Our versatile Uber for X script caters to all kinds of
On-Demand Services

On-demand services are immensely rewarding. Given the immense scope of how frequently customers seek them, managing various operations of the business can be tasking. The most efficient way of handling and catering on-demand services to a vast sea of customers is by developing versatile apps like Uber. The best way to do it is with our Uber for X clone app.

Tell us what service you specialize in. Be it transportation, logistics, beauty, delivery, or household services, with our Uber for on-demand services app development solution, you can launch an extraordinary smartphone software in no time.

Uber for X App Features

Sign in / Sign upCustomers can register on your Uber for X solution by either signing up or via their social media credentials. After registration, they can save and retrieve information at any time.

GPS Real-time TrackingProvide your customers with the convenience of viewing where service agents are on the map in real-time. This will enable them to know the service agent’s estimated time of arrival.

Push NotificationsKeep your customers informed about the status of their service bookings via prompt alerts. It includes order confirmation, payment confirmation and more.

Multiple Payment OptionsCustomers can pay for the services they choose via multiple channels. They can pay via cash, debit card/credit card and online payments.

Book ServicesGive your customers the option to choose from a list of services via an intuitive user interface that lets them seamlessly browse through your Uber for X app’s catalog.

RatingsService providers can rate customers in terms of their politeness of availing the Uber like app services and more.

GPS Real-time TrackingService providers will be able to view pick up points and the location of customers to ensure that they reach their destinations accurately.

Accept or Reject RequestsThe time period between which service providers wish to be available at can be set up and attended to accordingly.

In-app Chat and CallsIn order to reach customers for clarifications and inquiries, service providers will be able to contact them via in-app chat and calls.

Push NotificationsService providers can view real-time alerts that will keep them updated about the requests they receive. It includes cancellations, change of orders, and more.

Earnings DashboardService providers can view how much they’ve earned over time in this section.

DashboardAdmins can get a bird’s eye view of ongoing service requests, earnings, and more.

Content Management SystemThe content within the Uber for X solution can be modified and updated at any time with this feature.

Push NotificationsAdmins will be able to send custom notifications to customers and service providers regarding new features and add-ons.

Manual OperationsService agents can be manually assigned by admins in order to manage and complete service requests.

Manage Media ContentEdit, add, and remove videos and images in your Uber for X script.

Live ChatOffer customers the feature to contact support and service providers via in-app chat.

VOIP - Based Call MaskingHide the phone numbers of service agents and customers when they contact each other to improve security.

Multi-language SupportMake your Uber for X app easy-to-use and to understand for a global audience without language limits.

What you will get with
Our Custom Uber for X Solution

Our veteran team of developers use a robust, reliable, and bug-free Uber for X script to build your versatile on-demand service providing smartphone application. Not only are the scripts easy to modify and scale, but they also seamlessly fit into all the devices you want your Uber for X app to be available on. That includes smartphones, PCs, and tablets.

We have put together an Uber for X app development package that consists of essential elements such as:

  • Customer
    Android App

  • Customer
    iOS App

  • Customer
    Web Panel

  • Service Provider
    Android App

  • Service Provider
    iOS App

  • Service Provider
    Web Panel

  • Agent
    Web Panel

  • Admin
    Web Panel

  • Official

Uber for X App
Development Process

  • 1

    Getting to know youWe are immensely keen on hearing what you’re going after and what your ideas for the project are. As soon as you contact us, we work tirelessly to comprehend everything that you need.

  • 2

    Demo AppOn hearing what you require, we assemble the most pivotal elements and build a demo app that will give you an idea of how the app will look and feel like.

  • 3

    DevelopmentAfter you use the demo app and give us a confirmation for the app development order, we will commence sculpting your software.

  • 4

    CustomizeDuring the development process, you can add logos, customize themes, add multiple languages, and currencies in the application.

  • 5

    TestingOnce we finish filling in the framework of your Uber for X app with features, user interface, and more, the app will be rigorously tested to make sure that it functions uninterruptedly.

  • 6

    LaunchUpon your final confirmation, your Uber like services app will be released on all the platforms you want your app to be available on.

Uber for X Solutions

Our Uber like app caters to all these on-demand services.

Transportation & Logistics

  • Uber for TaxiWhether you’ve already got a functioning taxi service company or you want to enter the lucrative segment of taxi services, efficiently manage a fleet of vehicles from a compact software with an Uber for taxi services.

  • Uber for TruckLaunch a comprehensive Uber for trucking app that will let shippers, truckers and administrators seamlessly communicate with one another. With robust features that keeps all the parties of the process informed, your trucking app will be a huge hit.

  • Uber for Tow TruckFinding the nearest tow trucks when a vehicle breaks down can be a major hassle. Develop an easy-to-use Uber for tow truck app that customers who require it can hire quickly.

  • Uber for Airport TaxiDevelop a world-class app to let customers book exclusive taxis to get to and from the airport. An Uber for airport taxi app will let you manage fleets of vehicles with absolute ease.

Food Delivery

  • Uber for Cloud KitchenDo you have a food service establishment that solely cooks food for delivery purposes? Reach out to more customers and get more food delivery requests by launching a robust Uber for food delivery app.

  • Uber for Grocery DeliveryCustomers find it a hassle to stand in long queues at the billing counter to checkout their grocery items. Offer them the convenience of having their grocery needs delivered to their doorstep with an Uber for grocery app.

  • Uber for Alcohol DeliveryHeighten the prospects of your liquor business with an Uber for alcohol app. With extensive features and a seamless user interface, you can grow your customer base in no time.

  • Uber for Pizza DeliveryProvide pizza delivery services to your customers in the most efficient, modern way, that is through a comprehensive smartphone application. Get more orders, generate more revenue.

Home Services

  • Uber for Lawn MowingOffer lawn mowing services to interested customers with an excellent Uber for lawn mowing smartphone application. All it would require your customers to do is perform a few swipes and taps to avail your expertise.

  • Uber for Car WashDo you own a car care business? Grow the scope of your services by building a fully functional Uber for car wash application. Be a tap away from responding to customer requests.

  • Uber for PaintingAre you looking for a great solution to grow your customer base for your painting business? Then what you need is an Uber for painting smartphone application. Get started today.

  • Uber for PlumbersLaunch an Uber for plumbers app to offer a plethora of services like pipe fitting, leak repairs, and more at just the touch of a button. Your customers will find your app immensely convenient.

Hospital & Medical Consultation

  • Uber for HealthCater your medical expertise to a wide patient base with a Uber for health application. Offer them convenient features such as appointment scheduling, GPS tracker, and more.

  • Uber for PharmacyAre you looking for more customers to buy from your pharmacy? Then what you need is a Uber for pharmacy application. Delivery medicines with modern features such as GPS real-time tracking and more.

  • Uber for Alcohol DeliveryHeighten the prospects of your liquor business with an Uber for alcohol app. With extensive features and a seamless user interface, you can grow your customer base in no time.

  • Uber for AmbulanceOffer people an Uber for ambulance app that they can effortlessly use to book emergency health care services. With an app, all that people need to do to book an ambulance is press a button.

  • Uber for MarijuanaIf you own a marijuana business and are looking to offer your services to a broader customer base, then launching an Uber for marijuana app is the best solution. Efficiently deliver marijuana on-demand.

Beauty & Wellness

  • Uber for MassageConnect your expert team of massagers with interested customers with an Uber for massage app. With the software, your customers can schedule bookings, receive e-receipts, and more.

  • Uber for FitnessIf you’re a fitness coach or you have a team of personal trainers, the most efficient way by which you can offer your services to a wide range of customers is with an Uber for fitness application.

  • Uber for Spa Spa seeking customers find making appointments and having to sit through long waiting times a hassle. Offer them the convenience of booking spa services at their doorsteps with a comprehensive Uber for spa app.

  • Uber for HaircutHaircut salons are often crowded and making an appointment with them is cumbersome. Offer excellent haircut services via an Uber for haircut app. Your customers will find using your app convenient.

Travel & Tourism

  • Uber for Hotel BookingAre you an aggregator of various hotel services? Get customers to use your services more often with an Uber for hotel booking app. The convenience of a mobile software is unmatched.

  • Uber for Travel AgentsFinding customers to offer your travel services to can be cumbersome but, not with a smartphone application. Launch a robust Uber for travel agents app and witness a growth in your customer base.

  • Uber for Tour GuidesOffer your expertise in guiding tourists with smartphone applications they can use whenever they need your services. With an Uber for tour guide app, you can generate higher revenue.

Benefits of using a robust App Like Uber

Our team at Appdupe has extensive expertise in building a wide range of smartphone applications, it enables us to challenge industry-standards and develop cutting-edge Uber like apps for your business’s needs.

  • Complete ScalabilityOur software is built to handle your business’s growth, and effortlessly scale up your application as your business grows.

  • 100% CustomizableDesign, tweak, edit, add, and remove a variety of details in your smartphone application as our solutions offer you full customizability options.

  • Reliable ScriptsWe use bug-free, easy-to-understand, and modifiable Uber for X scripts that will enable your app to function uninterruptedly.

  • Cater to a Global AudienceAdd in multiple languages and currencies into your Uber for X app so that people from around the world can use it with no hassles.

  • PromotionsOffer irresistible offers and discounts to your customers which will in turn get you more customers and more revenue.

Technology We Used for Uber for X Solution

We use the Best Technologies in developing your resilient app like Uber.


It gives you all Uber-like features such as GPS real-time tracking, multiple payment options, and more for your business needs.

The Uber for X app is a versatile software that can be modified for any business. That is beauty, transportation, logistic businesses, and more.

It will depend on various factors such as the size of your app and the number of features it will have.

If you’re looking to reach a large audience and want to generate a higher revenue, then an Uber for X app is the right solution for you.

Our development team can develop your app for multiple OS systems and for all devices such as smartphones, Personal Computers, tablets, and more.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.