What is a Zoom Clone Script?

A Zoom clone is an innovative open-source video communication solution for businesses that enables streamlined video conferencing amongst users along with other useful functionalities. With our Zoom clone script, users will be able to conduct online meetings, collaborate remotely, chat with other users, and seamlessly carry out their business needs.

With years of extensive experience in the field of application development, Appdupe’s Zoom clone script is a highly economical and cost-effective alternative that provides all the functionalities that one requires to carry out their business remotely.

A Customized Zoom Clone Solution For All Types Of Business

We offer fully customized Zoom clones that can be readily integrated into your business. We ensure an efficient clone app that can be modified to fit the needs of your venture and can be branded to prominently feature your company logo, themes, and colors.

Built on the concept of world-class solutions at a highly competitive price, you can’t go wrong with our extensive range of Zoom clone scripts. No matter what your requirements are, we can provide you with a customized solution that can meet those needs in the best way possible.

Why Should You Invest In A Zoom Clone Application?

In the modern business world, it is an absolute necessity for any business to remotely interact with their employees. With the ability to conduct remote meetings, teleconferences, webinars, and more, this Zoom clone app increases productivity, the operational efficiency, along with allowing the management to relay information in real-time.

It is a great, cost-effective alternative to traditional ways of holding meetings that ensure everyone in an organization stays on the same page and can work together collectively in an efficient and streamlined manner.

Extensive Offerings Of Our Zoom Clone App

Our Zoom clone script comes with everything you need in a complete teleconferencing solution. Here are some of the different functionalities that our Zoom clone app can provide.

  • Online MeetingsAllow users to seamlessly interact with each other through HD video conferencing capabilities. It is an ideal solution for businesses that require remote connectivity between users in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Webinars Our Zoom clone app can accommodate webinars seamlessly with a large number of attendees. With capabilities to host up to a hundred active participants and thousands of ‘view only’ participants, it is an ideal platform for seminars for universities, businesses, and more.

  • Conference RoomsA dedicated service for corporates, this Zoom clone script provides efficient conference rooms that have the capability to share multiple screens and enable users to leverage their true potential. Users can screen data, visuals, and whatever they might need from a remote location in real-time.

  • Global Phone ServicesOur Zoom clone script allows users to carry out high-quality phone conversations from the distant corners of the world. With the ability to cater to instant user interaction, this is a huge boost for any enterprise.

  • Instant MessagingA must-have solution in any Zoom clone script, it allows users to stay connected by allowing instant messaging capabilities with those in their franchise group. Users can chat one on one with other users or relay messages to multiple users through the use of the ‘group chat’ function.

  • Screen SharingThe ability to share screens is highly important in many ways. Whether it’s a PowerPoint presentation, data fields, or instructional videos, screen sharing is an absolute necessity for a business, no matter how big or small.

How our Zoom Clone Works - A Step By Step Breakdown

  • 1

    Register / Login Users are prompted to log in to the app once the registration process has been completed.

  • 2

    Host Meeting Once a user has logged in, they have the option to host a meeting at any time by clicking the ‘Host Meeting’ option.

  • 3

    Invite Users Once the virtual meeting room has been created, other users can be sent an invite by sharing the relevant meeting ID.

  • 4

    Accept / Decline MeetingOnce users receive the meeting request, they will be notified immediately and they can either choose to accept or decline the invitation.

  • 5

    Join MeetingIf users choose to accept the meeting, they can join the meeting by clicking on the “Join Meeting” option in the application.

  • 6

    ParticipationOnce the meeting has commenced, participants can interact with each other through a variety of different ways including video, text, and voice. The host can share their screens with the other participants as well as choose another user’s screen to share.

  • 7

    End MeetingThe host can choose to conclude the meeting at any time by choosing the “End Meeting” option.

  • 8

    RatingUsers are prompted to rate the service provided at the end of the meeting and this feedback is used to further improve the quality of service provided.

Our Zoom Clone Script
Package Includes

  • iOS App
    For Users

  • Android App
    For Users

  • iOS App
    For Admins

  • Android App
    For Admins

  • 100% Customizable
    Source Code

  • Whitelabel Solution
    With Branding

  • Web Panel
    For Users

  • Web Panel
    For Admins


Enter Meeting IDUsers have to enter their unique IDs on the platform to join the meetings. At times, they get to customize these IDs.

Host Video MeetingUsers can host video meetings through the web browser or the app. They can share the meeting invite with other users.

Join MeetingUsers can join the meetings using the invite link shared by the host of the sessions.

Schedule MeetingUsers can schedule meetings in advance and notify other users, giving them time to plan.

Real-Time MessagingUsers can share links, documents, or any content with other users when they are in the meeting room.

HD Video QualityThe meetings and webinars are conducted through high-definition videos without any interference.

Record MeetingsUsers can record their meetings seamlessly in real-time if needed.

Share ScreensUsers can share their screens for other users to view when they are hosting meetings or webinars.

Voice/Video CallsUsers can connect over voice or video calls with as many users as possible at a time.

Create SubdomainsUsers can create subdomains in the platform using their organization name and other related details.

AlertsUsers can set reminders to notify them about the upcoming meetings through emails or calendar alerts.

Restricted AccessUsers can restrict access to only registered users and restrain or block unwanted users from joining the meetings.

Host NotificationsUsers who host meetings can get notified whenever a registered user joins the meetings.

Turn On/Off MicrophonesUsers can switch on or off their microphones as per their convenience.

Intuitive DashboardThe admin can view and manage all activities taking place in their browser or app, using the powerful admin dashboard.

Advanced AnalyticsStatistics, like the no. of registered users, average meeting hours, and more, can be viewed here.

Manage FeaturesThe admin can add, remove, or manage the features integrated into the application, as per their requirement.

Multi-Payment IntegrationThe admin can integrate multiple payment gateways into the app, allowing users to pay with the mode of their convenience.

Allow Subdomain CreationThe admin can allow users to create subdomains with their respective organization names.

Create Sub-AdminsThe admin can create sub-admin profiles so that the respective admins have only restricted access to the platform to manage a specific module.

End-to-End EncryptionThe browser and the app are encrypted end-to-end, ensuring the highest level of security to safeguard the user data.

Easily Scalable Users can host meetings and webinars with up to 1,000 video participants and up to 10,000 view-only attendees.

Note-TakingUsers can take notes using the personal notes features available in the app while they are attending meetings.

Set Virtual BackgroundsUsers can change the background of their videos when they attend meetings or webinars.

Touch UpUsers can improve their looks on their videos using this advanced feature. It makes them look more presentable on the camera.

Q&A Sessions Users can raise questions during meetings, and other users can answer them in real-time. Such features make these sessions more interactive.

Public Polls Hosts can create public polls and allow users to cast their votes for making informed decisions.

Hand-Raising This feature allows users to notify hosts that they wish to voice their opinions by raising their hands.

Report GenerationHosts can generate reports after the completion of each session for documentation purposes, with all meeting details.

Attention Indicator Hosts can get details of user engagement to access if they are paying attention to meetings or not. They will be notified when a user spends more than a limited time on other tabs.

Video App Solution For Varied Purposes

Business CommunicationsOur video app solutions empower businesses to connect with their customers over personal video calls for establishing communication and solving queries. It helps them with earning customer trust and loyalty in the long run. You can get our video platforms customized as per your business needs or integrate it into your existing business platform in a short period. In a nutshell, our video platforms are the key to retain your existing customer base.

Virtual ClassroomsOnline learning is hitting a new high in recent times, enabling users to learn from professionals across the world, irrespective of time and location. You can help students to acquire knowledge and improve their proficiency by connecting them with online tutors using your video platform. Thereby, your app will open gates for learning and certification possibilities all around the world.

Teleconferencing And BroadcastingThe video app solutions allow several users to connect via teleconferencing and broadcasts, even when they are thousands of kilometers apart from one another. It establishes a new level of interactivity between users, allowing them to attend meetings and webinars, connect with their friends to play games, and more. Users can also record events and seminars, generating quality content for distribution.

Personal ConnectionsIn the current times, everyone wishes to stay in touch with their loved ones anytime from anywhere. This constant demand has led to the emergence of video app solutions that connect your users with their friends and family members across the world seamlessly. The video and voice calling options help in establishing strong personal relationships in no time.

Benefits Of Our Zoom Clone App Solutions

A real-time video app solution helps in establishing a business or personal connection spontaneously. Visual communication is always far more convenient than audio or text forms. Here are some benefits offered by our Zoom clone solutions to your business:

Cost Cut-Down

  • The app helps in establishing clear and consistent communication between team members, improving their efficiency and productivity.
  • You can manage your business operations from remote locations effectively.
  • You can cut down operational costs as well as in-office costs as you connect with your employees over virtual video conferencing.

  • As you connect with your customers over video calls, they find it easier to communicate their queries and resolve them in real-time.
  • Your customers will feel your presence almost all the time and recognize your timely support.
  • It helps your business in earning the trust and loyalty of your customers, taking your service to the next level.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Sales

  • The video app solutions help you find the right balance to communicate with your customers. It eliminates the need for your salespeople to approach them all the time.
  • Your customers can connect with your support team when needed and obtain guidance in availing of your products or services without their physical presence.
  • It improves the customer perception of your company, which results in a steady rise in your sales.

  • The visual connectivity of the video app platform establishes a better understanding among the members when compared to text or audio connectivity.
  • Any queries that arise in the middle of a group video call can be solved promptly.

Instant Connections

Business Verticals That Can Benefit
From Our Video Conferencing Solution

  • Educational InstitutionsWith the ability to hold seamless webinar services, educational institutions can benefit hugely from investing in a Zoom clone app script. Instructors can hold lessons remotely and cater to the needs of their students.

  • HealthcareTelemedicine is a hugely popular concept in today’s healthcare industry. Enabled by the telecommunication capabilities of our Zoom clone script, healthcare professionals can provide remote consultations to their patients at any time, anywhere.

  • Customer ServicesService professionals can utilize the features provided in our Zoom clone app to provide seamless service to their clients in real-time. Whether it’s chat services, video conferencing, or screen sharing, this is a great way to provide immediate and effective solutions to the problems faced by clients.

  • CorporationsOne of the most popular business verticals in the field of telecommunication, our Zoom clone script is an all-in-one solution for all the needs faced by corporations around the world. From small startups to big conglomerates, everyone can benefit from this all-encompassing solution.

How Much Does The Zoom Clone App Cost?

The pricing of the Zoom clone script depends on numerous factors such as the extent of customization required, the features that you want, time spent on development, and more. Since these factors vary from customer to customer, the price of the completed application tends to vary as well.

Rest assured, no matter what your business requirements are, we have the experience and capability to meet those demands in an efficient manner without blowing up your budget.

At Appdupe, we believe that every customer is unique and we strive to meet the individual needs of our customers at a cost-effective price without compromising robust functionality.

Get an accurate estimate of your customized Zoom clone app script by getting in touch with our team today.

That Power Of Our Zoom Clone App Script


Zoom clone is an all-in-one cloud based telecommunications solution that provides video conferencing, chat options, live meetings, webinars, and more. The Zoom clone is a cost-effective solution that is highly customizable and can be readily integrated into your business. It provides all the functionality of the original application at a fraction of the price.

With businesses moving increasingly to the remote based work model, investing in a Zoom clone app helps you streamline your business practices and continue your operations efficiently from anywhere, at any time. It enables employees to stay in touch with each other and relay information at a breakneck speed. It is a must have in today’s digital ecosystem.

At Appdupe, we believe that user friendliness is the number one priority of every app development process. Our UI ensures that your users can install and use the app in the most convenient, simple, and efficient way. They can have the application set up and running in no time at all.

The development process can vary from customer to customer depending on the extent of customization and features that they are looking for. With that being said, we pride ourselves in having a very short turnaround time so you can count on having your app ready for launch sooner than later. To get an accurate estimate of the timeline, get in touch with our team and they’ll be happy to help you out.

We do extensive customizations to the script to make it truly unique. Tell us your ideas and we’ll be sure to implement your inputs into the application and make it a ‘one of one’ application.

We have numerous years of experience in crafting cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. We go above and beyond to ensure a world class product for our customers. Not only are we proficient in development but we also provide high quality marketing services, maintenance, and customer support.

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