Is your business really gaining all that it can? Here’s how you can make maximum profit.

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In today’s world, it’s all about the on-demand business. If you have a business and not an app to support it is it really gaining all that it can? The best example of on-demand business is Uber. Two clicks on your smart phone and vola, your cab is on its way to you. If one giant example isn’t enough here’s another one: Instacart. There are many others out there. Once the order is placed on the app (Instacart, if you were wondering which one) the groceries are delivered within an hour or so, depending on the scheduled time. Few other examples can also be the great Netflix or Airbnb. The on-demand business is changing the way people used to do many things, for example, shopping and I don’t mean crazy girlfriend/wife/sister/mother clothes shopping, I mean groceries, clothes, bags, shoes, electronics, books and what not! We have almost everything we want to delivered without hardly any effort, apart from the hardship of choosing from thousand options when you want all.

“It is defined as the economic activity generated by technology companies that satisfy consumer wants through the immediate provisioning of goods and services”  

It is the best options for people looking for speed, convenience, and effortless transaction. The fact that customers can shop whenever and from wherever is a huge advantage. On-demand economy is attracting more than 22.4 million consumers annually and $57.6 billion in spending says a study.

The best app’s in the market now :

Ride hailing app such as Uber 

Food delivery app such as Instacart / Swiggy (if you’re Indian) 


Fitness apps because who doesn’t want to get into shape? 

Uber for Laundry 

Uber for Courier

Housekeeping apps 

So, if you own any of the businesses listed above or any other business apart from these, it’s time to build a mobile app and boost up your user base. In the next two years, the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 2.87 billion, providing a huge opportunity to match on-demand services with real-time supply.

I was looking for a person to fix my air-conditioner, it was making a loud noise when switched on. After hours of being rejected by mechanics who wanted me to bring the fan to them, I googled “Fan fixing” the first thing that came up was an app we could download -> Login -> Register the complaint -> Choose Service type and within 2 minutes we were told that Mr.X was arriving at 5pm tomorrow to do whats required. This way of ordering food from your favorite restaurant or requesting a service with a beautician can all be done with literally 3 clicks on your smart phone. No more sweat required just your smartphone and in my case, google. There hasn’t been a more appropriate time to experiment with your crazy ideas, crazy actually works for a lot of people. So, do you have your own On-demand business?

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