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The ripple effect of the emergence of the Internet has shifted the convention bill & recharge payment industry from being a tenacious experience to a breezy affair. With customer experience and the ability to confer recharge services within a few taps taking center stage, the demand for intuitive digital wallet apps has soared unprecedentedly. A mobile recharge app works by assisting customers in recharging from various service providers and paying bills from a range of sectors. The smartphone count exceeding the 4 billion mark superimposes the perennial relevance of digital wallets.

At Appdupe, we have devised an absolute gem of a recharge app- the Freecharge clone. Infused with world-class features assorted into a riveting UI, it’s designed to proffer seamless recharge experience to users at a speed of lightning.

Highlighted Features
of Freecharge Clone

Mobile RechargeOur Freecharge clone enables swift recharge of mobile accounts that can either be prepaid or postpaid; all that requires is entering the phone number or selecting from the contact lists. Any recharge plans/service providers can be accessed almost instantly!

DTH RechargeEnjoy uninterrupted entertainment by recharging your DTH services at the touch of a button. Multiple plans and respective service providers can be barged in with virtually no failure rate with our Freecharge clone!

Data Cards RechargeEnsure the sheer consistency of Internet connectivity with our Freecharge clone as it could facilitate recharges of data cards from a variety of service providers and data recharge plans.

Pay Electricity Bill Eliminate the need for toiling with unending queues and replace it with a capacity of paying home and commercial electricity bills from the comfort of personal spaces. The meter number and cost are all enough for our Freecharge clone.

Pay Landline BillPayment settlement of landline connections from your mobile is fast-tracked with our Freecharge clone by entering the bill number and the service provider details. Corporate telephone bills can be paid too!

Pay Gas Bill Our Freecharge clone facilitates effortless payment of home utility bills like the gas bill. Enter the bill number and choose your gas provider and boom your bill will be settled. Similar kinds of bills can also be paid in the same manner!

Pay Metro CardThe smart cards for metro transits can be rapidly recharged besides other services like local train pass, metropolitan transport service pass, etc. Our Freecharge takes the minimal most transaction time and flaunts a zero failure rate.

Account ManagementUsers are provided with an array of configurations and can add/delete/modify bank accounts, credit/debit cards, access their transaction history, repeat recharge, export account details, etc., willingly.

Offers & ReferralsDole out exciting offers and exclusive discounts for recharges in our Freecharge clone. Escalate user traction by rewarding them redeemable points for every successful referral of their friends and acquaintances into the application.

What’s Unique With Our Freecharge Clone?

White-Label SolutionBranding and rebranding our Freecharge clone with your logo and allied business identity attributes is a cakewalk since ours is a world-class white labeled solution.

Multiple Commission StructureCatering the needs of both B2B and B2C recharge obligations, the Freecharge clone suffuses you with a range of revenue streams. A highly practical multifunctional digital wallet solution!

Multi-Platform CompatibilityLeverage the entire spectrum of mobile users as our Freecharge clone is available in native iOS and Android versions and compatible with cross platforms.

One App - Many SolutionsThe Freecharge clone clears the way for a streamlined recharge of scores of requirements including prepaid/postpaid mobile recharge, electricity bill, gas bill, internet bill, water bill, insurance bill, OTT subscription, DTH recharge, etc.

Multi Payment IntegrationsEmpower your users to facilitate recharge from a variety of sources such as credit/debit cards, bank accounts, net banking, etc., as alternatives.

Ecommerce IntegrationWhy limit your operations to recharge services, when you can capitalize on the universal appeal of ecommerce by integrating shopping carts into your Freecharge clone? Multidimensional in every sense.

SMS Based Recharge Offline recharge is redefined with our Freecharge clone by proffering an exclusive application for customers to recharge their subscriptions without internet connection through SMS authentication.

Advanced Analytical ReportsApp owners are conferred with scores of intuitive reports depicting their business performance embedded with crucial financial and operational metrics.

API IntegrationConfigure your Freecharge clone with your preferred functionalities as third-party APIs can readily be integrated with the application.

Auto Refund FeatureExpress the trustworthiness of your digital wallet platform by enabling the users to avail of automated refunds for any failed recharge requests.

We provide Flexible Multifunctional Mobile Payment Solutions
with Freecharge Clone

Our arresting array of mobile payments solutions flaunts a striking commonality- customer-centric approach.

Mobile Prepaid WalletCapitalize the ingenuity of our custom-made mobile prepaid wallet development solutions that are affixed with exciting features like multi-payment functionality, speedy recharge processing expressing ingrained nuances and business sensibilities.

Mobile Payment ChannelOur Freecharge clone can be tweaked to act as a stock facilitator of peer-to-peer transactions from diverse sources besides credit/debit cards, net banking, etc. But the real highlight is the multi compatibility of the app.

Cryptocurrency Mobile WalletPlunge into the future of the transaction world through our revolutionary blockchain-powered cryptocurrency Freecharge clone that smooths the way for bitcoin trading and purchasing.

Mobile Payment ProcessingBy integrating breakthrough technology like NFC, QR, MST, and BLE, we have reimagined the speed of mobile payment transactions processing of our Freecharge clone. Platform switch and API integrations can also be readily achieved.

Merchant Mobile WalletsOur business-class merchant version of Freecharge clone eases the business process as it is bolted with benefits like automated cost splitter, complete access to transactional details, and comprehensive technical support.

Mobile Wallet IntegrationsWith the aid of open-source APIs, we effortlessly integrate mobile wallets into applications and leverage third-party wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterPass, PaySafe, etc., to ramp up your business functionalities.

Mobile Wallet DesignOur holistic approach to wallet designing proffers us the ability to create immersive UI/UX designed to impart a spectacular user experience that’s marked by the strains of complete user-friendliness.

Mobile POS SystemBy leveraging third-party point-of-sale vendors, we offer a bunch of nonpareil services, such as card emulation software development, Peer-2-Peer communication, initiator, target, etc. NFC platforms and mobile devices.

Mobile Payments SecurityWe epitomize massive security protocols for Secure Elements(SE) and Host Card Emulation platforms(HCE) through tokenization, PCI-approved P2PE, EMV, data encryption, ECC, etc., to superimpose a sense of supreme payments security.

Our Freecharge Clone
Can Act as a Customized Wallet App for Various Industries.

Retail SectorTime to say goodbye to the tenacious cash transactions on retail outlets! Business owners operating in retail can leverage the power of digital-enabled instant cash deposits and streamline the purchasing experience considerably. A Freecharge clone is all that is needed.

EcommerceWith digital transactions being part and parcel of any ecommerce site and increasing m-commerce users signify the invincibility of mobile wallets in this particular business. Integrate our Freecharge clone for immediate upscaling of your ecommerce business.

Financial FirmsSupersizing business traction of financial establishments is now a cakewalk with an astute mobile wallet app devised to amplify operations with an overtone of ramped-up security and privacy. A no-brainer solution for firms operating in finance.

How Does it Work?


Registration User registers and creates an account with essential information such as email ID, phone number, etc.


Add Bank AccountUsers then link the Freecharge clone user account with their respective bank accounts through SMS verification.


Select Recharge TypeUsers are prompted to pick on the recharge type among various categories like mobile recharge, gas bill, water bill, etc., and select the service provider among the available list.


Enter AmountUsers then enter the amount to be recharged/Bill number and verify the recharge details on display and confirm the payment.


Receive ConfirmationUsers are updated with the status of transactions through in-app notifications. The latest offers and discounts are too notified.

Features that set out Freecharge Clone apart from the rest

  • Swift OnboardingUsers can willingly storm into the Freecharge clone by entering their email address or social media credentials.

  • Link Bank AccountRecharges can immediately be initiated by smart linking of bank accounts with the Freecharge clone app through secured SMS verification.

  • Browse OperatorsUsers are entitled to hover through a plethora of plans available, and service providers proffering them and select what they have intended for.

  • QR Code ScannerRecharge at a blink of an eye through scanning the service provider's QR code through the in-app scanner.

  • Push NotificationsUsers are regularly updated about the latest offers and exclusive discounts available in the Freecharge clone through push notifications.

  • Instant RechargeUsers are authorized to pay various prepaid/postpaid mobile bills, subscriptions, and utility bills through the app hassle-free.

  • Offers and Scratch CardsUsers are able to receive scratch cards and offer for recharges above a determined limit and can avail offers conferred by service providers.

  • Referral BonusUsers are rewarded with real money and redeemable points for every successful referral of their friends, family, and acquaintances.

  • Review and RatingsUsers can express their genuine opinion on the recharge service and overall functionality of your app.

  • Support CornerCustomer support functions like the FAQ queries field; contact details are readily available to active customer service users.

  • RegistrationBy employing their smart login credentials, agents can straightaway enter the Freecharge application.

  • Agent WalletAgents are very well equipped with a wallet exclusively for the purpose of their personal recharges and bill transactions.

  • Agent AccountAgents can unhesitatingly add/edit/modify business details such as agency logo, description, contact information, etc.

  • Transaction ManagementSensitive details such as total recharge, commission earned, and an agent can effectively manage the commission percentage.

  • Analytical ReportsAgents are armed with extensive insights about the customer psyche and market trends through advanced analytical reports.

  • Referral BonusBy referring users through their registered numbers, agents are authorized to chime in monetary rewards.

  • Offer Management In order to constructively enhance their business traction, agents are permitted to concord various offers and perks for their recharge plans.

  • SupportAgents can outrightly raise questions and register their queries related to technical and business operations through a dedicated query field.

  • Centralized DashboardAdmins are bestowed with god's eye view of the entire proceedings of the Freecharge clone app and effectively manage them.

  • Manage UsersThe complete legion of users of the Freecharge clone can be accessed and added/blocked for valid reasons by the admin.

  • Manage RechargeAdmins can get a hold on the hordes of recharge plans along with their crucial information such as price, descriptions, terms & conditions, etc.

  • Manage PaymentsFinancial management would now be a definitive deed as admins have control over the billing and transaction details of the Freecharge clone.

  • Manage Offers and Referrals Admins can assign specific perks and offer unique recharge plans for users to enhance user engagement.

  • Analytical ReportsBy harnessing the tremendous power of data, admins are provided with analytical reports accrediting them to avail reasoned business decisions.

  • Geo LocationBy integrating locating services like GPS, aid your users to process recharges securely through creating geofences around their preferred location.

  • Multi Linguistic SupportLeverage a global user base by configuring your recharge payment services in the world's major languages and rake unprecedented revenue.

  • Data Feeds IntegrationExtend your app's longevity by integrating massive data feeds, capable of ensuring the robust execution of business.

  • Cloud-based OperationsNail down unbelievably fast recharge processing by adopting cloud-based data transmission that's both secure and agile.

  • In-App ChatBotVouch for the perfect recharge experience by pampering your users with AI-powered chatbots facile enough to resolve repetitive user queries.

Dashing Add-Ons to our Freecharge Clone

Payment Wallet App

PortabilityRecharge anywhere, anytime devoid of connectivity constraints as our Freecharge app is ominously portable and enables offline usage.

Auto BackupData distortion is non-existent with our imposing auto-back feature that restores moment-to-moment data across any device.

Digital Receipt Tracking the economic outturns has never been this easy as every transaction is mirrored into financial history through digital receipts.

Digital SignatureOur immersive understanding of security and privacy is reflected in the three-layer protection of the app armed by the authentication of digital signatures.

Complete ProtectionOur PCI compliant Freecharge clone is intrinsically shielded from countless threats and vulnerabilities.

Reward PointsDesignate your loyal users with redeemable reward points, scratch cards, and payment waivers for successful referrals.

Cryptocurrency TradingTrading popular cryptocurrency in an unconditionally legal application is a delicate operation, and we proffer them at our Freecharge clone.

Paid Services: Crypto Wallet Integration

Provide the best P2P functionality to your users, that drives secure, authenticated and quick transactions through a cryptocurrency wallet. It comes along with extraordinary features including very fast transactions, two-factor authentication, push notifications and duplicate payment detection.

Here are the Perks of Cryptocurrency:

  • Two kinds of trading can be availed

  • Transaction fees are way cheaper than conventional bank payments

  • You can make fast and efficient transactions

  • You can operate from a safe zone

Revenue model in our Freecharge Clone

Our ingenious Freecharge clone catapults different revenue streams to infuse you with arguably the most important reward for any entrepreneur, the revenue.

Transaction FeeHow about getting paid for every transaction that takes place through your platform? Sounds interesting? It's a reality with our Freecharge clone as it inflicts a prefixed percentage of commission from both service providers and users. A highly-profitable approach!

Coupons & PromotionsA multitude of companies display their promotional coupons in the Freecharge clone in exchange for a substantial charge. With more and more service providers entering the fray, coupons pose a lucrative revenue stream and are consistently rewarding.

How do we strengthen your Freecharge Clone?

  • Near Field CommunicationsWe infuse NFC's spectacularity to ensure the recharge process is extremely secure and fast as the eye of a hurricane.

  • QR Code TechnologyThe whole process of recharging becomes uncomplicated as it can be readily initiated by scanning QR codes unique to specific service providers and plans.

  • iBeacon & Bluetooth TechnologyEliminate the need for manual swiping of credit/debit cards as the innovative BlueTooth technology intensifies recharge processing speed.

Homepage of Payment Wallet App

Managed security services with Freecharge clone

  • Managing VulnerabilityOur aggressively agile vulnerability management process breaks down any minute strains of vulnerability on your Freecharge clone before app deployment. It comprehensively ensures you’re armed only with a world-beating robust application.

  • Application SecurityWe accede over an all-encompassing security approach by conducting the source code and black box to our development process that’s superlatively stringent to levitate the app security into unassailable heights. Threats, bugs, glitches, data leaks become non-existent.

  • Penetration TestingOur app development process is concluded with an in-depth penetration testing process to knock out any possible security threats and confer your mobile digital payments application with unwavering finesse.

of our Freecharge clone app development services

  • User-FriendlinessThe app's magnanimity is contrasted with its innate usability, imparting an ultra-fluid user experience for customers and a streamlined business process for service providers.

  • Transparent ProcessThe whole spectrum of recharge activities are condensed together in a singular application, and every step leading to recharge is concisely transparent with heightened discoverability.

  • Payment AccuracyIncorrect payment and ghost entries are conveniently avoided to ensure accurate recharge payment through our Freecharge clone.

  • Time ManagementBy integrating the exceptionally useful calendar feature, effective scheduling and notification before deadlines of subscriptions and bill payments are ensured.

  • Payment SecurityBestowed with the best security shields, we present you with the best-in-class applications that possess security at its zenith.

  • Enchanting UIDivulging a profound recharge experience, the immersive user interface makes the in-app implications a breezy affair and results in an enhanced conversion rate.



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What Support will You get with our Freecharge clone?

  • 100% CustomizableWe are experts in recreating innovative applications that are in line with your requirements and business sensibilities.

  • Complete Bug SupportWith our splendid Freecharge clone, you also get a one-year service that expels bugs or glitches in your application for free.

  • Tech SupportYou need not be a tech-savvy person as we confer a completely free technical support for one year from the date of app delivery.

  • Server InstallationWe make sure that the application and web panels are installed in Linux servers, and the process is fulfilled for free by us at the time of app delivery.

  • Open Source DatabaseMaximum privacy is ensured as we employ open-source software such as MySQL that require the lowest license renewal cost and maintenance.

  • Payment IntegrationsWe embed some of the most widely used payments systems and third-party APIs to leverage global mobilizing of revenue.

  • Lifetime AccessYou are crowned the only owner of the mobile digital wallet platform, and the source codes, along with ownership rights, are wholesomely transferred to your discretion.

Why is Appdupe your best bet for a Freecharge clone?

Cutting-edge TechnologyWe mold up our applications into avant-garde stature by channelizing groundbreaking technological advancements. Robustness is our defining attribute!

Top-Notch QualityWe compromise on anything but quality. That’s a reason we transcend multiple constraints to give rise to an ingrained business solution.

One Time InvestmentEverlasting reaping of limitless benefits overweighs your one-time investment. Our offerings are devised to ascend your entrepreneurial efforts!

Gorgeous UIComplementing the superfast app functionality, we have forged out a user interface that’s poignant enough to be deemed therapeutic.

Ownership RightsThe moment your Freecharge clone is devised and developed, we make you the sole owner of the application and the original source code.

On-Time DeliveryOur all-encompassing approach to app development has bestowed us the ability to deliver your Freecharge clone on for before the mutually agreed upon delivery date.

Tech Stack

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our Freecharge script is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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