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Launch A Faddish Short Video App Like Triller Soon!

The online video sharing platform has been hypnotic for a few years now. Amping on to this, the pandemic situation has spellbound people to these apps that aided them in killing the melancholy. People were literally stuck fast to such short video sharing apps. Also, many people skipped the boundaries of their comfort zone and found a haven in these platforms by creating and sharing fun-filled videos. With the intrusion of interesting elements, it gained global traction like never before.

Looking at this colossal growth, there are many entrepreneurs who have been striving hard to ingress into this flourishing industry. If you are amongst the most, it is the apparent time that you begin with jotting down ideas to provide the trendiest app built with trailblazing technology.

Suffice to say that we provide you to the hilt, the same. We provide you with a TikTok Clone script that contains the nuts and bolts, which will help your product come out on the trending apps list!

What Is A Triller Clone Script?

Triller Clone is a ready-to-launch short video app solution that lets you create an equally perfect Triller like app. As it is offered by us, a leading short video app development company, you can leverage the solution, customize it and launch it on the App Stores to attract a global audience. The users could create videos circling about lifestyles, knowledge and memories with stunning filters and the latest video effects which they can showcase to the world. A platform to turn commoners to star!

  • Why should you build an app like Triller?

    Did you know? Among the top app categories that have been used by smartphone users, the photo and video app market is termed as the second-largest category after the gaming industry, with over 700 million downloads!

Key Features of Triller Clone

  • HomeHome is where the heart is! The heart of all the popular personalities' videos from every edge of the world just to transfix their attention of the users in a single place.

  • Create duetsA popularity-driving feature just for the users to collaborate and record a video to stupefy their fans.

  • Social sharingRephrase the saying' word of mouth' to 'word of social', social media being the biggest influencer now! Let users share their videos on multiple social media platforms and become a star overnight!

  • Push notificationsTangle the user's attention to your short video app by keeping them updated about new and hot contents of the hashtags and people they follow.

  • CommentsExpressions don't stop with videos! Let users express their opinions and likes by commenting on other app users' posts or videos.

  • Advanced searchSifting through millions of videos to find out one special video or hashtag is like getting blood out of a stone! Give your users the perk of finding their favourite people, hashtags, location in a jiffy.

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Reach A Zenith In The Short Video App Market With Triller Clone

Customizable Features Of Our Triller Clone Script

  • Audio selectionWhen it comes to our app like Triller, variety speaks! Should we limit the number of audios available? Definitely not. Users could upload their original tracks or choose from their favourite segments and create videos.

  • Channel creationSpotlight is here for future celebrities! Users could create a channel for themselves and keep posting videos exclusively to their fan base. Keeping it private or not is up to the user.

  • Voice-over & videoLet users dub their own videos or choose the available audio tracks capture. Bring out the drama queen.. or king?!

  • Multi Picture or video-sharingMagnifier for finding future celebrities! Allow users to garner more views by letting them share their music video or any media content on their profiles, social media platforms etc.

  • Group chatA house party? Gathering? Users can have that too! Who said that social video apps are just for creating and posting videos? Let them chat their heart out with other users via the group chat feature.

  • Report userStackers, freaks or creepy profiles can be easily blocked out by the users easily. ‘Quality’ and ‘security’ are the two ‘ty’s’ we prefer before ‘prosperity.’

What Is Special About Our Short video sharing App Like Triller?

  • Reliable and nimble Our short video app comes on the scene after going through stringent test results to ensure that it bears up against millions of users simultaneously and yet give a breezy user experience.

  • Readymade and whitelabelThe short video app solution is prefabricated, making it readily launchable with a bonus to rebrand on your own.

  • Endwise customizableCustomize in any degree to fit in your needs from themes, features, logos and all that jazz to fit it to your business.

How Does Our Triller Clone App Work?

Popularity? It’s done and dusted with the breezy workflow of our Triller like app solution.

Getting onboard/stage!

The user registers and emboldens for getting the best popularity by entering through the email address or social media handles.

They can either choose to create a video or scroll through the hundreds of trending videos.


The user can start creating a video by selecting audio from the number of different soundtracks available.

Once they are done with the filming, they can work their magic on enhancing the video using different visual tools and filters.


Once they have added the golden touches, they can upload it to their profile for their followers to see.

They can also directly share it to the social media platforms directly from the video sharing app like Triller in just a click.

What Will You Get With Our Triller Clone?

  • User Android App

  • User iOS App

  • Admin Panel


  • Sign upA few taps here and there is all needed to get into the world of stardom and flashlights! An email address or a social media account, and the user is just an influencer in seconds!

  • User profileA personal diary of all the contents like pictures, videos of the user. They could even encourage the other users’ profiles by liking and sharing.

  • Profile management Let users paint their own digital portrait by setting up image, name and mobile number and organize their privacy settings.

  • Create videosTalents, skills or so on and so forth, you can call it anything a person possesses can be let known to the world now.

  • Post videosHashtags and a short description is all that is needed to let people know about the beauty of their video. Just this, and they are all good to walk out on the red carpet!

  • Discover videosMyriad of talents displayed for the curious eyes to consume! Typing a keyword and hashtag is all needed for the users to get drenched around their favourite topics/contexts.

  • Filter videosThe alpha and omega of creativity are here! Sprinkled with all the best filters, stickers and stunning visual effects, this feature is all users will need to beat even the professionals.

  • Favorite soundsCreativity has no time zones! So why let the ideas slip away? Give your users a chance to save the tracks to use them in the future again and stifle the top place on the trending page.

  • Privacy Allow your users to steer their path for popularity by managing their privacy. Whether to become an idol to a closed group or a star to the world is now theirs to decide.

  • Multimedia attachment‘Talking animatedly’- you might have heard, but what about the same while chatting? Let users engage in a fun and entertaining conversation by providing them with an option to attach any media files.

  • Live streamingThere’s no good drama like life itself! So why not let them capture the best moments of their lives in real-time and show the world the same?

  • Dashboard With the Triller Clone app’s dynamic dashboard, as an app admin, you could get a bird’s eye view of the overall happenings of the app.

  • Manage usersYou can analyze and control the options like views, likes and comments of the posts.

  • Post management Manage the quality to be crystal clear by easily wiping out the objectionable from the app platform.

  • Comment management Rebel negativity from your app like a knight easily now by removing the comments from any post that seems to be offensive.

  • Push notificationsStick your app to the users’ mind by reminding them about the latest updates and contents of their favourite influencers.

  • Reported user managementBury the hatchet in your app by managing the reported user’s profile for elevated user loyalty.

Flabbergast Your Users With These Add-on Features

Chat translationWhen we say users can reach the nook and cranny of the world, we mean it. Integrate Google Translator in your app to help users chat and gain visibility without any language barrier. The top-notch feature is the word!

App and Play Store preview designsAdd an eye-pleasing preview about your app’s design and kindle the curiosity of users to install your app.

Voice messagesIn this era of voice recognition and AI, typing can never be enough. Make their chatting experience lively by integrating the voice messaging solution.

Smart replyAutocorrect? Who does even want that when they can send instant replies to the messages with the smart reply. Cheerio typos!

Emoji and GIFsBreak down the formal and robotic conversations. Capture the eyeballs of your users by including visual elements like emoji, GIFs in your app. Remember us telling us to adopt the best technology? Well, here it is.

Animated splash screenMarinate your app with a unique looking colour palette to make it steal the scene on the app store and the market!

Audio callsSeamless communication is never just for social media apps. Adopt the same to the social video sharing apps as well!

App intro screen background videoNothing works like showing a 2-second video about a concept. Give them an introductory visual treat by adding informative and interesting video.

See What’s The Next Step In The Triller Like App Development

Benefits Of Choosing A White-label Triller Like App Solution

  • An extremely high-quality image capturing

  • Custom video-sharing resembling the skills/talents

  • Live video broadcasting to augment the engagement

  • Enthralling visual effects for outshining visibility

  • Screen-sharing feature for better interactions

Financially Rewarding Revenue Models Of Our Triller Clone App

  • In-app advertising Display promotional advertisements in the app relating to the users' preferences and get hold of big bucks every time for running the ads.

  • Virtual coins Make a fortune through your short video app script by letting users purchase virtual coins to send gifts to their favourite influencers.

  • PremiumIntrigue the interests of users by offering them advanced features such as minimum spending of virtual coins for sending gifts, uploading audio/video files etc., on the payment for experiencing premium service.

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How Do We Develop Your Triller Like App?

  • 1

    To begin with, we start analysing the audience we are going to target through the app in order to come up with an app that will clip with their thoughts.

  • 2

    Clients are the fuel to our success. As much as we value the benefits your app can yield to your users, we value our clients and their dreams. We thoroughly look through different business models and choose one from them that will suit your business.

  • 3

    By the knowledge we aggregated from the expectations of features, designs you have about your app, our wizards of developers would start developing the back-end.

  • 4

    With our team’s quick-witted skills and cutting-edge technology used, they finish off the development process in the given time. After which, the product is put through rigorous testing.

  • 5

    Finally, the app will be deployed on the platform you choose and will be up and running in no time for you to embrace the thriving business.

Pricing Package

5999 - Web & App
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Post/Videos Approval
  • View/Manage Category
  • View/Manage Country
  • View/Manage Language Category
  • View/Manage Message Template
  • View/Manage Audio Category (Music)
  • View/Manage Music
  • View/Manage Preferences
  • View/Manage Rewards
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • View/Manage Settings
  • View/Manage Face Filter
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • OTP Verification
  • User Login
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Login with Google Account
  • Forgot Password
  • User Account Management
  • Change Password
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Mobile Number
  • Manage Blocked User
  • Manage Two Factor Authentication
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Language Settings
  • Invite and Earn
  • Help and Support
  • About
  • View/Manage Followers
  • View/Manage Following
  • View/Manage Profile Bio
  • View/Manage Post
  • View/Manage Liked Videos
  • View Like Count
  • Like/Comment Post
  • Share Post
  • Search based on Hashtag/User
  • Chat
  • Share Voice Note
  • Share Picture
  • Upload Video Post (Gallery)
  • Upload Video Post (Camera)
  • Add Music Filter (For Post)
  • Add Effects (For Post)
  • Add Face Filters (For Post)
  • Crop Video Size
  • Flash Mode for Recording Video
  • Block User
  • Report User
  • Mute Messages (Specific User)

Call The Tune In The Short Video App Market By Launching The Triller Clone

Why Choose Us?

Our company is known in the short video app development sector for decades and are always known for providing prefabricated solutions with leading-edge technology. Our band of successful entrepreneurs are the proof for it. Along with the most trailblazing features offering and highly skilled development carried out by our proficient team, we cover every aspect one needs to outshine in the industry.

When you rely on us, you get

  • Experienced team who know the drifts that come with changing trends of users to lend you a rewarding project.

  • A highly secure partner who would provide full security to your ideas and data to keep it private.

  • A savvy team who would not miss a chance in providing the industry-leading product.

  • Good customer service to help you with anything at any time, literally!

  • A team who would keep up with the promise of delivering projects on time and accomplish your requirements.

  • High-tech project at a reasonable price and would still match all the standards you need to gain success.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The prominent ways followed by many leading apps is by advertising. On your request, we can help you in integrating some unique features for premium users that could provide you with handsome revenue.
Definitely, we can scale your app both horizontally and vertically. We will also configure and cluster backend components of your app.
Of course not. Our solution is scalable, and there are no bars on the number of users who can use it. But if you wish, you can customize the same.
Yes, our state-of-the-art Triller Clone is end-to-end customizable. Features, plug-ins, themes, you can tweak anything to your liking.
Yes, our development team will be in touch with you, and you will know the ins and outs of the development process. Your inputs and suggestions will be highly appreciated during development.

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