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Internet and connection go hand in hand right from the start. Though the term connection went along the lines of networks and communication, it has now penetrated into everyone’s lives by connecting hearts. With millions of people sharing the same interests with each other and finding it easier to search for their special ones, the network establishment has turned into a business concept completely, and that is the on-demand dating industry. Entrepreneurs who have been mulling it over can leverage this opportunity to make an entry into this silo.

Our AppDupe’s Tinder Clone is a fool-proof solution that helps people spark the concept of connecting people of the same interest based on their region. With the splash of colourful designs and cutting edge technology facilitation, it can be irresistible for the users to stay away from checking out the app every now and then.

What Is A Tinder Clone?

Tinder Clone is a white-label dating app solution that is based on the popular on-demand dating app Tinder. As the term ‘Tinder Clone’ suggests, it is a replica of the standard app, which contains the biggest share of its features and functionality.

Key Features Of Our Tinder Clone

An app’s features speak for the app’s success. Tinder has been the leading app because of its captivating features and easy-to-use navigation. If you are looking for ways to compete with Tinder and other leading dating apps, then here’s your chance.

With experience in the field of dating app development and in delivering the most successful products, we have come up with those features that will help you in enthralling your users.

New MatchesPeople can steer through the new profiles by fits and start using this feature. The entry point for your users to explore profiles and get connected with different people.

Social Media LoginSave your users from going through the bland login process. No more hour-long setups. The users can now import their profile details and share photos in the app.

Unlimited Swipes Let’s begin the real game here! Users can now avail of unlimited swipes by subscribing to the premium version.

Preferences Taking discovery to the new level! Users can set their inclination in the app and get them to match with users of the same interest through chosen modes.

Virtual Gifts Trigger the engagement in your app now by allowing users to share their affection to each other by sending each other virtual gifts.

Newfangled Filters Better the suggestions, better the users will love your app. Destined to meet the users’ standards, the app comes with an advanced filter where they could search for their match with choices like age, distance and gender.

Audio/Video CallWho would still want their fingers flying on their phones’ keyboard in this era of voice recognition and video chats? A feature for the users to leverage, to chat with each other on audio/video call seamlessly.

Got ideas? We’ve got you covered. Let’s discuss Tinder Clone development.

Discrete Sectors- One Solution!

One of the features that have been the grist of the gossip mill in the on-demand industry is the ‘Swipe Right/Left’. Who wouldn’t love it?! Wish we could have other apps in the same way, right? AppDupe again proves that we are best in offering innovative solutions to the multitude like every time. Why refrain from something good from permeating other industries? We provide a Tinder Clone solution for other different industries as well, hoorah! Let’s unveil them.

Tinder for Jobs Users and candidates can swipe left or right to apply for their job application. And when they both get a match, they can schedule an interview and proceed with further discussions. The things technology can do!

Tinder for ShoppingShopping has turned into entertainment, and tending to it, including this feature, will only make it more gigantic. Users could either dislike or add a product to the cart by just swiping it. Preferences based on their order history is a sweetener to success here.

Tinder for Networking Social networking is what people look forward to nowadays after the pandemic situation and loneliness they’ve been through. Why not grease the wheels for them? Let them accept or reject the requests for networking and choose the upcoming events they wish to attend.

Tinder for Events and PartiesGetting started with the parties is as easy as pie! Users can accept or reject the invitations of events or parties. Reminders for the upcoming events and parties will be taken care of by the app! Catering to the interests, the app will categorize the events. What more do you need?!

Tinder for Group HangoutsFinding like-minded people is no more stifled with dating. Users can now make new friends by getting matches based on their interests. They can arrange a meeting, hang out and have chitter-chatter anytime.

We Offer Custom Matching Algorithm Integration In Your Tinder Clone

Technology is offering us superabundant benefits. Be it in apps, business or in our day to day lives. Recently, one thing that’s been orbiting any social networking app is the algorithms.

Apart from other social networking apps, the matching algorithm is a widely used algorithm in most dating apps. It is the most important function in many contemporary dating apps. Here are the different sorts of matching algorithms that are used.

Geodata Using geolocation data, the algorithm offers users dates who are in the region. On the flip side, if the user is a traveller or is thinking of moving, he will likely be interested in searching for a new acquaintance in the new surroundings. It has a huge number of benefits.

Mathematical AlgorithmThe mathematically-based matching relies on algorithms that analyse the information like characteristics of personalities like age, gender, hobbies, physique, music taste, and it also uses data from social networks.

Behaviour Analysis Behavior analysis is far more complicated than mathematical algorithms, and it can be considered analogous with Big Data solutions. Because the information is extracted from a person’s digital footprint, to be exact, it relies on someone’s YouTube playlist and pages visited, movie preferences, search history etc.

Advanced Matching with AI and AR Using complex data analysis, some apps offer their recommendations. For instance, facial recognition, biological data use and behaviour analysis are some of the aspects that provide efficient results and matching in the apps.

AppDupe aids and abets the technology nuances and tries to get it down in providing solutions. We are here to proffer you with the matching algorithm integration that might help your app in diverging its branches to shoot to the edges of the world.

Variants Of Dating App Solutions We Provide

Bumble CloneAugment the professional network for users by launching an app like Bumble. Give them the urge and make your app more engaging by adding an element of match expiration.

Coffee meets Bagel CloneWhen all possible industries have something exclusive for women, why not the dating industry? Launch a women-centric dating app where they have the cruise control to pass on the match or like it.

Hily CloneSteal the limelight in the dating industry by integrating technologies like AI and machine learning and providing the best matches. Technology coupled preferences can never go down the drain.

Grindr Clone Stun the LGBTQ+ community with an assortment of excellent features like instant matches, swipe facility, photo-sharing features. Top the chart with ‘pride’.

Her CloneCrystallise exclusivity in the LGBTQ+ community by launching an app exclusively for queer women, lesbian women. Fill their screens with helpful articles relating to them and boost your user base. CloneLet users find their spit and image matches based on their personality qualities. After all, we always love to make our entrepreneurs rival the number one players!

Badoo CloneSecurity and dating apps can sometimes be poles apart. But who are we talking about? Our Badoo Clone is here to break this stereotype by stuffing the impressive security features like selfie-on-the spot feature and two-message limit!

Happn CloneUnusual approach. Unconvincing user traction! Spark a connection between two users who are in and around the same region! Unlimited likes. Zero forced-response.

How Does Our Tinder Clone Work?


The user will log in or sign up using the social media accounts.


He/She will create a profile and enhance their presence by entering personal information like name, age, interested gender, and profile photo.


In a jiffy, the app will display different profiles that match their selected criteria. They can also use the advanced search bar to find their date based on distance and age.


Once their profile gets matched with someone, they can start chatting with that user.


They can get matched with the perfect partner and go carolling!

Top-notch Features Of Our Tinder Clone Script

  • Login/Register A wide range of perks is just a few seconds away. A better login process that covers crucial information about the users: an intuitive interface will save them from perennial processes.

  • Likes/Dislikes Expressing opinions about dates is no more like the olden days. With the feature in the stack, users have the ability to like or dislike anyone's profile. And the secret is, they won't get caught until it is the premium users they have liked/disliked!

  • Matches Here's our favourite part! Double-tap is a gone story now, with our Swipe Right/Left feature. Finding a perfect match is now cushier than before.

  • Social Feed From Matches Let your users skim through the different feeds about their interested person's activities across social media by getting real-time updates. Escalated engagement is the vow.

  • Instant ChatWhatsApp is a hit, Tinder is an infallible hit, so why not alloy these supremacies? Let users engage in instant communication with their partners. Emojis, Autocorrect and image sharing are the icing on the cake.

  • Video Profile Broaden the prospects of getting the sliver of one's personality for your users. Uploading a profile picture is a cliche. Let the video profile steal the scene now!

  • DiscoveryBuilt exclusively for sneaks of explorers who want to keep their identity invisible even to the vigils of users! A toggle is all they need to go incognito.

  • Distance-based MatchesLet your users bid adieu to the biggest ever magnifier for searching their matches! We have the most vital feature to find their perfect matches within their nearest distance.

  • InterestsAn exclusive feature to better flaunt their best traits to the multitude of app users. After all, gaining the spotlight is like sailing.

  • Location InvisiblePremium users can acquire this golden parachute to enhance their app experience by making themselves inconspicuous!

  • ReportsThe right way to help your business reach heights is here! Know the likes of your users to provide them with the most suitable matches.

  • Push NotificationsEngagement is the key to unlock the success doors for a business. Keep the engagement and curiosity alive in your users by sending notifications on any app updates.

  • User ManagementKeep a god's eye view over the entire application, from user profile management to managing blog pages; the panel veils everything.

  • Email ManagementWhen you have our app, promotion is like a kid’s stuff. The email management module is all you need to keep a tab on promotions, email notifications, newsletters and what not!

  • Site Management Sift out your app from other competing apps by maintaining uniqueness. After all, branding doesn't stop with name and logo—reign control over the filters, features and app links.

  • Likes/Superlike Management Avail the power of managing and boost revenue growth. Get to know about the number of recent and group super likes. Strategise and rake in millions.

  • Boost Bestow your users the feel of radiating in the app by making them appear on the top of search facilely. Appearing so is no more analogous to building castles in the air to the users!

  • Super LikesRestrict their expressions not here on! The app comes with an advanced feature, where a user could express his interest more by super liking the profile.

  • Rewind Making mistakes is human nature, but why regret it when one can erase them? Users could undo the past swipe they have done. No more missing and no more lamenting.

  • Hide Age Privacy is never a compromise when it comes to the app's users. As an allied way to enrich the user experience, the app allows premium users to hide his/her age.

  • Block User A primary feature to ensure a smooth app experience for the users. They can block the people they would like to receive messages from.

  • Chat Before Getting MatchedAugment the engagement rate within the app by giving users the liberty even before they get matched.

Premium Addons For Our Tinder Clone App

  • Referral Codes Elevate the traction of your app by letting users share promo codes amongst friends and win some perks like discounts, special offers etc.

  • Multilingual Integration Transform the entire application to the language you prefer. Stealing the heart of your target demographic is more trivial than before.

  • Unlimited Liking Module Proffer your users the fun of liking with no holds barred. They can chat seamlessly with liked or super liked profiles.

  • Watermark Security is now cosmic! The users can add a watermark to their picture and picture edits to affirm robust security.

  • Live Streaming Let your users augment their followers base by going in line with the latest trend. Integrate the feature for a surefire hit right away!

  • Voice Messages Bestow your users the utmost ease by letting them communicate with their partners through voice messages. Innovation is the term!

  • Mobile Login with OTP Promise an iron-grip safety for the multitude by setting up the secured OTP verification process.

  • Adservice Addition Enlarge your business revenue by letting the world know about your business. With our progressive technology at the stack, boosting visibility is a fool-proof benefit.

Get Matched With Our Dating App Developers For Tinder Clone Development!

Remunerative Revenue Streams Of Tinder Clone

The dating app market is up to the hilt with money and users who are willing to pay to find their partner. Here are some revenue-driven methods exclusively crafted for you to leverage.

AdvertisementsThe most prominent monetization method is advertising. Show the most interesting pieces of stuff like cafes, bards, florists etc., that are relevant to your app. Bolden yourself for the best returns!

In-app PurchasesGo out of your way to become the next trending business by cashing in through holding speed dating events, meetups or getting booking systems integrated into your app.

Premium MembershipAccredit users with a plethora of benefits by subscribing to the premium services. Ad-free app version, profile showcases, unlimited swipes and more than meets the eye!

SponsorshipEnlarge your demographics by partnering with sponsors related to your business. A definite catalyst to trigger the user base!

Ultimate Attributes Of Our Tinder Clone

Our dating app solution, Tinder Clone, is a class by itself, with the traits that let the app be both classic and intellectual. At AppDupe, we incorporate the techniques that an app needs to become a global success. So let’s look at what are the new ingenuities that we have procured here.

Swiping or Tapping To narrow the gap between the urgency and drifts of people’s mind in today’s world.

Ultrasmart AlgorithmA psychologist in disguise exclusively to match the perfect profiles!

Numerous SubscriptionsA spell to cast on inquisitive users to find a date using attractive offerings.

Nearby Location Accuracy to find their dating partners nearby is at its apex.

Secure Access End-to-end encrypted chats, privacy settings solution for a safe and secure experience.

Benefits of on-demand dating app like Tinder

Fast and efficientUnlike a normal website which needs more operations to be done even to start up with, an app gives quick access to anything possible. Flexibility is what drives them forward.

Partner in the vicinityAs the app offers geolocation features, the partners can become new friends who live in the neighbourhood.

No unwanted connections No spamming of the chat boxes is possible, as both the users should like each other’s profile to start a chat in the first place. This is a huge sigh to people.

DiversityAs it is online dating, users can meet different people from different backgrounds that they wouldn’t have expected. This makes the experience more spiced up.

A home for busy people and introvertsFor people leading busy lives who don’t have time to get into the detective mode in search of their soulmate. And for introverts, who have not-so-good communication skills, it is a better option to overcome their personal fault.

Development Process Of Your Tinder Clone

We are planners in nature. Our Tinder Clone app development process and plan is fine-tuned in such a way that when our expert developers start working on it, you could leave all your worries to us. Here are the five steps to ensure that your app turns into a sure-shot victory.


Requirement discussion As a preliminary stage, we will pile all the thoughts you have about your dating app, and with our cognition in the field, we will start with QA in order to give you a transparent cost estimation.


Business insights and estimations We provide you with the framework that will line up with your vision and provide you with suggestions that will let you drill into the industry. All thanks to our mastered business analysts, you will get to see the better scope.


NDA Signing Once we are up with cost estimates and test case creation, as a team that understands better about your value for your ideas, we will sign a nondisclosure agreement with you. Confidentiality is an open and shut case.


Wireframing Our business analysts will comprehend and call shots on the prudence of the project with utmost accuracy and create a wireframe of the necessary features.


UI/UX DesignAll the documents to know the vision you have about your app’s design is collected from you via a document. We’ll gather your taste, and our designing team will start to pain the app with said design. You’ll receive two sample choices for your app development.


Q/A testing You cannot spot a black dot on the white background! All credits go to our QA team that has a magnifier of the eye to spot the bugs and glitches! Our team does black box testing and then sends the app to you for User Acceptance Testing.


App Launch Once we get approval from you, we’ll launch it on the app stores for the world to know!

View Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Statistics
  • View User Locations
  • Chat God View
  • View Encrypted Chat
  • User Management
  • View/Manage Interest List
  • View/Manage Premium Package
  • Manage Package Duration
  • Manage Package Pricing
  • Manage Like/Superlike Limit
  • Manage Skip Count
  • Manage Admin Transaction
  • Manage User Transaction
  • Manage User Premiums
  • Manage Match Details
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Trail Package
  • Manage Referral
  • Demo Seeder
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Custom Push
  • Manage User Report
  • Manage Admin Account
  • Change Password
Application Features
  • User Registration
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • User Login
  • User Account Management
  • Manage Settings
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Discovery Settings
  • Manage Location
  • Manage Search Distance
  • Manage Age Range
  • Manage Gender Preference
  • Manage App Settings
  • Enable/Disable DND(Do Not Disturb)
  • View Privacy Policy
  • Share Application
  • View Help
  • Change Application Language
  • View Blocked Users
  • Manage Bio Details
  • Upload/Manage Bio Video
  • Upload Profile Pictures
  • Manage Current Location
  • Manage Choose Interest Settings
  • Control Profile
  • View/Manage Likes
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage Wallet Transaction
  • Share Money (Wallet)
  • Add Money (Wallet)
  • Add Favorites
  • Manage Referrals
  • View Profile Notification
  • Superlike Profile
  • Manage Chat with matched profile
  • View Matching Profiles
  • Card/Map View (Matching Profile)
  • Like/Dislike Profile
  • Send Video
  • Send Picture
  • Invite Friends
  • Delete Account
  • Logout

Why Choose Us For Tinder Clone App Development?

  • Free Consultation We are humans, and getting curious is our nature. We understand that you will have more questions popping out while investing. And we are happy to help you with that. Our team will aid in clearing the air for you and have a good judgement in knowing about its feasibility.

  • Free Bug Support You can take our team’s work to be synonymous with crystallinity. Offering utmost perfection is our strength. Yet, in case of any critical bugs, we will be pleased to support you without any charges in the mentioned support period.

  • Skilled Developers By our pledge, we are always a strong community of developers. We have mastered developing top-notch dating apps that have helped people be the market leader. We’ll work shoulder to shoulder and won’t rest until we sense the satisfaction radiating from you.

  • Transparency We know how bad it is to be in the dark. Therefore, we bring out every process of Tinder like app development into the broad daylight. You can see your app growing with ultraprecision.

  • Native iOS and Android Apps When you as much utter the term ‘app development’ or ‘technology’, AppDupe will be there in a wink! Our experts crafted features into both Tinder Clone iOS and Tinder Clone Android apps that are compatible and scalable to hold millions of users.

Ready to swipe right and get matched with success? Start developing your Tinder Clone with us now!

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Dating App like Tinder?

The cost to develop a dating app like Tinder solely depends on the requirements that you put in front. Mostly the cost revolves around the in-depth features and customization. The more the features and customization you integrate, the higher the cost. However, at AppDupe, we always take into consideration the budget and charge an affordable price in comparison to other app development companies.

Tech Stack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The number of people who want to find their dates online has grown large nowadays. On the web, the dating app business has become the second-largest niche, elevating revenue growth every year.
We never stray out of delivering high-class products. Hence, what you see in the demo will be in the app. Or, to be precise, your app would be the spit and image of the demo.
At Appdupe, dating app solutions don’t have any charges. We stick to the cost estimation that would be provided to you, framed by your fits and needs. Apart from the development cost, we don’t overcharge.
Our solutions are ready-made, which can be tweaked to your wish. However, we will deliver your app within the mutually agreed deadline.
Yes, we are always to help our customers. Whenever you wish to update your app, just give us a call, and we will be at your aid.

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