Multi-services App Development- Prospective Future Ahead!

From the moment we wake up in the morning and till crawling back to bed, smartphone apps aid us in terrific ways. Don't want to cook? You have a food delivery app; wish to commute to the office on-time? You got a taxi-hailing app. Anything and everything is possible with applications, but it would be misleading to assert that such a situation is pleasant. After all, no one wants to download over 60-70 apps into their smartphones and register and login to each of them for individual services. What if we say that all these services can be made available in a SINGLE APP? An all-encompassing solution that makes your phone's storage and your life easy?

Our on-demand multi-services app has been exclusively devised to operate with the business and cultural nuances. Deemed to surpass western countries to crown as the world's 4th largest economy, the Indonesian-Philippines vertical is nothing short of magic with superlative returns of investment.

At Appdupe, we proffer premium white-label multi-services app that's drenched with world-class features wrapped around an immersive UI, culminating in imparting a seamless user experience. A highly scalable solution that could be launched in a matter of a few days!

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Premium Services We Provide with On-demand Multi-Service App Solution

63+ On-Demand Services. 1000+ Hours Saved. 1 App.

Grocery Delivery

Food Delivery

Alcohol Delivery

Packaged Water Delivery

Pharmacy/Medications Delivery

Bouquet Delivery

Stationary Delivery

Courier Delivery

Taxi Ride

Bike Ride

Car Rental

Bike Rental







Baby Sitting

Security Guard

Fitness Trainer

Motor Mechanic

AC Repair

Snow Plows


Car Wash

Truck Service

Vehicle Service/Maintenance

Pest Control

Pet Care

Pet Grooming


Dog Walkers

House Cleaning



Highlighted Features Of Multi Service Booking App

Instant Login

Waste no time by accrediting your users to foray instantaneously into the app with their phone numbers or through social media credentials.

Schedule Bookings

Users can plan their services for the day by effortlessly scheduling them chronologically. They are apprised through in-app notifications.

Book any Service

With over 63+ services available in various categories, users are entitled to choose any of them all within the Gojek clone app.


Besides a plethora of payment options, the white-label multi-services app is enhanced by the presence of an in-app wallet that can be used for availing the app’s services.

Bill Estimation

Proffer your users with a complete estimate bill of any service with precise charges and taxes even before they avail of a particular service.

Real-Time Tracking

Empower your users with the ability to receive live location updates of the service providers they have booked using the tracking feature.

In-App Chat

An exclusive internal communication channel is embedded in the multi-services app to connect users with service providers directly.

Live Currency Rates

What’s more remarkable than the capacity to order any of the services and pay through the local currency! This is made possible by updating users with currency exchange rates in real-time.

Capture the Entire On-demand Market With the Multi-Service Booking App.

Scaling up your business has never been this easy. Get the Gojek clone immediately.

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Super App Demo Videos

Web panel of our multi-services app

Web Panel Work Flow

Admin panel of our multi-services app

Admin Panel Work Flow

Android app of our multi-services app

Android App work Flow

iOS app of our multi-services app

iOS App work Flow

Why Should Entrepreneurs Invest in
On-demand Multi-service App Development?

Attaining a massive competitive advantage over your contemporaries is a defining deed made possible by our multi-service app.
  • Multitude of Services

    Channelize profit from every aspect as with a single application, and you can confer a plentiful of services, such as riding, delivery, home service, etc.

  • Legion of Opportunities

    Perfected with futuristic features like real-time tracking, advanced analytical reports, route optimization, etc., the app is your door to glory.

  • Staggering Levels of Profit

    We have devised the white-label multi-service app to harness multiple revenue streams and streamline the business operations with superlative integrations.

Grow Your On-Demand Business even in this Coronavirus Pandemic

It is not an exaggeration to assert that the COVID19 induced uncertainty has shattered hordes of businesses worldwide as the planet came to a standstill. An alternate view will depict an exhilarating opportunity that very well may shape the business world of the 21st century.

The demand for essentialities like food/grocery delivery has hit the roof as people hesitate to step out of their homes owing to the looming fears of contracting the deadly virus. With the on-demand multi-service app solution, they can avail of any service for them instantly and, more importantly, at their home's comfort.

As businesses begin to open, mobility services have picked up the pace. Arguably, this is the right time to launch an on-demand multi-service app to quench the skyrocketing demands and leverage tremendous profit returns. A million-dollar opportunity awaits you!

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COVID-19 Safety Addons

Ensuring Superior Safety measures to make your services COVID-free.

Contactless Delivery

Eliminating any chances of propagating the virus, we make it mandatory to wear safety masks, gloves, and simultaneously deliver the ordered product at a safe spot as directed by the user through photo/video clips. We aren’t pulling any strings!


For users who don’t entertain the slightest of odds of contracting the virus, we accord with a takeaway feature that permits them to order food/grocery/water, etc., online and pick it up themselves at the nearest store.

Safety Badges

Reward your service providers with safety badges as an invocation to their complete adaptation of COVID-19 safety protocols like wearing masks and following social distancing in the workplace. Doing so depicts the reliability of their services to users, thereby gaining business traction.

Knowledge Banners

Exhibit your reverence to the well-being of the user community by diligently displaying COVID19-based content on the lines of preventive measures, symptoms, helpline, etc., on the banners of your multi-service app, increasing the measure of user trust.

How does our Multi-service App Work?

Taxi/ Bike rides

  • 1

    User Registration / SignUp

  • 2

    Select a ride and book it

  • 3

    Estimated fare is displayed

  • 4

    Driver nearest to the location accepts the ride

  • 5

    User avails the ride

  • 6

    Payment through anyone of the available methods

  • 7

    User posts review and feedback

Food/ Groceries/ Alcohol/ Water and much more

  • 1

    Choose a delivery service

  • 2

    Place the order for delivery

  • 3

    The store/ restaurant accepts the order

  • 4

    The delivery executive picks up the order

  • 5

    The order is then delivered to the user

Mechanics, Plumbers, Electricians, etc.

  • 1

    Select the nature of service

  • 2

    Enter the date, time, and location of the required service

  • 3

    The service provider receives the service offer

  • 4

    The service provider arrives at the predetermined time, date, and location

  • 5

    Requested work/ service is done

Our On-demand Multi-service App Package

  • User iOS App
  • User Android App
  • Driver/Service Provider iOS App
  • Driver/Service Provider Android App
  • Store iOS App
  • Store Android App
  • Main Website
  • Admin Panel

Exhaustive List of Features

  • Swift RegistrationUsers can storm into the multi-services app by entering their phone number/ email address or social media credentials.

  • Browse Multiple ServicesUsers are entitled to select a service for the pool for 50+ on-demand services available in the on-demand multi-service app.

  • Schedule DeliveryBy mentioning the date, time, and location, users can schedule the services as per their requirements.

  • View Driver/ Service Provider ProfileThe entire profile, along with contact details, ratings, reviews, etc., of the drivers/ service providers, can be accessed by users.

  • Real-Time TrackingUsers are authorized to receive the driver/ service provider's live location information through in-app map integration .

  • Push NotificationsUsers are consistently updated about the latest offers, discounts, and exclusive concessions through text messages and in-app push notifications.

  • ETA InformationFare estimation, along with the expected time of arrival of the driver/ service provider, is promptly proffered to the users.

  • Multiple Payment OptionsUsers are flooded with a multitude of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, net banking, online transfer, and even an in-built e-wallet.

  • Rewards and ReferralsFor every successful referral of their friends and acquaintances into the app, users are provided with redeemable points and cashback as a referral bonus.

  • Review and RatingsUsers can express their genuine opinions on the service availed by them through ratings and writing reviews.

  • Instant OnboardingSwift login is made possible by entering their phone numbers/ email addresses or social media credentials.

  • Availability StatusDrivers/ Service providers are entitled to receive service requests by denoting their availability at the button's touch.

  • Multiple ServicesThe ability to willingly work across all silos such as cab driving, food/ grocery/ alcohol delivery, etc., is proffered to drivers/ service providers.

  • Instant CallingBesides In-App chat, the drivers/ service providers are bestowed with the capacity to call the concerned customer about the ride/ service directly.

  • Smart NavigationAssisted by the integration of web mapping services like Google Maps, Apple Maps, etc., the most optimized route for a given location is available to the driver/ service provider.

  • Performance TrackerDrivers/ service providers can keep an eye over their efficiency as metrics like the number of rides/ service orders completed/ scheduled can be accessed.

  • Heat MapThe areas with the maximum number of ride orders/ service requests are available to the drivers/ service providers, encouraging a better work strategy.

  • Billing CornerA comprehensive invoice with detailed information on the concerned service is sent to the driver/ service provider for every completed service.

  • Bank DetailsTo facilitate easy and direct deposit of their commission, drivers/ service providers can add/ modify any number of bank accounts linked with their user account.

  • Customer ReviewsIn order to fine-tune their services, drivers/ service providers are rationed with reviews and ratings of their customers along with timestamps.

  • Manage OrdersThe entire list of orders received, along with the crucial information like the name of the user, contact and delivery details, etc., are presented to the store manager.

  • Dispatch OrdersThe received orders can be promptly processed and dispatched by the store managers at the earliest.

  • Accept/ Reject OrdersStore Managers are entitled to agree/ disagree with fulfilling the order requests placed by the customers based on the current stock availability.

  • Manage OfferingsThe entire range of products available in their stores can be effortlessly monitored with respect to inventory by the store managers.

  • Order StatusTo strike a suave relationship with customers, store managers can update the status of their orders in real-time.

  • Minimum Order AmountIn the view of curtailing the probability of losses, store managers can affix a predetermined limit as the minimum order amount for the customers.

  • Availability ToggleBy touching the toggle button, store managers can mark the status of the availability of their operations.

  • Booking RecordsInvoices of the completed/processed/canceled orders are duly sent of the store managers for the purpose of seamless audit.

  • Earnings ManagementStore Managers are conferred with the figures and statistics of total income, gross income, total profit made, profit percentage, etc.

  • ETAStore Managers can configure the estimated time of arrival of each processed order on the basis of a range of delivery parameters.

  • Powerful DashboardAdmins are bestowed with an all-inclusive dashboard that facilitates hassle-free management of the white-label multi-service app's entire proceedings.

  • Manage BookingsThe whole nine yards of order/service requests can be readily promptly accessed and dispatched by admins.

  • Order ManagementAdmins can swiftly retrieve the complete spectrum of orders along with the payment and delivery information.

  • Real-Time TrackingAdmins are assisted with superior operational scrutiny tools such as live tracking of their drivers along with delivery status.

  • User ManagementThe broad range of users, along with their defining information, can be accessed through the admin panel.

  • Store/ Drivers/ Service Providers ManagementAdmins can monitor over the list of sellers/ service providers/ drivers and their offerings through this feature.

  • Manual DispatchAdmins can assign drivers/ service providers to ride/ service orders through offline mediums, including text/ phone calls.

  • Route OptimizationSuperfast delivery can be ensured by equipping drivers with a set of most advantageous routes with minimal constraints for a particular delivery location.

From Taxi Hailing to Booking a Consultation with Doctor, Anything & Everything is Possible with our Gojek Clone

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Premium AddOns for the On-demand Multi-service App Solution

Superimpose your 21st-century business idea with features from the future.

  • Keep your user engagement rate skyrocketing by updating your users with the latest offers, discounts, exclusive festivals, etc., through push notifications.

    Push Notifications

  • Establish unceasing confidentiality of your user base by empowering users and service providers to connect with revealing their contact details through the VoIP feature.


  • Authorize your users in the traveling silo to reserve services from your Gojek clone through an exclusive Kiosk application.

    KIOSK App

  • Eliminate your users' misconceptions and miscommunications by enabling them to connect directly with the drivers/ service providers through an internal chat feature.

    Live Chat

  • Real-time updates of currency exchange rates are proffered to the users, and the final payment is fulfilled in the local currency, including the exchange charges.

    Live Currency Rates

  • Admins are authenticated to create sub-admins and individual managers and assign them to monitor various stores, services, finance, etc.

    Role Management

  • Intensify the trust of your users by accrediting with the real-time tracking option of their orders along with a precise expected time of arrival (ETA) data.

    Live Tracking

  • Reasoned business decisions are a possibility as the admins are provided with analytical reports that depict the business's overall performance with critical metrics.

    Advanced Analytics

Advanced Features of our On-demand Multi-service App

Multi Payment Integrations

Infuse a relaxing sense of ease by engulfing users with a wide range of payment options such as credit/ debit cards, net banking, and even an exclusive electronic wallet feature.


Service providers can configure the order reception settings such that they receive orders/ deny orders only from a particular location, assuring complete freedom.


Branding and rebranding the on-demand multi-service app with your ingrained business identities such as logo, brand name, etc., is simplified as our premier offering is a complete white-labeled solution.


The white-label multi-service app can be configured at an astonishing level of customization to recreate the app that resonates even with the minutest of nuances of your app vision and business offering.

Lifetime Access

We render you with a limitless license to the multi-service app i.e., on-demand multi services app ios, on-demand multi services app android, and website besides the source code.

Multilingual & Currency Integration

Leveraging a global user base is no longer difficult as the multi-service app can deliver its services in major languages of the world and through significant currencies.

iTunes Submission

The on-demand multi-services app for iPhone will be comprehensively developed and successfully submitted at Apple's iTunes store for approval and will be made available for downloads.

Playstore Submission

The android version of the multiservice on-demand application will be intuitively deployed on the Google Playstore and will be fast-tracked for instant approval.

63+ On-Demand Services in a Single App Solution

We understand the hardships and discomforts in downloading over a dozen apps and maintaining the login details individually for each app. Nah, that’s not fair. And that’s why we have ingrained our white-label multi-services app with immersive multi-functionality that authorizes your customers to avail any available service- right from transportation to delivery- all via an all-encompassing, single app.

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What’s Unique with our On-demand Multi-services App Solution?

Highly Effective Alternative to Google MapsMany applications lack the live tracking feature due to the sheer pricing of Google Maps API. But you know that we have distilled multiple options to come up with a geo-location feature that’s as efficient as Google Maps but a killer price. Propitious in any sense!

Book Services through App, Website & Phone CallsAn on-demand multi-service application must be accessible by the entire spectrum of customers. Hence, we have suffused our multi-service app with the ability to book service even through a phone call and text message besides the app and website.

63+ Services arrayed in 1 ApplicationWhy download apps in two digits that are going to bug your mobile phone’s space and functionality when you can get an ultra-optimized stellar multiservice app that expedites users to avail any of the available services on-demand.

Secure Shopping ExperienceEstablish an immersive sense of security from the dreaded pandemic by deploying our Gojek clone’s elemental safety features like contactless delivery, take-away, safety badges to stores in conjunction with the mandatory wearing masks.

Our On-demand Multi-service App’s Flow

Apps within Apps is a poetic description of our multi-services app, which seamlessly fuses multi-functionality with user-friendliness. A headlining feature for an app looking to conquer the fastest growing market in the world!

  • Delivery/ Logistics PartUsers are entitled to select the category of vehicles required to relocate their things from one place to another. A range of vehicle categories such as moto, cargo cars, and large trucks, etc., are available to users.

  • Common DeliveryUsers can send any items regardless of their size from anywhere using this feature. It works much like an Uber for transferring things from one place to another.

  • Food DeliveryUsers can view the available restaurants, their offerings with complete details, offers, if any, etc., that's around a particular location radius. Delivery will be notified through in-app notifications.

  • Taxi & RentalUsers can hire or rent any type of car for moving through one location to another. This works similarly to the stock Uber app.

  • Landing ScreenA grid covering the available services in the app in its entirety welcomes the user. Popular ride-based services, mobile wallets, and other on-demand services are listed here.

  • Other DeliveriesUsers are greeted with a dedicated space for delivery-based services such as food delivery, alcohol delivery, packaged water delivery, etc. Concerning their preferences, the respective delivery service screen is displayed.

  • Grocery DeliveryThe entire list of grocery stores and their offerings around a particular geographical area is made available to the user.

  • Major On-Demand ServicesThis screen is dedicated to expressing the comprehensive array of on-demand services available to the app's user base.

  • Single ServiceOnce a user selects a particular on-demand service, say gardening, the service's entire details are displayed on this screen.

View Demo

Here are the Android, iOS & Web Versions of our Gojek clone demo. Take a quick look at the applications, dashboards, and features.

What support will We Provide?

We impart a holistic sense of assistance and support to our clients that makes us the go-to choice for developing multiservice apps.

We’re the Experts

Ecommerce is a game we play the best with a decade of experience and expertise in developing avant-garde ecommerce solutions centered around end-users.

Thorough Testing Process

Our quality assurance engineers deploy some of the most stringent testing techniques to ensure the on-demand multi-services app is devoid of any threats and vulnerabilities and is ultimately bug/ glitch-free.

360° Support

We value customer satisfaction more than anything else; that’s why we proffer you with round-the-clock support through various channels right from ideation to post-deployment.


We believe in promises and words; Hence, we staunchly adhere to the rules and regulations of the Non-Disclosure Agreement struck between us. Confidentiality is a definitive deed!

1 Year Support

Besides conferring you with comprehensive support, we also remove bugs and glitches, if any, in the first year of deployment for absolutely no charges.

Free Upgrades

In order to retain the relevance of your on-demand multi-service app solution, we flatter you with successive app updates for free of cost.

Stellar Features. Robust Functionality. A Monumental Opportunity. Now at an Unbeatable Price!

Get It Right Away!

Why choose our on-demand multi-services app development?

  • 100% White-LabeledWe thoroughly revamp the on-demand multi-service app with your business identification attributes like the logo and your brand name. You are crowned the one and only true owner of the application!

  • Superior PrivacyOur anchoring expertise in this field enables us to adhere to the agreement between us religiously, and no detail from the app development process is revealed to any third party.

  • Global ReachDevised diligently and deliberately to impart a universal appeal, our white-label multi-service app flaunts the capability to extend its services in multiple languages and currencies.

  • Ultra-Responsive AppsOur on-demand multi-service app solution is exponentially responsive across multiple platforms and devices, aiming to quench every user category's needs.

  • App DeploymentThe ultimate end of our development process is marked by deploying the rebranded on-demand multi service app in iOS and Android app platforms.

  • Exclusive Web AppNot just premium mobile on-demand multi-service apps, we also confer you with the stellar website iteration that's as ingrained and effective as the former.

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our on-demand multi-service app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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