Case Study: Heal – Uber for Doctors

By September 19, 2016Company Updates

Heal Uber for doctors 1In the olden days doctors were called home to visit the patients but as time passed, hospital visits become popular instead of house calls. Heal is a startup in LA that wants to bring the old edition back by ‘Ubering’ a doctor to your door. The Founder of Heal is Dr.Renee Dua, a kidney specialist. She came up with the Idea after spending a long night in the emergency room for her infant son’s cold. Unfortunately they weren’t any doctors available and she had to sit in the waiting room with her son. She wanted to come up with an easy and fast way to make doctors available to patients, That’s when the idea struck her. Since Dua is a doctor she knew that doctors had the tools to make house calls for small things like cold or a flu.

This service already exists in some regions in North Carolina. Pager is a start up that will send a doctor to your door in the Manhattan area of New York and then there’s a startup called Medicast an LA startup that works with hospitals and physicians to provide scheduled house calls.

Heal Uber for doctors 2
Heal is an on-demand service right now, It delivers a doctor to your house with in an hour, It launched in LA late last year and is now open for business in San Francisco from today. It works by downloading the app from the appstore ( the app will soon be available for android users) and ordering yourself a doctor between the hours of 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. The doctor should arrive at your door in 60 minutes. The pricing is a bit higher than your usual visit at the doctor’s office, The range is from $15-25 for a routine visit but can go up to $100 for an emergency room says Heal costs $99 a visit, Dr.Dua considers the time, petrol money and parking one has to pay to get yourself to the doctor.Heal Uber for doctors 3

After taking these things into consideration the price does not vary too much. The response to the app is positive, The users are very happy with service and find it very convenient.

$3.7 million has been raised by Heal in seed money so far. Dr. Dua plans to use the funds to help Heal reach a higher level beyond LA and the bay area soon.

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