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NFTs are the virtual ownership identifiers, and their adoption is spiraling from year to year. A prediction says that the NFT market size will augment and reach USD 7390 million by 2028. The more the adoption and trading rates of NFTs run-up, the more the need for developing modernistic projects ensues. When you set out to an NFT consulting agency like us, you can avail yourself of full-length NFT consulting services tailored to your project's mission.

As an NFT consulting company, we comprise a team of business analysts, marketers, finance managers, and customer service executives. We claim to provide end-to-end consultancy services to your NFT projects, which include but are not limited to creating digital marketing strategies, building communities, helping with development and deployment activities, etc. To give an abstract, we provide any sort of consultancy service that is required for the advancement of your project.

What Does
Our NFT Consulting Agency Do?

The job of a typical consultancy is to help businesses or projects to achieve a better understanding of the respective markets and provide recommendations on what is needed for the betterment. Likewise, our NFT consultancy services are delivered to aid NFT project owners in analyzing, designing, developing, and marketing their projects.

Our NFT consultants, who are aware of the current NFT market, will come up with the best of best recommendations so that you can always stay on top of your peers. In the appending section, we’ll give you a specification on the list of consultancy services you can expect from us.

What Does Our End-To-End NFT Consulting Services Encompass?

When you approach our NFT consulting firm, we suggest how to make the best use of tools and technologies so that your project will be leading in the competitive aisle. Slide down to explore the latest consultancy services we have been offering.

Guidance On Creating NFTs

Guidance On Creating NFTsUniqueness is the key aspect of a business or a project. As far as NFTs are concerned, it is about the level of rarity and the utility value that tow along, which will tickle the interest of the buyers. Overall, we will help you with ideas to create your NFTs.

NFT Marketing Consulting Services

NFT Marketing Consulting Services At times when the NFT market is at a full-throttle, you need personalized marketing strategies to sell your NFTs. Our in-house marketers will choose and implement the digital marketing strategies that will sit well with your project.

NFT Marketplace Marketing Advisory

NFT Marketplace Marketing Advisory Other than delivering marketing services for NFTs, we also take up NFT marketplace marketing services. We can also help you with choosing the right blockchain, features, and UI for your marketplace so as to make it stand unique from the existing marketplaces.

NFT Influencer Marketing

NFT Influencer MarketingInfluencer marketing is the present-age and the preferred marketing technique that involves social media influencers. As an NFT consulting firm, we seek leading influencers concerned with the NFT niche. Moreover, we’ll sit with you to discuss your budget allocations so that we can find influencers based on that.

NFT Community Marketing

NFT Community MarketingCommunity marketing stays at the top of all the other marketing methods since it takes you one step closer to your audiences. Web3 communities are growing, and the platforms on which these communities are active include LinkedIn, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, and Slack. We will set up an exclusive community for your NFT project and carry out activities like hosting events, games, etc., that’ll keep them engaged.

Smart Contract Development

Smart Contract Development Smart contracts are the functional units of decentralized platforms. We provide tailor-made smart contract development services for NFT marketplaces, DeFi platforms, and other decentralized platforms.

Beneficiaries Of Our NFT Consulting Services

  • Artists Artists of any genre can make money out of NFTs and also retain ownership of their artistic works. Our NFT advisors are here to provide end-to-end consultancy services for artists to help them create and sell NFTs. Other than helping artists mint and sell their NFTs, we will give suggestions on adding utility benefits to their Non-Fungible Tokens.

  • Influencers Social media influencing personalities can greatly benefit from NFTs. We’ll help them with a set of strategies for converting their social media creatives into NFTs and further provide marketing services to boost sales.

  • Musicians Next to digital artwork creators, musicians are pioneering in converting their music into NFTs. We offer consultancy services to those musicians who are ready to create their works into NFTs. Interestingly, we help musicians and other artists build their own NFT community comprising their fans.

  • Brands/Businesses Popular brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Louis Vuitton, etc., are already in the race to create NFTs that carry utility values to the customers. Likewise, you can take your brand to Web3 by creating brand-specific NFTs.

Take Your NFT Project To The Next Phase With Our NFT Consulting Services

Our Way Of Approaching NFT Marketplace Development Consultation

  • Research Target Market Our NFT consultants will start by gathering your requirements and head to analyze them and the current NFT market. The NFT market is a constantly evolving one, and our team will strive to fish out what will work the best for your business.

  • Functional/Non-Functional SpecificationsFunctional requirements define the way any application or platform must work. In your case, it can be an NFT marketplace, DeFi platform, or even a crypto exchange platform. Non-Functional requirements define certain attributes of a platform or marketplace like responsiveness, throughput rate, error tolerance, etc.

  • Deciding The Blockchain Network The blockchain network forms the main element of the platform’s architecture. Our team will clarify the effectiveness and downsides of different blockchains and will suggest the best one for your platform.

  • Smart Contract Development Smart contracts rule the functioning of your marketplace, and smart contract development needs much attention. Our NFT project consulting services include smart contract development, auditing, and optimization as well.

  • Tech Stack Implementation In addition to the blockchain network, other technological stacks are necessary to build your platform/marketplace. For example, it can be implementing the data storage system, choosing the programming tools, etc.

Highlights Of Our NFT Consulting Agency

  • Digital StrategiesBeing an NFT marketing consultancy agency, we create digital strategies for your NFT projects as well as optimize the existing strategies to enhance your project further. Our marketing team will devise a complete roadmap defining your short-term and long-term goals to get the attention from your target audiences.

  • Community BuildingCommunity building is the new normal marketing strategy. We will help you with building communities around your project and work on engaging the community members to turn them into users. There are a variety of ways to keep your community alive, and the most preferred platforms for community management are Telegram, Discord, Slack, Facebook groups, and Reddit.

  • DAO EnablementDAO has been introduced to activate community-based governance, where the people who form the community will cast their votes. We can provide you with an array of Web3 projects that can be developed with DAO as the functional body.

  • NFT GamingNFT gaming projects are on the upsurge, and the in-game NFT assets deserve all the praise for bringing in players. We have plug-and-play NFT gaming platform development solutions like Cryptokitties clone, Axie Infinity clone, Zed Run clone, NBA Top Shot clone, etc.

Our Workflow For NFT Design, Development & Drop

  • Comprehend Your NFT Project’s VisionYou can schedule a virtual meeting with our team so that we can discuss your project’s vision, expectations from us, and the target audience you are looking to capture.

  • Devise Personalized StrategiesFrom the virtual meeting, we will absorb the strategies that are required for your NFT drop, like design, community building, royalty percentages, fractional ownership, etc.

  • Design & Develop NFTsWe take up developing a single NFT as well as NFT collections. You can specify how you need your NFTs to be - either as a standalone NFT or in-game assets/collectibles. Based on the input you give, we’ll design and develop them.

  • Launch Your NFTsWe choose the best of the best NFT marketplaces where your NFTs can be launched. Concurrently, we’ll engage with the community audiences and familiarize them with your NFT collections.

  • Post-launch Marketing After the NFT drop, we take up rigorous NFT marketing campaigns that cover NFT listing, influencer marketing, content marketing, video marketing, and every other trending yet workable marketing measure.

  • Hire NFT Consulting Services
  • Why Should You Hire NFT Consulting Services From Us?

    We have been quite acquainted with the blockchain industry for almost a decade now. Our hungry developers and marketers keep stalking the latest happenings so as to bring top-notch solutions to the table. Have a gander at the utilities of hiring our NFT consultants.

    • Qualified blockchain consultants
    • Project-specific consulting approach
    • Successful at meeting deadlines
    • Innovation at its best

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

NFT consulting is all about researching, analyzing, and defining a clear picture for NFT projects so as to make the project achieve its goal.
Finding NFT consultants can be overwhelming; however, you can find the best ones if you shortlist the consultants/consulting agencies as per their experience, expertise, and portfolio of previous projects.
Generally, there ain’t any fixed rate for availing of NFT consulting services. The rate will vary from project to project and from agency to agency. However, NFT consulting firms like Appdupe provide flexible packages. You can request the pricing quote from them.
Appdupe is an NFT consulting company that is recognized for offering professional and project-specific consulting services. They take up NFT project consulting for artists, brands, athletes, influencers, etc. You can try approaching them via call or email - [email protected] or +91 9284843395.
NFT development services comprise creating NFTs on different token standards, minting and listing them on supporting NFT marketplaces.

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