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By May 10, 2017Company Updates

Dispatcher panel is a small but major part of the admin dashboard. On the dispatcher panel you the admin can assign drivers to requests or use the ‘ADD’ option to create rides on behalf of the users. After the admin clicks on the add button he is required to fill in a form consisting details of the user. There is also an auto assign provider option, if the admin turns it on, the providers will automatically be assigned to the users. The driver will be assigned according to the location of the user. The closest driver to the users location will be assigned to the ride.

With our intelligent Dispatcher panel, dispatchers can take phone bookings, schedule trips, assign trips to drivers, manage taxi locations, track payments and auto email taxi fare receipts after completion of the trip. Taxi companies will have 99% less chance of losing any passenger from any mode of communication with our dispatcher panel.

The dispatcher panel can  receive requests through telephone bookings, which is when the ‘add’ button comes into action. The booking can be done by using google maps as well. On the dispatcher panel you can view trips in real time, this way you can see where your provider and users are at all times. Auto Dispatch of taxis or Assign Driver manually is one of the main features.  View and monitor trip history, passenger details, driver details, Taxi details, transactions, payment mode and status with our dispatcher system. 

Specific Filters

We have specific filters to help the admin out.

All – On this page the admin can see almost everything. All the requests, the provider location, user location and everything related to the ride. The admin can track the ride as well. 

Scheduled – The admin can view all the request that have been scheduled for the future and assign the provider with the user. 

Warning – If the user has been waiting for a certain amount of time without the admin assigning the request a provider the request goes into ‘Warning’ stage. On this page the admin can view all the request he has not assigned providers to and assign them quickly.

Our dispatcher consists of an ‘add’ button that allows the admin to create rides upon the users request. The dispatcher panel can receive  requests through telephone bookings, which is when the ‘add’ button comes into action. Once the booking is done the admin add’s a ride using the add button on the right side of the page. He then views all the drivers in the location and assigns the closest driver to the pick-up location of the user.

Auto Assign Provider can be on or off according to the admins controls. This feature does not require the admin to assign providers to users. They automatically get assigned through the app, using their location the app selects the driver to attend to the nearest user. This option is at the bottom of the page and can be changed when required.

Manual  – FLOW when the auto assign provider is off that means the admin has to manually assign a driver to the provider. For example, once a request comes in the admin check the location of the users after which he looks for the nearest driver and send the driver the request. While creating a ride one of the steps include filling in details on the user, this is shown in the screen shot below. 

After filling in the details of the user and clicking submit, the nearest drivers to the location of the users will be marked on the map, the admin can click on the driver and assign him to the user.

Once the driver is assigned, He will receive a request from the admin and can choose to accept or reject.

You have everything you need to run a successful business and take care of everything related to providers, users and their rides, which is kind of a big deal.

The dispatcher panel gives the edge for you to run the business if you’re planning to setup a call center. The executives should be able to dispatch a particular service to an user by assigning to a provider.

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