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All the technological advancements that took place so far have sure transformed the lives of everyone involved. Digital payment solutions offer precisely the same. They make fund transfers effortless and efficient, saving people from all unnecessary distress and second thoughts. Over time, what started as a simple money transferring solution evolved into something incredible - an all-inclusive payment solution.

Now, mobile recharges, utility bill payments, online shopping payments, and foreign remittance are processed with a few taps on our smartphones. These hassle-free payment apps have emerged as the future of smart payment solutions and continue to revolutionize the online business space. You can never find a business without seeking the need for online payments. That is how powerful the apps have been enhanced. Join this prolific market right away, and success is all you will encounter!

Payment Transfer In AmazonPay App

Highlight Features
Of Our Amazon Pay Clone

Unlimited rewards

Fill your users’ accounts with offers and reward points for the online payments carried out through your platform.

Recharge and pay bills

Allow users to pay for their monthly utility bills readily, prepaid and postpaid recharges, and more.

Pay on delivery

Empower users to process payments after they receive the orders. They can add money to the Amazon Pay clone and pay for the product during its delivery.

EMI payments

Shopping is made simple with our Amazon Pay clone’s EMI option. Users can now buy everything they need without worrying about instant payment.

Payment Transaction In AmazonPay App

Corporate gift cards

Employees can be rewarded with gift cards which they can redeem on the platform for paying bills, recharges, shopping, etc.

Check balance

Let users check the balance of their Amazon Pay clone accounts with this feature.

Secure payments

Our Amazon Pay clone follows stringent security protocols to protect users’ payment details end-to-end.

Refer and earn

Enable users to share the app with their friends and family to earn reward points for every successful app installs.

Scan & Pay

Merchants can accept payments from users effortlessly by integrating the QR code payment option.

Service Page In AmazonPay App
Looking For A Robust Mobile Wallet App Development Solution? Look No Further.

Who Can Benefit
From Our Amazon Pay Clone?

Retail and E-commerce

Mobile wallet solutions significantly help retail businesses to process quick payments, eliminate queues, and maintain user data with ease. Also, e-commerce businesses are readily integrating these solutions into their businesses to allow flexibility in payment processing, offer loyalty programs, etc

Banking & Financial Services

Banks and financial institutions are the biggest beneficiaries of digital payment apps like Amazon Pay clone. They can readily shift to online banking services, paving the way for the possibilities of going branchless. Also, security is reassured by encrypting online transactions end-to-end.


Telecom companies are welcoming their customers who prefer online mobile recharges and bill payments, making everyone's lives simple. They also see mobile payment solutions as a platform to build brand trust and loyalty among their customers.

Transportation & Logistics

Businesses operating in the transportation and logistics sector have gone online to leverage the benefit of going cashless. This way, they can easily attract customers, especially millennials, to their platforms.

Customer-centric businesses

Businesses directly connected to customers, like food delivery, grocery delivery, movie ticket booking, and more, have integrated the digital payment solutions into their functioning to process hassle-free payments. By doing so, they are able to swiftly deliver the orders, saving the time of customers.

Methods Deployed
To Ensure The Security Of Your Amazon Pay Clone

QR code

The Amazon Pay clone includes an in-built QR scanner that allows users to scan and pay for products or services on the go!

Near Field Communication (NFC)

This feature allows the e-wallet’s device transmitter and NFC-powered devices to communicate and process transactions seamlessly.

iBeacon & Bluetooth

The popular Bluetooth backed technology, iBeacon, allows users to transfer payments instantly, eliminating the need for swiping cards.


Our ready-made solution includes an auto-backup feature that readily stores and retrieves data when needed.

Transaction history

Empower users to view all their past financial transactions in one convenient location. They can also be allowed to download the transactions if need be.

Digital wallet app development

The Step-by-step Workflow
Of Our Amazon Pay Clone

Registration and profile set up

Users can instantly sign up with the app using their phone numbers and set up their profiles with their personal and contact details.

Linking bank accounts

Users can link their bank accounts to the app. They can add any number of accounts from which they will transfer their money.

Instant fund transfers

Once everything is set, users can start sending money to their contacts/bank accounts anytime, anywhere. They can also request money directly from the app.

Recharges and bill payments

Besides fund transfers, users are allowed to recharge their mobile numbers, DTH, etc., and process utility bill payments like gas, electricity bills, and more.

Online and retail shopping payments

Users can promptly pay for their retail or online shopping. They can go cardless and shop effortlessly with our exclusive digital wallet app.

  • User registration

  • Profile set up

  • Link bank accounts

  • Quick fund transfers

  • Process recharges and bill payments

  • Pay for retail and online shopping

How Does Our Amazon Pay Clone
Benefit Your Users

All-inclusive smart payments

Our mobile wallet app allows users to transfer money instantly, pay for recharges, process bill payments, pay for shopping, and many more.

Easy accessibility

Users can swiftly process their payments for both retail and online shopping. It also makes it convenient for merchants to receive payments effortlessly.

100% Transparent

The details of all transactions are readily available for the reference of users. No data is hidden. They can also download them if need be for documentation purposes.

On-time payments

Users are promptly notified of the due dates for recharges and bill payments, enabling them to process payments without delay.

Foolproof transactions

Our solution is built with cutting-edge technology and is encrypted end-to-end to ensure it functions seamlessly and securely.

Precise payments

With Amazon Pay clone, users can process transactions accurately, without any hassle.

Amazon Pay like app development

Features Of Our
Amazon Pay Clone Solution

Secure onboarding

Users can register with the app via any of the available sign-up options and start accessing it.

Add bank account

Users can link their bank accounts with the app. They are allowed to add any number of accounts.

Instant recharges

Users can recharge their mobile numbers, DTH, or other similar services directly from the digital payment app.

Pay bills

Users can pay for utility bills like electricity, rent, gas, etc., on a regular basis.

Peer-to-peer transfers

Users can transfer money to their friends or family or anyone in their contacts quickly.

Foreign Remittance

Fund transfers to contacts in foreign lands can be swiftly processed without any interference.

Request money

Users can request money from their friends or family members who are registered with the app.

Add money to wallet

Users can add money from their bank accounts to their mobile wallets so they can process instant fund transfers.

Check balance

Users can view the balance in their mobile wallet or their bank accounts with a single tap.

Payment history

Users can view the details of their past transactions and download the payment history if need be.

Instant reminders

Users are notified of the payments received, due dates, and other app-related updates via in-app push notifications.

Invite and earn

Users can share the app referral code with their friends and family and receive reward points for every successful app install.

Quick sign up

Merchants can register with the app to integrate the payment solution into their business ecosystem.

Profile creation

Merchants can create and manage their profiles with their business and contact information.

Recharge & Utilities

Merchants can add their recharge and utility bill payment modules to the app after getting verified from the admin.

Online payments

Merchants can receive payments from users for their shopping done online.

Payment history

All payments and their detailed information are presented here for future reference of merchants.

Raise complaints

Merchants can raise complaints to the support team if they face any issue using the app.

User-friendly dashboard

The admin can have a god’s eye view, managing all activities taking place in the app.

Manage users

The admin can view and manage all user-profiles and their activities.

Manage merchants

The admin can manage all merchants registered with the app. They can block or remove any merchant upon violating the app’s regulatory compliance.

Manage rewards/offers

The admin can offer rewards, cashback offers, coupon codes, etc., to users who use the app for their online payments and fund transfers.

Add/Remove features

The admin can add or remove any feature or functionality in the app if need be.

Track payments

The admin can view all transactions processed via the app in one convenient location.

Insightful reports

A detailed report with insightful data is presented to the admin regularly to make important business decisions.

Live support

The admin can extend assistance to users and attend their queries/complaints immediately.

Password protected

The app can be protected with various authentication options, such as secured pin, fingerprint, retina scan, etc.

Split bills

Users can split their bills with other users, aiding in easy management of payments.

Auto backup

The account details, transaction history, and user-related information are backed up automatically from time to time.

In-app chat

Users can chat with other users registered on the app to enable quick communication.

In-built camera

The app includes an in-built camera that allows users to pay via QR code payments.

Budgeting tools

Users can plan their budget and spending in advance so they can manage their finances better.

The Revenue Model
Of Our Amazon Pay Clone

As a business owner, it is paramount for you to understand the ways to monetize your digital wallet app to earn the money you have invested in its development. Below are the revenue streams you can consider.

  • Transaction fee

    Collect fees from app users for every transaction they process. However, this should be your last resort as users prefer payment solutions that are free to access.

  • Commission fee

    Receive commissions from businesses for processing payments through your digital payment solutions. It is a great way to earn substantial revenue for the long term.

Stand Out From The Competition With Our Unique, Custom-built Amazon Pay Clone Solution!

Emerge As The Leader In The Finance Sector
With Our Amazon Pay Clone

The market is filled with hundreds of mobile wallet solutions. There comes a need for you to stand out to succeed in the long run. We strive to offer precisely the same. Here’s how our Amazon pay clone can help you attain success in your business:

  • customized
    Rich User Experience

    Offering an enhanced app experience is key to hold a permanent position in your users’ smartphones. Hence, we ensure the UI/UX of the app is up to the required standard.

  • customized
    Seamless Expansion

    You can scale your business seamlessly in the future as per your requirements. The app can support any number of users and merchants without any interference.

  • customized
    Streamlined Processes

    With our Amazon Pay clone on board, you can streamline all your business processes. By doing so, you can save cost and time spent on operations big time.

  • customized
    Advanced Technology

    Our solution includes the most recent technology like NFC, QR code, iBeacon, and many more, helping you bigfoot your rivals effortlessly.

  • customized
    Better Customer Service

    The mobile wallet app provides you data on the customer app usage pattern. You can make any app enhancements to match user preferences.

  • customized
    Smart Payments

    Our digital wallet solution makes money transfers easier and smarter. This way, it increases your chances of gaining more user base in a short period.

Our Process
Of Amazon Pay Like Digital Wallet App Development


Requirement studyOur customer satisfaction is our top priority! We closely work with you to understand your needs and fulfill them, taking every detail into consideration.


UI CustomizationThe user interface should be user-friendly and intuitive to attract users to access your app. Hence, our designers take the utmost care in delivering a top-notch UI.


Back-end SetupBack end is where all the app’s processes take place. We built it with the high-end tools and technologies to ensure its robustness and reliability.


Quality TestsOur qualified testers deploy a range of tests like storage tests, security tests, and more to keep the app’s seamless performance in check.


The Day!The glitch-free, fully functional digital wallet is deployed on all major platforms to deliver its hassle-free functionality.

Why Appdupe
Is A Leading Digital Wallet App Development Partner

  • Complete customizationWe strive to personalize the app end-to-end until you are happy with the final outcome. Your satisfaction is our priority!

  • Modifiable source codesIf you opt for our premium app development packages, we deliver the source code along with the fully developed app. This way, it will be easy for you to process future enhancements.

  • Cutting-edge technology Our back-end developers deploy the most advanced tools and technologies in the app development to ensure we deliver a robust and resilient solution.

  • Top-notch UIOur skilled designers work day and night to design an intuitive user interface for your app, offering your users an enhanced experience.

  • Glitch-free solutionThe app goes through a litany of quality checks to ensure its reliability. Our QA engineers never leave a stone unturned when it comes to app testing.

  • 100% Transparent Our entire app development process is transparent, and we keep you posted on the project’s progress frequently.

  • Budget-friendlyWe deliver our app development services at reasonable prices, and there are no hidden charges. We will give you a detailed cost estimate for your reference.

  • Timely deliveryWe are known for delivering our projects on time and budget. With our timely services, you can be assured that your app will be up and running in the market in the shortest turnaround time.

Of Our Amazon Pay App Clone Development



  • User Web Panel
  • Merchant Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel
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Website and Android Application

  • User Web Panel and Android App
  • Merchant Web Panel and Android App
  • Admin Web Panel
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Website, Android and iOS Application

  • User Web Panel
  • Android and iOS App
  • Merchant Web Panel
  • Android and iOS App
  • Admin Web Panel
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Tech Stack
That Back Our Mobile Recharge App Development

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

At Appdupe, we extend additional support services for businesses opting for our development services. Those are:

App launch and rejection support:

After building the app, we assist you in launching it on major app platforms. Also, we will support you in case the app stores reject the submitted app. We will look into the issue, fix it, and resubmit the app.

Technical support:

We offer technical assistance for a specified time to help you run your business seamlessly. It is entirely free of charge. After the specified period, you can opt for our paid maintenance services.

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