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Empower & Educate your consumers with a powerful LMS software

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Udemy Clone App,Let the learning begin!

A platform for professionals to learn new course programs in an easy and engaging way, also a place for instructors/subject matter experts to bring in their expertise and provide it to interested participants. Our Udemy Clone helps you provide the best online courses for your users. The courses offered by you can help interested professionals get the best results in whichever field they choose. Our Udemy Clone is one of the best e-learning software in the industry.

With our whitelabelled Udemy clone app, you will have total control over the prices, commissions, and courses offered to your customers. Our app is way more than just an app, it is a robust learning management system, and it can be customized and developed as per your requirements. So go ahead, change the way you provide numerous engaging courses through a robust online platform.


Our Udemy Clone App Features

Language Options

Select the language of your choice based on the region or the consumer's you wish to target.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard is designed to give you complete control over the application’s ecosystem. Have access to all the courses, set the price, the structure of the course and other parameters with ease.


Show ads without any difficulties. The ads can be customized as per the season or as per the advertisers' requirements as well.

Instructor Dashboard

The teachers on board the app will have a dashboard of their own, which would let them access and use the application with ease.

Check-Out Cart

The check-out cart enables users to get the most with this streamlined technique. App users can opt for multiple courses hassle-free via this feature.

Payment Gateway

Get the most famous payment gateways integrated into your app and facilitate your user’s ease as per clients requirements.


You can send out referral links for increased user adoption and these referrals can help users earn rewards as well.

Download Sessions

Your users can download sessions once they have paid for the course. This is on-demand and can be downloaded at any time.

Notify Users

You can notify app users via e-mail and push notifications. This feature allows you to inform users with news related to new courses or others.

Online Tutoring Software Different Module

Today educational platforms are choosing the internet for learning and teaching purposes because it saves time and money. Our learning management software offers the best solution in this regard. Build an online tutoring software with us at an affordable price and earn easy commissions for every successful.

Our udemy clone app is a mind-blowing tutorial site, which has enormous benefits customized to the user’s needs. With our learning management system, you can stay assured about the success of your online learning venture.

Customized Package

Different combination of packages can be customized and learned at a lower cost this is for your users.

Ad Management

As an admin, you can use ad words as a tool to manage advertising and revenue generation

Interactive Design

The design of the product is entirely interactive in nature and enhances the user's experience.

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Revenue Statistics
  • Course Overview
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage System Settings
  • Update Product
  • View/Manage Category
  • Add/Manage Courses
  • Add/Manage Course Details
  • Add Course Requirment
  • Add Course Pricing
  • Manage Course Media Settings
  • Course SEO Settings
  • Add/Sort Course Sections
  • Add Cousrse Lesson
  • Add Quiz
  • Video Upload (Course)
  • Instructor Management
  • Instructor Pending Payout Request
  • Pay Instructor
  • Instructor Payout Management
  • Instructor Settings
  • Manage Commission Settings
  • View Instructor Application List
  • Approve/Reject Instructor Application
  • Instructor Document Verification
  • Student Management
  • Enrolment Management
  • Student Enrol History
  • Enrol Student
  • Admin Revenue Report
  • Instructor Revenue Report
  • Chat
  • Addon Management
  • Manage Website Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Application Language Settings
  • Manage SMTP Settings
  • Theme Settings
  • About this Application
  • Admin Account Management
  • Change Password
Application Features
  • Student/Instructor Registration
  • Student/Instructor Login
  • Forgot Password
  • View Privacy Policy
  • View User Agreement
  • Homescreen
  • View Available Courses
  • Manage Account Details
  • Change Password
  • Chat
Features - Instructor
  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Instructor Revenue Statistics
  • Course Overview
  • Add/Manage Courses
  • Add/Manage Course Details
  • Add Course Requirment
  • Add Course Pricing
  • Manage Course Media Settings
  • Course SEO Settings
  • Add/Sort Course Sections
  • Add Cousrse Lesson
  • Add Quiz
  • Video Upload (Course)
  • View Sales Report
  • Manage Payout Report
  • Request Payment
  • Manage Payment Settings
Features - Student
  • Search Course
  • Add/Manage Wishlist
  • Add/Manage Cart
  • Manage Purchase History
  • View Filter
  • View Course Details
  • View Instructor Details
  • View Student Feedback
  • Rate and Review
  • Start/End Lessions
  • View Quiz
  • Purchase Courses
  • My Course Details
  • View Admin Demo
  • View Facebook Account
  • View LinkedIn Profile
  • View Twitter Account

Ways to Earn Revenue through Udemy Clone Script

Revenue through Primary courses

Provide unique courses to your users at a price you deem fit. This will be your primary source of revenue and you can customize each course and set the right price to ensure maximum benefit.

Revenue through Commission

You can earn commissions after the successful completion of courses and payments. Earn commission from associated instructors upon completion of one particular course.

Revenue through Subscription

Earn money via consumer subscription to various articles and videos. The subscription fee is an easy and solid way to earn.

Revenue through Ads

Collaborate with different organizations and promote companies with similar interests by putting up their ad banners on your App. Once you start showing advertisements you shall be paid per click.

Why AppDupe's Udemy Clone?

Our Udemy clone gives you the chance to experience:

Visually Outstanding design

Strong code for glitch-free functioning

End-to-end customization and support

Enhanced features


Yes, we provide 100% customization to you in every aspect of your requirement.
Yes, we provide post-launch changes and support as per agreement.
Yes, the multilingual services feature will be in-built in your app and will support all leading languages with ease.
Yes, we provide installation support for all leading platforms.
Yes, we provide the post-delivery maintenance support to your project. Stay assured as we provide the best Udemy clone app development services to you.

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