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    Imdb clone

    Looking forward to becoming the next reliable motion pictures review and rating platform similar to IMDb? Well, now it is possible with your IMDb clone designed and developed from AppDupe’s advanced IMDb Clone script. Fulfill millions of movies, TV shows, and other entertainment lovers and critics with AppDupe’s IMDb Readymade clone script comprising cutting-edge features, custom front-end UI and a state-of-the-art admin dashboard. Receive all the bells and whistles at a fraction of the cost and at a short development timeframe. Let’s bring your amazing online movie and entertainment business platform to life today!

    Customized Solutions For Online Movie Business

    With the motion-picture business booming with billions in revenue each year, entertain the online community with a customized platform offering news about upcoming movies, TV show releases, cast and crew details, box-office reports, reviews and ratings and much more.

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    Custom made or Readymade

    Our ready-to-go IMDb clone script comprises all the leading features of the current service provider. But that does not limit your choices, our IMDb readymade clone script is highly scalable and can be customized end-to-end to make it stand out from the rest.

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    Revenue Model

    The IMDb clone offers numerous revenue models including membership plans providing users with enhanced content and multiple features. The clone platform also offers banner advertisement with ad space strategically placed for maximum viewership. Other revenue models can also be integrated as per your requirements.

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    Ongoing Support

    AppDupe understands the importance of your project and goes the last mile to ensure you receive the most amazing clone app platform to help you lead the industry smoothly. Our dedicated teams offer you step-by-step guidance and solutions including ideation, designing, development, testing, and launching. Our teams are available round the clock to assist you.


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      Users can search for their favourite movies, TV shows, documentaries, and celebrities based on the names, movie titles, TV show titles, characters, documentary titles and special keywords.

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      Offer users with a detailed listing about movies currently playing in theatres, upcoming releases, trailers, show times, top movies, tickets and much more.

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      Users can view complete listing about new TV shows, upcoming TV shows, trailers and much more.

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      Admins can feature news on TV shows, movies, celebrities, documentaries and other content with ease.

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      Upload videos clips and post images on TV shows, movies and documentaries for the members.

    Job Providers
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      Users can create dedicated accounts to become members and can update their profile pages comprising details as per service providers’ discretion.

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      Admin can enable members to create communities to share their common interests in TV shows, movies, and documentaries.

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      The IMDb clone enables members to post content, pictures, videos, and reviews on movies and TV shows.

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      The app and website will be SEO friendly comprising all the latest integrations to help it remain on top of all leading search engines.

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      Powerful admin platform to help monitor the entire business functionality coupled with user-friendly CMS.

    IMDB Clone Demo

    Want to see how your IMDb clone will look like and function? Experience our dedicated demos for iOS, Android and web platforms. Click on the link below to witness the functionalities.

    Why choose AppDupe's IMDb clone?

    Our IMDb readymade clone script offers the standard features of leading service providers that enable you to start your online movies and TV shows rating platform in a short span of time. We ensure that your platform offers users with an unforgettable experience coupled with seamless functioning all way long.

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    Mobile Apps

    Cater to millions of smartphone users with your dedicated app developed for both iOS and Android platforms.

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    A powerful website coupled with a simple and unique user interface for motion picture lovers worldwide.

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    Admin Panel

    A cutting-edge admin panel to help monitor and control the online movie and TV shows rating platform hassle-free.

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    Yes, the IMDb readymade clone script can be integrated with any new feature to help with meeting your requirements.
    You will own the entire source code of your IMDb clone, designed and developed to match your requirements.
    Yes, we will be delighted to assist you with any enhancement requirements after launch. You can discuss further details with our development experts.
    No, your IMDb clone is designed to allow an infinite number of users to sign-up and use your services. However, the same can be modified as per your requirements.
    Yes, the payment with us will only be one-time and involves no hidden costs throughout the development period.

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