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The game of Satta Matka is back and is gaining popularity more rapidly than the ’70s and ’80s. Develop your very own smartphone application to offer lucrative betting opportunities with all of its thrills to players all around the world. Our matka bazar app development solution is the very best in class. Reach out to us and get started today!

Kalyan Satta Matka Game Software
Develop Your Satta Matka Game App Today

Satta Matka Game has made a grand comeback. Better than ever, the excitement of the game has entered the portable space of smartphones. All it takes is developing just one incredible Satta Matka app to garner and keeping betting enthusiasts hooked to the game. Deploy a comprehensive lucky number Satta Matka game app that is increasingly gaining traction and watch profits flow your way.

Climb the hill of gaming apps and hoist your flag as a leader in the niche with our Satta Matka Game Software. Built with the latest technology, our immense experience in the app segment propelled us to craft a world-class gaming software that will enable you to amass a wide customer base and in turn generate a large revenue.

Set foot into the increasingly popular segment and grow your business exponentially with our Satta Matka game software.

How does it work?

The rules are simple. Submit a number of your choice and wait for the announcement of the winning number. Mumbai Bazar will announce the winning number. If it is the same number as the one you had submitted, it is known as a Jodi, which means that you won. Our development team is extensively trained to simplify the game for your users. Experience a complete, feature-packed Satta matka app, place your order today.

There are three ways to play the game

Single Panna

The player submits a single-digit number followed by the announcement of the winning number which, will also be a single digit.

Double Panna

The player submits a double-digit number followed by the announcement of the winning number which, will also be a double-digit.

Triple Panna

The player submits a triple-digit number followed by the announcement of the winning number, which will also be a triple-digit.

Types of Satta Matka Game

Kalyan Satta Matka game

When the Mumbai Bazar opens and closes, two numbers ︱︱— a three-digit number, and a single-digit number are announced in both the opening and closing instances. Players who deal in their numbers on either of the instances wins.

Mumbai Sattka Matka game

This game is similar to Kalyan Sattka Matka. The winning numbers are a three-digit number and a single-digit number, which are announced at the closing and the opening time. The player can deal in numbers and bet on both the timings. If the numbers match, the player wins.

Rajasthan Satta Matka game

In this game type, the players must place their bets before the opening and closing time. Similar to the Mumbai and Kalyan game types - on the declaration of the result, the player is deemed the winner if the numbers match.

Delhi Satta Matka game

The winning results are announced at a specific time. It is a two-digit number that if players accurately bet on, they will be declared as the winners.

UP Satta King game

In this case, the winning number is a two-digit number. If the player bet on the same number before the result announcement time, then he/she is declared as a winner.

Features of our Satta Matka Game App

The winning number is announced during the closing time. Players can bet on that number even during that time. Winners are rewarded with a prize or bonuses

The winning numbers are announced during the opening and closing timings. If the player’s bet matches the winning number, he/she is declared the winner. Players can bet both on open and close shifts to win rewards.

Why Choose our Satta Matka Game Software?

A seasoned team of game designers

With extensive expertise in developing a wide range of gaming applications, our designing team are well-versed to provide you with the best version of the app.

Expert programmers

Proficient in several gaming algorithms and functions, our programmers build apps that are compatible on all devices and platforms.

Responsive support

Even after launching the app, we will be ready to help you regarding all your app queries at any time.

Fully customizable solutions

Experience the freedom to craft every detail of your app to meet your business needs with our complete customizable solutions.

Latest game studio technology

We employ the most recent technology to build your gaming app.

Technology We Used in our Satta Matka Game Software

At AppDupe we use the latest technology to develop the Satta Matka game app.


It is a betting smartphone application. Players bet on numbers that fall within a range, after which a winning number is announced later on. If the player’s bet number and the winning number match, it is called a Jodi, and the player is declared as a winner.

The cost of development will depend on the number of features you wish to implement in your game software.

It’s simple, all you have to do is call us or write to us.

It will depend on the number of features that you want to add to your smartphone application.

There are 5 different game modes. Kalyan, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Delhi and UP Satta Matka.

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