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Launch An Ethereum Smart Contract Based Doubleway MLM Clone Script

At Appdupe, we offer Doubleway MLM clone script that is loaded with all features like and additional advanced features. Being a 100% customizable solution, it can be quickly customized and launched in the market in the shortest time possible. If you wish to join the MLM business sector, it is a perfect opportunity worth considering.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Doubleway MLM clone is highly secured and reliable. The smart contract based solution ensures the entire system is decentralized, not limited from exploring its fullest potential. Launch this unique MLM solution in your niche and take advantage of the emerging business trend.

What Is A Doubleway MLM Clone?

Doubleway clone is a multi-level marketing platform that involves cryptocurrencies. It includes all vital features and functionalities similar to, a leading MLM business reaching heights ever since the end of 2019. Our clone solution is an Ethereum Smart Contract based platform, assuring users that it is a highly reliable option to make huge income. Like, our Doubleway MLM clone script is sure to help you scale big and make multi-millions.

Doubleway Clone MLM Structure

The doubleway clone MLM platform is built on a 2x8 binary matrix and the entire system is managed by a Smart Contract, ensuring that it is immutable.

In this model, a user can register with the platform effortlessly. Upon joining, they can start referring the platform to others via affiliate link and add more users to the platform, thereby becoming a lead. As the user keeps increasing the downline volume, the commission keeps steadily increasing. This is how you can earn a massive user base for your MLM platform.

Let’s get into the details,

There are totally 8 levels in the MLM platform. Users can enter the 1st level by paying 0.08 ETH, and it gets completed when users add two members directly to their downline. They can progress to the 2nd level by paying 0.16 ETH, and the members to add in the downline rises to four. The downline member count keeps expanding exponentially, leading to 256 members in the 8th level. It is the top-most level where users can earn 2621.44 ETH. Overall, users can make a revenue of approximately 3500 ETH in 64 days.

Profit Table



Member Count



0.08 ETH


0.16 ETH


0.16 ETH


0.64 ETH


0.32 ETH


2.56 ETH


0.64 ETH


10.24 ETH


1.28 ETH


40.96 ETH


2.56 ETH


163.84 ETH


5.12 ETH


655.36 ETH


10.24 ETH


2621.44 ETH

Total Income

3495.2 ETH in 64 Days
20971.2 ETH in a Year

How Doubleway MLM Clone Script Works?

  • 1

    Users can sign up and join the 1st level of the MLM platform by paying 0.08 ETH to their upline members every two months. Once registered, users will also start receiving income every two months. Here, users will pay only for signing up. After this, all transactions will be made with the income earned in the previous month.

  • 2

    Users can log in to the MLM platform using their Ethereum wallet number. Here, the password is not needed as the platform is managed by a Smart contract. It is to be noted that user accounts cannot be blocked or deleted, owing to the platform’s immutable nature.

  • 3

    Users can start adding members to their downline by referring the platform to more users. They can attract referrals in several ways - get referrals from their upline, wait until the system brings referrals, or attract new users to the platform via affiliate links.

  • 4

    As the process continues, users will start receiving automatic transactions from smart contracts. Users do not have to accept or request transactions; everything will be automatically deposited in the Ethereum wallet of users.

  • 5

    Upon reaching 510 anonymous referrals and 3500 ETH in two months, one MLM cycle will be completed. After this, the cycle will keep repeating every two months, building a stable MLM structure.

Multiply Your User Base Exponentially With A Leading Ethereum Smart Contract Based MLM Platform Like!

Detailed Compensation Plan Of Our Doubleway MLM Clone

Let’s take a detailed look at how the MLM system expands in a period of 64 days.

Level 1 - A user pays 0.08 ETH, refers 2 downline members, and earns 0.16 ETH.

Level 2 - A user pays 0.16 ETH, refers 4 downline members, and earns 0.64 ETH.

Level 3 - A user pays 0.32 ETH, refers 8 downline members, and earns 2.56 ETH.

Level 4 - A user pays 0.64 ETH, refers 16 downline members, and earns 10.24 ETH.

Level 5 - A user pays 1.28 ETH, refers 32 downline members, and earns 40.96 ETH.

Level 6 - A user pays 2.56 ETH, refers 64 downline members, and earns 163.84 ETH.

Level 7 - A user pays 5.12 ETH, refers 128 downline members, and earns 655.36 ETH.

Level 8 - A user pays 10.24 ETH, refers 256 downline members, and earns 2621.44 ETH.

Benefits Of Our Doubleway MLM Clone App

Completely Decentralized

Being run by the Smart Contract, the entire MLM system is decentralized, eliminating human intervention entirely. Also, the system cannot be stopped or modified, or the funds of users cannot be withheld.


First and foremost, users will only pay 0.08 ETH every two months, which they are paid back with their first referrals. Thus, the platform boasts itself as a risk-free system.

Automatic Referrals

If users couldn’t find referrals, the system will automatically assign referrals. These referrals are users who joined the platform without any upline reference.

Upline Referrals

When an MLM cycle gets completed, users can refer upline members and add them under them. It ensures the system goes on without any interruption.

Inactive Referrals

Users can easily multiply their income with inactive referrals, emerging as a passage of all referrals under their downline.

P2P Transactions

All transactions taking place in the platform are automatically controlled, without the management of the administrator. Thus, the funds of users can never be accessed by anyone.

Features Of White-label Doubleway MLM Clone

  • 2x8 Matrix Scheme

    The Doubleway MLM script is built on a 2x8 matrix scheme where the investment, downline member count, and the income grows exponentially with each MLM level.
  • Decentralized system

    The entire system is decentralized, ensuring no manual intervention. It is managed by the smart contract that allows faster transactions and high immutability.
  • Instant payouts

    The transactions and the payments are processed swiftly and efficiently, ensuring there is no delay in the functioning of the entire MLM system.
  • P2P payments

    Backed by the Smart Contract Blockchain, no authority can access the funds of users in the platform. All transactions are processed automatically without any delay.
  • Faster transaction speed

    The platform is built with the most advanced technology, ensuring it can process several ETH transactions concurrently.
  • Crypto wallets

    Our Doubleway MLM clone script can support cryptocurrency wallets - MetaMask and Trust Wallet.
  • Hack-proof

    The MLM platform is protected with several layers of multi-grade security, ensuring it is free from unauthorized access, hacks, and thefts.
  • Global support

    The Doubleway clone extends multilingual and multi-currency support, allowing users to access the platform’s content in their preferred language and pay in the mode of their convenience.

Why Doubleway Like Ethereum Smart Contract Based MLM?

Our Doubleway MLM platform is built on the Ethereum Smart Contract, making the whole system decentralized and 100% transparent. All data are presented in a distributed ledger, which users can access effortlessly.

This Smart Contract controlled MLM tree builds trust and credibility among your target audience. They are assured that it is a trustworthy platform worth investing to earn a substantial revenue.

Doubleway MLM Clone Script: A Commercially Viable Smart Contract MLM Solution For A Surefire Hit!

Consultation To Start A Unique MLM Business

As there are several players in the MLM market, there comes a need to stand out from the crowd. A need to offer something extraordinary than your competitors. Working in the field for several years, we understand the demand to build an innovative MLM business solution.

Our passion for helping businesses succeed has driven us to offer consulting services to people looking to build a unique MLM model. Connect with our experts; we will guide you to build a one-of-a-kind solution!

A Simple Business Plan To Kick-start A Smart Contract MLM Business Like Doubleway

Start with listing the value proposition of your MLM platform and how it stands out from other MLM businesses.
Finalize the MLM business model and revenue strategies, and how people can move to the next level to earn their income.
Integrate the most profitable matrix scheme into your MLM system, so you can attract more users to your business.
Include the Smart Contract in the MLM system, ensuring that the system is wholly decentralized.
Have a clear idea about the protocols to establish in the Smart Contract.
Choose the leading development partner who can assist you in every step of the way in the MLM platform development.
Upon completion of the development, launch your profitable MLM business like Doubleway in the market.

Why Choose Appdupe For Smart Contract Based MLM Script Development?

White-label solution
Quick customization
24x7 customer support
Hack-proof MLM script
Built with the latest technology stack
Cost-effective solution
Multilingual and multi-currency support
Cross-platform compatibility
Free software launch support
Free maintenance support (for a limited time)

Enter The Highly Profitable MLM Business With Our Doubleway Clone. Now At An Unbeatable Price!


Yes. Multi-Level Marketing is a highly remunerative business. It helps business owners earn a massive user base, which results in huge profits in a short period of time.

Yes, we do extend consultation to entrepreneurs and business owners interested in investing in MLM businesses. We help them build a unique business model that can outperform their competitors.

Yes. Backed by the Ethereum Smart Contract, our Doubleway clone is utterly free from hacks and unauthorized access of information.

The development cost is influenced by several factors, including features, technology, and a lot more. We can finalize these and arrive at the development cost only after understanding your business model and requirements.

Contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected]. You can also connect via the chat option on our website.

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