Patreon Clone
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At Appdupe, we strive to deliver custom-built subscription-powered community app like Patreon, where both content creators and followers can benefit from one another. Writers, podcasters, videographers, musicians, and many such content creators can readily sign up with this platform to earn regular revenue for the long term. Our Patreon clone comes with all vital features pre-packed to ensure its seamless functionality. Readily customizable, robust, and responsive. Contact us today to get the app deployed in your niche!

What Is A Patreon Clone?

Patreon clone is an online membership platform where content creators get paid for every content they create, and patrons can gain special access to content created and shared by their favorite creators. It is built on a subscription-based model, emerging as an online fan fundraising app.

By this business model, creators are able to spend more time and energy to create content that their followers love. Also, patrons are rewarded with special opportunities like private chat, exclusive content, early access to premium content, etc. This way, both parties get benefited mutually.

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Highlight Features
Of Our Patreon Clone

Auto suggestionsPresenting users with recommendations of posts and creators based on their viewing pattern.

Export patron listCreators can readily export the list of patrons supporting them with their personal and contact details.

Auto deduction of pledgesPatrons can choose to send money to their favorite creators regularly using the auto deduction option.

Unique profile URLCreators can generate unique URLs for their profiles so their patrons can effortlessly share it if need be.

Exclusive contentExclusive and early-access content can be shared with only patrons who support the content creators.

Live streamingCreators can host patron-only live streams to connect with their dear supporters.

Limited-time discountsPatrons can be offered with limited-time discounts to purchase member-only merchandise, view early-access content, etc.

Manage benefitsCreators can manage and track the benefits that are due to be offered to patrons here.

Fan engagementCreators can directly engage with their patrons via the direct messaging option available on the platform.

Exclusive forumsCreators can offer limited access to specific parts of their forums tier-wise.

Patron recognitionCreators can assign special roles and recognitions to their patrons based on the tier.

Community privilegeA special community for patrons to interact with one another and the creator can be formed.

Online eventsCreators can conduct online workshops, live classes, or even share tickets to live events to recognize the support of their patrons.

Starter kit for supportersCreators can offer customized kits for their patrons who support them through their ups and downs.

Ready To Start Your Fans Fundraising App Business Like Patreon?

Cover All Content Creators With Our Patreon Clone Script

  • Writers

  • Visual Artists

  • Video Creators

  • Musicians

  • Gaming Creators

  • Journalists

  • Podcasters

  • And all content creators out there!

Key Patreon Benefits Content Creators Can Offer

Not only creators but also patrons benefit hugely by our Patreon clone. Gaining special access to exclusive content, recognitions, gated video courses, and many more are awaiting them. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Exclusive content Some creators can offer exclusive content to their follower base like their opinions on specific topics, uncut videos, etc. It makes the patrons feel special and acknowledged.

BTS contentFor some followers, behind the scenes content serves as an informative source. It helps them understand the raw creative process involved and possibly motivate them to try their hands at content making.

Gated content libraryCreators can use their learnings from producing regular creative content to organize a content library. By doing so, they can educate their audience along the way.

Direct access to creatorsWho wouldn’t love a personalized message from their favorite content creators? Everyone, right? Patrons can directly connect with their muses over text or video chats.

Community privilegesCreators can create communities where patrons with similar interests can interact with each other, growing the community, and finding co-patrons to share their knowledge.

Live video streamingCreators can directly connect with their patrons over live video sessions. It can be to chat with them, discuss their new content released, or announce important events.

MerchandiseCreators can send out branded merchandise like stickers, prints, clothes, and more to their beloved followers. Some also share thank you cards with coupons to make discounted purchases.

Q&A sessionsPatrons raise questions, and their favorite creators reply. Some creators answer only selective or repeated questions, while some answer all of the questions presented.

Boost Member Engagement With Our Patreon Clone

Customized membership plansAllow creators to customize the membership plans for their followers. By doing so, patrons will get a personalized feeling tied to their favorite creators.

Strengthen communicationBuild a platform where content creators and followers can interact with one another seamlessly via messages, feedback, etc.

Instant alertsNotify your users about upcoming events, discounts, updates, etc., via in-app push notifications targeted by parameters like geographic location, economic status, and more.

Range Of Membership Levels In Our Patreon Clone


  • $1 Tier access
  • Access to exclusive and BTS content


  • $5 Tier access
  • Custom stickers


  • $10 Tier access
  • Custom posters


  • $10 Tier access
  • Custom gifts


  • $10 Tier access
  • Custom apparels

Creator Plans

Basic profile set up with communication tools to connect with supporters seamlessly.

5% commission from the income generated plus payment transaction fee

  • Creator profile page
  • Communication tools
  • Training workshops
Profile set up and tier level set up to earn constant revenue from supporters.

5% commission from the income generated plus payment transaction fee

  • Everything in Silver
  • Tier-based memberships
  • Insightful report generation
  • Offers generator
  • Seamless API integration
  • Patron support
Establishing relationships with patrons and offering exclusive benefits. Great way to build a tribe of their own.

10% commission from the income generated, $300 minimum charge, plus payment transaction fee

  • Everything in Gold
  • Dedicated dashboard
  • Merchandise integration
  • Custom accounts for the team

The Detailed Workflow Of Our Patreon Clone

Our Patreon clone enables content creators to set up subscription-based payment tiers for their supporters to join their tribe. Based on the tier, patrons will be given several perks and exclusive access to a specific range of content. By doing so, creators generate constant revenue, and patrons get early access to the content of their favorite artists.

Apart from subscriptions, creators can add paid content that patrons can view after paying the mentioned amount. Patrons can also get early access to content by paying creators upfront. Thus, patrons register with the app, pledge money, and join the exclusive patron group of the creators.


Registration / Login


Browse for specific creator profiles


View all listed creator profiles


Select a profile and view patron plans


Select a tier


Select duration and amount to pledge


Process payments


Complete the pledge

Features Of Our White-label Patreon Clone App

  • Set up profilesSupporters can create and manage their profiles with their personal and contact details.

  • Follow artistsSupporters can readily follow their favorite content creators and get updates on upcoming events or releases.

  • Like/CommentSupporters can like the content shared by the artists they follow. They can also comment on them.

  • Take pledgeSupports can take a pledge for an artist or a post with a desired or predefined amount.

  • View rewardsRewards earned for each pledge is displayed here for supporters’ reference.

  • Payment historySupporters can view their payment details processed for their favorite artists.

  • Cancel pledgeSupporters are granted the option to cancel their pledges anytime they want. They can also reduce the pledge amount if need be.

  • Social media integrationSupporters can link their social media accounts to their profiles for increased visibility.

  • Switch to artistsSupporters can switch their profiles to artists and start earning by sharing creative content.

  • Artist profileArtists can create and manage their own profiles with their goals to achieve and reward plans to offer to their followers.

  • Share contentArtists can add the content they create to their profiles so their supporters can view them.

  • Feature contentArtists can feature selective content at the top of their profiles to enable quick view by their supporters.

  • Notify patronsArtists can keep their supporters notified when they go live or share posts in their profiles.

  • Manage rewardsArtists can manage the rewards to be sent to their followers and their status.

  • Download patron listArtists can download emails of their patrons to share personalized emails or bulk emails to their mailing addresses.

  • Remove patronsArtists can remove supporters from accessing their profiles or posts for any valid reason.

  • Connect social mediaArtists can enhance their portfolio by linking their profiles from other social media platforms.

  • Manage revenuePledges shared by the patrons, and their detailed information are presented here for the reference of artists.

  • Profile settingsArtists can change their profile settings and the visibility of their contact details as per their convenience.

  • DashboardThe admin is given a god’s eye view to manage all activities taking place on the platform.

  • Manage supportsThe admin can manage the profiles of all supporters registered with the platform.

  • Manage artistsThe admin can verify the profiles of artists for authenticity before listing them on the app.

  • Manage pledgesThe admin can manage the pledges sent by supporters to their artists and their invoice details.

  • Manage rewardsThe admin can view and manage the rewards shared by artists for their patrons.

  • Manage commissionThe admin can set the commission percentage and manage the commission for each pledge processed via the app.

  • Manage alertsThe admin can manage the push alerts shared with the patrons whenever their favorite artists add content to their profiles.

  • Customer supportThe admin can promptly attend to user queries and clarify them to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Upgrade/DowngradeArtists can change their subscription plans anytime they want. They can upgrade or downgrade the plans as they wish.

  • Email notificationsThe app users, be it artists or supporters, will be notified of app updates and other details via email alerts.

  • Multi-currency supportThe admin can add or remove any currency type to the platform to scale the app globally.

  • Analytical trackingThe admin can readily track the performance of the platform by examining the insightful reports generated automatically.

  • Manage adsThird-party promotional ads can be displayed on ad banners to boost the sales of other businesses.

Join The Popular Crowdfunding Players In The Market With Our Patreon Clone!

Exclusive Add-on: Offer Snapchat Style App For Paid Patrons

Equip your Patreon clone with features similar to those available in the Snapchat app. There’s also a slew of new content creation tools. The new Early Access feature lets creators post content just to fans who pay over a certain dollar amount per month and set a window before it's publicly available on their Patreon. It lets creators log in with their patron account and broadcast live streams just for paying fans, while you foot the bandwidth bill.

How to make money with the Patreon clone?

Your crowdfunding platform should have strong monetization machinery in place. The website’s primary source of revenue can be based on the commission charged on every pledge.

Additional features can be added to help creators generate hype around their music, videos, and artwork. Appdupe team is sure this will further increase the profitability of your crowdfunding website.

Launch Your Patreon Like Membership App With Us

We strive to get your fully customized app up and running on Android, iOS, and Web platforms in the shortest time possible.

  • Market researchExamining the market to understand the risks and opportunities.

  • Payment integrationIncluding multiple payment gateways for effortless payment processing.

  • Notification integrationIn-app notifications, custom email alerts, etc., to share instant updates.

  • API integrationIntegrating third-party APIs to ensure advanced functionality.

  • Server installationDeploying the app on the server of your choice for free.

  • App store submission supportListing your Patreon clone on the major app and web platforms.

  • Technical assistanceMaintenance support to ensure hassle-free business operations.

  • Regulatory complianceAdhering to all regulatory requirements of the industry you serve.

Our Process Of Patreon Clone App Development


Requirement gatheringFirst and foremost, we scrutinize your business model and its objectives. Based on the information gathered, we strategize to develop a detailed app development plan.


UI/UX customization The front-end of the ready-made Patreon clonefantasy football app is rebranded to suit your business. Being a white-label solution, it offers room for end-to-end personalization of branding elements.


Back-end set up The storage and security capabilities of your app are paramount to offer enhanced user experience. Hence, we work on the back-end of your app to ensure it provides a seamless performance.


TestingThe customized app undergoes a litany of tests to ensure it is free from all possible errors and technical glitches. If any issue is found, it is fixed immediately to move to the deployment stage.


DeploymentAfter passing the QA testing, your Patreon Clone app is ready to extend its seamless functionality. We assist you in launching it on all major app platforms.

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Login
  • Dashboard
  • Statistics
  • View/Manage Users
  • Manage Free/Premium Accounts
  • Manage Documents
  • Posts Management
  • Manage Schedule Posts
  • Revenue Management
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Post Payments
  • Manage Subscription Payments
  • Wallet Management
  • Withdrawal Management
  • CMS Pages
  • Settings Management
  • Manage Site Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Post/Tips/Subscription Commission
  • Manage Email Settings
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Mobile Settings
  • Manage Contact Information
  • Manage Configuration Settings
  • Google Analytics
  • Manage Profile
User Features
  • Email Register/Login
  • Social Media Register/Login
  • Homepage
  • View profile suggestions
  • View Free/Premium Accounts
  • Search based on username
  • View Notifications
  • View/Manage Posts
  • Post Images/Videos
  • Manage Post Payments
  • Like/Comment for post
  • Send Tips
  • View/Manage Bookmark
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Manage Fans/Following/Favorite
  • View/Manage Profile
  • View/Manage Subscription Price (Month & Year)
  • Subscribe Users/Celebrities
  • Cancel Subscription
  • View/Manage Account
  • View/Manage Profile Settings
  • View/Manage Card Details
  • View/Manage Bank Accounts
  • Wallet Management
  • Manage Earnings
  • View Transaction statements
  • View/Manage Withdrawal
  • Help & Support
  • Manage Cover/Profile Photo
  • Manage Location
  • Manage Website
  • Link Amazon Wishlist
  • Link Social media Accounts
  • Change Password
  • Delete Account
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Documents
  • View CMS Pages
  • Logout

Why Choose Us?

White-label solutionsBeing white-labeled, the branding elements of our Patreonracto clone can be completely personalized as per your branding needs.

Scalable source codesThe app’s source codes are highly modifiable, allowing you to make any future changes with ease.

Sleek designThe user interface is intuitive to help users navigate through the app effortlessly.

SEO-optimized productOur Patreon clone is built keeping the SEO practices in mind to ensure your app is ranked on top of search results.

Free server installationWe help you install fully developed web panels on a server of your choice, free of charge.

App rejection supportIf the app submitted for launch gets rejected, we immediately look into the issue, fix it, and submit it again to ensure its successful deployment.

24x7 supportWe handle clients from all across the globe. So, time has never been a constraint for us. You can reach out to us anytime you wish.

Secure paymentsThe Patreon clone is integrated with multiple payment gateways to help supporters pay using any mode of their convenience.

Go globalThe app supports multiple languages to help you scale your business on a global scale, eliminatingwithout language constraints.

Patreon Clone: A Fans Fundraising App Tailored To Your Unique Needs!

Enjoy the exclusive benefits of our custom-built Patreon app clone development. Contact us to get started today.

Tech Stack That Back Our Creator Fundraising App Development

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our clone app development team includes proficient business analysts, skilled UI/UX designers, back-end developers, QA engineers, and a project manager.
Absolutely. Our clone app is a 100% customizable and highly scalable solution that enables you to make any future enhancements effortlessly. You can modify its features, functionalities, etc., as per changing user preferences.
At Appdupe, we extend additional support services for businesses opting for our development services. Those are:

App launch and rejection support: After building the app, we assist you in launching it on major app platforms. Also, we will support you in case the app stores reject the submitted app. We will look into the issue, fix it, and resubmit the app.

Technical support: We offer technical assistance for a specified time to help you run your business seamlessly. It is entirely free of charge. After the specified period, you can opt for our paid maintenance services.
Yes. We do sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), so you can be assured that your app idea and its associated information will be safe and protected.
Connect with our support team over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or via the chat option available on our website. We are thrilled to help you out!

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