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Alcohol has become a part of everyone’s life. Any events you take, a social get together or parties in communities, there is always alcohol. Or you could also take it as a company for a spectrum of mood swings; there is alcohol. That’s how it has grown in trend and suffice to say that it will keep growing. But to cater to the eleventh hour needs, there should be a medium, and that medium should contain various options for the customers. Oh, and take heed that it needs to be delivered to their doorsteps. This might have been tough luck a few years ago. But not in this digital era, or you might say ‘on-demand era’!

Many established businesses and startups are taking advantage of this trend and inciting an online presence. So obviously this invoked opening new sales channels which lead to increased revenue of the market and surely, the business too.

AppDupe is an on-demand alcohol delivery app development company that bestows Drizly clone script that will aid you in making the big time in the liquor market and gain a competitive edge. Minor investment and superior returns! So, what’s your idea about Drizly like app development? Shall we begin the party?!

What Is A Drizly Clone?

Drizly clone is the on-demand alcohol delivery app in which the users can order their favourite alcoholic product from their chosen store and get it delivered to their doorstep in just a few clicks. The white-label Drizly like app package comes with Drizly clone android and Drizly clone iOS so that you can make it to the farthest corners of the world and thrive immensely.

In tandem with the same, there are three more modules like Store app, Driver app, and Admin panel that are both iOS and Android compatible. Inevitably, you can not just gain wider user traction, but you could also run an efficient alcohol business.

Remarkable Features Of Our Drizly Clone Script For An Amazing User Experience

  • Theme ChangeUniqueness is what we love to boast about always. Now with our services, you can change the theme of your Drizly clone app solution. You could paint the whole solution with your business’ logo, colour and theme to give a unique edge to your app. Promote and flaunt your business in a modish way!

  • Add Target DemographicsVendors can add multiple cities and countries to develop their liquor delivery business. And we won’t leave you hanging! Zip through all the language or geographical boundaries by changing the unit of distance. Just a toggle to change from kilometres to miles and to set latitude. The wonders of technology!

  • Wallet IntegrationNot just easy payment management, but add easy payment tracking to the list of perks with this integration. Users could leverage the benefits of in-app wallets like easy transfer, and bill payments and tracking. Security? It’s hands down guaranteed.

  • Multiple StoresUsers can never become jaded with the alcohol products, as they can sift through hundreds of alcohol storefronts and check every product and its details—nothing short of an alcohol ecommerce experience, in a nutshell.

  • Pickup ConfirmationPromising alcohol delivery app is another name. Greet the feature that defines the same. By allowing the delivery providers to confirm that the parcel has been picked up with an image, the promise is there with bells on. Customers plausibly are kept in queer with Drizly clone!

  • Manual Delivery Agents AssigningOn-demand alcohol delivery is all about tempo and gait. Weakness in this is parallel to unprosperous business. But that’s no biggie with the manual assigning. Stores can assign the task to a delivery driver, in particular, to rev up the process.

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  • What Makes Drizly A True Inspiration?

    Drizly is one of the top alcohol marketplaces in the world, which connects boozers to sellers with the help of an e-commerce app. The app has witnessed a sales growth of above 400% on average. The number of retailers on Drizly has increased from 2000 to 4000 locations and has over 2,600 retailers. The app witnessed great and unexpected growth and has become a dominant player in the market with the second-largest share amongst all the other on-demand alcohol delivery providers.

On Demand Wine and Alcohol Delivery App Business Models For Drizly Clone

Single Liquor Store Nail down a pragmatic online alcohol delivery business with a white-label Drizly like app. Take your business online and steer forward the grand slam.

Wine And Alcohol ChainsManage all your booze delivery stores with a single, dynamic dashboard at your end. Track each sale and operation with advanced technology tools and features.

Liquor Delivery AggregatorUndergo a sea change in your business with Drizly clone and connect entrepreneurs, wine and alcohol owners to build an online marketplace. Maximum turnover at a minimum price.

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How Does The Drizly Clone App Work?

  • Customers place an order through the mobile apps.

  • The booze store receives orders via mobile apps and web panel and sends a confirmation message to the customer.

  • Store packs the drinks and assigns the task to a delivery driver.

  • The delivery provider accepts the request and collects the order from the store.

  • The delivery provider delivers the drink to the customer’s place.

  • The customer receives the order and pays the bill.

Why Should You Invest In Drizly Like App Development?

According to statistics, the global market size of alcoholic beverages is said to reach the US $2,276 billion by 2025. This growth is by reason because of the surge in the global young-adult demographic, increase in disposable income and the hike in consumer demand. On account of the same, online alcohol delivery seems to be one of the largest growing sectors. Moreover, countries like Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, and the US are expected to be the major contributors to this surge.

This implies to us that the on-demand alcohol delivery app development is a highly profitable venture. With innovative and advanced features, alcohol delivery apps are attracting boozers and maximizing their revenues. These apps provide a maximum ROI, cashless transactions and easy management of the operations. Therefore, investing in Drizly clone app development is by a mile going to yield great opportunities and results.

A Complete On-demand Alcohol Delivery Tech Suite At An Affordable Price. Ready To Launch A Drizly Clone App?

Benefits Of Drizly Clone App Solution

  • Customer App

    Straightforward Ordering An elegant alcohol ordering app for the customers to have hassle-free ordering.

    Myriad Of Products With hundreds of alcohol stores partnered with the app, there’s no chance for the customers to run out of choices.

    Real-time Notifications The customers are not in the loop about ordering when they have the Drizly clone. With real-time GPS navigation and status update, the engagement is kept intact.

  • Driver App

    Multiple Orders Delivery drivers can pin down their opportunities like a pro with multiple liquor deliveries with the app.

    Shortest Delivery Route The delivery drivers can view their delivery route directly from the app and know the shortest route for the quickest deliveries.

    Push Notifications Every time an order arrives, the delivery driver will get to know it instantly without a hitch.

  • Admin Panel

    An all-inclusive illustration depicting the operations and information in a single place. As an admin, you can take a dekko at the best sellers and strategize your promotional campaigns. With a button’s click, you can generate multiple reports of the aspects you wish to analyze. Data speaks for itself, and so will your business in a few days!

Our Drizly Clone App Package

  • Customer App

  • Liquor Store Owner App

  • Delivery Agent App

  • Admin Panel

Drizly Clone App Features

  • Account Setup PanelParty and fun are just a few steps away! Customers can easily sign up their accounts with their email address, contact number or social media accounts and land directly to the land of booze.

  • Advanced Search FilterLanding where they want without any jazz is what everyone wants. Well, no one’s gonna stop them. The customers can browse for the array of liquors by filling the keyword like alcohol, beer, wine etc., with advanced search filters. Tech comes in handy always!

  • Scheduled DeliveryEither it is a candid chat or a midnight party, the customers can get their favourite moonshine either instantly or at any scheduled time or date.

  • Liquor Take AwayNot your target demographic but don’t want to miss out on the sale? Get most use of this feature through which the customers could still place orders and pick them up from the store directly.

  • Real-time TrackingKeep the ‘spirits’ alive about the spirits delivery! With real-time GPS navigation, they can spot the delivery driver and begin number-crunching seconds to begin the party!

  • Cost CalculatorCustomers can begin ciphering the cost of booze by comparing the prices of different stores. By enabling them to manage their booze delivery order that suits their budget, you can become up to speed at the alcohol e-commerce market.

  • ReorderBrush off snubbing your customers from vibing with endless scrolling and searching. The reorder feature lets them order the liquor that has been already ordered by them. They can also change or alter any items before placing the order on the Drizly clone app.

  • Order StatusCustomers can view their order status even after a month’s gap after completion of the order with complete details about it.

  • Multiple AddressThey can add multiple addresses to the listing and choose one of the addresses while placing the order on the Drizly clone app—no more frantic typing. You can thank our team later!

  • Social SharingPump up the count of your user base with this amazing feature. Allow your customers to shoot reviews or promote your liquor or services to social media platforms or other messaging apps.

  • ProfileFirst crucial step for the drivers to start their new work, where they will enter valid details like phone number, email address, etc.

  • Manage ProfileThe delivery drivers can include or edit any relevant information regarding their job, like documents, payment details and more, within just a few clicks.

  • Accept/Reject OrdersFor every order placed via the app, the delivery person will instantly get notified and has the option to either accept or reject the order request.

  • On Job/Off JobTheir availability can be marked with just a toggle. With this convenience at hand, the delivery agents can leverage their free hours productively and earn bucks.

  • Live TrackingWith in-app integrated Google Maps, the delivery agents can zip through the least traffic route and deliver the alcohol at the quickest time possible.

  • PaymentsThe current or pending payments can be viewed by the delivery drivers with this feature, all on a single page and embolden for receiving more rewards.

  • Delivery StatusClear out the guise that comes with allowing delivery agents to update statuses like ‘waiting’, ‘on way’, ‘delivered’ and more for every delivery.

  • In-app ChatUnveil any false front or misconceptions between customers and delivery agents with direct and privacy-centric in-app chat.

  • Login/RegistrationAlcohol shops can sign up for the most remunerative revenue model with an easy signup process and partnering.

  • Business Info ManagementStore owners can put their names down for efficient liquor business management and make informed decisions.

  • Menu ManagementLiquor businesses can pitch in with the best-in-class items and edit them or make any changes in pricing and quantities for winning the top slot in the feature list. Obviously, a checkmate for rivals!

  • Order AlertsStore owners can get into action in an instant the order is placed by the customer for any of the store’s products. Believe it when we say our Drizly clone is a veteran player for all the stakeholders!

  • Order ManagementViewing, managing and dispatching all the orders in an instant with a single dashboard. Laden with leading-edge tools, it helps the owners operate all the operations with ease.

  • Payment Tracking The stores can keep tabs on all the successful and pending payment details to manage accounts and statements—dibs at check.

  • Reply To Customer Liquor stores can now directly respond to the constructive feedback and stash away any misconceptions and enhance their operations. ‘Cause, feedback storifies growth!

  • Products Management Classify and manage listings of the stores that partner with your app for a smooth sailing online alcohol delivery app. Grab the throne of the industry!

  • Liquor Store ManagementPartner and list the top and favourite liquor stores of the global population to your Drizly clone business and broaden the prospects of raking millions!

  • Category ManagementClassify the top-rated liquor stores based on the menu, pricing, delivery business and power up your business with enticing promos and offers. Ace in developing your business to newer heights!

  • User ManagementKeep a beady eye on your existing and new customers with the powerful admin dashboard and their store preferences. Leading-edge technology integration to back it!

  • Notification ManagementCall the tune for an extremely engaging on-demand alcohol delivery app with occasional text messages, SMS and push notifications sent to your partners and users.

  • ReportsInsight yourself about the wax and wane of your business with analytical tools about your app’s performance and that of users. Comprehensive reports, data-driven insights account for a maxing flourishment!

Lucrative Revenue Models Of Drizly Clone

  • CommissionsA primal revenue source for a profitable business is the commission fee. Charge a specific amount for every order placed from your app. Vivify the income of your app like never before!

  • Featured ListingAttract rewards like bait by featuring liquor stores that wish to pay specified money. Spot the companies that wish to be stamped the best and record maximum sales.

  • Ad ManagementDisplay relevant products and services to your alcohol delivery app and charge from the third parties and trigger a maximum turnover and ramp up the customer base, becoming the royal duke!.

  • eStore EnablementBecome the decoy of the global alcoholic drink market by alluring the global population to your app by adding the ecommerce feature and selling beer mugs, wine glasses and other items. Pile up the billions and popularity!

Drizly Clone Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

Our Drizly Clone App Development Process

  • 1

    We hear from you the requirements you got about Drizly clone app development, like your say on unique features integrations, add-ons, etc.

  • 2

    The quick-witted BA team of our company will scrutinize the industry trends, standards and check if it ties with your idea to calculate the feasibility of your project.

  • 3

    Our development team will start etching the back-end meticulously to ensure that every specification of yours is not missed.

  • 4

    Our vigilant QA team will run the app through various stringent tests to dust the app solution off any bugs and glitches.

  • 5

    Once the app is tried and tested, it is released on the app stores for sweeping success.

Nail The Top Spot Of The Online Alcohol Market With Drizly Clone App Development

  • What Is The Cost To Develop An App Like Drizly?

    Build a cost-effective, secure and user-friendly Drizly clone app and elevate your alcohol delivery business to the zenith. Draw on the advanced features, aesthetic designs and industry-leading development services from our leading developers to aggrandize your on-demand alcohol delivery app in the market. Beginning from consultation and idea validation to a skilled and tech-savvy team of engineers and testing and upgrading, our team of engineers will offer only amazing services for your business. So, reach out to us now to shape your idea.

A Look at Our Alcohol Delivery App Solution

Why Choose Us For Drizly Clone App Development?

  • Our team consists of a proficient team of designers, developers and quality analysts who know the pulse of the alcohol delivery market like the back of their hand.

  • Your solution, your brand. You get the extreme liberty to revamp the solution to complement your business logo and name.

  • For a triumphant and unique business, you can tweak the solution to your requirements. And no worries about the stipulated delivery time, as a week’s span, is all it takes.

  • Ready-made, white-label, customizable, and above all, it is an industrious alcohol delivery app solution that will help you disrupt the niche market without a hitch.

  • We have worth the money app solutions that you can purchase from us. Metamorphosise it to your demands and launch it in next to no time. Scalability? Obviously, you get that too!

Tech Stack


The development cost of the Drizly clone app depends on various factors. Mostly on the number of platforms you want to target, features and third-party integrations. You can get in touch with our team to get a proper estimation.

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal the fixed time period, as it depends on the degree of customization you wish to add. However, we will deliver it within the mutually agreed deadline.

Yes, the features of the Drizly clone app can be customized as per your business needs. The alcohol delivery app is a white-label solution, which is also completely scalable and designed to meet your requirements.

There is no one-line formula to decide on this. You need to choose a company that best addresses your issues, supplements your qualities and has vast experience in the field.

The Drizly clone app at AppDupe doesn’t have any hidden charges. We explain to you the development cost once you choose the type of model that you wish to have for your alcohol delivery outlet. Apart from which, we don’t charge any.

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