Launch A Ethereum Smart Contract Backed MLM Like Etrix

Ready-made, customizable Etrix MLM clone script to liven your MLM business journey. Built on the Ethereum Blockchain network, it is fast-performing and offers high security.

Enter The MLM Business Space With A Pragmatic MLM Clone Script

Etrix clone script is a smart contract backed MLM solution that runs on the advanced Ethereum Blockchain network. It is a decentralized system, eliminating the need for an admin to manage the entire business operations. It is packed with various matrix schemes like Force Matrix, Team Matrix, and more. Our Etrix clone offers a risk-free and efficient way to earn high ROI for the long term. Connect with us to amp up your MLM business growth with our cutting-edge solution swiftly!

What is MLM Clone? MLM clone is a ready-made solution that helps you launch a profitable MLM like It is a smart contract-based MLM solution that is built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. The smart contract allows users to exchange assets or money in a hassle-free manner, without the intervention of a central authority. The major aspect of this solution is its transparent attribute, keeping users informed of all details. Also, the entire system is immutable, preventing any change to the predefined protocols. Clone MLM Structure clone is a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) crowdfunding platform that lets your users earn 806 ETH for 90 days hassle-free. The platform strongly implies that users will never lose money by involving in this business system. It is one of the few MLM structures with two matrices that function concurrently.

Forced Matrix

It follows the binary tree structure. Here, users have to explain the revenue prospects of the MLM business to potential users and make them register under themselves. By doing so, existing users can earn the first level commission.

Team Matrix

In the team matrix, new members registering on the platform are added to the same team as existing members. This matrix is activated only when each user gains two direct referrals. Also, existing users might stay ahead of the new users to not lose their commissions.

Hybrid Matrix

The hybrid matrix operates almost similar to the team matrix model. The only difference is the commission structure that is usually in a hybrid form.

Wallet Options In Our Etrix Clone App

Exchanges take place only with two wallet systems - MetaMask and Trust Wallet.


An excellent wallet option for those using PCs and Laptops.

Trust Wallet

The best choice for users accessing the platform from their smartphones.

Looking to build a secure, decentralized smart contract based MLM like Etrix? Look no further. We are here to assist in your incredible journey!

Our Offering:
White Label Smart Contract MLM Software Development Solution Like Etrix

MLM businesses are steadily moving towards the digital space, offering increased operational efficiency, enhanced security, and complete transparency. Most of the MLM solutions are built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. These solutions are decentralized, eliminating the intrusion of third-parties and offering enriched user experience. With automated business processes, issues like downtime, latency are completely dismissed. In a nutshell, our MLM software solution is an ideal option to amplify your business growth and strengthen your revenue model.

How Does The Etrix MLM Clone Script Work?

  • 1


    Users can effortlessly sign up with the platform by paying 0.08 ETH, which will be sent to their upline members.

  • 2

    Log in

    Users can sign in to the platform using the Ethereum wallet number given. The password is not needed in this step as the entire system runs on the smart contract that eliminates the need for admin management.

  • 3

    Referring more users

    Users will start earning commissions only after referring two more users. The new users will pay 0.08 ETH, which will be sent to users who referred them as they are the upline members of new users.

  • 4

    Earn Commission

    After signing in, users will be operating under the forced matrix. After gaining two successful referrals, they can activate the team matrix. Refer to the below table to understand how the profit is calculated at each level.

  • 5

    Profit table of Etrix Clone (90 Days - 806 ETH)

  • 6

    Constant repetition

    For each level, the user stays active for 90 days. Users can also choose to extend their period if need be.

  • 7

    Regular upgradation

    Users can upgrade to the next levels to generate more profits. Also, they should ensure to stay ahead of their downline members in terms of levels. Else, they will lose their commissions.


Of Our Smart Contract MLM Like Etrix.Io

E-walletThe platform houses different fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies and processes transactions by providing unique wallet addresses.

Crypto walletsEvery user owns an Ethereum wallet to store their cryptocurrencies within their wallet securely. These cryptocurrencies earned are directly deposited into the private wallet.

Multiple payment gatewaysThe platform is integrated with multiple payment gateways to allow users to process payments through the mode of their convenience.

Quick payoutThe platform includes various payout methods to accommodate the use of different currency types.

Multi-lingualAllows users to access the content in the language of their choice, offering a chance to scale your business globally.

ImmutabilityNo one can ever change the commission program as the entire system is highly immutable.

Smart contract auditTo ensure there is no lag in the platform’s workflow, an audit on the performance of the entire system is presented with all needed information.

Seamless functionalityThe platform can handle up to 10 million users concurrently, without any hassle or delay in the operations.

Hack-proofThe platform is protected with several security layers to ensure it is prevented from all possible hacks and unauthorized access.

Cross-platform compatibilityUsers can access the platform from all devices - smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops, and more, as it is compatible with all operating systems.

Our Blockchain Powered MLM Business Ecosystem

  • Multi-currency wallet

    For effortless transfer of cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies of any type can be stored in our crypto wallet and can be transferred instantly. The chat module can be used to send or receive crypto assets.

    Multi-level protection

    Secure private keys

    Swift exchanges

  • External crypto exchanges

    Quick buying and selling of cryptos

    Users can quickly buy or sell cryptocurrencies from leading exchanges directly from the MLM platform, eliminating the need to leave the platform to process transactions.

    High-end security

    Seamless exchanges

    Quick transactions

  • Investment structure

    To make hefty profits

    Our Etrix MLM clone includes an advanced, secure investment model that allows many users to participate in the MLM business system and multiply their investment.

    Automated processes

    Complete transparency

    Smart contract based system

Choose our white-label MLM solution driven by Smart Contract for a surefire hit!


Exclusive Benefits Of Our Etrix MLM Clone

Make the smart move of integrating our white-label Etrix MLM clone into your MLM business system, amping up its operations to the next level. Here are the perks of availing our solution:

  • Readily customizable

  • Budget-friendly solution

  • Varied MLM matrix schemes

  • No centralized authority control

  • Completely automated processes

  • Self-executing smart contract

  • Highly immutable

  • Hack-proof system

Why Build An MLM Platform Like Etrix Using A White-label Smart Contract MLM Script?

Personalizing a white-label smart contract MLM clone script is highly beneficial compared to developing the smart contract MLM solution from scratch. The key reasons that stress the importance of white-label MLM scripts are:

Seamless customization
Cost-effective solution
Swift launch

Our Etrix clone is a white-label solution that allows you to customize it as per your business requirements. However, the personalization is limited as it is an immutable solution.

The cost involved in customizing white-label solutions is also extremely low, compared to development from scratch. Also, the timeframe for the development of the MLM software is relatively less, ensuring quick deployment.

How Appdupe Is Unique In MLM Smart Contract Development?

Our Etrix MLM clone script is encoded with Blockchain backed data encryption, offering the highest level of protection available in the digital space.

We employ cutting edge technology in the development of the smart contract driven MLM platforms to ensure its stable performance. Our Etrix MLM clone is

Developed with the logic and tree structure of your business
Created by combining two or more logics and tree structures

Launch your smart contract backed MLM platform with our profitable Etrix MLM clone!


Why Our Smart MLM Clone Solution Like Etrix?

  • Decentralized system

    Our Etrix MLM clone script is built on the Ethereum Blockchain network. It entirely discharges the need for a centralized authority to manage business operations. The functionality of the platform is automated and secured end-to-end, offering enhanced user experience.

  • Instant P2P transactions

    Being built based on the smart contract, the platform allows seamless Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions between the users. Also, the funds are swiftly transferred to users’ wallets.

  • Tamper-proof solution

    Our smart contracts are immutable, i.e., immune to modifications. The entire system is predefined, and any further changes are eliminated, offering tamper protection.

  • Risk-free operations

    Our Etrix clone is powered with Blockchain technology that rules out human intervention. Thereby, any possible redundancy is excluded successfully. Also, the system ensures that the accounts of users cannot be deleted, hacked, or blocked.


Our development team includes proficient business analysts, skilled designers, expert developers, quality testers, and a project manager. They strive to build a cutting-edge platform for your business.

Yes. Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a highly profitable business. You can constantly gain more users, and in turn, hefty profits.

Once you get on board with us, we will assign you a project manager for your project, who will be your point of contact. He/She will communicate the project progress and other deliverables to you.

Our Etrix MLM Clone is a robust solution that can handle any number of users at a single time. It extends seamless performance and hassle-free operations.

Feel free to contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected]. You can also connect via the chat option on our website.

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