White-label Delivery App And Its Flair For Future Bonanza!

In the last few years, people have been pampered with doorstep deliveries to a greater extent than it has rendered them expecting quick deliveries for almost any business. And of course, users are the forecasters for any business, agree? So having an online presence and a delivery service is epoch-making.

Our food delivery app is superfluous to establish both the above-said points. Whether you are a restaurant, a grocery chain, any storefront or a local business, our customizable solution allows you to cater to your every whim. Since it is end-to-end customizable and is white-label, you can revamp the solution to your brand’s name, logo and themes and make it outshine in the market.

What is White-label Delivery App?

A white-label delivery app is a ready-made on-demand delivery app solution, which lets users order any service from their mobile device, get them delivered to their doorstep. The solution can be customized as a food ordering app for restaurants, grocery ordering, an on-demand pharmacy app, bouquet delivery app, etc., to fit any business that wishes to bestow users with a delivery service. To all intents and purposes, this is an intellectual touch to a business!

Charm Of Our White-label Food Ordering App

Gift your users the most efficient delivery service engraved with your brand’s name at the top of it. A powerful dashboard, a nimble and intuitive UX and a website to allow you to spurt the global reach of your service across the globe!

  • Your BrandUsher in a time-hallowed nexus with your customers! Breathe new life into your app solution by furnishing all the elements like logo, brand name, themes and designs.

  • Your FeaturesOur approach is always client-centric, and we make an effort to offer you a lot of personalizations of features to enhance your business better, to vouch that the end product will be a jewel in the crown for your business!

  • Your BusinessThe more the zest is to avail a service, the more is your business reach. An array of testimonials are thronging towards the industry- proof of the virtuosity of the on-demand delivery business!

Delivery App Development Solution
You Can Get With White-label Delivery App

Key Features Of A Food Delivery App
To Run A Successful Online Food Delivery Business

  • Category-wise Product ListingAffix oodles of your services under motley categories to entice the global population with products, prices and descriptions. A glance and shoot- a service is booked! Who wouldn’t love it when it is this easy?

  • Advanced Filter OptionA spectrum of services and even better filters to tag them for services as per their needs. Price ranges, product type or ratings, are composers of rules here.

  • Schedule DeliveryPlummet down the inconvenience in your on-demand app by bestowing the option to schedule the delivery timings of any product they wish. The setting of the date, time, location- the three trifles are the sweeteners!

  • Payment Gateway IntegrationRedefine the online payment normalities of monotonous options with a range of multiple payment gateways. Instant, safe, secure- form the apt descriptives for the payment through our White-label Delivery App solution.

  • Easy CheckoutA ceaseless checkout process and a stressless business operation- definitely a terrific hit. Greet our white-label food delivery app!

  • Push NotificationsA nimble software to let them know the latest updates, order status, product confirmation, exciting deals on the spot!. Thanks to the sharp-witted interface and functionality that are presenting themselves as the unequalled agglomerate.

Do You Have Any Ideas About Launching An On-demand Delivery App?

Leading-Edge Technology Knitted Online Food Ordering App Exclusively For Your Business

Thrust your ROI to the peak with a feature-enriched delivery management system. Optimized efficiency and exceptional customer experience to give rise to leading business!

Interactive App ExperienceSet forth on a smooth path to success by acquiring an on-demand delivery app with separate modules for customers and delivery service.

Super Easy-to-useTough or inconvenience is never in the dictionary of the on-demand app. A toddler or an older adult, no bias! Anyone can use the app easily and request a quick delivery service through the website or app.

Live TrackingWhet the appetite of the users with the accurate tracking option of the white-label food delivery app. Highlight the service status and evoke their curiosity with gilt-edged ETA in your White-label delivery app.

COVID SafetyFoster immense support while also increasing your profit with our solution’s safety add-ons. Embrace the new normal and offer the safest of services. Face do dips and only dibs!

  • Food Delivery App Screenshot
  • 1
    Technologized Pick-up And Delivery Approach

    1 Shuffle and assign pickups and deliveries to delivery agents automatically like a pro and never come off second best!

    2 Without missing the beat, the delivery agent will be notified about the requests and accept the bountiful revenues.

  • Delivery Tracking Screenshot
  • 2
    Exact Tracking And Alerts

    1 An engaging feature keeps them cognizant of the delivery status and information by sending quickest alerts at every stage possible.

    2 The tracking feature is the icing on the cake to keep your users coming back to your white-label delivery app. Now retaining customers is just a five-finger exercise!

  • Order Confirmed Screenshot
  • 3
    Streamlined Deliveries And Optimized Routes

    1 A dynamic dashboard to receive and manage pickup and delivery requests from all multiple aspects to beat down the demand and thrive in the market!

    2 Offer a cost-efficient and quick delivery by optimizing the route with the automated route optimization feature in your Food Delivery App. Romp through the competition like a veteran player!

  • White Label Delivery Platform
  • 4
    Proliferated Path And Proof Of Delivery

    1 Furnish a comprehensive on-demand white-label delivery app by optimizing the routes, offering multiple destinations to ensure lightning fast deliveries. Get ready to crown yourself now!

    2 Lay the groundworks for becoming a platform that is worthy of trust! Build it with integrity by allowing delivery agents to gather the electronic proofs of delivery with scan barcodes, notes, images and digital signatures.

  • App Rating Screenshot
  • 5
    In-app Chat And Reviews

    1 Fizzle out the miscommunication between the customers and delivery executives and introduce hassle-free communication using integrated live-chat support.

    2 Bemuse the idea of having a user-friendly food ordering app by allowing all the feedback from your users and growing from them. Immense traction is the vow!

  • Admin Panel Screenshot
  • 6
    Intricate Analytics And Business Reports

    1 Plot your roadmap to success with data-driven analytics. Track the customer’s behaviour, target them with calculative strategies and become the prominent icon in the food delivery market.

    2 Insight yourself with real-time data and historical performance reports for your on-demand delivery business. Monopolising the market is as easy as pie now!

COVID Safety Features Of The White-label Delivery App

Keep your business flourishing without heed of the COVID-19 effect with a range of excellent features.

  • Contactless Delivery Opt for a safe business by allowing your customers to choose contactless delivery while their orders get delivered at their doorsteps.

  • Take Away Services Foster for a better and healthy tomorrow by allowing your customers to collect orders directly from the stores and ceasing the unnecessary contacts coiled with pick and drop services.

  • Safety Badge Ensure a safe delivery and a secure platform by providing safety badges to the delivery personnel who are registered with the platform.

  • Disabling COD Contribute to the reduction of COVID-19 transmission by disabling the cash on delivery by providing a parade of online payment gateways.

  • Identification Of Positive Cases Tag the delivery agent who had been tested positive and disable their service from the app and curb the spread from your part.

  • Mark Quarantined/Lockdown LocationsAdd or edit any number of areas that are quarantined or lockdown locations and keep your users and agents updated about it.

  • Review And Verify Driver ProfileAuthenticate only safer deliveries by keeping a tab on the personal information of the delivery agents.You can validate the details of the delivery agents before enlisting their services in your white-label delivery app.

  • Knowledge BannersSpread the knowledge about the virus to users from all around the world with your platform’s banners.

Want To Validate Your App Idea? We Have Developed Successful On-demand Apps.

The Workflow Of White-label Delivery App

  • Step 1
    Register Screen

    User signs in to the app with their personal information or through social media login

  • Step 2
    Food Ordering App for Restaurant

    The user will book an item from the nearby store through the app

  • Step 3
    Payment Gateway

    The store receives the order from the user

  • Step 4
    Order List

    A delivery agent gets assigned to deliver the product

  • Step 5

    The agent collects the product from the store and delivers it to the user

  • Step 6

    The user reviews the service, and later, the white-label delivery app generates an invoice for the user

Our White-label Delivery App Package

White Label Food Delivery Mobile App Solution
  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • User Web Panel
  • Delivery Agent iOS App
  • Delivery Agent Android App
  • Delivery Agent Web Panel
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Store Web Panel
  • Main Website
  • Dispatcher Panel
  • Admin Panel

Pivotal Features Of Our White-label Food Delivery App

  • Sign In Break down the boring process that might lead them to desert your app. And say hi to the easiest registration that might take just a split second.

  • Advanced Search Let your users shoot the right restaurants by punching down the relevant keywords and get met with a string of related suggestions!

  • Intuitive UIAn elite browsing experience to keep as a scene for hundreds of restaurants or cuisines. Thanks to the innovative algorithm, landing in the right suggestion has never been this easier!

  • Order Tracking Boost the avidity of your users by managing to send them real-time notifications of their order. An excellently engaging white-label delivery app is never just a dream anymore!

  • Manage Profile For an enhanced user experience, the app coils with this feature to let users add more information about their address, payment details, favourites etc.

  • Promos And Offers Apprise them of exciting deals and offers with promo codes to use during the checkout process. Attaining the best place in the market is now done and dusted!

  • Ratings And Reviews Improve your services and mushroom the population here, there and everywhere you can spot on the map!

  • Real-time Requests An aesthetically pleasing reminder to the drivers for a valuable opportunity! In their dedicated app, they can fulfil real-time orders and cash in on their work.

  • Delivery Information An all-important array of information for successful order fulfilment is here available in a single place.

  • Availability Allow your drivers to galvanize for an excellent job that coincides with their convenience. Now delivery agents can toggle between their availability status, whether online/offline.

  • Payments Bequeath a complete layout of all their accomplishments, job history and key metrics autonomously.

  • Manage Profile Give them the ability to manage their details within a single dashboard and edit any information easily. No muss-no fuss!

  • Route Optimization Flare up to a whopping great level in your business! Route optimization, for the drivers to make the quickest of deliveries with the shortest route. Dibs on the deck!

  • Dashboard A powerhouse to keep a tab on all the incoming and outgoing orders. Backed by an intelligent and intuitive user interface for smooth functioning.

  • Manage Business Info A feature to unlock the possibilities of gaining lucrative deals and fortune bills! The stores or vendors can update their business name, contact details, business hours, photos and whatnot.

  • Manage Menu And Pricing Stores can now play a masterstroke to become a competent player by retrospecting the prices, items listed, and minimum order amount according to the demands and requirements.

  • Track Payments The stores can frisk all the payment details like pending settlements and successful payments, adding account details and much more without blemish.

  • Manage Feedback Businesses can get to know about their services directly from their customers through communication channels.

  • Manage Promos Delighting users is a snip now! The stores can allure them with new deals and offers and gain new customers.

  • Actionable Insights Let your partners be within the ambit of succeeding like an on-demand market king with useful insights into their business performance.

  • Smart Dashboard Get a panoramic view of the entire app business with the powerful dashboard nailed by the latest tech stack.

  • Restaurant Management A robust panel where you can add and manage all the restaurants partnered with your business. Sweep your trophy for the best entrepreneur!

  • User Management Have a reign over all the data of the app users, view their order details and monopolize the region with driven data like a king!

  • Payments And Commissions Channelize your revenue streams extensively with commission rate changes for every partner store and gain an ROI that’s worth king’s ransom!

  • Offer Management Tag yourself the masterminded business magnate! You could now create deals, offers and discounts from all the restaurant partners. We bet users are never going to leave the app.

  • Reports And Analytics Swerve within the innards of competition in the on-demand industry by getting insights and stats about your platform in real-time.

Make A Mint With These Worthwhile Revenue Channels

  • Store Fee Establish a stupendous revenue stream by partnering with hundreds of restaurants. Set the bar with a fixed price for getting listed in your app and for every order. We bet your business will ever be irresolute from here!

  • Ads Smooth the path for the primary revenue source! Gain big bucks from the restaurants to rank higher on the search results.

  • Peak Hours Stagger a strategic monetization channel by charging more during peak hours like lunchtime.

  • Rush Delivery Fee Lighting fast delivery & a lighting fast income generation sounds terrific! So, why not let that sink in? Charge an extra fee for rush delivery from your users now.

Demo Of Our White-label Delivery App

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

App Demo
Web Demo

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Dashboard with live ride details
  • View/Manage Dispatcher Panel
  • View/Manage Dispute Panel
  • Heat map
  • God’s View
  • View/Manage Roles
  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • Manage Provider Approval
  • Dispatcher Manager
  • Dispute Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Manage Account Statement
  • Mange Payrolls
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage shop types
  • Manage Cuisines
  • Restaurant Management
  • Order History
  • Manage Commission
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • View/Manage Promocodes
  • View /Manage Country and city
  • View /Manage Services History
  • View/Manage Documents
  • View/Manage Menus
  • View/Manage Ticket Categories
  • View Earning Reports
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Contact Page
  • Site Settings
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Map/SMS configuration
  • Manage Email Configuration
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Search Radius
  • Manage Provider response time
  • Manage Manual/Automatic Assignment
  • Database backup
  • View/Manage Referral
  • Custom Push notification
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Change password
User Features
  • Social media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View Restaurant/Stores list
  • Book order service
  • View Offers/Coupons
  • View Featured Services
  • Search based on Restaurants/Dishes
  • Filter Range
  • View Item/Product List
  • View Cart
  • Order by Delivery/takeaway
  • Real-time tracking
  • View Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Call/Chat Delivery Partner
  • Rate/Review Delivery Partner
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Address
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Invite Referrals
  • Manage Order History
  • In-app Notifications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout
Shop Features
  • Email Login
  • Dashboard
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Location
  • Manage Shop Open Timings
  • Manage Response Time
  • Manage Best Seller Timeline
  • View/Manage Promo codes
  • View/Manage Addons
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Items
  • Manage Item Discounts
  • Accept/Cancel Order
  • View Order Details
  • Manage Estimated Preparation Time
  • Manage Current/Past/Cancel Orders
  • View Live Order Status
  • View In-app Notifications
  • Manage Bank Account
  • Wallet Management
  • Order History
  • Revenue Statements
  • Change Password
  • Forgot Password
  • Logout
Provider Features
  • Social Media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Multiple Services
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Bank Details
  • Mange Payment
  • Wallet Management
  • Manage Earnings
  • Manage Language
  • Accept/Decline Orders
  • Switch Online/Offline
  • Live Order Status
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Live Navigation
  • Call/Chat Partner
  • View Order History
  • View Notifications
  • Raise Disputes
  • Invite Friends & Referral code
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout

A Look Into Our Delivery App

Sign up Option
Login Option
Food Offers
Food Items
Restaurant List
Items Available
Selected Item
Schedule Your Time and Date
Filter Option
Gps Location
Order Details
Rating Submit
Incoming Delivery Request
Service Locations
Order List
View Receipt
Manage Services
Add Vehicle
Common Document
Manage Document
Bank Details
Vehicle Details
Online Food Ordering App Profile
Edit Restaurant Details
Total Revenue
Dishes Screenshot
Create Category
Delivered Through the Delivery App
Delivery Person Details
Restaurant Details
Order Delivered

Our Development Process For The Delivery App

  • Our team will send you a proposal and demo, to begin with, the white-label delivery app development. On your endorsation to purchase our solution, we will send you a contract.

  • The designing team will provide you with a design of the solution painted with your branding and colours. On any kinetics from the given layout, the reformation will accommodate.

  • Our development team will move the process a step further with back-end and front-end modifications and will set up a service.

  • The app will be sent for testing to make it tried and tested. After your authorization, the app will be uploaded to the required app stores for approval.

  • After the approval, the app will be on the statute book for the world to leverage.

Are You Ready With Any Ideas About Delivery App Development?

Why Should You Choose AppDupe
To Be Your Delivery App Development Partner?

AppDupe is the illustrious on-demand delivery app development company that has been championing clients to modernize their business and become more nimble. The road to successful application goes beyond the conventional architecture; knowing this well, we have devised strategic solutions to encourage various businesses.

  • Developing Custom Apps We abet to your business’ demands and develop features that coil your brand.

  • Build Better Experiences We love dealing with complexities, but our solutions exhibit obvious dissimilarity to our works! Users will have a smoother experience while using the app that they will never leave the app for anything.

  • Effective Exposure Stemming the flow of your app is not in any event possible. You can gain market dominance, as we are not just your app development partners, but we are your app marketing partners too!

  • Business Advancements Scale your business operations by still abiding by the market with digital solutions, which is meant to help you expand and flourish your business.

  • Result-driven Solutions Seeing your business reach heights is our ambition. The day you connect with us, you can count on us to make it happen!

  • Round The Clock Support Our association continues even after the launch of the white-label delivery app. We strive to support you with a will, around the clock, with exceptional services. Because we value our customers upon anything.

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, the support feature has been integrated with the app to ensure that the users have a better experience always.
Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the estimated cost as such. Because it may differ based on the features, you would like to integrate. However, you can know the exact quotations right away by connecting with our sales team.
Our curiosity to play with the latest technologies will never die out—we at Appdupe partner with high-end technologies to create the leading web and mobile app solutions.
We provide free patches for bugs on our products for a year. After that, we charge a minimum service fee.
Obviously, we always stay intact with what we promise. So, you get the on-demand delivery app similar to the demo app.

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