We’re F**KING done with these Billion Dollar Companies!

By October 3, 2016Company Updates

So far we have gotten 11 cease and desist letters, gotten a domain name plucked by Tumblr.

We are just a 12 people startup and only 3 of us are sober at any point of time (Just kidding, we are extremely professional international businessmen who wear suits even when we are on the John) so we don’t handle legal threats that well.

The latest one we got was from Tinder

tinder-clone-script-cease-desistYou know what…Fuck Uber, Fuck Tumblr, Fuck Amazon, Fuck Tinder…Fuck everybody who act as if they own the idea of dating or cabs or shopping!

Let me get this straight, YOU guys are supposed to be the brightest people having gone to the most prestigious law schools in the world and you went through my site and honestly thought that my app is trying to impersonate and steal users from Tinder? I am selling TINDER CLONE SCRIPTS to entrepreneurs who want to start dating and match making ventures!!! How hard is that to get?

Or if you tell me you actually said one thing but meant that we should not be selling clone scripts…

Ideas are dime a dozen, technology is about $1000 worth to start with an MVP. Execution is everything!

It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, it’s about the size of the fight in the dog, that’s right! Everything that happens from the moment you buy our turnkey product depends on YOUR execution. How well you’ve done your homework, how you are planning to position your venture.

If you have bought one of our products, then it is an already validated idea. Every one of our products are a SAFE BET. All you need to do is to find the right market fit for it. An Uber like solution that you want to start in your city either by reselling it white labeled, to your local cab operator or launching it as your own brand and partnering up with a couple of cab operators nearby. Any which way, you stand to make huge amounts of money by not owning inventory but by becoming a marketplace or an enabler. Or if you had hit all the right notes, selected a place where there is not a lot of On-demand cab app operators, you could even get acquired by Uber or get venture funded by one of the thousands of investors who missed opportunities like Uber, Lyft or Ola.

acquisitionEvery product we have can be built by any web and mobile app development company for $30,000 – $50,000 (It cost us the same, it’s the possibility of being able to resell base products that lets us sell our products at our current price points). From that point onwards, all you are doing is fast tracking your time to market by applying our product to make your vision reality. It is the entrepreneur who executes, not our clone script…

So take a look at our products and decide what suits your vision best: Clone Script Products pick one as your MVP, execute it at a minimal cost, validate and then decide if you want to go further.

God Speed Wannapreneurs!