With $1.7 Million in funding, Ntro, a new social discovery app has been launched. Want be the next on the headline? Get your Clone Script and start own venture TODAY!

By June 17, 2017Company Updates

Ntro, has been launched a couple of days ago by the L.A. based start-up company nProgress with $1.7 million in funding from Gordon Crawford, Baroda Ventures, Gordon Crawford, Activation Media Partners, Richard Crowell, Jeff Pulver and SV Angel. The app is available for iOS and Andriod. 

The app will connect you to people you share the same interests with, as well as based on mutual friends. There’s a set plan of launching the app in various countries, L.A and San Francisco Bay area being the firsts. The growth of the app is well planned out, they expect the app to do well even though there are so many other apps out there that are similar to Ntro.

We can say that Ntro is a clone of the other social “discovery apps” like Sonar, Banjo and Mingle since it has a couple of the same features. Like Sonar, Ntro highlights the users that are nearby. Like Holler, it connects users based on similar interests and like Mingle, it gives importance to introductions. It also does everything automatically just like Banjo.

It’s safe to say that Ntro is a mix of all the apps put together. The app has taken the best features from the other ones and put it all together in one single app. You can have an app like that today, just get in touch with us by clicking on https://appdupe.com/uber-for-x-clone-script/

Ntro does have one over all the other apps, since it has all their best features. In Ntro users can filter search the crowd according to their likes and dislikes, that is not just based on music and food but it’s more specific.

Food -> Pizza. Find someone with the similar love for Pizza.

There’s also a lot of focus on privacy, the app will not share the user’s location or number or any personal information of that sort without the user’s permission. Ntro did not allow the users to see each others profile picture without the approval of the other user, in testing. While “browsing” if a user thinks they’ve found a friend/business partner/soul mate/ whatever else they can message them through the app itself.

The other exciting feature on Ntro is the “tap the thumbnail”, each of the user’s likes is a thumbnail and one can just click it to view users around the same area with the same interests. Good news for those in L.A and S.F., only these cities can currently find mates around the corner. The other cities can use the app but not find matches nearby. The next launch will be in metro areas, with next planned cities – New York, Chicago, D.C, and Boston.

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