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Endless chants, earth-shattering roars, and deafening whistles are the trademark of a typical cricket match. Fueled by the passion of over a billion fans, the sport has reached adulation that’s unlike anything else. Channel this frenzy into digital space and hit the bull’s eye with our Fantasy Cricket App solutions.

Flaunting an immersive UI and engraved with best-in-class features, we develop fantasy cricket apps for every major league and tournament with an unbelievable degree of customization. Let it be a season-long, weekly, or a single-day match; our fantasy cricket app will entice fans and sports enthusiasts alike!

  • Every 2 out of 3 People Knew about fantasy cricket leagues

  • $150 Billion Expected Revenue of Global Cricket fantasy league

  • 400 Billion Fantasy cricket leagues app downloads

Our offerings in Fantasy cricket app development


Daily or Season Long Cricket GamesFeel the magic of our technology with our fantasy cricket apps that are designed for daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal leagues, and tournaments.


API integration ModelBestow your existing fantasy cricket league platform with the latest features by integrating our top-notch APIs devised to deliver the performance of a lifetime every single day.

Leverage the Global Popularity of Cricket
with our fantasy cricket apps for every league and tournament around the world

And many other T20 Leagues
that are both international and regional like

  • Pakistan Super League, Pakistan

  • Vitality Blast, UK

  • Global Canada T20, Canada

  • Afghanistan Premier League, Afghanistan

  • Natwest T20 League, UK

  • Hongkong T20 Blitz, Hongkong

Nonpareil Features
of our White-Label Fantasy Cricket App

Live ScoresBoost your players’ confidence as they can view the live updates of the score and also the highlights of the match, and after-match analysis.

Rain AlertsMobilize the power of real-time data by providing updates about potential rain delays and washouts and accelerate user trust.

Fantasy for Every TimeUsers can select a single team to contest matches for the entire week with respective rewards and benefits.

Fantasy for Every LeagueWe are the one-stop-shop for every fantasy cricket app solution for any cricket league of the likes of IPL, CWC, World T20, etc.

Scalability Our fantasy cricket app solutions are developed to smoothly cope and deliver seamless performance for millions of synchronous users.

Create and Join TournamentsUsers can create their own fantasy tournaments and join trending ones based on the number of teams allowed, price money, etc.

Analytics CornerUsers are powered with reports and comparison charts that’ll give them a profound grasp over their performance and money earned.

Cryptocurrency Enabled PaymentsComplemented by our in-house blockchain technology, harnessing cryptocurrency-based payment systems ensures nothing but absolute security and privacy.

Informative LobbyThe lobby screen is intensified with upcoming matches, winners of the day offer, etc.

Enticing Field ViewAppealing field view with field positions and angles imitating real-life field setup.

Dashing Line-UpExpressing a no-nonsense design, it depicts the line-up for the contest selected by the user.

Intuitive Player CardsPlayer statistics and comparison charts are available to users to aid in the selection process.

In-App Live ChatUsers can interact with other user communities and the customer support team that intends to provide 24x7 assistance, assuring customer satisfaction.

Push NotificationsEducate your users with updates of every match, event, and other statistics via push notifications and text message alerts.

Multi-Currency SupportOur app is designed to support different currencies seamlessly, forging a window to leverage the global user market.

Multi Drafting OptionUsers can recruit players through a multitude of drafting options like an online draft, offline draft, auto-draft, auction, etc.

Multilingual SupportGeographic constraints are not any more crucial as our fantasy app dissolves them with its multilingual support system.

Want to Launch a Fantasy Cricket App?

You’re at the right place. We develop holistic feature-rich fantasy cricket app solutions.

Our Fantasy Cricket App Development Solutions

A powerful fantasy cricket app with futuristic features is the benchmark of success as it spins its web of magic around cricket mania. Our experts walk the talk with their development efforts that churns out a smart fantasy cricket app that's sure to work big time with fans.

Fantasy Analytic SoftwareWith our exhaustive range of analytic solutions, you could track accurate player statistics, real-time player data, team data, and performance metrics that mirror users' engagement ratio.

Fantasy Stock Market SoftwareOur proficient developers' team has devised a fantasy software for stock market needs that delivers like NASDAQ with advanced features and fluid UI.

Fantasy Sports AR VR SolutionExperience our custom-built virtual reality and augmented reality gaming software solutions for fantasy sports betting, enabling the AR option into every major sports league in your arsenal and creating or joining existing associations in hosting sites.

Blockchain-based Fantasy App SolutionWant to back your transactions that are immune even to hacker antagonists from Hollywood? Give a tryout to our mind-blowing blockchain technology-based fantasy app solution! Distinctly devised for monstrous levels of security and privacy.

Fantasy Chatbot DevelopmentDash in the essence of Artificial intelligence to construct an ultra-useful virtual assistant that makes your life easy by effectively managing your daily schedules and related activities. And the icing in the cake is all these technologies are developed in-house!

How Does
Fantasy Cricket App Work?

A Fantasy cricket match is similar to a cricket match that’s played in real-time, but it requires a user to select a fantasy team of playing 11 from both the playing teams.
  • Users need to create a group of 11 real-life players from both the teams playing that particular match.

  • The performance of the selected players translates into points, which is consolidated after the completion of the match.

  • The user with most number points is deemed the winner.

  • The prize money is deposited into the user’s bank account instantly.

  • This enables a user to earn by doing nothing but using his/her cricketing knowledge.

  • This know-how can be easily grasped with the help of our constant match updates and reports.

  • 1

    User Selects a Match

  • 2

    Creates a Team

  • 3

    Selects Captain and Vice-Captain

  • 4

    Creates Multiple Teams

  • 5

    Joins a Contest

  • 6

    Secures the Most Number of Points

  • 7

    Money is Deposited in the Account

Exhaustive List of Features

  • RegistrationUsers can register easily through their social media accounts or using phone numbers or email IDs instantly.

  • Search Bar and FiltersUsers can view matches played or scheduled and sort them using various filter options such as playing teams, dates, time, etc.

  • DashboardUsers can access their complete details on a single feature called dashboard and track their progress, the amount earned, etc.

  • Fantasy Team CreationUsers are accredited to draft a team based on players' statistics and strategic importance on a particular fixture.

  • Join TournamentsUsers have access to join exciting tournaments based on their winner count, entry fee, number of teams allowed, etc.

  • LeaderboardsOur fantasy app can possess a simple dashboard or an advanced dashboard bustling with player metrics to promote the spirit of competitiveness among the players. Anything is possible with Appdupe.

  • Create TournamentsNot just join, but users can also create tournaments by entering essential information like tournament size, name, winner prize, and other similar attributes.

  • Referral BonusUses can receive a fee for every new user recruited by their referrals via unique URL or referral codes.

  • User HistoryThe number of matches played, the number of games won, the number of games lost, and total revenue can be contemplated.

  • Multiple Team CreationA single user can create any number of teams and increase his/her chances of winning through this fantastic feature.

  • Admin LoginAdmin can log in using a username and password.

  • Role-Based DashboardAdmins are armed with the bird's eye view of all statistics, matches played, users engaged, revenue earned, transactions done, etc.

  • User ManagementAdmins can edit/modify the details of users and can approve/delete user accounts.

  • League ManagementThe number of leagues played and other league related crucial information can be scrutinized by the admin.

  • Cash Prize ManagementThe entire report of cash bonus conferred to users is available for the admin's view, and he/she can process/reject a cash prize to a particular user for a specific reason.

  • Finance ManagementAdmins can have a say over the revenues earned from matches and tournaments.

  • Match ManagementAdmins can add/delete/modify matches scheduled.

  • Reward Points ManagementAdmin has permission to proffer reward points to users.

  • Customer-Relationship ManagementAdmins can maintain healthy CRM by using push-notifications, updates, alerts, and other promotional materials.

  • E-CommerceAdmins can sell merchandise, souvenirs, cricket kits, etc. in the dedicated e-commerce section of the app, effectively gaining more revenue.

  • Community ForumsUsers can interact with other users and discuss prospective team selection, players, events, etc.

  • In-Built AnalyticsGain insights about the game with customized reports based on essential trade metrics.

  • Live Match ScoreFeed the users with real-time live updates and scores of matches played live, enhancing user trust and interaction.

  • Players Record ManagementAdmins and users can view a particular player's statistics and records and use it for selection purposes.

  • Push NotificationsEngage with your users even when they aren't using your app by push notifications with updates about events, matches, leagues, etc.

  • GPS TrackingAccredit players to participate in leagues in their geographical proximity using the GPS tracker feature.

  • Loyalty ProgrammePamper your users with unique features and bonus loyalty points and ensure their prolonged stay with your app.

  • Social Media SharingGet a free channel of marketing by enabling your users to share their winnings in their social media profiles and gain more user traction.

  • Multiple Payment SystemUsers can pay through every possible and trending payment option.

Add-Ons That Can Be Integrated

Sports QuizUsers can unwind themselves by playing these exciting quizzes and improving their grasp of the game's happenings. Winners can be honored with badges and redeemable points.

Key Player PredictionThe Captain and Vice-captain generate more points than any other player. Our intelligent predictor analyses players' past performance, track record, and hypothesize on a potential player to be the captain or vice-captain.

Live Match SubstitutionMimicking on-field situations, users are accredited to change two players in the middle of the match and also appoint them as captain/vice-captain.

Playing 11 PredictionProspecting the correct list of players of the squad for a particular match is a beautiful game that can be integrated into the fantasy sports app.

Winner PredictionUsers can speculate the winners and scores they are expected to reach through this amazing add-on feature.

Player InsightsUses can get to know the depth of performance of players and compare them with other probables.

Live StreamingUsers of your app can be benefited from the live updation and streaming of matches.

Match Results and HighlightsUsers can view the final scorecard, individual performance, results, comparison graphs, and other critical data.

Follow and Chat ModelJust like social media, you can transform your fantasy app into a social space by using add-friend and follow feature.

Storm the fantasy world with our white-label fantasy cricket app solutions

Monetization Models
of our Fantasy Cricket App

We at Appdupe aren’t just the premier fantasy app developers, but also business people with a deep understanding of business nuances. That’s one reason our fantasy cricket app can be adapted to literally any business model and infuses you with multiple streams of revenue.

Commission ModelYou are paid for literally every transaction that takes place in your app in the form of service charges. Users can also be made to pay a fee for availing your services for a particular time i.e., can charge monthly/quarterly and annual charges. A widely used revenue generator that’s profitable too.

Advertising ModelBy leasing your banner spaces and promoting third-party services, advertising can lead to a surge in revenue as there is a higher demand for sites with a large number of user traction like our fantasy cricket app. Hence, it increased the bidding price of PPC.

Brand PromotionScores of new brands from various fields are opened each day, and collaborating with them to provide value-added services to users is a definitive way of increasing revenue. You can partner with payment portals and other sports merchandise firms and promote their brand with early bird offers on your platform.

Why is this the right time to develop your fantasy cricket app?

Even a ravaging pandemic cannot snub the spirit of the gentlemen’s game as we recently saw a test and an ODI tournament this July. The stats reveal that these games were the most followed event in social media in the last 200 days. Now enter the dragon - the Indian Premier League is confirmed to be held in September and has gratified the world cricket community, sending them into a frenzy. With viewership in billions being a mere cakewalk for IPL T20 league and because major T20 leagues are scheduled after IPL, it’s reasonable to assume that the fanfare blizzard will continue to thrust global engagement.

If you want to make hay while the sun shines, it is the best time to collaborate with us to create a spectacular fantasy cricket app and launch it instantly.

Mirror the Success of Dream11 with our app

There is a reason why Dream11 is in the numero uno position among other fantasy cricket apps - be its stunning UI, flawless graphic flow, ease of user experience, the company has established a name for itself. It seems a challenge for anyone to develop an app with the goodness of Dream11, and fortunately, we like challenges.

Made with cutting edge technology that is powerful enough to retain the smoothness even when mapped with millions of users concurrently, our fantasy cricket application is an absolute killer that can take on any major contemporary fantasy cricket app and ascend you to the top of glory.

Advantages of Launching a Fantasy Cricket App

Raining OpportunitiesCricket is one of the most popular games in the world with leagues played every month; you'll never go out of trend. To put in a nutshell, it's an invest-once-and-earn-always shot.

Build your BrandIncrease the brand presence and brand awareness of your business as our fantasy sports game solution acquaint you with a more extensive section of users.

Leverage Global CustomersOur excellent fantasy app solutions attract legions of users from all over the world and become loyal customers, increasing your overall customer base and traction.

Earn through Allied GamesApart from the charging fee for the main league, you can always conduct substitute games like quizzes before the contest and inflict an entry fee from the users.

You're LegalFantasy sports aren't scheduled as illegal in India and in many countries, which account for a significant share in participation.

Upbeat MarketWith blockbuster events lining up, there was never a better time to develop a fantasy cricket app and launch it in the Play Store/App Store!

Build your own version of Dream11

Why choose us
for your Fantasy cricket app development?

  • One-Stop SolutionWith every possible feature available under a single roof, our apps are inherently ingenious.

  • 360° SupportOur dedicated team of developers and customer relations team assist you right from the ideation and extend the support post-deployment too.

  • Expert Game StudioWe have a decade of experience developing iOS, Android, and Cross-platform gaming apps overarching the entire gaming sector.

  • Data Collection and AnalyticsOur app is accredited with the latest Big Data tools and effectively manages data collection and analysis.

  • White LabellingOnce the development is done, we’ll white label the app in your brand’s name and details.

  • App ApprovalThe installation and configuration process of web services, code and database on a website, App Store and Google Play store will be accomplished along with the approval process.

Are Fantasy league apps legal?

This is an ever-clinging question that keeps nagging aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make big in the fantasy cricket apps world. There is a clear distinction between cricket betting and cricket fantasy events, and both are not illegal in India. The momentous effort and imagination that go under the forge to give rise to an elegant fantasy cricket app are watered down by these kinds of baseless questions. To put in a nutshell,
'Cricket fantasy leagues are not the same as betting and are perfectly legal.'

The cricket fantasy league business cannot be illegal with a sports superstar like MS Dhoni endorsing it!

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Our Other Fantasy Sports App Offerings

Proffer your customers with our intuitive fantasy sports app solutions. We also develop fantasy apps for all major sports and leagues in the world. Miss no fun!

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.
Our fantasy cricket app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.
Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.
Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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