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Pledgebox Clone

Pledgebox Clone - Launch a Crowdfunding Campaign Survey and Upsell Software!

The good, hard capital has always been the prima facie reason for many aspiring entrepreneurs' inability to launch their creative works and startups. With assistance from traditional financial establishments requires tiresome documentation; the inception of crowdfunding has been nothing short of a miracle. The ability to channelize aggregate capital from a global audience empowers creators to foster their creations faster than ever before. That's said, maintaining these crowdfunding campaigns aren't a bed of roses; they could be daunting if not done correctly. That's where crowdfunding campaign surveys and upsell platforms like Pledgebox come into the picture.

At Appdupe, we proffer you with the Pledgebox clone- a robust crowdfunding management solution that infuses a relaxing overtone of ease into the operations of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. An assortment of astonishing tools devised to propel your entrepreneurial efforts!

Pledgebox Clone - Explained

Want to bestow your users with the capacity to manage crowdfunding surveys and skyrocket their upsells effortlessly? Our Pledgebox clone is at your disposal. It's a holistic crowdfunding management solution that handles the pledges of concurrent public benefit platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and ensures a seamless flow of benefits to backers. Surveying and upselling were never this easy!

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Pledgebox Clone

Benefits of using Pledgebox Clone to Manage your Campaigns

Besides the staple of a stellar suite to crowdfunding management tools, our Pledgebox clone showers your users with the following perks.

Bitpay clone

Low transaction fee

The Bitstamp clone charges fewer transaction fees compared to other major crypto trading platforms.

Handle Multiple Campaigns

The Pledgebox clone being a one-stop solution, accredits the creators to deliberately manage several campaigns without any hassle or a dent in continuity. Productivity is maximized!

Lateral Products

Stimulate adulation among the backers by entitling the creators to annex products and rewards even after the project ends and momentarily notified the backer community.

Elaborate Surveys

Suffusing products with enhanced receptibility is now a commonality as our Pledgebox clone enables creators to share much longer and detailed surveys than the common ones.

Seamless Upselling

Creators can supersize their original campaigns many times by upselling superlative add-ons to their core offerings. This way, creators are licensed to extrude more revenue.

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Campaign Management Solution?

Your search ends with our avant-garde Pledgebox clone armed with a stellar suite of upselling tools.

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What do We offer with Pledgebox Clone for Crowdfunding Campaign Management?

Expedite campaign planning, product manufacturing, and shipping process an immersive experience.

SurveysEngage your backers by sending them pre-curated and extensively detailed surveys over the crowdfunding platform's stipulated time. Specialty tools in our Pledgebox clone succor you in tracking the progress of surveys and with the comprehensive list of add-on purchases. Create, track, and export as per your wish!

Locking preceding ShippingGenerate a consolidated list of penultimate and most recent shipping addresses of backers without a twitch. The cherry in the cake is that the entire process is automated, meaning changes configured by the backers are systematically updated in the list, eliminating the probability of misplaced deliveries.

Shipping StatusBump off the chances of backers missing delivery deadlines by dispatching the Shipping and tracking information to the backers' entire community. This is made possible by sending them individual emails containing the tracking files uploaded by the creator at the Pledgebox clone. Mishaps and fallacies are non-existent!

Features that set our Pledgebox Clone apart from the rest

Ultra-Responsive LayoutFlickers and interruptions are literally and figuratively non-existent as the Pledgebox clone is deliberately optimized to sustain superior performance in a longer run.

Projects ManagerJuggling over a range of campaigns without any hassle is a defining feature as creators can effortlessly monitor multiple projects simultaneously.

Email TemplateCreators can boost their upsell rate by extending out to backers through a captivating array of predefined email templates available at their fingertips.

Create SurveysPersonalized iterations of post-campaign surveys can be devised and distributed among the backer community by the creators.

Automated Shipping ListCreators can consciously avoid misplaced deliveries as they are proffered with an amalgamated list of backers' delivery details before locking.

Create AddonsBy embedding riveting addons into the primary survey, creators can competently upsell them without external promotions.

Track ProgressCreators are fed in with real-time updates about the status of the surveys and their consolidated results instantaneously.

Pre-Order Custom product listings and untapped trust of nascent backers can be achieved through enabling the capacity to pre-order your products.

Push NotificationsEntice backers by consistently updating them with various offers, product additions, addons, etc., through email, text messages, and in-app push notifications.

Multilingual SupportCrowdfunding management services can be conferred in a multitude of major languages of the world, along with definitive translations.

Robust BackendInculcated with world-class security features and SQL injections, vulnerabilities, and threats to data and app functionality is comprehensively eliminated.

Increase Funding for your Crowdfunding campaigns effortlessly with Pledgebox clone

Blend in the art of upselling and personalized reach to maximize your crowdfunding campaigns relentlessly with the aid of the following tools devised by our Pledgebox clone.

Upgrade Reward Section with Upsells

Enticing the whole spectrum of backers into chipping off your upsell offer is made stupendously simpler as creators can append a captivating description of the upsell, including their specificity and addon fee. This way, the sale of addons is propelled organically.

Reach out through Updates

Shoot up the funding limit by notifying our backer base through enthralling emails that depict the addon's ingenuity and its inherent precedence over similar products. Our Pledgebox clone also flaunts an entire button text stating 'Add Now' to facilitate instant upselling.

Direct Messaging Feature

Accelerate Click-Through rate by extending promotional efforts into the backers' DM by sending them the comprehensive description of the addon and its invaluable features. The complete range of funding booster tools is amalgamated into our Pledgebox clone.

Wish to cash in the Survey & Upsell fever? Our Pledgebox Clone is awaiting you!

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Revenue Model of Pledgebox Clone

Channelizing multiple revenue streams is now a cakewalk with our Pledgebox clone script.

Membership Fee

Amass a substantial charge from the wide range of creators as a membership fee in order to employ your campaign management tools. Arguably, the primary source of revenue.

Transaction Fee

For every investment made in the platform by backers and creators, you receive a predetermined amount as transaction charges. The more the number of users, the more is your revenue!

Listing Fee

Creators can be charged for linking multiple campaigns into the Pledgebox clone with a dynamic percentage for several accounts to be connected.

Third-Party Ads

Lease out the highly demanded ad spaces of your platforms, including banners, to promote third-party advertising and Google ads.

Ad Captcha

Funnel out an additional chip of revenue by integrating the Recaptcha feature and making it imperative for registration into your platform.

Need for Kickstarter Survey and Upsell Software

The entrepreneurial rage has hijacked global financial policies with a never-seen-before surge in the number of innovations and startups worldwide. The heavy outstretch of bureaucracy that’s part and parcel of conventional investment institutions render them obsolete, and crowdfunding has become the go-to choice for many GenX and millennial entrepreneurs. This cumulatively creates an extremely attractive value proposition for survey and upsell solutions for platforms like Kickstarter. To conclude, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is awaiting you!

Why Did We Develop this Script?

At Appdupe, we believe in a cosmopolitan and an egalitarian environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and constantly innovate to come up with avant-garde solutions that quench the multi-faceted requirements of business enthusiasts. With crowdfunding taking center stage as the 21st-century investment silo, our experts collaborate with public benefit stalwarts to conceptualize and develop a stellar, ready-to-launch crowdfunding survey and upsell solution.

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Pledgebox Clone
Pledgebox Clone

Success Trends of Crowdfunding Tools

With over a million creators operating in the crowdfunding platforms, the requirement for seamless management of campaigns has hit the demand peak. In conjunction with the rise of internet-based products, crowdfunding tools have seen some momentous success and are only tipped to outperform itself in the years to come. After all, who can resist a solution that's immensely affordable yet proffers an immersive value? No one is the answer.

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Features beyond the Pledgebox

We clones aren't only the identical entities of Pledgebox, but at any scale, exceed the latter's collective functionality with scintillating embedded features. We have embodied the best of Plaedgebox and have reimagined it in line with the contemporary scenario's nitty-gritty. This is made possible by our ingenious deployment of cutting-edge technology to impart a tremendously smooth campaign management experience.

How does our Pledgebox Clone help with your Crowdfunding Campaign Management?

  • Forge an unassailable bond with your backer communities with ravishing rewards and utility creations.
  • Eliminate hitches and hassles in product delivery through simplified shipping address update corner.
  • Automate the entire shipping and rewarding process that’s propitious to both creators and backers.
  • Enrich the practicality of your products through backer insights-laden surveys that are riveted with exciting add-ons.
  • Upsell on a grand scale with direct messages and updates through text messages and emails, all within the Pledgebox clone.
Pledgebox Clone

What are Other things You can do with Pledgebox Clone?

In addition to campaign management and upselling, the Pledgebox clones arms you with many similar marketing abilities.

Having streamlined our decade of experience in creating intuitive mobile applications, we have absorbed and recreated what it takes to build a perfect platform that facilitates ultra-smooth monitoring and management of crowdfunding campaigns and upsells - the Pledgebox clone being the case.

We being experts in vivifying custom solutions can reimagine the app in its entirety to develop an innately ingrained app that’s drenched in remarkable features and functionality that astonishingly resonate with your business nuances and sensibilities. The Pledgebox clone script is a wholesome solution for anyone looking to join the illustrious bandwagon of successful gen-next entrepreneurs.

Our Crowdfunding Management, Survey, and Upsell Platform Script

In addition to campaign management and upselling, the Pledgebox clones arms you with many similar marketing abilities.

  • Receive the much revered granular backer data.
  • Initiate pre-orders once a campaign ends
  • Acquire daily, weekly and annual insights about your platform performance.
  • Amplify upsell and addon sales figures.
Pledgebox Clone

Our process of Pledbox clone app development


  • Requirement AnalysisOur energized customer relationship executives collaborate with you to inscribe down your exact requirements and iterate your app vision

  • PlanningThe crew of eminent designers, developers, and crowdfunding industry luminaries lump together to churn out a precise-to-point full-fledged development plan of the project

  • UI/UX DesignOur crafty designers spill their mastery to structure out an arresting user interface that lubricates the entire user experience proffered by the app.

  • Backend DevelopmentThe Pledgebox clone, at its entirety, is meritoriously coded out with a meticulous approach that expresses a distinct connotation of unassailability.



  • TestingSubjected to some of the most demanding quality assurance techniques, the end-solution is completely depleted of any bugs or glitches. Quality is its synonym!

  • LaunchingWe take the mantle of deploying your rebranded Pledgebox clone on Google Playstore and Apple Appstore and ensure it is ready for user downloads.

Why choose us?

100% Customization
By reiterating the whole spectrum of features and functionalities aligned with your business nuances and sensibilities, we create truly inventive solutions.
Cutting-edge Technology
We capitalize on the acumen of groundbreaking technological advancements in the process of crafting our arsenal of crowdfunding management solutions.
Gorgeous UI/UX
We seamlessly fuse the tool suite's magnanimity with an undercurrent of an enrapturing user interface designed to captivate a universal user base.
Top-notch Quality
Our non-compromising spirit on quality makes our wide array of mobile app development solutions highly rooted and unfailing.
Branding and rebranding the crowdfunding management platform with your business elements like logo and brand name is streamlined.
Best Value for money
From aspiring entrepreneurs to corporates, our in-house technological marvels are always found to be super affordable and a launchpad for elevated success.

Hire a crowdfunding survey and upsell developer

Creating an idiosyncratic crowdfunding survey and upsell platform that's serenely relevant and stunningly functional might sound tedious and tenacious, but trust us, it's not if an expert intervenes. Fortunately, we, Appdupe, are available at your fingertips. Our resounding experience and ravishing track record aren't the only headlining deed, as we consider the alignment of heart to be the paramount quality. Developing and proffering you with world-beating applications is not just our profession; it is an explicit fallout of our passion. We consider any opportunity to help you realize your entrepreneurial dreams as our working principle. Connect with us to hire our master developers for your project!

Our Maverick Developers are ready to channelize their mastery for your Crowdfunding survey and Upsell platform development.

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Tech Stack Powered In Our Mobile Wallet App Development


Our Pledgebox Clone App development team includes a project manager, business analysts, UI/UX designers, Android and iOS developers, and QA engineers.

The development of a Pledgebox Clone App takes a few days if you choose to customize a ready-made solution. If you opt for developing it from scratch, it will take up to a few months.

We offer source codes while handing over the Pledgebox Clone App if you opt for our premium app development package. The basic package does not include source codes.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is an integral part, and it will be signed at the start of the project. So, you can be assured that your business idea and other related information will be safe.

Feel free to contact us over a call - +916382665366, email - [email protected], or through our website's chat option.

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