Launch A Food Delivery App Crafted For The Middle East Market

Globally, the food delivery industry is a multi-billion dollar industry. According to one estimate, the Middle East region is predicted to surpass $25 billion by 2022. Several factors, including better internet infrastructure, widespread smartphone penetration, and rising income levels, are driving growth in this sector.

Food delivery is an exciting aggregation venture to explore for enterprising businesspersons. Statistically, it has shown that regional businesses dominate at the micro-level as they are able to understand the tastes of the customers better.

Harnessing a Talabat clone app has many benefits for you. Our 100% white-label service is highly customizable and can be deployed at a moment’s notice. The application also arrives in the Arabic language and enables instant integration of regional cuisines. This way, you can save big on development time, costs, and efforts, and enter the market immediately.

Adapted For The New Normal

Ecommerce platforms have taken center stage after the Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe. Today, a large number of customers prefer to have their food delivered to their homes as opposed to visiting crowded restaurants or eateries. This way, they can enjoy their favorite dishes and shield themselves against the virus transmission.

Understanding the change in market dynamics, we, at AppDupe, have rewired our applications to cater to the hour's needs. By combining emerging features, like contactless delivery, personnel temperature readings, restaurant hygiene tracker, etc., our premium Talabat clone app development services excel on all fronts.

Exceptional Talabat App Clone Development Services

We go out of the way to deliver a memorable and constructive app development experience.

End-to-end SupportRight from the initial brainstorming phase to the final market launch, our team accompanies you at every step of the development process, ensuring holistic growth.

App DocumentationIt doesn’t matter if you are launching on Android or iOS or maybe both. We help you with the entire documentation and registration process required by each platform.

White-LabelAll of our services are completely white-labeled, allowing you to save on time and costs and exercise greater control over your brand.

Unlimited CustomizationFrom simple changes to the color scheme and aesthetics to introducing bespoke features, our Tabalat clone app development services offer unparalleled customization options.

100% OwnershipOur services are completely transparent and do not possess any hidden costs. Once the development is complete, you are the sole owner of the application’s source code.

Data AnalyticsData is the cornerstone of any modern business. Our in-built data analytics function allows you to gauge customer behavior and identify market trends effectively.

Extended SupportA business is not an open and shut case. It is an evolving entity and requires constant nurturing. Our extended support helps you to update and upgrade the platform to meet new challenges.

Understanding How An App Like Talabat Works

On the surface, ordering food feels like a very simple task. But, it involves multiple actions that work hand-in-hand to offer a seamless experience to all the participants involved in the ecosystem.


    The hungry customer opens the app and places an order for their favorite dish from their preferred restaurant.


    Next, the restaurant receives the order notification on their application. After confirming the request, the kitchen gets to work.


    In the meantime, the customer gets notified that the restaurant is processing their order and an ETA of the delivery is visible.


    Simultaneously, the system will assign the nearest delivery executive to transport the order and will share the necessary details with them.


    The restaurant will pack the order and ready it for delivery. As soon as the delivery executive arrives, they can pick up the order and proceed.


    The customer will be notified when the delivery executive picks the order from the restaurant and en route to their location.


    When the order arrives at the location, the delivery executive will collect payments, if any, and verify the delivery. The customer can then enjoy their food!

Catering To All App Building Needs

Whether you are a solopreneur or a fledgling company, we have a solution that syncs with your business objectives.

Food Delivery AggregatorLaunch a Talabat like app that provides to the savory needs of your target region.

Restaurant Listing AgencyCreate a Zomato like app, where users can access information about restaurants and also place orders.

Standalone RestaurantRemodel your existing restaurant business to sync with the digital lifestyle of your customers.

Comprehensive & Hassle-free
Talabat App Clone Development

Time is of the essence, and in a fast-paced environment, it is difficult for professionals and households to cook regularly. Moreover, a lot of people prefer to eat in the comforts of their homes, rather than visiting a restaurant. This unique scenario has made it a thriving business for online food delivery enterprises.

Launching your own venture in this segment will prove to be lucrative and enthralling. However, the process of building your own platform does not have to be a tedious and long-drawn affair. We offer premium and top-of-the-line app development services that give you an advantage.

Our meticulously crafted food delivery applications arrive with:

  • Landing Page
  • Customer App for Android
  • Restaurant App for Android
  • Delivery Executive App for Android
  • Customer App for iOS
  • Restaurant App for iOS
  • Delivery Executive App for iOS
  • Admin Dashboard

Attractive Features
That Sets Your Food Delivery Business Apart

Our developers and marketers work in sync to produce applications that are packaged with the latest features. This gives your business a head-start into the sector and helps you overtake competitors with ease.

  • Interactive UIThe beautiful and user-friendly interface keeps the user engaged.

  • Social Media Sign-upUsers can use their social media accounts to speed up the registration and login process.

  • Smart Search FiltersFinding restaurants and dishes is optimized through smart filtering options.

  • Forum DiscussionsCustomers can discuss dishes, cuisines, and restaurants that interest them.

  • Ratings & ReviewCustomers can review and rate their experience on the application.

  • Multiple Payment SupportWide range of payment options available, including credit/debit cards, net banking, wallets, and more.

  • Live Order TrackingCustomers can view the location and ETA of their orders in real-time.

  • Simple Coupon SystemCustomers can enjoy discounts and cashback on their orders.

  • Gamification ModuleCustomers can level up their accounts to enjoy more benefits and features.

  • Kitchen ManagementRestaurant owners can manage and operate their kitchens without breaking a sweat.

  • Order ManagementMultiple orders can be handled with ease, allowing restaurants to increase sales.

  • Menu ManagementRestaurants can update their menus and pricing to attract new customers.

  • Payment ManagementIncome and expense records are stored securely to allow for better documentation.

  • Discounts & PromotionsRestaurants can run their own custom promotions to highlight their outlet.

  • Customer Feedback & ORMRestaurants can reply to customers in case of disputes or suggestions.

  • Ads & MarketingRestaurants can promote their brand within the app and increase engagement with their customers.

  • Data AnalyticsRestaurant owners can use data to understand their customers’ behaviors and predict market trends.

  • Social Network LinkingRestaurants can reroute customers visiting their social media pages to their application account.

  • Order ManagementDelivery Executive can manage multiple orders simultaneously to optimize delivery.

  • Push NotificationsThe delivery personnel can view new updates via push notifications.

  • Earning TrackerThe executives can track their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings on the app.

  • GPS LocationThe delivery personnel can navigate to the restaurants and the customer locations using GPS.

  • Delivery Route OptimizationThe application provides the shortest and fastest route between the restaurant and the customer’s location.

  • On-Duty/Off-Duty ToggleThe delivery executive can log in and log out of work at their convenience.

  • Profile and KYCThe personnel can upload and update their personal information to complete their profile.

  • Reward SystemA unique loyalty program that rewards delivery personnel for their service.

  • Delivery HistoryThe delivery executive can track their delivery history. This feature is essential for contact tracing.

  • Dispatch ManagementAdmin can manually assign delivery personnel to dispatch orders.

  • Data AnalyticsAdmin can view essential platform statistics that can help supplement business strategies.

  • Ads & MarketingAdmin can run and operate advertising and marketing campaigns on the platform.

  • Content ManagementAn in-built content management system (CMS) enables admins to post and share relevant content on the platform.

  • Geo-fencingThe admin can demarcate the region within which a restaurant or delivery executive can operate.

  • Customer Feedback & ORMThe admin can help settle disputes between restaurants and customers, billing, etc.

  • Payments ManagementAdmin can manage the income and expenses generated by different activities on the platform.

  • Backup & MaintenanceAdmin can run periodic maintenance to ensure that the system is running smoothly.

Don’t Limit Your Business To One Platform!

Our solutions allow you to leverage both old school and emerging formats of order placement.

App-based OrderingUsers can request for their favorite food using the Android and iOS apps.

Place Order With Restaurant DirectlyIn case of large or party-sized orders, users can directly contact the restaurant and enquire.

Web-based OrderingUsers can place orders using their desktops. This feature will benefit office goers.

Place Order Through AdminUsers can also directly call your representatives and place orders.

Build Your Application
With A Proven & Reputed Development Firm

With several years of experience in app development, coupled with a deep understanding of the target industry’s nuances, we provide unparalleled development services.

  • Round-the-clock AssistanceOur team understands that your business is a 24x7 commitment, and goes out of their way to help you.

  • 100% WhitelabelOur services are completely whitelabeled, thus allowing us to brand the product in any way you like.

  • Unlimited CustomizationRight from the color scheme to the app’s features, we give you a free hand to customize any aspect of the product.

  • Fastest Time To Market (TTM)Our readymade solutions save time on the development process and allow you to enter the market within a shorter time frame.

  • Top-notch DevelopmentWe have hired a team of experienced and qualified developers who understand all the nitty-gritties of the development process.

  • Best Benefit-Cost RatioOur services are quick and budget-friendly, thus helping you save big on costs and time!

Visualize Your Food Delivery App Here!

Want a better understanding of how the final app will work or look like? Go through the gallery to get a better idea!

Get A Hands-On Approach

We urge you to download and install the demo application to understand the different components of the application.
Try out the demo for yourself, download here!

A Meticulous Development Process From Start To Finish

We build your application in a systematic and holistic manner, taking and integrating your inputs at every stage.

  • Pre-Development Here, you can list your vision and requirements from the app. We will assign a dedicated project manager to simplify the process.

  • Customization & TestingOur development team will craft the app based on your specifications. Also, regular testing will take place to identify glitches and bugs.

  • Setup & LaunchOnce you are satisfied with the app, we will install it on your servers, and you can begin the marketing process.

  • Post-sales SupportYou can approach us at any time to update or upgrade the application as you scale your business.

App Development Solutions That Are Affordable & Competitive

Our readymade applications are equipped with the best technologies and features. They are built to run phenomenally on Android and iOS, thus giving you an edge over your competitors.

Moreover, our applications include four modules - Customer Panel, Delivery Executive Panel, Restaurant Panel, and Admin Panel. Contact us today to understand our pricing model.

View Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Premium Application Demo

App Demo
Web Demo

Enterprise Application Demo

App Demo
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Pricing Package

Premium Installation Most Popular

    • Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant


    • "Signup(Mobile Number)
    • View restaurant
    • Restaurant banner
    • Order from single restaurant
    • Order multiple items
    • Add addons
    • Product wise discount
    • Card/cash payment
    • Address addition/skip
    • Custom notes to admin
    • Delivery charge
    • Tax
    • Live order track
    • OTP during delivery
    • Dispute order
    • Commision to admin
    • Notice board to delivery boy
    • Custom push
    • Shift/Break for delivery boy
    • Past and ongoing order track
    • Manage address
    • Promotion
    • Coupon
    • Search for dish and restaurant
    • Rating/offer/DT for restaurant
    • Add on Mandatory
    • Combination of service
    • dining
    • Takeaway
    • Membership for delivery boy"
Note : We also accept bitcoin Bitcoin ethereum Ethereum ripple Ripple

Various Other Food Delivery Solutions
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Crafted With The Best Technologies

Our developers utilize only the top technologies to create immersive and versatile applications.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, the Talabat clone has been built with these features in mind. You can change the language easily, and accept payments in various currencies without any hassles.
Yes, our team will help you list the application on both Android and iOS platforms.
There is no limit on the number of restaurants this application can support. This helps you expand your business to cover other regions in the future.
Our applications are 100% GDPR-compliant. Moreover, our developers place the privacy of the end-users above everything else.
The application supports an array of payment options, including debit/credit cards, net banking, digital wallets, and even decentralized currencies!

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