How to create your own dating EMPIRE using our Turnkey Tinder Clone Dating app

By September 24, 2013Company Updates

The dating game was defined by the technology that existed at the time of its launch.

There were various websites Friend Finder, JDate, MySingleFriend etc.

These were all, while successful, just websites.


What mobile dating apps do, even the most successful dating websites until now, could only dream of.

You can actually let a person sitting in a bar know that, the beautiful girl sitting across the bar, alone, is looking to hook up. Why is she alone? Because she is so Goddamn gorgeous that other guys in the bar, are just afraid of getting shot down, impervious to the fact that SHE IS ACTUALLY LOOKING TO HOOK UP!!!

This is where our mobile dating app, which already has all the geo-centric and interest oriented features that Tinder and Swoon has, uses its Ace up the sleeve – a feature we call “Booty Call”. (Your personal preferences aside, this feature has turned out to be a viral kick-ass feature in our test group, for our product feature research)

How can you monetize this app?

1. Paid Mobile Dating app – $4.99


This is Your App in the Store!

Charge for the app itself. This is the most straight forward and easy way to do it. People thinking twice about paying less than what they spend on coffee for a chance to hookup? Regularly? – No brainer, you now have more than  50,000 users. Why? According to Neilson’s research on mobile app adoption statistics, an app that attends to 18 to 45 demographic, with geo social features, enabling them to discover new people, is projected to be used by atleast 75000 users. For our purposes, let us say 50000.

Now, lets do some math, shall we:

$5 X 50,000 users = $250,000 

And that is on iOS alone. Imagine the kind of traction you would get with the Android app that comes bundled with your purchase…BAM!

2. In-App Purchases – $0.99 for responding to a hookup

Remember when I said AppDupe is all about customer success stories. We figure out, all the ways our customers can turn our scripts into lucratively profitable businesses. And as a part of that, we added In-App purchases for many compelling features inside the app.

For example: Imagine a guy who just finished a busy day’s work and is returning home. He is not interested in going to a bar to pick someone up. He is too tired for that charade, but he definitely, definitely, will not say no to someone who approaches  him, without having to do all the work. And guess what? He represents the majority demographic today. People are able to do the whole pick up thing, for only one or two nights in a month. And that makes up 90% of the working-single population. Here’s where our app becomes irresistible.

He is sitting in a cab, heading home, when his mobile app says, “Hey! There is a 23 year old female within 100 feet of you, who is 65% compatible with your interests and has a dating app rating of 3.5, looking for a Booty Call. Are you interested? ”

Any guesses what he will do next??? So, once he presses the I am interested button, THAT is when the app says “That will be $0.99, shall we continue?” And that guy is not thinking should I pay this or not, he is alreay tidying up his suit, brushing his hair right and thinking of how to open the conversation. Suddenly he sees the message and goes “I agree to pay $0.99” and thinking impatiently, send me the details already!

What just happened? Did we just make paying $1 as automatic as checking the “I agree” box? 

And imagine if 50000 of your iOS and Android users keep saying that atleast once a month…let me see..mathematically, that comes out to…A BOAT LOAD OF MONEY!!!

There are a couple of other ways to monetize your Tinder Clone Mobile Dating app, like selling sets of profiles to sift through as in-app purchases and so forth, but you get the idea right?

There is a ton of money in this. And don’t say, “Hey, if you are so sure there is so much money in this, why don’t you do it yourselves?”. Because we will be launching our own service in India, and make our share. Come the 20th of November, we will launch this service as a lucrative business and showcase it as our live demo.

So hurry up and get yourself our Tinder Clone Mobile Dating App as a pre-order for $499. A cost so meager, whereas after the full launch, it will be over $999.

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