Urban Company clone app development

The app development process is architected in a productive manner, accommodating the needs of customers, professional executives, and business owners. The Urban Company clone App is built with an efficient algorithm providing a seamless experience during navigation.

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Urban Company Clone
Launch Your On-demand Multi Services App!

UrbanClap clone is built with the latest technology to provide an impeccable experience to the concerned users. The application hosts several services pertaining to the needs of the end-users. Entrepreneurs can cater to more profits than one could imagine through our comprehensive app solution. White-labeled and scalable UrbanClap app clone is all you need to establish your business instantly.

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How does Our UrbanClap Clone
assure Safety in COVID-19 times?

The Coronavirus-induced scare has demanded varying amounts of safety standards to be followed as a preventive measure. We have revamped apps like UrbanClap with add-ons that will immensely assist you in gaining customers.

UrbanClap clone app

Safety Badge

The badge is an indicator that confirms the service executives are free from Coronavirus symptoms.

UrbanClap clone app

Coronavirus Trackers

It indicates the number of Coronavirus affected cases in customers’ locality and the distance prevailing between the nearest COVID-19 patients.

UrbanClap clone app

Optimized Route

The in-app map has been upgraded with the updated route, which intimates drivers of the red zones and suggests alternative routes.

UrbanClap clone app

Face Mask Scanner

The face scanner verifies whether the service provider is wearing a face mask.

All these precautionary features will provide a safe environment for the service providers to render their services.

The ordered workflow of UrbanClap clone app

Customers can log in by providing the username and passwords. They can also instantly log in through social media handles.

Choose services
The well-categorized list of services is available for customers to locate the services they need quickly. The filter & search options further assist in navigating through the right services.

Package selection:
Upon choosing the service, customers can select the package that matches their requirements.

The availability of the selected service provider is displayed in the in-app calendar. Depending on that, customers can choose the timings that match their preferences.

The service provider is notified of the customer requests through push notifications. There is also a chatbot and in-app call option to communicate with the service providers.

Fare Listing
Based on the duration of the service and type of service, the fare is listed for the customers.

Customers can either choose advanced digital payment modes or cash on service completion in the Urbanclap clone app.

Commission Detected
The commission is detected for using the app’s services. A percent of it goes to the platform owner.

Urban Company app clone
Safety is our first priority

The current scenario demands disinfectant services as it is one of the essentials means to prevent the contraction of the deadly pathogen. The service providers wear masks, gloves, and other required PPEs while attending customers. They completely sanitize the areas they have worked with disinfectants. It is one main factor that is going to increase the customer base for on-demand services.

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UrbanClap Clone

What do we provide
with our best Urbanclap clone script?

Our Urban company clone app complies with the regulations of Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It is a complete package that has all the attributes to make it instantly successful. Urban Company clone is compatible with a variety of personal devices such as Smartphones, Tablets running in iOS, and Android platforms.

Our elite Urban clone Package includes:

  • User
    Android App

  • User
    iOS App

  • User
    Web Panel

  • Service Agent
    Android App

  • Service Agent
    iOS App

  • Service Agent
    Web Panel

  • Official

  • Dispatcher


UrbanClap clone app

Social-log in

It provides a quick and easy registration process and login through social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account.

UrbanClap clone app

Explore services

Locate the required service from the well-categorized list of services. The advanced search & filers further help in navigating through the app’s services.

UrbanClap clone app


Customers can schedule the service appointments for the date & time of their choice.

UrbanClap clone app


These are pop-up notifications that provide updates regarding current service order status and other related information to the customer.

UrbanClap clone app

Live tracking

Customers can track service providers in real-time.

UrbanClap clone app

Secured payment gateway

There are multiple payment options for hassle-free transactions, such as credit card, debit card, digital wallet like Paytm, PayPal, and GPay.

UrbanClap clone app

Fare Estimates

Once the service is booked, accurate fare estimates are sent to the users’ app.

UrbanClap clone app

Reviews & Ratings

Customers can express their opinions regarding rendered services by rating and reviewing.

UrbanClap clone app

SOS button

It comes under the security aspects of the app. The concerned emergency contact can be connected instantly by clicking onto the SOS button.

UrbanClap clone app

Instant booking

The services can be booked in a flash by rebooking the same service from history.

UrbanClap clone app

Referral benefits

Customers can earn points that can be redeemed during payments by introducing the app to others.

UrbanClap clone app

OTP Verification

Upon service booking, a unique code is sent to the customers, which they can use to verify their service professionals and vice versa.

UrbanClap clone app


The app involves a simple registration process, which takes just a few minutes.

UrbanClap clone app

Provider Approval

The service provider is approved if they match the required skill set, then will receive customer requests.

UrbanClap clone app


They receive instant notifications when they get customer’s requests.

UrbanClap clone app

Customers Profile

The connected customer profile, which includes the necessary information about the customer, is presented in this module.

UrbanClap clone app


As and when the customer requests are fulfilled, the earnings module is updated accordingly.

UrbanClap clone app

In-app communication

These are communication modes aimed at bridging the gap between customers and service providers.

UrbanClap clone app

Toggle availability

Service providers can choose to offer services during their free time using the toggle availability option.

UrbanClap clone app


The in-app map provides optimal navigation routes to seamlessly navigate to customers’ places.

UrbanClap clone app

Service Records

The professional’s detailed list of services can be viewed on a monthly/yearly basis in this panel.

UrbanClap clone app


The feedback provided by the customers would be available in this panel, thereby the service provider can take the necessary steps for improvement.

UrbanClap clone app

Profile Verification

The application has provision for an in-app scanner to scan the documents and verify its authenticity.

UrbanClap clone app

Payment dashboard

The admin can track and analyze the payment made in this module. Also, they can change the commission fees to suit their requirements.

UrbanClap clone app


The overall view of the entire dashboard is available in the analytics section, such as the number of customers & service provider part of the app, reviews, and ratings, etc.

UrbanClap clone app

Advanced Reports

It provides the areas of improvement based on the revenue obtained by the app.

UrbanClap clone app

Advertisement Management

It facilitates in managing the advertisements, email campaigns, promotional content for the app.

UrbanClap clone app

Heat View

The admin can see which location has the demand for professional executives and can reroute the more resources to that area.

UrbanClap clone app

Set Range

The operating range for service providers can be set. So if customers place a request, the service provider within the range would be notified.

UrbanClap clone app


Admins can decide on the alerts that are to be sent to the customers and service providers.

Services part of UrbanClap like app development

Home Services

  • Home Cleaning
  • Painting
  • Lawn mowing
  • Pest Control
  • Snow Removal

Wellness & beauty Services

  • Massage services
  • Beauty services
  • Fitness services
  • Haircut services

Appliance Repair services

  • Air conditioner
    service and Repair
  • RO purifier
    cleaning and maintenance
  • Washing machine
    repair service
  • Geyser
    repair service

Home decor and moving services

  • Furniture assembly
  • TV mounting
  • Carpet & Sofa cleaning
  • Packaging & moving services

Business model Canvas of Urban Company clone

Benefits it offers to customers

  • Get services from the comfort of your home
  • Secure payment modes for getting services
  • Quality services at economical prices
  • Services available 24x7
  • A complete record of the previous transactions
  • Data security and safety

Benefits it offers to service providers

  • Earn substantially by fulfilling many customer requests
  • Work as per their convenience and preference
  • Expand your customer base

Continuous revenue streams of Urban Company clone

It has impeccable revenue streams to witness tremendous profits like Urban Company. Follow these models and expand your business to several folds

Commission-based model

For every service rendered by the users, a fixed charge is detected for using the Urban company like app. App owners have the right to decide on the percentage to leverage as commission.

Featured listing

Approved individual service providers have to pay in order to be listed on the top of users’ search.


Businesses, manufacturers, and other service providers can list in a home service app like UrbanClap by paying a fee according to the company standards.

Why Choose Appdupe - UrbanClap Clone


The app is designed to boost simplicity. Users can easily search for their service requirements and choose from the available options. The UI needs no prior instruction and users browse with seamless ease

UrbanClap Clone is highly secured

The app goes through numerous security trials to ensure the performance is unhindered with any unforeseen hacking. The contact details and ratings of service providers are verified and cannot be altered.

Glitch-free Communication

Service providers and service seekers can communicate directly with each other via the app. This eliminates the need to share contact information and keep track of the conversation.

Easy Online-Payment

Users can pay online via debit or credit card, integrated digital payment apps or others with ease. This reduces the burden to keep ready cash and helps keep a record of payments.

UrbanClap Clone Saves your time

Our powerful application helps you save time by avoiding the traditional method of searching for service providers online and making calls to unverified strangers. All the service providers via the app will be verified as per client's discretion.


Yes, our cutting-edge UrbanClap Clone Script is 100% customizable and can integrate all your requirements with ease.

You will own the entire source code of your application. The app will be hosted on your company website as per the agreement.

Based on your requirements, there will be no limit to the number of service providers joining your app. But if you like, you can limit the numbers as per your discretion.

Yes, our team will be delighted to assist you with all your app enhancement requirements post-launch.

No, the app is designed to allow an infinite number of users to join and avail services.

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Disclaimer: Appdupe neither represents nor have any control over the trademarks of Amazon, TikTok and Gojek. We use the terms Amazon and Gojek for a better understanding of our services. Our offerings intend no harm to any organization or individual.