Develop an e-learning app like Byju’s with us!

Education, integrated with e-learning models, is emerging as a thriving sector with a maximum audience base. Several educational institutions and related organizations are making use of these digital trends to educate students smartly. At Appdupe, we help such institutions and businesses to launch their e-learning platforms in the quickest time possible.

Our Byju’s clone solutions are readily available for customization at economical rates. We possess many years of experience in the field and strive to offer custom-built solutions to various institutions. Reach out to us for the instant launch of your e-learning solutions!

Our E-learning App Development Solutions

At Appdupe, we offer web and mobile applications that include various e-learning solutions, enhancing the user's way of learning. Our e-learning solutions comprise:

Mobile And Web Apps

We provide end-to-end mobile and web app development services, handling all processes from project ideation to app deployment.

Course Management

Provide online courses through our e-learning application. From books to videos, you can sell everything through the platform with ease.

Learning Management System

Support learning by providing a platform for storing study materials, creating assessments, and establishing interaction between students and tutors.

Online Training

Our e-learning platforms allow web-based training, empowering tutors to interact with the users via recorded lectures, and live classroom sessions.

Video Conferencing

You can now connect over video conferencing through our Byju’s clone app. Any number of users can join the video conferencing for enhanced interaction.

Get Byju’s Clone Solutions Built With The Latest Technology

Our e-learning software Byju’s clone is developed with the latest tools and technologies to ensure it offers cutting-edge performance and emerges as a next-gen solution.

AR & VR based learning
  • Interactive learning sessions
  • Break down of complex concepts for easy comprehension
  • Better evaluation of the learners understanding
AI-powered solutions
  • Customized learning experiences
  • Automated processes for quick scheduling and request fulfillment
  • More reliable for performance tracking
Blockchain technology
  • Decentralized and transparent processes
  • End-to-end encryption to ensure user data security
  • Elimination of data thefts and cyber attacks
Chatbot-backed products
  • Replaces teachers and mentors in real-time
  • Delivers information and results at expected times
  • Data-driven functionality with enhanced communication

Workflow Of Our Byju’s Clone Application

  • 1
    User sign up/log in
  • 2
    Browse courses
  • 3
    Add to cart and checkout
  • 4
    Process payments
  • 5
    Complete course
  • 6
    Get certification
  • 7
    Ratings & Reviews

Our Byju’s Clone App Package

byjus app clone

Learner Panel

It is where the learners get to access the platform. They will be provided with a dashboard to manage their completed and ongoing courses. Also, they can view the purchase details and related information.

byjus app clone

Instructor Panel

Instructors can log in to the app using the registered credentials. After logging in, they can post videos and study materials for learner access. They can manage all their activities with this advanced panel.

byjus app clone

Admin Panel

It is vital for the administrator to possess control over the activities taking place in the e-learning platform. The admin panel is designed to serve that purpose with a powerful dashboard to manage other panels.

byjus app clone

Android Application

We build all the aforementioned panels to support the Android platform. You can easily reach out to your potential customers with the robust Android app on board.

byjus app clone

iOS Application

Along with Android, we also build native iOS Byju’s clone apps that offer a user-friendly interface for enhanced app experience and better business reach.

Our Massive Range of Features

  • byjus app clone

    Sign up/Log inStudents can register with the app using their phone numbers, email IDs, or social media accounts. The registered credentials are used for future log in purposes.

  • byjus app clone

    Browse courses Students can search for the online courses of their preferences using the advanced filter and sort option.

  • byjus app clone

    Browse tutorsStudents can also search for tutors if they wish to attend online teaching sessions. They can choose the tutor that suits their needs after comparing the provided search results.

  • byjus app clone

    Scheduling online sessionsOnce students choose the tutors, they can plan their sessions with them based on the availability of both parties.

  • byjus app clone

    Video conferencing/Text messagesStudents can connect with tutors over video calls to resolve their doubts. They can also connect with them via text messages to solve their queries instantly.

  • byjus app clone

    Add to cartStudents can add all courses they prefer to their cart. After this, they can proceed to checkout.

  • byjus app clone

    Multiple payment optionsStudents can pay using any one of the secure payment methods integrated into the app for the courses they choose or the tutoring service availed.

  • byjus app clone

    Pop-up alertsStudents will be notified about their upcoming courses, video sessions, and more via in-app push notifications.

  • byjus app clone

    Ratings & ReviewsStudents can rate the elearning courses on a scale of 1-5 and share their feedback on the same. It will help other users to make informed choices.

  • byjus app clone

    Student dashboardStudents can view details of all ongoing and completed courses and tutoring sessions in this section of the app.

  • byjus app clone

    RegistrationTutors can register with the app using their email addresses or phone numbers.

  • byjus app clone

    Tutor profileTutors can create and manage their profiles, including name, contact details, specialization, and many more. They can edit or delete these details whenever needed.

  • byjus app clone

    Instant notificationsTutors will be notified promptly about student requests, upcoming video sessions, app updates, and more via in-app alerts.

  • byjus app clone

    Video/Voice callsTutors can connect with students via video or voice calls to offer their tutoring services and resolve their queries immediately.

  • byjus app clone

    Answer questionsTutors can answer questions raised by students with regard to their online sessions for better understanding.

  • byjus app clone

    View ratings & reviewsTutors can view ratings and feedback shared by students, helping them keep their service quality in check and improve it if need be.

  • byjus app clone

    Offer gradesTutors can provide grades for students attending their tutoring sessions to help them enhance their learning skills.

  • byjus app clone

    Instructor dashboardTutors can manage all their course details, student information, payment details, etc., via their respective panels.

  • byjus app clone

    Intuitive dashboardThe admin can manage the overall activities of the app through the powerful admin panel.

  • byjus app clone

    Manage studentsThe admin can manage all student profiles registered with their app, along with all their details for reference purposes.

  • byjus app clone

    Manage tutorsThe admin can manage profiles of all tutors and approve them after a thorough verification process.

  • byjus app clone

    Content managementThe admin can manage all courses, their details, and related information on the app.

  • byjus app clone

    Manage alertsThe admin can notify users and tutors regarding their video sessions through push notifications. They can also share information on app updates.

  • byjus app clone

    EarningsThe admin can view and manage all their earnings on a monthly or yearly basis in one convenient location.

  • byjus app clone

    Analytics & ReportsThe admin is provided with analytics reports generated by the app to help them make informed business decisions.

  • byjus app clone

    Message boardsThe admin can post any app-related updates on the built-in notice and message boards to ensure seamless communication.

  • byjus app clone

    Mark favoritesStudents can mark their preferred courses as favorites. This way, they can quickly access them when needed.

  • byjus app clone

    QuizzesTutors can add quizzes in their learning modules to enable users to learn more about the topic and improve their learning skills.

  • byjus app clone

    Q/A sessionsStudents can share their queries on the online medium, where the tutors will answer it.

  • byjus app clone

    CertificationAfter completing the course, students will be provided with an online certificate that acknowledges their skills in the chosen course.

  • byjus app clone

    Record video sessions/ Download lecturesStudents can record video sessions for future reference. They can also download lectures for the same.

  • byjus app clone

    Share invoicesOnce students subscribe for a course or a tutorial session, an invoice will be generated automatically and shared with the respective students with all necessary details.

  • byjus app clone

    Course progressStudents can be updated continuously about their course progress in order to motivate them to complete the course.

  • byjus app clone

    App referralsThe admin can offer reward points to users who have referred their app to their friends and family, leading to successful app installs.

  • byjus app clone

    Featured coursesThe admin can mark a few courses in the featured section so it will gain more visibility and reach. It helps you in earning additional income for promoting certain courses.

  • byjus app clone

    Live group classesTutors can arrange for a live group session with their students with the help of this plugin. It helps in making the online class more lively and interactive.

  • byjus app clone

    Subscription packagesYou can allow your app users to access your services by subscribing to your packages. You can list various packages with their details and let your users choose the one that fits their budget and needs.

  • byjus app clone

    MultilingualOur Byju’s clone app can be accessed in multiple languages. For this, we integrate a plugin into the app at a reasonable cost. This way, your users can change their language settings as per their preferences.

  • byjus app clone

    Multi-currencyWe integrate a plugin to accept payments through multiple currencies. It helps your users to pay for your services with ease.

  • byjus app clone

    Payment gateway integrationWe integrate payment gateways like Stripe, Braintree, etc., into the e-learning app to ensure quick and secure payment transactions.

How Do You Benefit From Our Byju’s Clone Solutions?

Our Byju’s clones benefit everyone involved in the e-learning system. It helps users access the courses they need in the comfort of their homes, instructors to utilize their expertise for user learning, and business owners to gain high returns by providing a platform to connect learners with instructors. Here’s how both the parties gain profits in several ways:

User End

E-learning solutions enable learners to access courses offered by top universities and professional instructors to learn and explore new topics with ease.

  • Cost-effective course materials
  • Flexible learning options
  • Secure payment methods
  • Access to unlimited learning resources
  • Intensified learning modes
Instructor End

Instructors can effortlessly reach out to students and people interested in learning with our e-learning products. They can effectively interact and offer their knowledge.

  • Better content management
  • Seamless interaction modules
  • Easy ways to receive payments
  • Increased reach for courses provided
  • Enhanced accessibility
Admin End

Admins can earn commissions for each course offered through the app. They can easily manage their business operations for huge benefits.

  • Advanced business data management
  • App security and scalability
  • Increased commission percentage
  • Heightened success rate
  • Better customer support

Why Choose Us As Your App Development Partner?

  • Seamless communication

    We employ the best minds in our projects to offer top-notch app development services. Language and timing have never been a barrier to our projects. We have handled clients from various geographical locations. You can reach out to our project managers any time you want, without any hassle.

  • Innovative-backed approach

    Our development team comprises of skilled R&D professionals and business analysts who work together to come up with innovative solutions, leading to the development of an advanced and powerful application. They research your industry and offer us their knowledge in integrating the latest technologies like AI, VR, AR, and more into the app.

  • Domain expertise

    Our designers, developers, and testers possess several years of experience in their respective domains. Their industry knowledge has helped us in delivering a top-notch app with glitch-free functionality on time and budget. Also, our apps are built in such a way that it complies with the industry standards.

  • Hassle-free app experience

    Our skilled designers work to build a user interface that is intuitive and easily accessible. We analyze the customer needs to ensure the app design matches their expectations. This way, you can interact with your target audience via your app seamlessly.

  • Strict NDA adherence

    We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with your business as you opt for our app development solutions. It ensures that your app idea will be safe with us, and our processes comply with all applicable laws to ensure data protection.

  • Data privacy

    Our data protection team strives to ensure the security of the data that you share with us, preventing any possible data breaches and cyber-attacks. Thus, we take the utmost attention to offer enhanced data protection.

View Live Demo

Do you want to see how your Byjus Clone app would look like? All you have to do is provide us with your requirements and we shall deliver the best to you. Click Below to Check out our demo.

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Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Revenue Statistics
  • Course Overview
  • Manage Social Settings
  • Manage System Settings
  • Update Product
  • View/Manage Category
  • Add/Manage Courses
  • Add/Manage Course Details
  • Add Course Requirment
  • Add Course Pricing
  • Manage Course Media Settings
  • Course SEO Settings
  • Add/Sort Course Sections
  • Add Cousrse Lesson
  • Add Quiz
  • Video Upload (Course)
  • Instructor Management
  • Instructor Pending Payout Request
  • Pay Instructor
  • Instructor Payout Management
  • Instructor Settings
  • Manage Commission Settings
  • View Instructor Application List
  • Approve/Reject Instructor Application
  • Instructor Document Verification
  • Student Management
  • Enrolment Management
  • Student Enrol History
  • Enrol Student
  • Admin Revenue Report
  • Instructor Revenue Report
  • Chat
  • Addon Management
  • Manage Website Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Application Language Settings
  • Manage SMTP Settings
  • Theme Settings
  • About this Application
  • Admin Account Management
  • Change Password
Application Features
  • Student/Instructor Registration
  • Student/Instructor Login
  • Forgot Password
  • View Privacy Policy
  • View User Agreement
  • Homescreen
  • View Available Courses
  • Manage Account Details
  • Change Password
  • Chat
Features - Instructor
  • Instructor Dashboard
  • Instructor Revenue Statistics
  • Course Overview
  • Add/Manage Courses
  • Add/Manage Course Details
  • Add Course Requirment
  • Add Course Pricing
  • Manage Course Media Settings
  • Course SEO Settings
  • Add/Sort Course Sections
  • Add Cousrse Lesson
  • Add Quiz
  • Video Upload (Course)
  • View Sales Report
  • Manage Payout Report
  • Request Payment
  • Manage Payment Settings
Features - Student
  • Search Course
  • Add/Manage Wishlist
  • Add/Manage Cart
  • Manage Purchase History
  • View Filter
  • View Course Details
  • View Instructor Details
  • View Student Feedback
  • Rate and Review
  • Start/End Lessions
  • View Quiz
  • Purchase Courses
  • My Course Details
  • View Admin Demo
  • View Facebook Account
  • View LinkedIn Profile
  • View Twitter Account

How We Roll Out Our Byju’s Clone App Development Process

Understanding the project

Once you get on board with us, we will connect with you to understand your project needs, business model, and monetization strategies. Based on this, we will provide you a detailed proposal with deliverables and deadlines.


After a thorough understanding of your project, we will finalize the feature set, technology stack, and third-party integrations to include in the app. We discuss this with you to confirm the same.

Front-end design

Our skilled designers work on the UI/UX to build a user-friendly interface. This way, your users can navigate through your app with ease, offering enhanced accessibility.

Back-end set up

Our team of expert developers works on the back-end of the app to ensure the app we build is robust and reliable, offering a cutting edge performance. We also ensure it is highly scalable to help you in future modifications.

Project delivery

We adhere to our deadlines, delivering your project on time after running a series of tests to confirm its functionality. After this, we assist you in deploying the app on all major app platforms to start its operation.


Technology That We Deploy In Our Byju’s Clone

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes. We do provide source code as a part of our premium app development package. However, we do not include source codes in the basic package. Hence, we advise you to go for the premium version so you can get the 100% customizable source codes to help you in future enhancements.
As soon as you get on board with us, we assign a project manager to update you on your app development project's progress. You can also connect with them to resolve your queries anytime you want. They will be the connecting bridge between your business and our development team.
Yes. We sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the start of the project to guarantee that your app idea is safe with us.
Please, do not worry when your app gets rejected by the app stores as it didn't go in line with their regulatory compliance. As part of our project, we will look into the issue, resolve it, and resubmit it on the major app stores for quick launch. Along with this, we also offer free-of-cost maintenance support post-launch for a limited period to assist you in running your business seamlessly.
You can connect with us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or through the chat option available on our website. We will guide through the entire app development process, and help you start with your project right away.

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