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By June 22, 2017Company Updates

There are about million teenagers out there and they’re all using chat fiction apps. Since the number of teenagers is only increasing and now that a 10-year-old is doing what a 14-year-old does having an app that is fun and entertaining for them is going to make you good money. The texts that represent digital book alternatives have been dominating the app charts for the past few months. The format is a little weird for people used to reading paper books but everyone eventually adapts to new technology. The most popular apps right now are as follows, if you wish to have an app that is going to make you rich do get in touch with us and we’ll work towards that exact goal:


Blame Hooked, for this is where it all started. It launched in 2015 and since then has been very popular amongst the people. The app is free and in the top 40 list. The topic’s range from comedy to horror stories and are always displayed as text messages. Once the readers read a few sentences the app has them scrolling down for more. The format of texting is easier to understand for most people and so the app is relatable.

The app is free but for the full experience there’s a price user will have to pay. It costs $2.99 per week or $39.99 per year. Its business has caught the attention of well-known investors including Greylock Partners, Foundation Capital, and Founders Fund.


Yarn is very similar to Hooked, it is also an app that portrays stories in the format of texts and it costs exactly the same. Although, it does have a few different themes.  They are hypothetical conversations with A-list celebrities or imaginary group chats about dating. They also have a “truth or dare” section and jokes about using personal assistants like Siri. They are listed in the category of books in iTunes even though they aren’t exactly books.

It is currently ranked higher than Kindle.


Wattpad recently introduced Tap. It is similar but not too similar to the other chat fiction apps but costs the same. From romance to crime stories the app consists of all. Tap makes it easy to see what’s trending and tells the users how many people are scrolling through it. Users can write their own stories or makeup stories and post them for other users to read.

By the way this is going it doesn’t look today’s kids will know how it feels to read from a real book but well if that’s how it has to be then let make the most of it yeah? Get in touch with us and we’ll hook you up with a clone script so you can start your own app and be a part of the reason kids are not being kids.

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