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According to the latest market research report by Technavio, the fantasy sports market is anticipated to grow by $9.34 billion during 2020-2024. Several entrepreneurs are diving into the fantasy sports app industry as it is emerging as a multi-billion dollar business opportunity. Also, launching a multisports app can earn a global audience base, irrespective of location and time constraints.

To help businesses build their fantasy sports app quickly, we introduce the DraftKings clone app that is pre-built with all vital features and functionality. It is a ready-made solution that can be customized as per your business requirements and deployed in your niche right away. Would you believe if we say, you can join the world’s biggest revenue-generating market in the blink of an eye? Yes, we strive to make your business goals come true. Reach out to us to get started today!

DraftKings Clone - Explained

DraftKings clone app is a replica of the fantasy sports app DraftKings that extends various modes of drafting and fantasy gaming solutions. Unlike conventional fantasy sports apps, DraftKings clone offers daily and weekly fantasy games rather than matches conducted for an extended period. Here, users can draft the players and form a team effortlessly.

Based on the real-time sports match results, fantasy points are given for each team formed by the users. The users with higher fantasy sports points are chosen as the winner. Live match scores and leaderboards are updated regularly to help users make informed decisions.

Our DraftKings Clone Covers
A Wide Range Of Sports

Highlight Features
Of Our DraftKings Clone App

Live score updates

Users will be notified with the live match scores for a variety of sports matches promptly.

Instant alerts

Users are updated on the upcoming matches, their timings, and other related details via in-app push notifications.

Analytical reports

The performance of the app and other related reports are presented to the admin to obtain insightful data.

Effective CRM

Our daily fantasy sports app houses a robust API that allows you to handle all customer queries effortlessly and manage all processes seamlessly.

Multiple payment modes

Users can pay for your services via numerous payment methods integrated into your app like credit/debit cards, UPI, etc.

Location-based updates

Users are notified of upcoming or ongoing matches in their nearby locations via GPS-enabled location servicing system.

View player stats

Users can view each player's scores in detail for all the matches they played, helping them make informed choices.

Email notifications

Custom emails can be sent to users to inform them of the upcoming matches, leagues, and related details.

Exclusive Benefits
Of Launching A Fantasy Sports App Like DraftKings

Global presence

Our DraftKings clone comes with a wide range of sports to help you cover the demographics of various parts of the world, establishing a global brand presence.

Earn from display advertising

Generate substantial revenue from your daily fantasy sports app via display ads supported by Google Ads to promote third-party businesses.

Extensive audience base

Our apps are optimized to list on the top of the search results organically when users search for fantasy sports apps. It helps you gain a more extensive audience base in the long run.

Gain sponsorship

On gaining a vast customer base, it becomes effortless to receive sponsorships from industry-leading companies in your niche. You can also collaborate with other businesses for a better reach.

How Does Our
DraftKings Clone App Work?

Unlike other fantasy sports apps, DraftKings clone solution gives users the privilege to participate in daily or weekly contests without committing to matches conducted in the long term. Users can join a tournament on the platform or create one on their own effortlessly by paying an entry fee.

Upon participating in the sports match, users will be given a fixed amount to fill their lineup. The players are selected as per their accomplishments to form the fantasy sports team. Based on players' real-time achievements, the fantasy points are given, and the winner is chosen. The better the selected players in the team, the higher the cash user earns.

Build your Dream Fantasy Application like DraftKings.

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Complete List of Features
of our Fantasy Sports App Solution

User App

User onboarding

Users can sign up with the app using their email addresses or phone numbers and confirm their details via OTP verification.

Profile setting

Users can create and manage their profiles with the required details and contact information.

Browse matches

Users can filter and view the sports matches they prefer using various parameters in the advanced search option.

Join matches

Users can view the match details and make reasoned decisions to join sports leagues and tournaments as per their availability.

Create matches

Users are given the full freedom to create their leagues and tournaments with detailed information and invite players to join.

View player stats

Users can view each player's scores in detail in this section before joining a league or tournament.

Match history

The details of all matches that the users participated in and their status like won or lost are displayed here.

Invite and earn

Users can invite their friends and family members to join the fantasy sports platform using their referral ID. By doing so, they can earn reward points for each successful referral.

Link bank details

Users can connect their bank accounts to their profiles so that they can receive their earnings with ease.

Withdraw earnings

Users can view their earnings and withdraw them from their accounts anytime, as per their convenience.

Add-ons Available
For Our DraftKings Clone App

Live chats

Allow users to chat with other users on the platform individually or by creating groups, making the matches more engaging.

Social media sharing

Enable users to share their match scores on other social media networks by including the social media sharing option in the app.


Display the list of users and teams based on their winning rate or income by integrating the leaderboard feature.

Live video streaming

Integrate live video streaming API into the app to stream sports matches directly on your platform.

Live commentary feed

The live commentary of sports leagues and tournaments are enabled by including the required API.

Diverse Game Formats
Of Our DraftKings Clone Solution

Our DraftKings clone app supports daily, weekly, and season-long contests.

Monetization Strategies
To Generate Revenue Consistently

Entry fees

Allow users to participate in each sports league and tournament by paying a certain amount as an entry fee. Upon winning, there are chances for users to again participate in more matches, earning you more income. It is one of the major ways to earn a regular income from a fantasy sports app.

In-app purchases

Integrate your merchandise into the platform to enable users to buy your products for specific prices. Users can pay using real money or the coins earned from prediction-based fantasy games. Users can also purchase coins via your app, adding an extra source to your income.

Promotional fees

Upon acquiring a vast audience base, your platform is an excellent option for several third-party businesses to promote their brand. You can charge a certain amount as a promotional fee to boost these brands among your app users. You can also get sponsorships from such businesses.

Our DraftKings Clone App Offers Maximum Fan Engagement With Its Exclusive Features

Covers all sports types

Our fantasy sports app includes all kinds of sports, ranging from cricket to racing, as a step to gain the best interests of a global user base.


A scoreboard displays the list of players, their achievements, and their rankings to help users make informed decisions.

Referral system

Users are motivated to keep using the app and promote it with their friends and family by offering reward points for referrals.

Virtual coins

The reward points for referral and prediction-based games are offered as virtual coins, promoting brand loyalty among the users.

Hassle-free integration

The gaming solution can be effortlessly integrated with your existing system, without affecting its performance.

Constant upgradation

The app empowers you to update its features and functionalities as per changing user preferences to offer enhanced app experience.

Advanced Technology Integrations
For Your Fantasy Sports App Like Draftkings

Chatbot API Integration

As a leading-edge app development company, we offer custom-built chatbot APIs that can be integrated with your fantasy sports solutions for efficient data collection. Users can readily get details of players, teams, or tournaments before joining the fantasy games.

AI-based Algorithm Integration

We can integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered algorithms into your gaming solution to help set the winning chances. Here, the system works based on behavioral patterns. It greatly helps in giving your app a competitive advantage.

Blockchain-based Transactions

We use our expert knowledge in blockchain technology to offer secure payment transactions. The admin can easily manage these blockchain-enabled payments. Any number of transactions can take place without any interruptions.

Become the leader of the DraftKings Sports Business.

All it needs is an innovative, interactive, feature-rich DraftKings application that transcends the best gaming experience to users.

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Cost Involved
In The Fantasy Sports App Development

At Appdupe, we strive to develop a robust fantasy sports app like DraftKings with an intuitive UI/UX that is sure to gain you a global brand presence in the long run. We employ the best minds that have proficient knowledge of the fantasy sports world to achieve the same. Our reliable DraftKings clone solution is available for both Android and iOS app platforms. These apps can be accessed on digital assistant devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc., and compatible with all OS versions.

The development cost for building a fantasy sports app depends on various parameters like feature set, technology stack, API integrations, development effort, and more. We can give you an exact cost estimate only after considering these factors and your business needs. If you wish to know the development cost, it is better to connect with our support team. They will work with you to understand your requirements and share a free quotation for your clear understanding.

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Why Choose
Our DraftKings Clone Application?

Exceptional user interface

The app's UI/UX is built by skilled designers who take every minute detail into consideration. It is known to enhance the user experience, making them visit your app often.

Scalable solution

The app allows future enhancements of features and functionalities without any issue. You can readily keep upgrading your gaming solution to match the varying user preferences.

Seasoned experts

Our fantasy sports app development team constitutes experienced professionals who know the fantasy sports industry in and out, developing a resilient solution for your business.

Secure payment processes

Backed by blockchain technology, our app ensures secure payment transactions. Built on security and credibility, our app is sure to earn user trust.

Quick development time, Affordable prices

Being a ready-made clone solution, our apps can be readily customized and launched in your niche in the shortest turnaround time at cost-effective prices.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can earn high returns by investing in a cutting-edge fantasy sports app solution. The fantasy sports market size is expected to amount to $9.34 billion by 2020-2024. Thus, the market is wide open to earn consistent revenue in the long run. If you wish to enter the segment, feel free to reach out to us. We will help you launch a robust and reliable solution that can earn a global audience base and high profits.
Yes, absolutely. Our DraftKings clone app solution offers high scalability, allowing you to upgrade your functionality as more users join your platform. You can edit or remove any feature, modify any operation, and update a lot more in your application without any hassle.
It is entirely up to you to decide how you build your fantasy sports app. Having been in the app development field for several years, we suggest that you go with clone app customization rather than app development from scratch. That way, you can launch your app in the shortest possible time, gaining a competitive edge.
Our fantasy sports app development team includes business analysts, skilled designers, seasoned developers, and a proficient project manager. They all strive together to develop a top-notch app for your business.
You can directly contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or the chat option available on the website. We will answer any questions you have to give you a clear picture of our development process.

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