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Launch a Multi-vendor Ecommerce App like Amazon Today!

Only a business silo with a ceaseless market and unwavering patronage from customers can exceed the magical $5 trillion mark, and yay! Ecommerce is one such vertical. Having revolutionized the way businesses are conceived, operated and sustained, ecommerce has been the face of the digital revolution, and apps like Amazon headlines the latter. Want to plunge into a perennially profitable business? A solution that well may catapult you into the likes of Amazon and Flipkart?

Appdupe proffers you with one such deal in the form of Amazon Alternative, the superlative reideation of Amazon with all its futuristic features. It arms with a world-class ecommerce platform, that’s sure to entice a legion of users on a global scale. Customize the app end-to-end to reflect your ingrained ecommerce ideas and storm into the market in a matter of a few days. Now available at an unbeatable price!

Amazon Clone Script

What Is Amazon Clone App?

Amazon Clone Script is a top-notch, white-label ecommerce platform solution that empowers you to leverage a universal global base in the shortest turnaround time possible. Drenched with features such as Live Tracking, Lightning Fast Checkout, Price Comparison, Multiple Payment Options etc. Its robust-built quality overwhelms your competitors, and that alluring UI captivates your customers. Not to mention its ability to seamlessly handle an army of users simultaneously. A blockbuster ecommerce solution for the entrepreneur in you!

An All-Encompassing Ecommerce Platform

Pretty much everything one can ask for.

  • Multiple App Platforms
  • Rivetingly Designed UI/UX
  • Multilingual Support
  • Multi-Currency Integration
  • Multi-Vendor Selling
  • Multitude of Themes

Key Features
Of Our White-label Ecommerce Script

Ravishing Homepage

Greet your customers with an aesthetically pleasing homepage laden with explosive multimedia and embedded with latest product arrivals, exclusive offers, FAQ etc.

Advanced Search Bar

Sailing through an ocean of products, categories, and collections is made a breezy affair with a powerful search bar utility loaded with intuitive filtering and sorting elements.

Superior Shopping Cart

Drench your customers every nuance of information of a product- right from its description, availability, price, etc., besides the capability to seamlessly checkout in a jiffy.

Real-Time Tracking

Remind your customers that they are the kings by conferring the capacity to receive live location updates about their order in addition to its dispatch and delivery status.

In-App Chat

Act like a bolt of lightning in resolving customer queries through a secured internal communication channel. This way, round-the-clock service can be proffered swiftly.

Wish List

Captivated by a particular product but unable to buy it immediately? No worries! The multi-vendor ecommerce solution lets your customers save the products and purchase them on a later date.

AR View

Shatter the conventional shopping constraints by entitling your customers to try-on any product, albeit virtually. This breaks a load of misconceptions and surges your conversion rate.

Multilingual Support

Harness the global receptivity of ecommerce by conferring your solution's services in a bunch of the world's major languages. Your shortcut to stellar and sustained success!

Social Sharing

Hit the hearts of unexplored markets and customer personas by accrediting your users to share their favourite products, wish lists. and orders in popular social media platforms.

Reviews and Ratings

Imbue a sense of authenticity by enabling your customers to express their opinions about a particular product or the service of your Amazon like app through the ratings and reviews field.

Managing an Ecommerce Platform Has Never Been This Easy

Centralized Admin PanelThe master control element of the assemblage of features and functionality of the ecommerce marketplace. Arms the admin with a wall-to-wall view of the entire business proceedings with utmost managerial clarity.

Performance Tracking ReportsEdify yourself with the all-important insights about where the business delivers and where it goes off track via intuitive tracking reports. Coupled with complete transactional data, these records make ecommerce growth a piece of cake.

Multiple Payment MethodsFlood your customers with every possibility to process payments in a jiffy - ranging from credit/ debit cards, UPI, net banking, and even an exclusive electronic wallet. On top of this, the admins can willingly add/remove any payment methods as per their convenience.

App Installation and UpdatesReign over the ecommerce zone with relevancy as we proffer the ecommerce marketplace solution with timely updates that enriches the solution with exceptional features on the line with customer expectations.

Advanced AnalyticsDeduce what’s working for you and what’s not with an infusion of business intelligence circumvented over customer acquisition, behaviour, cart abandonment rate, financial health, etc. Made possible through data-driven analytical reports.

Accessibility SettingsMake the app functionality dance to your tunes by having complete control over its reachability by allowing/ restricting customers or sub-admins to access certain sections of the ecommerce platform.

An App Like Amazon Is Poised To Exceed The $5 Trillion Mark In 2020-21.

Wish to be one of them?

Innovative Ideas
For Ecommerce Store You Can Launch With Our Amazon Alternative

The Amazon clone being a wholesome ecommerce solution, can be inherently tweaked and terraformed into a diverse range of online stores with plentiful offerings.

  • Online Shopping MallThe bread and butter of ecommerce. Tap the unexplored markets with your scintillating collection of apparel transcending over different user categories. A definite winner!

  • Online Grocery StoreBestow the power of convenience by entitling your customers to order groceries and allied essential items and get them delivered at their doorsteps with a few taps.

  • Online Electronics Products StoreFlaunt the most extensive collection of electronics such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and similar home appliances through a sturdily-developed ecommerce application.

  • Online Food StoreBe it the traditional food delivery silo or the happening cloud kitchen vertical, our Ecommerce app solution lets you get the tongue smacking food delivered to your customers in no time.

  • Healthcare Want to seize the opportunity to attain superior customer trust and engagement levels through delivering medicines at promised duration? Appdupe is here for you!

  • Online Furniture SupplyUnify the financial and operational benefits of a chain of furniture stores through a single application that skyrockets business conversions and traction instantly.

  • Online Jewellery StoreShine out as the Amazon of Jewellery by concording your customers with a captivating class of adornments and trinkets without any hassle.

  • Online Sports EquipmentPlunge into the remunerative sports equipment selling vertical with a designated online store offering a wide range of products across different games.

  • Online Car Selling StoreSell both used and branded cars and their accessories in a single application. Allow your users to book a test drive and buy a car instantly.

  • Other Online StoresWe don’t necessarily restrict ourselves in our pursuit of providing superior online store solutions through the Amazon like app development. You are most welcome to edify us with your idea and experience the magic of it being actuated into reality!

Benefits of Launching a Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace
With Our Amazon App Clone

  • Skyrocketing SalesBusiness conversion takes centre stage in our ecommerce marketplace solution as a global user base is connected with a legion of sellers. With relentless product availability, the sale figures get propelled besides surging business traction.

  • Customer LoyaltyThe Amazon clone app’s capability to proffer products of every possible industrial vertical coupled with dashing offers makes it an irresistible vantage point of shopping for the customers. The larger is your customer base; the more remarkable is your market presence!

  • Brand AwarenessWith proficient authority over the crucial touchpoints of the customer journey, an impeccable brand image can be constructed effortlessly that anchors your offering into the purchasing habits of the customers.

  • Optimized PerformanceBeing inherently user-friendly, the ecommerce solution plummets the dreaded occurrence of cart abandonment rate and expedites the checkout process in a matter of a few seconds. In addition to an enticing UI, the ecommerce solution delivers a nuanced performance.

  • Customer AnalysisNever rule out the room for improvement as the multi-vendor ecommerce platform is drenched in insights from various customer behaviours in real-time and also consolidated on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis. A proven way to systematically enrich the user experience!

Demo Video

Our Amazon Alternative App Development Package

Mobile Apps

Whitelabel iOS and Android apps for your customers with all built-in features for brilliant execution.

Amazon clone script

Web Panel

A featureful front-end website for your customers and vendors to log in, purchase, pay, sell, provide feedback, and view order history with ease.

Amazon clone script

Admin Dashboard

Monitor your entire business from reviewing product submissions, approving returns to adding payment methods with ease.

Amazon clone script

100% Customizable

The entire code of the Server, Admin Dashboard, iOS, and Android apps are given with an encrypted code and complete documentation. Designed to suit your business needs.

Amazon clone script

Payment Options

The app is built with Paypal Mobile SDK, Stripe Credit Card Processing, and Cash on Delivery as default available methods. We can add more as per your requirements.

Amazon clone script

How Our Amazon Clone Script Works?

Amazon clone


  • Instant Sign UpDo away with gregariously long registration processes by entitling the users to storm into the platform through their social media credentials.

  • Advanced Search BarBrowsing and zeroing on a specific product has never been this more comfortable as users are girded with sorting and filtering element-laden search bar.

  • View CategoriesUsers can graze through the entire range of products pertaining to a particular category. They can compare the price, ratings, availability, etc., willingly.

  • Save ProductsWith the wish list feature, the users can intuitively chain a product and purchase it in a later date based on their convenience.

  • Add to CartUsers are conferred with the capacity to readily annex any number of items into the cart and actualize the checkout process instantly.

  • View My OrdersReordering becomes a piece of cake as customers can access the entire list of their previous orders along with their respective transactional details.

  • View My CartUsers can check out the products they have added into their cart with the entire list of information about the pricing, availability, ratings, customizations etc.

  • Multiple Payment OptionsFlood your users with a diverse range of payment methods extending from credit/ debit card, UPI, net banking, cash-on-delivery, and even an exclusive electronic wallet.

  • Update Shipping AddressUsers can instantaneously alter the shipping/ delivery address mandatory to deliver their ordered products. They can leave additional information about the location.

  • In-App SupportBesides the staple ‘About Us’ and ‘Privacy Policy’ fields, users can reach out to the admins for receiving assistance on any of the possible support silos.

  • Swift RegistrationThrough linking the social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc., users can seamlessly create their account profile.

  • Search ProductsCustomers can explore the whole gamut of products available in the ecommerce platform through the centralized search bar utility.

  • View DealsThe multitude of promotional activities such as offers, discounts, etc., devised by the sellers can be availed by the customers without any inhibitions.

  • View RatingsCustomers can yield in reasoned purchase decisions by browsing through the reviews and ratings expressed by those who bought the product.

  • Wish ListAny of the products offered can be saved by the customers and be purchased in the future. This way, customers need not search the product from the beginning.

  • My CartCustomers can access the list of products added by them to the cart in conjunction with the pricing and availability details.

  • My OrdersThe entire list of products ordered previously by the customers is available at the touch of a button. With a few taps, they can be ordered again from the archive.

  • Shipping AddressCustomers can willingly update the shipping address with information regarding the contact person and contact number.

  • Cancel/ Return OrdersIf the customers aren’t satisfied with the delivered product, they can request for cancellation or replacement from the seller without any hassle.

  • Reviews and RatingsCustomers are able to lash out their genuine opinion about a specific product or the service of the ecommerce marketplace through the ratings and review field.

  • Prompt OnboardingMerchants are authorized to kickstart their trade activities by registering a seller account by entering the essential information.

  • Manage ProductsAny of the products can be added/ deleted by the merchants and the vital details such as product descriptions, size and colour availability, etc., can be modified.

  • Manage CategoriesMerchants can deliberately cluster certain products into specific categories in order to supersize their visibility and subsequent sale conversions.

  • Manage OrdersWith the infusion of real-time order metrics, merchants are edified with crucial information like the number of orders to be processed, expected time of dispatch, order value, etc.

  • Manage EStoreMerchants are able to configure and rewire various store elements such as availability of products, their pricings, customizations offered, etc.

  • Manage Offers/ DealsAccredit the merchants to devise various promotional campaigns to elevate their business traction through discounts, exclusive offers, freebies, and much more.

  • Manage Featured ProductsMerchants are sanctioned to display a certain number of products as their headlining offering. They can alter the items based on customer engagement.

  • Answer Customer QueriesThe questions and inquiries raised by customers on the various products can be spontaneously resolved by the merchants.

  • Manage InventoryMerchants can flag the availability of certain products to the admins instantly. Girded with a comprehensive inventory dashboard, they can update the critical inventory metrics swiftly.

  • Request SupportMerchants are entitled to leverage the round-the-clock telephonic technical support of the admin and raise disputes regarding pricing, cancellations, returns, etc.

  • Master DashboardArmed with the god’s eye view over the entire proceedings of the ecommerce marketplace, admins can ensure seamless management of the platform.

  • Product ManagementAdmins are empowered to alter or modify any of the products available in the ecommerce marketplace. They can add/remove them without any hesitation.

  • Category ManagementPronounced monitoring of various product categories is made possible as the admins can facilely modify the lists based on existing market conditions.

  • Order ManagementThe admins are bestowed with the ability to track individual orders and can make sure the delivery is fulfilled as referred on the ETA report.

  • CMS ManagementSuffused with an intuitive in-app content management system, the admins can effortlessly decide the homepage layout and content to be visible to the customers.

  • Advertisement ManagementAdmins can intently devise diverse promotional campaigns targeted at different customer categories. The performance of these activities can be tracked along with insights.

  • Payment SettingsIn accordance with global trends and conventions, admins can add/remove any of the payment methods. The percentage of transaction fee can also be revised.

  • Contact SettingsAdmins are authenticated to update the contact information such as official email, contact number, address, etc.

  • Finance CornerThe entire spectrum of transactional details such as the total revenue earned, total profit, profit per transaction, etc., are available to the admin.

  • Inventory ManagementWith complete control over the deciding inventory metrics such as stock availability of any of the products, cart abandonment rates can be effectively reduced.

  • Invoice GenerationFor every successful transaction, a detailed invoice with complete tax breakdown is generated and shared with the customers and sellers.

  • In-App ChatCustomers can directly connect with the sellers and resolve their queries regarding the products and their pricing.

  • EMI FacilityBoost your customer engagement rate by bestowing the ability to purchase products in various instalments by collaborating with third-party banks.

  • ChatBotHarnessing the ingenuity of AI, chatbots with the ability to deliver accurate responses can be deployed to complement the support team.

  • Exclusive Seller AppBesides an ultra-responsive web panel, sellers can experience a surge in their business productivity with a gorgeously designed application.

  • Store PickupCustomers can now place their orders online, pay through the available methods and collect it from the nearest store themselves.

Paid Plugins

Bitcoin Wallet Integration $1000Integrate our bitcoin wallet and start trading with millions of bitcoin users globally. Highly secured and seamless.

Ad Service Integration $999Get people to advertise on your site and also get paid for it. AdMob or Google Ads can be easily integrated.

Affiliate Marketing $1999Want your e-store's virality to increase, then let your customers share the products they like and reward them with benefits for referring more people to the site using this plugin.

Third Party Payment $999Integrate payment methods supported in your Country/Locality and give your customers ease of access and increase your sales.

Affiliate Marketing $2999Advanced Algorithm to track the user browsing pattern and suggest products that they’re most likely to purchase.

Language Translation $499The entire Amazon/Flipkart Clone app, website, and backend will be translated to the language of your choice. Down to all the button labels, login text etc.

Support Integration $999 Give your customers easy access to your support services with this plugin. Chat, Messages and Mails, everything will be covered under one roof.

Looking To Launch A Fully-Loaded Custom built Ecommerce app like Amazon?

Collaborate with your developers to mould out a world-beating solution envied by your competition.

Our E-commerce App Solution Demo

    App Demo

Experience a Nuanced Performance Like Never Before

Mobilizing the best of cutting-edge technology, our in-house ecommerce developers have tapped on their maximal expertise to build a marketplace that’s sturdy enough to handle billions of concurrent users and transactions seamlessly.

Coupled with world-class features and an enticing UI, the Amazon app clone is devised to assort you into the bandwagon of global ecommerce giants with its stellar performance. Highly recommended!

Ecommerce App Like Amazon
Launch An E-commerce App Solution

Highly Scalable and Ready-to-Launch E-commerce App Solution

The Amazon Alternative can be vividly recreated with your exact iterations of requirements, features, expectations, and functionality. To state in a sentence, it can be customized end-to-end astonishingly.

Scalability is a defining feature of our ecommerce marketplace and is formulated to accommodate and quench the growing business needs and establish surging conversions, amplified page loading speed, effective response to SEO, etc.

Custom Integrations we can do in the White-Label Amazon Clone Script

Besides being assorted with the headlining features of the original, the Amazon alternative app can be adroitly customized with a multitude of integrations that complement the completeness of the ecommerce marketplace. Wish to pepper certain features based on Shopify, Prestashop, Dropshipping, etc., on your offering? Appdupe makes it a reality!

White-Label Amazon Clone Script

How Do We Develop Your Amazon Clone Marketplace?

  • 1

    Requirement AnalysisWe never want to miss out even the minutest nuance of your expectations. Hence, we scribe down the entire list of your expectations, analyze their relevance with respect to the existing market conditions and trends.

  • 2

    App PrototypeTo infuse a user experience that’s compatible with the app to be developed, we assign a prototype or the demo application to your discretion.

  • 3

    DevelopmentOur master designers spill out their creative artistry to come up with ravishing iterations of UI, followed by holistic coding of the Amazon clone at its totality.

  • 4

    Add-Ons IntegrationTo enhance the degree of scalability, we expertly integrate certain features and functional elements into the ecommerce app, complementing its robustness.

  • 5

    Admin DashboardMaking things even more amicable, we confer you with the centralized admin dashboard that ensures effective management of business operations.

  • 6

    TestingWe subject the ecommerce marketplace solution to stringent quality assessment processes to establish the non-presence of bugs and glitches if any.

  • 7

    DeploymentWe take up the mantle of submitting the full-fledged app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store besides installing it in the server of your choice.

  • 8

    Updates and SupportTo maintain the pristine relevance of the Amazon like app in line with the latest developments, we provide periodic updates and around-the-clock support.

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Manage General Settings
  • Manage Email & Contact Settings
  • Manage Social Media Settings
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Image Settings
  • Manage Banner Settings
  • Manage Category Advertisement
  • Manage Category banner settings
  • Attributes Management
  • Manage Specification and Specification Group
  • Manage Countries/Cites
  • View/Manage Categories
  • CMS Management
  • Manage Site Features
  • Manage Advertisement
  • Manage Newsletter
  • Manage FAQ
  • View/Manage Coupons
  • View/Manage Deals
  • View/Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • Manage Shipping Delivery
  • Manage Product/Store Reviews
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Customer
  • Manage Inquiries
  • View/Manage Merchants
  • Mange product approval
  • View/Manage Transaction
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • View/Manage Commission
  • View/Manage Blogs
Merchant Features
  • Register/Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Merchant Dashboard
  • Product Statistics
  • Settings
  • View/Manage Account
  • Change Password
  • Attributes Management
  • View/Manage Deals
  • Manage Sold/Expired Deals
  • View/Manage Shipping and Delivery
  • View/Manage Products
  • Manage Product Bulk Upload
  • Manage Sold Products
  • View/Manage Transactions
  • View/Manage Orders
  • Return/Replacement Management
  • View/Manage Fund Requests
  • Fund Request Report management
  • Withdraw Fund request management
  • View/Manage Multiple Stores
  • View/Manage Commission
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Email Login
  • View Homepage
  • Search based on product/deal names
  • Product selection based on Category & subcategories
  • View Products
  • View Deal products
  • View sold out products
  • View Stores
  • View Banners/Best offers
  • Rate and review the products/store
  • View Product Description Page
  • Filter Range
  • View/Manage Cart
  • Manage Check out
  • Manage Shipping Address
  • Payment method
  • Booking Confirmation
  • View Nearby stores
  • View/Manage Account
  • View/Manage Manage Orders
  • Order tracking
  • Manage Return/Replacement
  • View/Manage Wish list
  • Manage Password
  • Contact Us/Feedback
  • About Us & Privacy Policy
  • Subscription to newsletter
  • Customer service
  • Quick Links

Amazon Clone App Development at a Cost Your Eyes Won’t Believe.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Ecommerce App Like Amazon?

Building up your dream house is the perfect analogy to depict the development of an ecommerce marketplace. There are a multitude of variables that directly have a say on the cost of the development process.

Basic or Advanced VersionThe basic version, being the minimum viable product, costs less than the advanced version. But if you wish to captivate and actualize a legion of user base on a global scale, the advanced version is your staple.

Android or iOS or BothBased on your business strategy, you could opt for either the Android or the iOS iteration of the Amazon Alternative App. Both platforms have their own developmental elements and hence, mandate a different cost. But, it is highly recommended to go for both the versions.

Native or Hybrid App DevelopmentDespite requiring a higher cost, the native apps are highly sustainable and sturdy than their hybrid counterparts. The general industry standard is native apps.

Features and Add-OnsIf you wish to enrich the user experience of the Amazon clone with speciality features such as exclusive electronic wallet, social signup, multilingual support, etc., an additional charge is required.

We can also do Custom Ecommerce App Design & Development

Our products exhibit limitless agility, so do we! At Appdupe, ecommerce marketplace development stands out as our premier offering, which is the result of a marriage between towering experience and striking cosmopolitan approach. This has often culminated in the riveting success of those solutions and is ravishingly sustainable for a long time.

Besides amalgamating the headlining features and functionality of ecommerce market leaders, we also specialize in coming up with customized solutions that offer an ingrained user experience that’s nothing short of magic. So, if you’re looking for someone you can create your dream ecommerce website clone like Amazon that caters to your business needs, Appdupe is your one-stop destination!

Amazon Alternative App Development

Why Choose Us?

  • ExpertiseWith an experience exceeding a decade, we possess the best-in-class expertise and resources to come up with a top-notch solution.

  • On-Time DeliveryOur holistic approach to the development process has bestowed us with the ability to deliver the app in or before the agreed deadline.

  • Devoted Project ManagerWe designate a dedicated project manager to keep you updated about every single proceeding of the app development process.

  • NDAPrivacy is one of our immutable attributes, and the instant signing of the Non-Disclosure Agreement stands testimony to it.

  • Global PresenceWe have stamped upon our expertise all over the world and helped innumerable international players to realize their potential through technology.

  • Customer SatisfactionWe are synonymous with client satisfaction and have established it for quite some time; we promise you a memorable app development experience.

  • GDPR ComplianceOur ecommerce platform solutions are stunningly legal and satisfy the entire spectrum of regulatory requirements of the GDPR compliance certifications.

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

At Appdupe, we have found an ingenious way to deliver solutions that are astonishingly identical to Amazon yet it won’t be developed with the same code, design or layout like Amazon. The international body permits anyone to launch an ecommerce store. The copyright infringement concern is non-existent!
No, we possess a fully-blown Amazon clone which can be tweaked to acclimate your requirements and custom integrations. A highly efficient methodology!
We offer a diverse range of hiring models based on your needs and requirements.

Dedicated Team Model: An complete team composed of experienced developers, exceptional designers and QA personnel, led by a dedicated project manager helm your Amazon clone development.

Fixed Price Model: After deciding upon the fixed price and allied attributes, we proficiently work out the entire development process and proffer you with the fully-functional Amazon clone.

Hourly Price Model: This model enables you to hire our ecommerce developers on an hourly basis. This way, you can decide on the verticals to be worked and can pay accordingly. A flexible hiring model!

On-Site Team Model: Want to take advantage of working in a closely monitored environment? Make the maximum of such setup as we assort a team who would be working on your premises from conception to successful app deployment.
No! Based on the efficiency of the server and hosting, a limitless number of product categories can be created and uploaded in the app.
The Amazon clone being embarked with an advanced search bar laden with powerful sorting and filtering elements makes the overall experience extensively user-friendly. Anybody with a pair of eyes will be delighted to shop through the app!
A number of popular and widely used payment options such as credit/debit cards, net banking through gateways like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, PayU, etc., can be made available in the e-commerce app.
No! We take care of submitting the app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store and also install it in your preferred server once the development and testing processes are fulfilled.
Yes! You are made the true owner of the app the moment we deliver it to you along with its full ownership rights.
Once a client, always a client! At Appdupe, we don’t shy away from conferring you with a relentless sense of support even after the app development process. We provide entirely free technical support and bug removal support for a period of 100 days.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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