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How about foraying into a $1 trillion business that’s used by over 2 billion people worldwide? Sounds staggering? Strange yet true, the mobile wallet industry has toppled the means of conventional modes of transaction with its glorious nuances - superfast transactions at monstrous security. Arguably, starting a digital wallet application that’s capable of paying bills, recharge plans, and P2P transactions may be the most fail-proof business in the 21st century.

Prepare to win, as, at Appdupe, we have culminated our technical mastery and trade artistry to proffer a stunning mobile wallet solution - the Airtel Pay Clone. Drenched in spectacular features and sporting an arresting UI, it’s your silver sword for seizing entrepreneurial glory.

The Airtel Pay clone is cosmopolitan in every sense of the word and is compatible with major mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and even cross platforms. Smash the button to launch this gem of a mobile wallet app instantly!

  • Ramped Up Security Features

  • Streamlined User Interface

  • Multiple Payment Options Integration

  • Multilingual Support

  • Transaction History and Payment Tracking

  • Prompt Updates and Analytical Reports

Chief Differentiating Features
of Our Airtel Pay Clone

  • Bill Payment

    Bestow the ability to pay essential expenditures like electricity bill, water bill, property tax, gas bill, traffic fines, etc., from the comfort of home. No more clumsy queues!

  • Bank Account Sync

    Transferring money from your one account to another is now a breezy affair, thanks to the capacity to synchronize any number of bank accounts into the mobile wallet.

  • Add/ Check Balance

    Expedite transactions at a flash as users can add money into their digital wallet without a twitch and can access the entire history of transactions besides account balance.

  • Send/ Receive Money

    Conventional constraints are shattered as the Airtel Pay clone accredits users to send and receive money without the need for any challans/bills.

  • Referral System

    Gratify your users with extensive rewards such as hot cash, redeemable points, etc., for referring their friends and acquaintances to use the mobile wallet app.

  • Push Notifications

    Constructive measures for accelerating user engagement are fast-tracked as any promotional activities like offers, discounts, exclusive sale days can be instantly updated to the users through push notifications.

  • Superlative Security

    By deploying radical security assurance techniques like penetration testing, black box, etc., vulnerabilities and threats are hit out of the park and are virtually non-existent.

  • Multilingual Support

    The Airtel Pay clone is aligned for global reception; Hence we have configured it to support most of the world’s most spoken languages, captivating regional and international users alike.

Looking to Launch a Holistic eWallet App?

Amass a legion of users with a superiorly secured digital wallet app that's scalable at a go.

An Array of Digital Payment Requirements Made Possible
By Our Airtel Pay Clone

Peer-to-Peer TransferDash in the efficiency of transferring money from one wallet to another that's devoid of the tedious necessity to avail bank service through our Airtel Pay clone.

Cash WithdrawalNot just friends, one can even transfer money from the digital wallet to their bank account in order to swiftly withdraw cash without any hassle.

Recharge/ Bill PaymentTapping a few buttons on your Airtel Pay clone entitles you to effortlessly recharge your mobile plan and pay bills inclusive of water bill, DTH, broadband, electricity bill, etc.

Ticket BookingInfuse an overtone of relaxing ease by booking hotel reservations, flight/ train/ bus tickets, and other travel necessities through the intuitively unified Airtel Pay clone.

MicrofinanceDigitize the entire functionality of a physical bank by proffering highly-valued financial services like loans and EMI schemes to your customers.

Agency BankingEmpower a plentiful of banks to extend their digital medium operations by conferring your Airtel Pay Clone app as a premier payment method, thereby helping the banks go entirely branchless.

International OperationsTranscend functioning boundaries by conforming domestic as well as universal, transcontinental digital payment options through the Airtel Pay Clone.

PromotionsEnsure an unceasing customer retention rate graph by devising stellar offers, discounts, and cashback that mirrors the market trend.

Cryptocurrency ExchangeFurnish your business with a crypto exchange platform from the experts, operating over a decade. The platform connects global buyers and sellers through your offering.

We Strength the Airtel Pay Clone
with These Groundbreaking Advancements

Connectivity and convenience ooze out of our mobile wallet development solutions.

  • Near-Field Communication (NFC)Capitalize the growing reverence of non-contact payment mediums with our NFC-powered process that finesses profusely secured, mighty fast transactions at a short-range.

  • iBeacon & BlueToothThe Bluetooth-backed wireless technology ramps the transaction infrastructure by orchestrating payments in a blink of an eye. A highly-demanded feature!

  • QR CodeBy embedding an intelligent QR code scanner, significant offline payments can seemingly be conceived as the entire user base is assigned with personalized QR codes.

  • Online PaymentSuperimposing digital space's inherent agility and robustness, exclusive apps for payments can be developed using innovative development techniques.

Our Customized Mobile Wallet Development Solutions for Everyone

Contact In Phonepe App

Mobile Wallet App DevelopmentBeing experts in mobile wallet app development, we proffer you with a best-in-class digital wallet formulated to ensure massive reception among global users. Integrated with headlining features like NFC, QR, iBeacon, Offline transaction mode, etc. A clear winner!

Custom Mobile Wallet App DevelopmentRecreate your exact app vision at its entirety with hot off the fire features and functionality. This is made possible by deploying an outlandish measure of customization into the base application that adds up to your arsenal as a sure shot yet original solution.

Cryptocurrency Mobile Wallet DevelopmentDemystifying the aura around the revolutionary blockchain technology, we catalyze it to come up with astonishingly secured cryptocurrency wallets that rejuvenate adequate storage and selling of most popular cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

Merchant Mobile Wallet DevelopmentObsessed with the notion of streamlining the financial silo of business, we came up with tremendously valuable merchant wallet apps ingrained with features like automated tax calculator, ACH interface, cloud-storage of economic data, transactions of colossal size, etc.

Mobile Wallet DesignAn elegant user interface capable of enthralling the entire set of user silos precedes any feature or functionality of an app, and our in-house expert designers proficiently harness their creativity to compose various iterations of arresting UI.

Prepaid Mobile Wallet App DevelopmentBusiness expansion for service providers and other crucial stakeholders of the telecommunication niche can be forged by integrating the trade offer with a universally appealing prepaid mobile wallet.

Mobile Wallet IntegrationFusing the ingenuity of third-party payment options like Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc., into businesses irrespective of groupings, we stimulate exceptional growth as the so-called tedious payment process is made unimaginably streamlined.

The Workflow of Our Airtel Pay Clone

  • 1

    RegistrationUsers can register into the mobile wallet app through their phone numbers / email addresses or through social media credentials.

  • 2

    KYC VerificationUsers are requested to upload certain documents to adhere to local KYC verification regulations.

  • 3

    Link Bank AccountThrough SMS verification, users can link their bank accounts with the mobile wallet.

  • 4

    Add BalanceUsers can transfer money from their bank account to the wallet and vice-versa.

  • 5

    P2P TransferBy entering the essential details like contact number or bank account number, users can send money to anyone.

  • 6

    Pay BillAll kinds of utility bills and recharges can be done by the user through the mobile wallet.

  • 7

    Book TicketUsers can effortlessly book air/ train/ bus tickets and receive an invoice.

  • 8

    ConfirmationAfter every payment, users receive confirmation messages along with transaction details.

Complete List of Spectacular Features

Prompt RegistrationBy employing their smart login credentials or social media account linking, users can instantly login to their mobile wallet.

Bank Account LinkingThe KYC verified users are authorized to connect their mobile wallets with various credit/ debit cards and bank accounts to ensure seamless payments.

Add BalanceTo initiate immediate transactions, users are accredited to add money into their mobile wallet and access the account's current balance.

P2P TransferUsers can incontinently send money to any account, and all that is required is entering the phone number / unique ID/ bank account number.

Payment StatusTo accelerate customer trust, users are unceasingly provided with the live update of their transaction status through email, SMS, and push notifications.

Bills & RechargeProductivity is established as a multitude of indispensable bills that are part and parcel of everyday life like electricity bill, water will, broadband bill, mobile recharge bill can be paid swiftly.

Deals & DiscountsUsers are entitled to avail of the latest offers, discounts, exclusive sale days, and allied promotional campaigns devised by service providers.

Rewards & ReferralsFor every successful referral of a new user into the mobile wallet app, users are extensively rewarded with redeemable points and sometimes cash deposits in their accounts.

Payment HistoryThe transaction history is readily available to users as they can access the complete list of previous transactions along with timestamps and allied details.

Bill Splitting Users need not painstakingly burst out of the app to split bills as it can be processed within the app. A highly demanded social feature!

Smart OnboardingAgents can register their service with the app to engage business rapidly by entering the personalized login credentials.

Centralized DashboardComplete management of the service's business proceedings can be effectively imparted by the agent through a unified dashboard.

Add/ Delete PlansAgents can kick start their business activities by unhesitantly adding/ deleting/ modifying a multitude of different recharge plans with various benefits and conditions.

Push NotificationsRegain your relevancy by updating your users continuously with your offers, promotional activities, and exclusive perks through push notifications.

QR GenerationSupersizing their offering is made a cakewalk as agents are assigned with a unique ID and a QR code that can be scanned to process payments.

PromotionsIn the view of accentuating their business traction, agents are authenticated to conceive and present various cashbacks and offers on their services.

Earnings ManagementAgents can access and export what is said to be the most critical trade metric, i.e., total revenue, total profit, gross revenue, profit percentage, etc.

Employee ManagementBy assigning their team of staff with various tasks and manage orders, agents can diligently monitor and track their performance.

EMI OptionUsers are bestowed with the privilege of settling their bills in installments as service providers can update their repository with an EMI option.

Analytical ReportsIn the view of impelling reasoned decision making, agents can retrieve insights from reports that give a clear picture of where their business stands with competitors.

Admin DashboardAdmins are handed with an armory of parameters that directly correlate with control of the mobile wallet app's entire range of business activities.

Manage UsersAdmins can promptly interface with the data and detailed information of the registered and active users.

Add/Block UserIf any malicious activity is detected, admins can temporarily or permanently block any user without any hesitation.

Manage ContactsAdmins are in charge of keeping an eye over the mobile wallet app's contacts and verify/ evaluate them to eliminate phishing activities.

Manage AgentsAdmins can necessarily add/ block any of the agents' plans and offerings if it violates the rules and regulations of the platform.

Manage RevenueAdmins can keep up to date with the transaction details generated by the mobile wallet, including total revenue, profitability rates, etc. along with their digital records.

Manage TaxAuditing the mobile wallet's revenue is made extremely easy with built-in tools for automatically calculating the taxes, commissions, etc.

Offer ManagementAdmins can collaborate with service providers to proffer various offers, deals, rewards, etc. to propel business growth.

Customer SupportComprehensive assistance can be assured to customers through separate fields to resolve queries and impart technical support through phone calls and emails.

In-App ChatInvoices and other payment records can be shared with other users by means of the chat feature.

Geo-LocationBy creating geo-fences, transactions are facilitated at breakneck speeds. This is made possible by integrating services like GPS.

Schedule PaymentsBy embedding the calendar feature, users can schedule payments and also get reminders on deadlines.

Data Feeds IntegrationScaling up the mobile wallet is not an issue as the Airtel Pay clone can be integrated with massively functional data feeds.

Peer-to-Peer Transaction. Recharge. Bill Payment. Anything and Everything is Possible with our Airtel Pay Clone.

We Secure Our Airtel Pay Clone with these Techniques

App Like Phonepe

Infiltration TestThe presence of any vulnerability or threat is detected and eliminated acutely as we conduct in-depth penetration tests to establish comprehensive protection.

Information Security Management SystemBy deploying ISMS facets, personal details, including sensitive transactional information, are vehemently safeguarded against fraudulent activities.

App SecurityWe have debugged the entire source code and installed black box review, and upped the Airtel Pay clone's security ante.

Protection of ProtocolSuperimposing an additional security layer, we adhere to the SOAP and REST protocols in developing the mobile wallet application.

Suspect ManagementThe Airtel Pay clone is subjected to stringent vulnerability management tests to identify any possible weaknesses and caution points in the architecture that are subsequently removed.

Burp SuiteCondensing the approaches of the highly revered security protocol system, i.e., Burp Site, the mobile wallet's security is further strengthened.

Tech Innovations that's Compatible
with Airtel Pay Clone

Mobile Wallet App Development

Blockchain Harness the power of literally untraceable transactions offered by our in-house blockchain technology. By far, the most secure transaction medium available, and guess what, we can integrate it into the Airtel Pay Clone app.

Machine LearningGet edified by the findings of Machine Learning algorithms that deliberately deduce customer behavior and payment preferences. In turn, you can formulate strategies that target a particular silo of customers with a specified payment method.

Biometric AuthenticationIntelligent verification technologies like Fingerprint, Retina, and Face scanners can be used to authenticate access into the mobile wallet in addition to the conventional means of security features like PIN/ Password.

Benefits of Our Airtel Pay Clone
that Makes a Huge Difference

  • High PortabilityThe headlining perk of going for a digital wallet, our Airtel Pay clone's exuberant portability, denotes the user's capacity to indulge in the transaction process anywhere, anytime, chucking out the need of carrying physical cards.

  • Liability ProtectionFraudulent activities and phishing attacks are non-existent; even if there is any such attack on the user's monetary status, the respective wallet is refunded at a stroke.

  • Top-Notch SecurityUnlike conventional banking, digital wallets come with a greater degree of security and the ability to monitor on a personalized level. The user has instantaneous access to transaction history, account balance, etc.

  • Greater User BaseHaving devised the Airtel Pay clone to cater to a universal user base's payment needs, it is no surprise that it is tipped to amass unexplored markets through various offers and promotional activities continuously.

  • Business-GradeA multitude of companies all over the world have added the adoption of the digital wallet into their payment arsenal, making the Airtel Pay clone a vehemently competent solution for businesses.

What Makes Our Airtel Pay Clone
a Universal Digital Wallet Solution?

Inherent User-FriendlinessHow about registering and logging into the app is processed in a matter of seconds? Yes, it is a commonality with our Airtel Pay clone, as it is highly easy to use and devoid of operational jargon.

Terrific SecurityTwo-factor authentication, SMS/ email verification, and the breathtaking biometric-enabled authentication superimpose security on the already deemed unassailability of the Airtel Pay clone.

Quick PaymentsGranting the users with the flair for facilitating transactions in a jiffy, the Airtel Pay clone is embedded with outlandish technological features such as NFC, iBeacon, and also the capacity to link any number of bank accounts with the wallet.

User EngagementFor others, customer retention might be a major head-cracking attribute but not for us as the Airtel Pay Clone has a course of action to provide deals, offers, and other promotional activities proportionally.

High Conversion RatesThe masterful blend of interactive UI, world-class features, and bewildering security tools imparts one of the most ingrained user experiences ever in a mobile wallet, and it's directly proportional to user conversion rate.

Digital Wallet App Development

Get a Mobile Wallet that's capable of enticing a Global User Base. Description: Our Airtel Pay clone is compatible with both Android and iOS and even cross-platforms.

Appdupe's Airtel Pay Clone Development Process

  • 1

    Requirement AnalysisWe inscribe the minutest of the needs and requirements of your app besides extensive app vision and enterprise culture.

  • 2

    Project PlanningA crew of distinguished developers, dexterous designers, work in tandem with mobile wallet industry exponents to churn out a complete development plan with defined milestones.

  • 3

    NDA SigningConfidentiality is protected by striking a Non-Disclosure Agreement between us, which we ardently follow throughout the development process.

  • 4

    UI/ UX DesignAmalgamating the best of creativity and business sensibilities, our master designers furnish innovative iterations of the user interface that's centered around customer expectations.

  • 5

    App DevelopmentDeploying some of the most productive approaches to development, our engineers code out the entire app with magnanimity, ensuring its innate robustness.

  • 6

    Quality AssuranceOur QA team subject your app to a tenaciously tedious testing process that ensures the complete absence of vulnerabilities, threats, glitches, and bugs.

  • 7

    LaunchingUpon your wholehearted approval, we deploy the app in major app stores and also on your server. Guess what, you are entitled to avail our 360° support anytime, even after post-deployment.

Industry Verticals that'll love your Airtel Pay Clone

Banking & Financial ServicesWith banks looking to go branchless and cardless, digital wallets have emerged as an extremely attractive value proposition. The ability to seamlessly link the accounts with wallet seems to be the icing on the cake.

ECommerce & RetailMobile wallets and ecommerce are, in fact, an indivisible entity as the former is the chief channel of revenue aggregation of the latter. Individual retail stores too have picked up the pace to march through the digital revolution.

TelecommunicationWith the internet becoming the telecom industry's chieftain, it is imperative to adapt to internet-based digital wallets for their financial activities to remain relevant and consistent with their brand promise.

Logistics Global mobility services have infused mobile wallets' decorum, and our Airtel Pay clone will be the perfect equipage for gaining user traction. This is particularly evident in Uber's introduction of UberMoney.

Grocery / Food DeliveryThe very business offering of firms operating in food & grocery delivery consists of mobile wallets usage as they are safe, secure, and reliable. To generalize, the entire on-demand delivery industry is exceptionally dependent on digital wallets.

Paid Features: Crypto Wallet Integration

Let the users experience a secure and multi-functional wallet developed by unparalleled blockchain technology. Since our focus is to provide the highly scalable and reliable wallet, you can offer the users just that by integrating this to your app. Provide them with the ease of sending, receiving and storing digital currency without having to worry about the security.

Strengths of Cryptocurrency:

  • Easier international exchanges

  • They are more confidential

  • There are no exchange rates involved

  • There is no middleman scrutinization needed

Why is Appdupe your Premier Choice
for Airtel Pay Clone Development?
Quality is our Top Priority!

Hire Our EWallet Developers for your Airtel Pay Clone

A decade-long experience and expertise in developing mobile wallets have armed us with the secret technique of coming up with digital wallets that's future-proof and hits the bull's eye every time. Our developers here at Appdupe configure the application with the latest technologies and security features to ensure its wholesomeness.

We understand that most of our clients are aspiring entrepreneurs; Hence we deliver some of the most scintillating mobile wallets at affordable prices. If you wish to join the bandwagon of our superiorly successful customers, hire our developers for your Airtel Pay clone today!

Avail your Business with a Highly Secured Airtel Pay Clone that processes Transactions In A Jiffy.

Why Choose Appdupe?

Balance In Digital Wallet App

Ready-to-Launch SolutionBeing a complete white-labeled solution, branding and rebranding the mobile wallet with your individual business identities becomes a lot easier and can be launched instantly.

ExpertiseOur fintech solutions have adorned the market over ten years, making us the numero uno choice for mobile wallet development.

Specialist TeamsWe assign only the best of our developers for your mobile wallet development from our arsenal who express innate ingenuity.

Cybersecurity AssuranceWe establish excellent security features into the app to make it invincible against any hacking or phishing attacks.

Multilingual SupportWe readily enhance the mobile wallet to support the world's major languages in the view of leveraging both local and global users.

Tech Stack

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our premier Airtel Pay clone solution script is 100% open source and can be modified as per your needs and requirements.
  • Web Server - Apache

  • Database - MySQL

  • PHP - 7.1

  • Linux-based Operating System

  • Cron Jobs Setup module

If you have purchased your server, we will host the script and install it with your FTP or Cpanel.
We integrate APIs in accordance with your preferences. Anything and everything is possible!
We handover a comprehensive usage guide along with documentation during the app delivery. Trust us, anybody with a pair of eyes can seamlessly work with it.
App cost depends on various factors such as features, UI, features, addons, etc. Reach out to us to get exact quotations.
You are entitled to one year of quintessential care and support. Bugs or glitches will be fixed for absolutely free.
Our strong industry presence arms us with references to top API providers. We help you find them with direct contact.
No, redistribution and reselling are strictly prohibited, and anyone violating this will be liable for legal action.

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