Serena Williams? Christina Aguilera? Gordon Ramsay? Learn from the legends on MasterClass. Get the clone NOW!

By March 28, 2017Company Updates

The best way to learn something is to learn it from the right person, and who better to learn it from, than the master himself. MasterClass will teach you to be the best by getting you the best! The app offers you tennis tips from Serena Williams. Win the text tournament with tips from the legend herself

Need cooking advice? Just use MasterClass for the best recipes from Gordo Ramsay.  We’ve seen Uber for Taxi, Uber for Laundry, Uber for almost anything but have you heard about Uber for Tutor? 

Want to take part in the next singing competition or just want to improve your singing in the bathroom, MasterClass hooks you up with tips from Christina Aguilera the former coach on the The Voice (USA). Do you have a better way to learn from a Grammy winner? I don’t think so. These are just a few celebrities we’ve mentioned there are a lot more who have collaborated with MasterClass in the recent days.


The courses are offered at a price of $90 for the hours long sessions. Students may even ask their instructors questions from the Q&As option. Venture capitalists are betting that this will become a big business, with IVP leading a $35 million Series C round. New investors Sam Lessin and GSV Acceleration joined, with NEA, Bloomberg Beta and others participating again.

“MasterClass is building a modern-day Library of Alexandria” said Eric Liaw, general partner at IVP. “Shakespeare couldn’t teach playwriting in his own words,” or at least there wasn’t a video recording of it. But now, This is possible. Open the app to learn from the best in the field.

The San Francisco office is looking to expand and hire more employees says the CEO and co-founder of the app, David Rogier. An interesting update maybe that the app is looking to add a “business” section for students to learn from world-class business tycoons (entrepreneurs as well)  They have a revenue share arrangement with the instructors. They work with the “masters” to produce the video and develop the program. Once the video is up the students may watch and learn from it. The app is used by people of all income levels, education levels and geographies.

“For up to 80% of our students this is their first ever online class. We are trying to set a brand new bar of what online education is.” — CEO 

MasterClass is already doing better than expected. Let’s face it, it’s a kick ass idea. You don’t need her chair to turn for her to teach you, just log on to MasterClass and there she is, Christina!

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