Robust Mobile Wallet App Development

At Appdupe, we offer comprehensive custom Mobile Wallet App Development services at cost-effective prices with world-class services. In today’s digital world, an increasing number of people and businesses are using digital wallets to carry out their transactions in a secure and safe way. The growing usage of digital services combined with the emergence of alternative methods such as cryptocurrencies has made E-Wallet app development a must.

Our cutting edge technology combined with our thought out approach to app development has helped countless number of companies come out on top. Come, be a part of the Appdupe family and take the first step towards success.

We Offer
A Complete List Of Mobile Wallet Development Solutions

Payment Of Mobile Wallet Clone App

Mobile Wallet Application DevelopmentWe create custom digital mobile wallet solutions for some of the premier companies worldwide. With the ability to manage multiple types of credit and debit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other forms of payment, it is a must-have solution in today’s digital economy.

Mobile Wallets For MerchantsOur business-centric mobile wallet solutions enable merchants, both big and small, to carry out seamless transactions around the world. Compatible with multiple platforms such as tablets, mobile phones and desktops, it is an all-in-one solution for all your business needs.

Mobile Wallet IntegrationEnjoy seamless mobile wallet integration with our streamlined approach to application development. We enable you to integrate with third-party applications such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Venmo, Zelle, Masterpass, and more, giving your business the best of flexibility and compatibility.

Cross-Platform Compatible Mobile Wallet ServicesBeing compatible across many different platforms is an important aspect of attaining success in today’s complex digital economy. Our cross-platform compatible solutions enable you to transact business without any restrictions.

Cryptocurrency Wallet DevelopmentsWith cryptocurrency growing in viability and importance each passing day, our cryptocurrency wallet is a robust solution to the direction the industry is headed at the moment. With a laundry list of features included, our mobile wallet app development services are cutting edge.

How does our EWallet App Development
Process Work?


Bank Account RegistrationUsers are prompted to register in the mobile wallet app and connect their respective bank accounts to enable transactions.


Send/Receive Funds Once the registration process is complete, one can begin using the service to request and send funds from anywhere, anytime.


Recharging And Bill PaymentWith our mobile wallet application, users can recharge their mobile phones, pay utility bills, and carry out other necessary transactions with ease.


Instant NotificationsWith push notifications, users are notified of any transactions as well as the latest offers like promotions, cash-backs, discounts, loyalty points, and more.


Shopping TransactionsWith our advanced e-wallet solution, users can pay vendors directly in a secure manner at the dedicated shopping centers.

Transaction Process Of E-wallet Clone App

The Different Types
Of Digital Ewallet Applications We Offer

  • Closed
    E-wallet App
    A dedicated offering made for individual companies, the money in this type of wallet can be only accessed by that specific company.

  • Semi-Closed
    E-wallet App
    A Semi-closed E-wallet app is one that can be used online and offline. An RBI approved offering, users can use them to pay other parties whether they be businesses or other users.

  • Open
    E-wallet App
    These types of E-wallet apps work in partnership with banks. Oftentimes, they are issued by such a bank. Can be used to carry out banking transactions between users or at the ATM.

Innovative Features
Of Our Mobile Wallet Development

  • User RegistrationUsers can register in the app via social media accounts or email.

  • Account IntegrationUsers are prompted to integrate their bank account with the app.

  • Add BalanceUsers can add money to their account for future transactions.

  • Check BalanceUsers can check the balance in their accounts at any time.

  • Money TransferUsers can transfer money from anywhere, at any time.

  • Pay BillsUsers can recharge and pay bills with comfort and convenience.

  • Transaction HistoryUsers can view a comprehensive list of all their transactions.

  • Funds TransferUsers can transfer money back and forth with other users.

  • Intuitive DashboardMerchants have a wide range of capabilities that can be accessed through the dashboard.

  • Unique QR CodeMerchants can create their very own QR Code for transactions.

  • Adding ProductsMerchants can list products with their prices straight from their E-Wallet app.

  • EMI PaymentsMerchants can give their users the ability to pay through EMI and set up plans for them.

  • Customer ManagementMerchants can manage all their customers with ease from one convenient location.

  • Employee ManagementMerchants can oversee their employees and manage their respective profiles with ease and efficiency.

  • Promotional OffersMerchants can interact with their customers and offer promo offers to help grow their business.

  • Push NotificationsMerchants can stay in touch with their customers and message them anytime via instant notifications.

  • Intuitive DashboardAdmins can oversee the entirety of their operations from one convenient location.

  • Manage UsersAdmins can manage all their clientele in a streamlined and efficient manner.

  • Real-Time AnalyticsContinually updated analytical data to improve your operational efficiency and grow your business.

  • Promo OffersAdmins can gift their users with promotional offers and reward their loyalty.

  • Manage MerchantsAdmins can manage all their merchants from one easy location.

  • Revenue ManagementAdmins can manage all their revenue streams with valuable insights.

Paid Add-on:
Crypto Currency Wallet Integration

Credit your users with the seamless service of trading practices with our highly secured cryptocurrency exchange wallets. It has all the features and functionalities, right from the supreme trading features to helping smooth movements of crypto assets, it delivers a secured business transaction with complete transparency.

Benefits that come along with cryptocurrency:

  • Stable form of money

  • Security

  • Open for 24 hours

  • Decentralized platform

of our E-wallet App Development Services

Easy To UseFor any application to be truly successful, it needs to be simple to understand and easy to use. Our e -wallet app does precisely that for both customers and merchants.

Secure PaymentsSecurity is paramount when it comes to any competent mobile wallet application. Give your customers an experience built on safety and security.

Intuitive User InterfaceThe User Interface of our application is pleasing to look at, easy to use, and effective all the way around, giving your users a streamlined experience.

Increased EfficiencyWith a fully automated process that is secure, safe, and simple to use, it allows you to boost your operational efficiency and profits in the long run.

High TransparencyOur E-wallet app development process is built to be highly visible, increasing the transparency of the operation, and building trust with users and merchants alike.

ScalabilityBuilt with the idea of scalability in mind, our mobile wallet development ensures that the application can be adapted and scaled to the growing needs of your enterprise.

Services enabled by our Mobile Wallet App Services

  • Bill Payments
  • Fund Transfer
  • Mobile TopUp
  • NFC Bus / Train Ticketing
  • Data Plans
  • Fee Payment
  • Merchant Deals
  • Merchant Payments
And Much More...

E-Wallet Development Package

Our Streamlined Process
For Mobile Wallet App Development

Mobile Wallet Application Development

Get a clear picture of your business requirements


Brainstorming based on those needs


Coming up with an action plan


Framing a robust architecture design


Designing the visuals and User Interface


Bringing the app to life through coding


Integrating third-party apps if needed


Adding analytical features and additional tools


Quality assurance and testing process


Launching the app on all the app stores


Marketing the app

Our Security Services

Bug FixesBugs are a common occurrence in almost every application. Our team is always on the lookout for such occurrences and are quick to fix them.

LoopHole TestingAs a part of any quality assurance process, we extensively test our product to ensure that there are no loopholes, deficiencies, or security flaws that could be exploited.

Penetration TestingProtecting the app against outside attacks is an important part of staying secure. Our team will carry out extensive penetration testing to find any weak points in the app.

Why Choose Appdupe
As Your Digital Wallet App Developer?

  • Ease Of Use All our offerings are designed to be simple and easy to use, giving your users an experience that’ll have them coming back for more.

  • Enhanced SecurityAdded security measures ensure that all your transactions are safe and pass through multiple safety procedures.

  • Smooth PaymentHassle-free payment and funds transfer is the most important part of a mobile wallet app. Our offering allows you to do so with confidence.

  • Maximum User EngagementAny app is only as effective as the number of people using it. Our thought out approach to app development ensures that you enjoy maximum user engagement to increase your chances of success.

Send Money In Digital Wallet App

That Empower Our Digital Wallet App Development Service

Mobile Technologies

  • Objective C

  • Swift

  • Java

  • Kotlin

  • Android SDK

  • XCode


  • Photoshop

  • Sketch

  • After Effects

  • InVision

  • Illustrator

  • Flinto


  • HTML 5

  • Backbone.JS

  • Angular.JS

  • Vue.JS

  • React.JS

  • Node.JS


  • Node.JS

  • Python

  • PHP

  • Django

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

App Analytics and Payments

  • Apple Pay

  • Google Wallet

  • Braintree

  • Flurry

  • Stripe

  • Google Analytics

Cloud Services

  • AWS

  • Firebase

  • GoogleAE

  • PushWoosh

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Digital wallets are app solutions that let users store money in a digital form within the application. The money can be used to carry out all kinds of transactions, and more. It digitalizes currency in a secure manner.
In an increasingly digital world, digital transactions to carry out business has become an essential part of how we operate. Our mobile digital wallet lets you store, send, and receive funds in a secure manner with a high-speed response.
The cost of the mobile app development depends on the features you want to include. The more services you are looking for, the more the cost will be. However, we have robust, cost-effective solutions for the economically conscious business people.
The duration of the development process largely depends on the features you are looking for. We strive to turn over solutions with record-breaking speed, get in touch with our team to know more.
All our app development solutions come with a plethora of additional services that could be availed, including marketing, post-development maintenance, support services, and more. Find out more by getting in touch with our team.

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