a great way to uplift your physical life along with rewards in the form of Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens. They are the replenished model that covers up the lag in P2E gaming platforms, which is to get on foot!

As a leading web3 game development company, our white-label solution to an ultra-secure gaming platform is built over different blockchain platforms. M2E NFT Game Development allows the users to earn virtual native tokens of the game by just carrying out daily activities, like Walking, Jogging, Dancing, Playing, etc. Though the model has been put to diverse platforms, the mechanism remains the same. Some of our top-sought networks are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana, EOS, Polygon, Avalanche, and many more. Approach AppDupe to hit the bull's eye of the crypto ecosystem as a cryptopreneur by adapting our distinct M2E solutions.

Move To Earn NFT Game Development Platform To Level-Up!

We bring the market’s trending business model that is reliable and feature-packed to stay ahead of the crypto scene. We develop web3-based lifestyle applications that will track the movement of the player in the real world, to which they are rewarded in the digital world. The Move-to-Earn game development surveys the activity of the user with the GPS available on their smartphones. As the user can level up by participating in various challenges from the games, the awards won by them are distributed based on the guidelines of the games.

The fast-evolving GameFit and SocialFit buildout allows the user to get engrossed in physical activity for the incentives unlocked on the application. As the user registers with the game, they must first purchase the NFTs, which may be in-game tokens like sneakers. Once purchased, the user can begin collecting rewards.

Desire premium rewards in real life with Web3? Get M2E games to experience benefits in reality, not just on screens!

Entrancing Feature Addition In Our M2E Gaming Applications

While the web3 world is blooming with many intriguing business opportunities, M2E Game Development offers potential ownership of cryptos to the players. With the framework purely based on having to push the user to get a more fit and healthier lifestyle, our easily deployable M2E gaming solutions spring up in the industry as a gem connecting games with crucial-life benefits. Thus, we provide the following reasons for you to get an immersive experience of moving with these game applications!

User DashboardThe User dashboard allows the user to have all their physical vitals monitored and set their goals in the move-to-earn gaming application. Their activities at achievement unlock rewards in the form of NFTs, while the activities can be walking, running, jogging, playing, or even dancing.

No Learning Curve / Direct GamingUnlike other games, our easily deployable solutions function with zero learning curve, as the user can get to gaming immediately after registration. Users can just add their account details to experience better gameplay from the get-go!

Engaging Monetary AdvantagesWe add monetary integrations, such as rewards, to motivate the users to get moving in the real world. For instance, with in-game assets in the move-to-earn gaming platform, the users can purchase and trade different kinds of assets to upgrade their gaming account.

Comfortable Interface DesignsSince the M2E gaming is a novel concept, blending both the physical and virtual worlds, the user interface is intuitive, interactive, and immersive. We develop the user interface with modern features integrated for easy access to the platform for the users/players.

Health Centric We implement a healthy lifestyle through our gaming platform. We encourage our users to utilize the move-to-earn platform to keep fit and earn crypto at the same time.

Smart Fitness Tracker We integrate a fitness tracker into the gaming applications, where the user's movements are monitored through the GPS in their smartphones. The gamification of their fitness-elevating lifestyle allows the M2E model to be more enticing.

Social Interactive Element Interaction is made different with our M2E gaming platform development. We create an ecosystem where the user will compete through multiple challenges and competitions with each other. Making the gameplay even more engaging, we enable users to share their achievements on social media platforms.

NFT Reusability Outside The Gaming ApplicationSince the M2E games involve real-world activities, we allow users to purchase NFTs and reuse them even outside the game to keep the virtual world active.

Security And Scalability With the advancement of blockchain technology and easy transaction processing, we open the gates to a new gaming world immune to fraudulent activities, scams, etc. We use our high-power white-label solutions to elevate the scalability of the application, which is an additive point to entice our users/players.

Exclusive Triads Of Our Move To Earn Game Development

Our mission is to facilitate the eccentric users of Move To Game applications with a wide selection of rewards. We at AppDupe proffer your unique developed Move To Earn Game Development with Services that best suit you!

Move To Earn Crypto Game

If you are a crypto enthusiast looking for an experiential gaming platform, then Move-To-Earn crypto game is for you! We offer a feature-packed platform where users can earn cryptos as rewards for completing physical activities. This one-of-a-kind gaming platform works best for the community having multiple activities that require a crypto transaction.

While we create and finalize the structure of the gaming platform, we take in multiple factors about the token for the move-to-earn crypto game development. Our designers and adept developers are employed to perfect the platform for a better user experience that offers a great sense of reality within the web3 application.

Move To Earn Token Game

This model of a move-to-earn game is designed with a token economy that the users can receive as rewards in the platform. The token is given access to the platform to the top performers in the ecosystem, allowing a gradual level-up of the user's profile. Through the analysis of our expert developers, the users can upgrade both their avatar and their NFTs.

We offer extensive services to our users by developing a move-to-earn token game using easy-deployable white-label solutions. Choose the right token economy and have fun gaming and trading!

Move To Earn Non-Fungible Tokens Game

NFTs are the thing of demand in the web3 realm for their high volume of trading among its user base. We develop a spotless Move-To-Earn NFT game platform where the users can trade in-game assets to level up your game profile. These NFTs are accessed through the NFT marketplace integrated into the gaming platform, assisting the users with better trading facilities and features.

We implement unequaled concepts for your state-of-the-art NFT marketplace that enhances the gaming platform attracting gamers worldwide. Explore a wide spectrum of gamers with our M2E game development services!

Our Dynamic Course Of Action!

Our Move-To-Earn Game Development Company believes in our products speaking for us. We develop platforms that work on the basis of user motivation. We erect our M2E games around activities such as walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, playing sports, and many more. With this user-driven attitude, our game developers with blockchain expertise take leverage of the technology to upscale the user’s lifestyle, thus involving them in a healthy social life aided with monetary perks.

We aid in capitalizing on fitness routines by tracking them. By gamifying the existing fitness tracking application, we enable the capitalizing attribute of it, enticing more user-base to get on the road! Our white-label solutions with the best selection of blockchain technology suitable to your platform can be tweaked for your desired theme.

On top of that, with the achievements made on the Move To Earn gaming applications, the user can upgrade and earn their rewards in the form they prefer.

Cruise Through Our M2E Gaming Platform Work Process

Our M2E Gaming platform, in tandem with digital assets, works by the structure given below!

Sign-Up for the platform

Purchase an NFT Shoe or an NFT Sneaker to avail of further rewards

As the user upgrades their NFT levels, they open up access to more and higher levels of activities

Advanced technologies like GameFi, SocialFi, and GPS monitor the user activity

The tracked activities get categorized in the applications, such as walking, running, or jogging

The NFT Purchased is adorned by the avatar in the Move-To-Earn gaming platform, which is connected to the physical activity in the virtual space

The NFT runs based on the energy levels acquired. The next activity can begin only after the energy of the user is gained

Irrefutable Feature Package With Our M2E Game Solutions

Dashboard Of Goals The application has an interface dedicated for the users where the goals are set to gain the rewards from the platform. Using this dashboard, the users can set multiple goals both based on age or the standard of their activity, which can be walking, running, jogging, or cycling.

User Profile This feature in the gaming platform is an inevitable part of the development as they help recognize the status of the platform. The user can get easy access to many of their physical vitals, like heart rate, blood pressure, footsteps, and many more.

GPS SupportThe move-to-earn gaming application works by monitoring the movements of the user using the GPS support system. To enhance gaming convenience for the user, the platform is set in order to release rewards based on the completion of their activity target.

Smartwatch Trackability Users can track their daily activities and objectives by integrating the M2E gaming application into their smartwatch. Smartwatch trackability enables them to enhance their lifestyles for the better and upgrade their profile at the same time.

NFT Marketplace IntegrationOur highly customizable Move-To-Earn NFT gaming platform can also be integrated with a marketplace at request by the client. With this NFT marketplace integration, the user can easily buy and sell digital collectibles effortlessly and securely.

Social Media IntegrationWe enable social media integration to the platform that will create better audience engagement. With this feature in the application, the connectivity helps the users to share their achievements which elevates them to take a positive step ahead.

Intense Security The most crucial and necessary implementation of any web3 platform is, impenetrable security. We employ a layered security mechanism for your unique move-to-earn gaming platform from the expert team of developers we house for you!

Crowned Move-To-Earn Games In The Ecosystem

  • STEPN STEPN is a Solana-based gaming platform that tracks players movements using the GPS signal of their mobile devices. They are dual cryptocurrency token architecture, having their own utility token, Green Satoshi Token (GST), and governance token, green Metaverse Token (GMT), which can be earned by running, cycling, or jogging.

  • Step App StepApp is a game similar to STEPN, where users will own an NFT sneaker to begin the game. The gamification aspect of this M2E game creates several friendly tournaments where the players can earn KCAL tokens. Using these tokens, the users can also purchase different in-game assets.

  • GenopetsFamiliar with the popular AR game Pokemon Go? Genopets is a similar game, allowing the users to breed and raise digital pets by walking around. The game proceeds as the pet grows, resulting in earning rewards by completing tasks framed up.

  • DotmoovsM2E gaming platform of Dotmoovs functions with a different gaming mechanism than other two games. Here, the users earn rewards based on their daily challenges and workouts. This move-to-earn NFT game runs in the market using artificial intelligence (AI), which monitors and calculates the achievements.

  • Wirtual Wirtual is one of the popular and sought-after games that loves fitness and cryptos. Through this game, the users can earn rewards by participating in multiple fitness tasks like walking, swimming, and even dancing. Here, the users gain WIRTUAL tokens to buy in-app digital assets like avatars and clothes and upgrade their profiles in the ecosystem.

Move-To-Earn Games! Our Process Behind-The-Platform

  • Scrutinizing The Project’s Scope Our highly skilled analysts conduct extensive research to start the project with business analysis, market understanding, and your business objectives.This helps us greatly to come up with a solid base plan that can define the scope of the project in the competitive gaming market.

  • Coding The Smart Contracts In this step, we select blockchain technology that will enhance your Move-To-Earn NFT game. Once that is done, we move to write smart contracts, where every specification of the platform is coded. These smart contracts developed allow you to navigate through a completely decentralized platform.

  • Assemble A MarketplaceTo enable a smooth trading process, an NFT marketplace is an inevitable part. We employ an NFT marketplace that is set up in the gaming platform, where the gamers/users can trade and earn the in-game non-fungible tokens.

  • Legion Feature AdditionThe gaming platform, like the move-to-earn business model, needs a tonne of features that adds value. We integrate a number of features elevating the benefits range for the users in the platform, thereby attracting more users.

  • Testing And DebuggingWe complete the prototype of your one-of-a-kind Move-to-Earn NFT gaming platform with a perfect and enthralling user interface and other front-end and back-end work; we test them. The rigorous run of tests for debugging helps us resolve any errors promptly to ensure a seamless gaming experience.

  • Deployment We end our development process with the deployment of the platform for public use. Also, For effective outcomes, we collect valuable feedback from the users and make upgrades to keep up to date in the web3 world, along with proven marketing strategies.

Why Are We The Promising Finesse That You Need?

When you step into the world of business, the point of peak attention is always on who is your partner. We enter your line of vision with exceptional perks, setting us apart from others in the industry.

Technology is our humble beginning, and we expand our spectrum wider; we embrace changes in the form of NFTs. Climbing the heights of the market is made easy with our industry-leading M2E game development company. We nurture and cater to your dream, from ideating to innovating, through our exclusive non-disclosure agreement. Our skilled developers hold strong expertise in blockchain technology, allowing us to put your intuitive game concepts into practice coupled with our expert-curated development strategies. We offer you an adept and successful NFT-based M2E project that will sway the users' foot toward the goals!

World-class development, high-powering solution, assorted blockchain networks, or 24*7 support? We house it all. Make Web3 your playground, even in the real world, with us!

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Frequently asked questions(FAQ)

The best Move-to-earn NFT game in the era of fast-growing business models, it has web3’s best technological implementation, with a number of perks that do not limit to high crypto value but also physical health in the real world.
Apart from being the trendiest way to stay ahead of time, move-to-earn NFT games are highly lucrative in the aspect of rewards and in-game assets through every level-up. Additionally, they visibly bridge the gap between the virtual and the real world with the perk of physical fitness.
They are a new and novel way to earn cryptocurrency with an innovative concept. Creating the precedent in the world of competitive gaming, M2E creates an immersive and realistic experience through a web3 gaming application.
It is hard to quote the cost of an NFT-based Move-to-based game, as they significantly depend on the technical infrastructure, feature adhesions, developers, and many other factors. They can highly vary depending on the course of development you prefer to have from the development agency.
White-label or easy-deployable platform development solutions that are cost-effective and highly customizable with features and functionalities. You can tweak the platform as per your business requirements and swiftly launch your move-to-earn NFT gaming platform in the competitive market.

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