What’s The Need for a coronavirus tracking app
amid the COVID-19 Pandemic?

With application technology running the majority of our lives, it is only natural that it be utilized to fight the ongoing viral pandemic. A Coronavirus tracker app development enables users to stay informed about the ongoing transmission of the virus, provides useful insight, helps them stay alert and ultimately avoid the infection!

Through more knowledge on their exposure, app users are able to make more informed decisions on when to self-quarantine or seek testing when experiencing symptoms.

Implementation of Contact Tracing in our Coronavirus tracker app

With no treatment or cure in place for the COVID-19 virus, there is only one effective strategy that can help stop the spread of the virus and keep people safe - social distancing. Social distancing, or physical distancing, is basically precautionary measures taken to prevent the spread of a contagious disease by maintaining a physical distance between people and reducing the number of times people come into close contact with each other.

With this practice being used widely around the world, one needs to be aware of the ones infected. This is where the idea of “contact tracing” comes in. Contact tracing is basically finding each sick person and then figuring out who they recently interacted with. By doing so, we can effectively isolate the infected people from the rest of the population for the required amount of time.

The Working
of our COVID-19 tracker app

The way our COVID-19 tracker plugin works is simple.

  • The users are prompted to create an account and log in.

  • They are asked for details such as including age, sex at birth, height, weight, postcode of residence, pre-existing health conditions, and habits such as smoking.

  • They are then prompted to provide any symptoms they might face on a daily basis. These include fever, continuous cough, chest pain, throat ache, drowsiness, diarrhea, shortness of breath, etc.

  • These symptoms get logged daily, and data is collected and shared with medical professionals and researches.

  • This information is used to map out the spread of the disease and keep the public informed and safe.

Safety & Privacy

One of the concerns about this method of contact tracing is that it could lead to a breach of privacy. However, our emphasis on protecting the data of our customers ensures complete privacy.

Our COVID-19 tracker app development process adheres to the guidelines and recommendations set by the leading healthcare authorities.

  • We only collect the required information.
  • Restricted access to data
  • Full transparency. Know who has access to the data.
  • Have first-hand knowledge on how your data is being utilized.

Avail a complete coronavirus tracking app solution
or have it integrated into your existing app

This highly versatile coronavirus tracking app can be availed as both a complete, stand-alone application or as a plug-in that can be readily integrated into your existing application.

They each have their own advantages: With a complete, standalone application, you get all of the features that a COVID-19 tracker app provides. From top to bottom, this is a robust offering that is a perfect solution for the current medical climate.

On the other hand, having a Coronavirus tracker plugin integrated in your existing app can provide numerous benefits as well. This versatile plugin can be integrated into many different types of business applications like

Taxi ApplicationsHelps drivers be aware of hotspots and areas of infections.

Food Delivery AppsHelps delivery personnel take the necessary precautions.

Healthcare AppsHelps address concerns and provide real time information to customers and more.

No matter what your business requirements are, our Coronavirus tracking app can be modified to fit those needs.

of our Coronavirus tracking app

  • RegisterUsers are prompted to register with the app by entering the necessary information.

  • Switch on Bluetooth & GPSUsers are prompted to turn on the Bluetooth and GPS for the app to pinpoint their location.

  • News UpdatesUsers are provided with the most recent, relevant news updates regarding the coronavirus epidemic.

  • COVID-19 InstructionsUsers are provided with the official instructions that have been vetted by health professionals.

  • Invite Friends & FamilyUsers can invite their friends and family to spread the message further.

  • Update Test ResultsIf a user tests positive for COVID-19, the information will be updated into the app and logged in to the system.

  • Notification AlertsUsers are notified of important information and updates in real-time through the use of notification alerts.

  • Self AssessmentUsers are provided with a self-assessment test that categories their probability of infection and also collects the data for medical purposes.
    (Enter Name | Age | Symptoms | Cold | Cough, etc.)

  • LoginAdmins are asked to provide their login credentials.

  • DashboardAdmins are provided with all the information they need in one convenient location.

  • View Registered UsersAdmins can view a detailed list of all the registered users on their application.

  • Send Alerts to UsersAdmins can quickly send alerts right to their users’ devices in real-time.

  • Update COVID-19 InstructionsAdmins can update the information provided to their users in accordance with the established guidelines.

  • Manage DatabaseAdmins can manage all the data that they have collected from one convenient location.

  • Manage COVID-19 News UpdatesAdmins can manage all the news and updates that they would like to display.

A step-by-step breakdown of our COVID-19 tracker app development process

  • 1

    AnalysisWe listen to your requirements to figure out the best way forward to your very own COVID-19 tracker app.

  • 2

    UI DesignWe create an aesthetically appealing app with a user-friendly UI that is easy and simple to use.

  • 3

    Back-end DevelopmentMeanwhile, our expert developers work on the functionality of the app, giving you an application that is the best of both worlds.

  • 4

    TestingOnce the development process is complete, we run the application through a barrage of tests to ensure that it is good to go.

  • 5

    LaunchOnce we’ve got the green light from you, your app is ready for launch. With our extensive experience, we ensure an application launch that ensures the maximum reach possible.

Our Coronavirus tracking app is compliant to
the highest medical standards

We ensure that all our healthcare products adhere to the strictest medical compliance.

  • HIPAAThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act sets the standard for sensitive data protection. We ensure that your data is protected, stays secure and private.

  • EHRElectronic Health Records allow cooperation between healthcare providers and organizations. This ensures a high regulatory standard when it comes to health records.

Why invest in a COVID-19 symptom tracking app

With the coronavirus epidemic causing unprecedented damage around the world in every possible way, a COVID-19 tracker app development process is one of the most useful ways to fight against this vicious disease.

Not only can you help numerous people around the world, but this is a viable business opportunity as well. By making the most of this situation, you can set yourself up for success for years to come.

Why choose Appdupe
as your Coronavirus tracker app developer?

We have extensive experience in the field of healthcare app development as well as a talented team that can effectively bring your vision to reality.

PrivacyAll our collected data adheres to the strictest health code standards ensuring your privacy.

HIPAA CompliantAll our healthcare apps follow the strictest HIPAA standards, so you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands.

Cutting-Edge TechnologyWith our extensive experience in the field, our offerings have the latest in cutting edge technology, setting you up for years to come.

Completely CustomizableWe understand the unique requirements of our customers, and we ensure all our products are completely customizable to meet their individual needs.

Extensive ExperienceWith years of experience crafting robust healthcare solutions, we have the knowledge and ability to lead you on the path to success.

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Well, simply put, it is the need of the hour! With healthcare industries around the world looking for all the help they can get, a Coronavirus tracking app can not only help them but also act as a viable business opportunity for you.
The cost of the app is dependent on the features you want to be included in your app, as well as the time it takes to develop. To get an accurate estimate, get in touch with our team to learn more.
The development process is highly dependent on how extensive you want the application to be. But rest assured, especially with the current situation, we will deliver the app in the quickest time possible. Get in touch with us to get an accurate timeline.
Absolutely. All our healthcare solutions are compliant to the highest standards in the healthcare industry. We will ensure that your data remains private, safe and that we only access what we need.
All our COVID-19 related information is from the most highly regarded healthcare organization and has been vetted thoroughly and cross-referenced.

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