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Launch a fun-to-use, intuitive video sharing service that is fully customizable with TikTok clone. Enjoy world-class features like destructive messages, video filters, social media sharing options and more. Experience our Video sharing app like TikTok. Get started today.

TikTok clone app script

What is TikTok Clone?

TikTok clone is a pre-engineered solution for an engaging short-video sharing app creation. It is packed with exciting features that incite passion and enthusiasm in the users. Personalize it as per your vision and get it launched in a week.

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Tiktok Clone Script
TikTok Clone App Development

Wondering Why You Should Develop An App Like Tik Tok?

Did You Know?

Nearly 38 percent of time using a smartphone is spent on social media apps and music apps

In A Short Period Of 3 Years

Success Is Inevitable

  • 1.1B+
    Monthly Active Users
  • 155+
  • 3B+
    Downloads Globally

Appdupe's Masterstroke TikTok Clone

TikTok Clone is a trending video-dubbing and video-sharing app solution that is based on the popular app TikTok. The solution is white-label, customizable and readily-integrable with features as per your unique business model. Studded with first-grade functionalities and cutting-edge technology, the users can boost their popularity by uploading videos that ooze out their creativity more than they could imagine. Popularity and success are just at your arm’s reach now!

Launch a Spellbinding Short Video-sharing App With Appdupe

Features Pre-packed In Our
TikTok Clone Script

TikTok clone app

Sign up/Login

Users can register with the app using their email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts. The registered credentials can be used for logging in.

TikTok clone app

Privacy Settings

Users can change their privacy settings as per their preferences. They can publish their video content only to their followers or the public.

TikTok clone app

Home Section

It is the section of the app that appears when you log in to the application. Here, all pages are listed for easy accessibility.

TikTok clone app

Create and Manage Profile

Users can create, manage, and edit their profiles, with their details like name, photo, contact details, and more.

TikTok clone app

Create Video

Users can create videos where they can express their talents by lip-syncing to the audio file available in the app. They can dance, share their expressions, and more via the platform.

TikTok clone app

Post Video

Users can post their videos created through the platform with a description, hashtags, etc. They can also tag locations and other users in their videos.

TikTok clone app

Discover Videos

Users can search for specific videos of other users by browsing for the users, hashtags, or using a search term.

TikTok clone app

Apply Filter to Videos

Users can apply various filters available in the app to their videos while sharing it on their profiles. The filter option helps in enhancing the visual effects of the videos.

TikTok clone app

Watch Video

Users can watch videos shared by other users on the video-sharing platform. They can double-tap to like, comment, and share it with other users. They can also see the location and user details tagged in the video.

TikTok clone app

In-app Push Notifications

Users will be notified about trending videos, hashtags, videos of people they follow, and more via in-app notifications.

TikTok clone app

My Favourite Sounds

Users can save the soundtracks that they find interesting in their profiles and use them while creating their videos.

TikTok clone app

Comment on Videos

Users can comment on videos of other users. They can share their opinion about the content seamlessly with this feature.

TikTok clone app

View User Profile

Users can view profiles of other users and their videos. They can share, like, and follow the profiles that they find exciting and entertaining.

TikTok clone app

View and Like Post

Users can view the posts shared by other users on the platform. They can like it if they find it creative.

TikTok clone app


Users can manage their profiles with several settings options, including view app content, share their profiles with others, and many more.

Why is a TikTok like app inevitable
for cinching entertainment?

  • A short video creation and sharing app like TikTok is the most downloaded app in the non-gaming segment in the world. As per a report by Sensor Tower, users installed TikTok 63 million times in July 2021. Hence, entrepreneurs can strike gold in the digital entertainment industry by creating a TikTok like app. The video content platform will receive more revenue and traffic from brands, content creators and influencers.

  • Owners of an app like TikTok can also monetize from in-app purchases and publishing of targeted advertisements. The premium features and functionalities of TikTok encouraged users to spend more than $920 million in the first half of this year.

  • Moreover, exciting developments are happening with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in Hong Kong by 2022, the introduction of TikTok stories, and a relaunch of business operations in India as TickTock.

Customizable Features of our Tiktok Alternative

News Feed

Based on the users’ preferences, their news feed will be continuously updated with the latest posts shared by their favorite profiles or channels.

Song/Audio Selection

Users can choose their favorite segments or even upload their own tracks to create a custom video plus audio dubsmash post.

Dubbing and Video Selfie

Users can record performances or their custom audio-dubbed videos with ease via this app feature.


Users can share their media or music-dubbed video on their profile or with others or via their social channels with texts, stickers, and more to make the content unique.

Multi-Video/Picture Sharing

Users can share their media or dubbed music video under specific categories on their profiles or other profiles or via their social channels to gain more views.

Create Your Channel

Users can create and manage their own unique channels for public viewing or only among friends. They can share their videos here regularly.

Group Chat

App users can create groups with other users where they can send and receive messages and exchange media like pictures and videos.

Media Attachment

The app allows users to share pictures and music-dubbed videos with specific users, groups, or via their profile or channel.

Report User

Users can report suspicious users, profiles, or channels and suspicious content posted via the app, helping you keep the quality standard in check.

Insight Yourself With The Streams Of
Revenue Offered By Our TikTok Clone App

A video-sharing app like TikTok can bring you revenue from diverse streams.

Subscription FeeGet your users to subscribe to your platform to witness the most exclusive content created by the most renowned artists in the app.

Paid PostsLet the creators lock some of their best videos as paid posts that can be viewed by the audience only on paying for it.

BrandingUndeniably short-video sharing apps are the most popular platforms for influencer marketing. Your creators can partner with brands to create endorsement videos.

Payment GatewayBe the first of its kind by integrating a payment gateway into the TikTok clone app. The users can tip their favorite creators and also send money to their friends.

Virtual GiftsThe viewers can gift the creators they love the most with virtual coins and gifts which can be redeemed as real money or coupons.

TikTok Clone
An Ensemble Of Blue-chip Features And Functionalities

  • 1

    HashtagsNo more excuses for staying out of trends! With the hashtags, users can explore millions of trending videos and images.

  • 2

    Multi liveMissing out any moments is a forgone story, with the app's multi live. The users can utilize the live streaming feature and go live with multiple friends to share their precious moments.

  • 3

    Follow hashtags Running out of content about their favourites is out of the question now. Users can follow the hashtags and get their home page filled with thousands of contents.

  • 4

    Home pageThe app's home page will always be curated with the user's followers' videos to get entertained without any lags.

  • 5

    Video filtersUsers could enhance their beauty and video quality with various effects, editing tools and filters.

  • 6

    StickersUsers can upload their video as a perfect package of their skills and creativity by applying stickers.

  • 7

    ChannelUsers can create their channels and upload the videos they think is the best channel for a better reach.

Why Choose Appdupe’s TikTok Clone App?

AppDupe has dedicated its resources to create the most unique and cutting-edge application for keeping users engaged and entertained all the way. Our years of research and successful development of numerous social media apps make us the ideal choice to help bring your idea to life.

musically clone app

100% Customizable Solutions

Our TikTok Alternative can be customized as per your needs with ease. Integrate a number of unique video-based social media platforms like video selfie apps, music & video dubbing social apps, live video streaming apps and others.

musically clone app

In-App Purchase integration

Clients can monetize their application by accepting payments from users for accessing special features integrated into the app.

musically clone app

Advanced Prebuilt Scripts

With our prebuilt state-of-the-art video selfie script, video dubbing script, music-video dubbing script and other offerings, your app can be designed and developed faster and launched in all major platforms with ease.

musically clone app

Scalable Design

Our cutting-edge Musically Clone Apps are crowned as the most secure and efficient software in the market.

musically clone app

Multi-Currency and Multi-Language

Cater to a global audience by offering their language of choice and the local currency of the region based upon their location.

musically clone app


The Dubsmash Clone app offers a unique marketing feature where users can share referrals amongst friends and family and get rewarded accordingly. These settings can be altered as per admins discretion.

musically clone app

SEO Friendly

Our built-in SEO feature offers the app to achieve better ranking by getting indexed faster. Designed to be a delight for SEO folks to work on.

musically clone app


Our custom built TikTok App Clone Script comes with advanced inbuilt chatbot monitoring services designed to ensure user engagement.

musically clone app


You will receive the most secured app available in the market that goes through numerous testing grades to prevent any unforeseen hacking or service interruption.

Make Big Bucks With TikTok Clone App!

  • In-app PurchaseChannelize your revenue stream by following this revenue model—a fantastic way to make a profit, by offering some advanced features to the users. A win-win situation, to be precise!

  • Venture CapitalLayout good ideas for your business and connect with top investors to invest in your mobile app. Best returns for your efforts is sure!

  • AdvertisingGroup your target audience, learn from their dislikes/likes, age etc. and display apps to attract them. A combo of different profits like cost-per-click, cost-per-mille is yours to grab!

What your TikTok clone app will look like

Reign Supreme Over The App
With A Powerful CMS

Centralized Dashboard Our app’s centralized dashboard will help you manage all the operations efficiently, as it allows you to concentrate on what is precisely essential with the analytics.

Diverse PostsWhen you have this dashboard by your side, you have total control over posts added by the user. You can view or manage the posts and also see the analytics of each of them. If you feel any violations in the videos posted, you can suspend or delete them.

Live Stream Manage all activities involved in live streaming like gift logs, duration, earnings and more. If you want to bring in some new gifts, then it is just a mere cakewalk.

WalletAdd, manage and configure payment gateways and also user wallets. Using the system’s gateway, you can let users recharge, withdraw and transfer revenue.

Chat and CallAll the details about chat and call are available with user details, chat information, duration of the call etc.

TikTok Clone Script Live Demo

Pricing Package

5999 - Web & App
Admin Panel Features
  • Admin Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Admin Management
  • User Management
  • Manage Post/Videos Approval
  • View/Manage Category
  • View/Manage Country
  • View/Manage Language Category
  • View/Manage Message Template
  • View/Manage Audio Category (Music)
  • View/Manage Music
  • View/Manage Preferences
  • View/Manage Rewards
  • View/Manage Subscriptions
  • View/Manage Settings
  • View/Manage Face Filter
User Application Features
  • User Registration
  • OTP Verification
  • User Login
  • Social Login (Facebook)
  • Login with Google Account
  • Forgot Password
  • User Account Management
  • Change Password
  • Change Email Address
  • Change Mobile Number
  • Manage Blocked User
  • Manage Two Factor Authentication
  • Manage Notification Settings
  • Manage Language Settings
  • Invite and Earn
  • Help and Support
  • About
  • View/Manage Followers
  • View/Manage Following
  • View/Manage Profile Bio
  • View/Manage Post
  • View/Manage Liked Videos
  • View Like Count
  • Like/Comment Post
  • Share Post
  • Search based on Hashtag/User
  • Chat
  • Share Voice Note
  • Share Picture
  • Upload Video Post (Gallery)
  • Upload Video Post (Camera)
  • Add Music Filter (For Post)
  • Add Effects (For Post)
  • Add Face Filters (For Post)
  • Crop Video Size
  • Flash Mode for Recording Video
  • Block User
  • Report User
  • Mute Messages (Specific User)


Yes, post delivery you will own the entire source code. We will deploy the app in all major platforms and your server as well.

No, there is no limit to the number of users that can join your app. But if you like, you can customize the same as per your requirements.

Yes, the team will provide all the necessary technical support as per agreement.

Yes, our stellar development team will be delighted to help you with your customization needs.

Yes, the payment with us will be One Time only. No hidden costs will be included.

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