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Develop an outstanding smartphone application for renting boats. Our Airbnb for boats app comes with industry-standard features like GPS tracking, multiple payment options, browse boat types and more. Get started today.

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The demand for renting out boats has grown expansively. They are rented out for many reasons. Fishing and leisure are what boats are commonly rented out for. Booking these seacrafts over phone calls or in person is a hassle. In today’s digitized world, services are better offered through the internet. Your customers will flock to your business if you develop a smartphone application for renting out boats. Now you can, with our Airbnb for boats clone.

Our tailor-made smartphone application for boat rentals is built using robust, secure and reliable clone scripts. They are easy-to-understand and modify, which gives you complete customizability and scalability options. Use cutting-edge features pre-built in the app, or modify them to meet your unique business requirements.

Airbnb for Boats Package
Perfect Rental App Solution for your business

We have put together a list of essential features in our Airbnb for boats package. It caters to boat rental businesses of any scale. If you’re just starting out, you can easily deploy your app in a matter of days using our package. Here’s what you will get:

  • User Android App
  • User iOS App
  • Host Android App
  • Host iOS App
  • Admin Panel
  • Official Website

User App Features


Users can effortlessly sign up and create an account in the application. After creating it, they can sign in.

Browse boats

Users will be able to choose the type of boat they want to rent out from a virtual catalog.

GPS tracking

The location of the boat rental can be viewed via GPS.


Search queries can be narrowed down by price and boat type with the use of filters.


Users will have the freedom to pay with more than just one type of currency.

In-app chat

Users and hosts can seamlessly communicate with each other via a chat feature within the smartphone application.

Host App Features


Hosts can set up their accounts on the app by signing up.

Boat listing

Hosts will be able to list the boats they want to rent out to customers. They will be able to upload pictures, descriptions and their prices.

Accept or reject requests

Once a user makes a request for a boat rental, hosts can choose to either accept or reject them.


Hosts can offer discount codes. On using them, users will avail concessions on their rent requests.


Hosts can view the performance of their business via detailed analytics and reports.


Hosts can get an overall view of all their earnings, rentals and more via the dashboard.

Admin Panel Features

Modify code

Admins have access to the fundamental code of the smartphone application and can make changes to it.

Custom notifications

Admins will be able to send custom alerts to users and hosts.

Manage hosts

All the hosts present on the app can be monitored and managed by admins.


Admins can get an eagle eye’s view on all the processes occurring within the application.

Media tools

Textual content, images and videos on the app can be added, removed or edited at any time by admins.

Advanced features

Backup storage

This feature regularly backs up your data to a cloud server so your files are safe and secure at all times.

Voice messages

Allow hosts and users to communicate with each other via voice messages.

Social media integration

Permit your customers to share what they rented on social media platforms.

Two factor authentication

Offer your app’s users extra security with two factor authentication systems such as requiring an OTP.

Benefits of choosing our Boat rental script

Verified accounts

Give users the option to verify their account with their social media profiles. Hosts will find it easier to accept boat rental requests from verified accounts.


This feature enables users to save hosts who they like the most. By favoriting them users will find it easier to pick their preferred host again.


Hosts and users will be able to rate each other. These ratings will be visible to new hosts and customers.

Search filters

Users will be able to find the ideal boat that they are looking for using search filters. This gives them narrowed down search results.

Brief details

Our scripts give users comprehensive details of all the boats listed on the app. It includes photos, descriptions, amenities and more.

How it work?

The host app

List boats

Firstly, the host lists the boats he/she wants to put up for rent on the application.

Handling requests

On receiving a request for a boat, the host decides whether to accept or reject the request.

Rating & Review

Once the user has returned the boat, the host can rate the user.


The host receives payment with the commission deduction

The user app


The host first views a catalog of different boats that are available for rent on the app.

Send request

After choosing a boat, the user’s request will be sent to the host.


On receiving confirmation from the host to rent the boat, the user can make payments through cash, credit/debit cards or through online wallets.

Why Choose us?

App submission

We submit your apps on both iOS and Android app stores and make sure that they are successfully released on both the platforms.

Technical support

From the time of development to even after launching the app, you can reach out to us any time if you face any glitches in the app.

Responsive support

We are reachable at all times. When you have an inquiry, simply call or write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Full customization

Add, edit and remove any element in the app to suit your business requirements.

Complete scalability

Quickly scale your smartphone application according to your business’s growth.

Technology We Use

We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to bring your smartphone application goals to life.


You can customize every element - be it the theme, designs, user interface and more.

We’ll take care of that, we also make sure that your app releases on the platforms you wish for it to be available on.

Yes you can, provided you have administrator privileges.

It will depend on the number of features you wish to implement in your smartphone application.

We have immense expertise in successfully getting the app to release on both iOS and Android app stores.

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