Unlock Manifold Perks by launching an Online Ordering System
The Apex Amenity For Unlocking Manifold Perks

The Food Ordering App provides a platform that enables you to operate your food delivery business efficiently. At AppDupe, we offer you a restaurant ordering app to uplift your business by engineering cutting edge technology. This comprehensive system allows you to manage all the operations origination out of order placing to order tracking to delivery. A broad-gauged view of the business can be analyzed and overseen in real-time without any stumbling blocks.

Besides, many restaurant owners in this day and age are leveraging digital solutions to elevate and automate their business operations to capitalize on the surging popularity of digital ordering and takeout. Now that customers prefer online methods more than ever, there is no point in holding up the traditional method of serving.

Circumvent from the possibilities of staying behind the competition and embrace the leading-edge tech to develop an Online Ordering System. Benefits that the restaurant ordering app holds:

  • Scalable to fit the ever-changing business ecosystem

  • Clear-cut advantages for the restaurateurs to give a unique identity to their business

  • A reliable solution for a fast and secure ordering and delivery process

Business That Can Leverage Our Food Ordering App

Restaurants Management

RestaurantsWhether a cosy cuisine or a royal restaurant, our solution is helpful through and through from adding collection, delivery, or digital table and kiosk ordering.

Food Takeaways Business

TakeawaysCall a halt to rely on third-party service providers or aggregators, seize all possible ways of revenue slippages. Crystallize your brand right away!

Multi Chain Restaurant

ChainsA perfect solution for multiple-store chains and franchises over operations across different stores to have control like a pro!

Groceries Delivery

GroceriesEstablish new ways to augment sales. Now you can implement a new click-and-collect ordering and delivery for your grocery business. Get ready to witness the whooping sales rate.

Restaurant Types We Offer Our Online Ordering System

Casual DiningZero extra charges. Immense orders and sales. Sounds great? Grab our white-label food ordering app and manage ordering, curbside pickup and delivery, all with a single software. Menu customization and seamless interface, the two mainstays here!

Cafe OrderingAmplify the conversion rate to a zenith with easy online ordering and fast navigation. Increased productivity and smooth customer experience is the word! Not only that, lure more customers into trying out your offerings with a highly responsive and user-friendly app for your cafe. Tempt them with pictures and layouts of awesome items.

EnterpriseOur enterprise multi restaurant software coupled with reliable security measures to bring out the best tech solution! Now you can manage your multiple outlets in a single place and monopolize the food business. Our Online Ordering System lets you analyze and manage the food prices across all the outlets like the savvy restaurateur that you are!

Cloud KitchenSay hi to the advanced automation and nonpareil efficiency with inventory management. Comprehensive software to display and manage inventory stock overflows of multiple kitchens contained in a single picture.

TakeawayA digital opening to your business equals a thousand marketing campaigns! So, why wait when you can drive more sales? Set a standard that is unbeatable in your restaurant business with phone orders and walk-ins. Discover spanking new ways to analyze KPIs, detailed reports about your industry and become a wizard!

Fast FoodA tech-savvy restaurant ordering app with a nimble and intuitive interface to grow your business across both iOS and Android platforms. Let the software take care to manage all sales, purchase orders, shipments and packages, and you get the knack of knowing prospective customers and strategies. Augment the engagement rate by promoting new items or special add-ons through popups. Flavour to our app!

Jazz Up Your Customer Experience With Online Ordering

Online Orders

Future order management Let your customers greet the easiest ways to schedule their orders for delivery or pickup with an online ordering system.

RewardsRivet the attention of them with stunning loyalty offerings and discounts.

Kitchen Management

Order tracking Plummet down the foggy aspect of delivery and online orders with the restaurant ordering app.

Customizing kitchen hours Take control of the entire ordering process with online service adjustments and real-time tracking.

Delivery Management

Delivery mapping Ordain the delivery zones, custom fees and delivery time for each zone to target your potential customers and shoot to their priority list top.

Dynamic wait times Increase profit margins by setting up a flat fee and notify customers of the wait time based on driver availability to cherish the customer retention rate.

Nuances Of Our Online Ordering for Restaurants Solution

Accurate rate estimation
  • Set zone and location-dependent delivery charges
  • Now you can set taxi or convenience charges with the order amount
  • The last invoice will sum up all the charges with the item’s price for accurate payment
In-app chat and notifications
  • Settle down the misgivings with the in-app chat function embedded restaurant ordering app
  • Enable the users to bubble over their order status with real-time push notifications
  • Help them have laid-back privacy in reaching delivery providers and support agents
Intuitive data reports
  • Stagger the maximum rewards and conversions by managing all your service offering with real-time updates and visualizations
  • Online Ordering System presents a prominent view of the completed, cancelled and in-process service requests in a single panel
  • Test the popularity of all the perfect strategies and their outcome with weekly reports and analysis
Logistic control & monitoring
  • The white-label online ordering app coils the functionality of GPS navigation to allow you to track the delivery in real-time
  • Abstain from negative outcomes to positive with automated dispatching and delivery assignments making use of a Food Ordering App. Not satisfied yet? Take over that part manually
  • Keep the users updated about the service status. Enhanced reliability right there!
Rapid deliveries
  • Thanks to the online ordering system’s leading-edge tech stack, now quicker deliveries have become the software’s best synonym!
  • Outline a nonpareil advantage to your users to choose the delivery option, whether a home delivery or takeaway, giving them what they need, and they’ll reciprocate!
  • Banish all the distrust about their deliveries with an impressive real-time order tracking option
Update preferences
  • Root out uncertainties about product ordering by seeking prompt user confirmation with the online Food Delivery system
  • Cheers to the era of digitization that the users can now update item suggestions for more personalized preferences. Personalized offerings directly proportional to galvanized sales
  • Plan your next step forward, as managing operations can be left to the dedicated app and panel!
Browsing control
  • Stretch out your user base to the nook and cranny of the world, with countless categories and a slew of products with the online food ordering system for restaurants. Subcategory addition is another sweetener to it
  • Clutches the products and undergoes final category addition within a short time to the online delivery system
  • Add or remove any items from the galore of products to facilitate their ordering experience and land them swiftly to the next step
Flexible payment options
  • Acquire the attention of plenty of food lovers and keep the ball rolling with a myriad of payment options for skyscraping convenience
  • Offer benediction with options like cash on delivery or payment through digital wallets, cards or net banking
  • A hunk of security measures to make transactions in your Online Ordering System more secure and reliable on the spot

White-label ordering app- An icing to your business! Get it soon by partnering with us today!

We Are Not Just Your Development Partners, But Pals Too!

AppDupe is not just about developing solutions for Online Ordering for Restaurants, but we are also here to grow your business beyond the fringes. We are not just your development partner but are a pal to guide you and work with you to deliver success.

Our customer support team performs fervently to help AppDupe’s clients innovate, and ace in their business and our marketing team becomes the engine to bring new customers to your door.

Different Modules Of Our Food Online Ordering Systems

  • Online Ordering Web Panel
  • Web Panel

    Reinforce an archetypal business by making online ordering easier for hungry tummies with website ordering. Create an alluring online food ordering website to draw them to your business with an amazing online experience.

    Avoid relying on a third-party marketing service by turning your website into a powerful marketing tool in itself! With the most interactive marketing tool, you can turn visitors into regular customers.

    Set up your restaurant, list all the food items, facilitate online payment and provide them access to the tempting delicacies of yours!

    1 SEO-centric website and CMS

    2 User-friendly and interactive menu listings

    3 Lavish design with quicker checkouts

  • White-label Food Ordering App
  • White-label Apps

    Websites are surely a mode of more conversion, but who needs that when they can order while on the go with a mobile Online Ordering System? Potential customers are app users. Attract them to your business by posting all your dishes on a mobile food ordering app without hassles.

    Paint it to your choice by changing the brand and logo to your business requirements. Irresistible perks are:

    1 Branded mobile apps for delivery agent and customer

    2 Hassle-free order tracking and history

    3 Benefits of flexible payments

  • Order Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard

    Take your business in your stride! Manage all your food orders, pick up and delivery, cancellations and customer feedback all in one place. The best on-demand software right here!

    A powerful and security measures clad admin dashboard to help you pull the right strings. Analyse the reports and the data to trigger sales and amplify the productivity of your business to the apex.

    1 Smart inventory management of food

    2 Restaurant and menu management

    3 Performance monitoring

The Workflow Of Online Ordering System

  • Customer AppSmart technology is one thing, but what if it is implemented in offering the preferences? Yay! The restaurant ordering app’s smart suggestions are something that can give conventional restaurant bookings a run for their money! An intuitive mobile app, professional ordering experience, advanced filter options, etc., studded in the backend. Take the ticket to the gravy train!

  • Restaurant AppAn Online Ordering solution For Restaurants comes with an exclusive restaurant app to satisfy the taste buds of your customer. Swift as an arrow, you can reach your customers with the best and frequent cuisine updations. Lightning menu management, order management and stock management according to the stock availability in your restaurant.

  • Rider AppEfficiency is analogous to the app. Our restaurant order management is in-built with navigation which will let the riders barrel through the traffic that is grating. Best routes. Briefest delivery time. Big-time victory! Of course, riders will be the happiest person with big bickies because of the up-to-date earnings and commissions.

Bundle Of Gratuities Served On A Plate. Get The Online Food Ordering System For Restaurants Today!

Top Features of Our Online Ordering System

Customer App

Restaurant Menu The Online Ordering for Restaurants solutions has all the delicious cuisines and dishes at a single place with vital updations and desired additions for the users exclusively!

Push NotificationsDiscounts, offers or coupons, order status, and whatnot alert your users about every new update and give them all the reasons to choose your app over others!

Order TradingExtricate any uncertainties about the order status of the delivery and hamper their curiosity with real-time order tracking.

In-app PaymentsWhen everything is automated and in-built, why should users hunt down for a reliable source of payment? Of Course not. With multiple payment gateways integration, the worries about the delay and the security are nothing but a foregone story.

Social Media LoginUsers can dodge all the compulsion to provide personal information or troublesome registration. One tap on their social media account handles, and they are not even a step away from filling their tummies. User-centric app, bull’s eye!

Delivery Person App

Manage OrdersBarring no one, the restaurant ordering app puts on view all the upcoming orders, completed orders in a single window, so there is no need to hop from one page to another: only imperative stuff and inflated savings.

Real-time TrackingThanks to the app’s clear navigation panel, now the delivery person can track the shortest route to the customer’s location and deliver it presto.

Payment HistoryLet the delivery agents look at the dibs/ rewards for their quickest accomplishment by looking at the payment history.

ProfileA digital ID of the delivery agent basically depicting all the information about them. A trustworthy platform is worth a global success!

Delivery InformationThis feature will contain all the details about the customer’s destination, name and address along with the route optimized map for the quickest delivery. This is what we mean by our Online Ordering System solution being ‘studious’.

Order HistoryEnable your delivery agents to view all their accomplished orders based on different bases like weekly, monthly or yearly. A perfect progress report of their works is what we call it.

Store App

Manage OrdersWe mean it when we say that you can manage your operations efficiently; here’s what we mean- an immensely supporting feature! Designed in a way that you can accept the orders and move forward in the chart like a pro.

Real-time RequestsDexterous software that will showcase all the recent orders as soon as the customers place them. Spanking new features to the list for a productive restaurant business.

Payment HistoryRack up the millions of bills from the restaurant business with an entire history of the incoming payments and move forward in leaps and bounds.

Menu ManagementTurn up the heat in your restaurant business by posting in your Online Ordering System, the newest dishes and delicacies to the population, depending on the demand. Now meeting the users’ demand is nothing short of child’s play.

Order HistoryWhether global traction or augmented orders, take a glimpse at all of them with this feature. A holistic view of the successful orders and radical progress to roadmap the success.

Admin Panel

Menu ManagementManage and add all the additional choices for menu and add-ons that are most preferred by the customers with its time slot. We bet you’ll ever complain about lesser sales here!

Powerful ReportingScrutinize all insights about the various aspects like overall order, restaurant earning, merchant transaction, consolidation etc. What more do you need? A brilliant strategy, obviously.

Delivery Agent ManagementHandle all the operation from reassigning the delivery executives, locating them and managing their details or updating the same with the powerful panel.

Promo CodesYou have the reign to change the destination of your business. With the introduction of promo codes, offers and discounts etc., on the right occasions, you can call it a victory!

Delivery Zone ManagementStrike into the next step of a profitable future by setting the boundaries for your business and excel in it like a champion with a Food Ordering App. Strike, excel and repeat!

Seasoned Solution. Marinated In Modern Technology.
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Digitize Your Restaurant Business With
Our White-label Food Ordering System

Ever wondered about how to incite an online presence for your restaurant business? Well, not anymore! Now ratchet up your sales and user base by powering your business with an online ordering system.

Real-time OrdersReceive all the real-time notifications about the incoming orders and ensure to fulfil the cravings of the foodies. On-time orders, sublime venture!

Flexible Payments Fused with robust and solid payment methods for preferred and flexible payment options for a crowning restaurant business.

Data-driven InsightsSteamroll a bonzer business by analyzing and keeping tabs on various metrics with valuable insights and draught excel decisions.

Why Choose Us?

AppDupe is a leading restaurant management app development company helping restaurateurs; cafes unleash the power of digitizing their business by developing an Online Ordering System for Restaurants. We have years of proficiency in developing engagement-driven software solutions that will help entrepreneurs like you to automate all the business processes and home in on just the productivity. Our tech stack is avant-garde that will aid you in going great guns in your venture. Obviously, you will be fulfilling the desires of the global population to try your delicacies. What’s next? Indeed a zest to your business!

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the software on the mutually agreed deadline.
Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service to solve any issues that arise in our Food Ordering App is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail yourself of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.
Definitely, our on-demand delivery app is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.
We have a team of efficient and dedicated professionals who make sure that the quality is never compromised. Our Quality Assurance team will make sure that there are no glitches or chances of malfunctions in the Online Ordering system that is going to be developed.

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