Grab Clone App

What is Grab Clone Script?

The Grab Clone Script is an assortment of everything the original has to offer and is duly superimposed with rivetingly relevant features and functionality. The inceptive part of the Grab clone app development process, the clone script holistically emulates the capabilities and utilities of the app. Astonishingly advanced!

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Super App Solution
for all On-Demand Services

What’s more awesome than providing 50+ highly demanded services in a single solution! The Grab clone makes it a reality.


The provenance of on-demand services. From taxi to rentals, anything allied with mobility can be availed.

  • Taxi-Hailing

  • Bike Ride

  • Car Rental

  • Bike Rental


Browse, pay, and get the product you desire delivered to your doorstep. All within a few taps.

  • Food Delivery

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Packed Water Delivery

  • Alcohol Delivery

  • Pharmacy Delivery

  • Bouquet Delivery

  • Stationary Delivery

Other On-Demand Services

A multitude of most-wanted services at a click of a button.

  • Car Wash

  • Vehicle Maintenance

  • Mechanics

  • Doctors

  • Veterinarian

  • Barber

  • Electricians

  • Lawyer

  • Lawn Mowing

  • Catering

  • Locksmith

  • Insurance Agent

  • Carpentry

  • Fitness Trainers

  • Plumbing

  • Gardening

  • Security Guard

  • Massage Therapy

  • Spa

  • Translator

  • Psychologist

  • Baby Sitting

  • Cuddling

  • Pest Control

  • House Cleaning

  • Home Painting

  • AC Repair

  • House Maids

  • Tow Truck

  • Truck Service

  • Snow Plows

  • Pet Grooming

  • Pet Care

  • Dog Walkers

  • Doll Up Services

  • Fire Fighters

  • Private Tutors

What Do We Provide with Our Grab Clone Package?

Appdupe’s Grab clone package leaves no stones unturned as we strategize to hit the bull’s eye in the whole gamut of possibilities.

  • Customer iOS App

  • Customer Android App

  • Service Provider iOS App

  • Service Provider Android App

  • Restaurant/ Store iOS App

  • Restaurant/ Store Android App

  • Delivery Executive/ Driver iOS App

  • Delivery Executive/ Driver Android App

  • Service Provider Web Panel

  • Restaurant/ Store Web Panel

  • Admin Web Panel

  • Dispatcher Panel

  • Billing Panel

Highlighted Features
Of Our Grab Clone App

Single LoginInfuse a sense of ease as customers can storm into the super app using their email address, phone number, or social media credentials.

User ProfileEvery bit of the user profile elements and information such as name, delivery location, preferred payment method, etc., can be readily added/modified by the customer.

Multiple Payment OptionsFlood your users with a range of immensely popular payment methods such as credit/debit cards, online banking and even an exclusive electronic wallet for in-app transactions.

Live TrackingEmpower your users to instantly receive the real-time location updates of the delivery executives/ drivers/ service providers and vehemently track their orders' status.

Multi-ServiceA customer can access the ingenuity of any of the services available from rides, delivery, telemedicine, altogether in a headlining application, a.k.a the Grab clone.

In-App MessagingEliminate the dreaded occurrence of miscommunication and misconceptions by connecting the users and drivers/delivery executives with a secure internal communication channel.

Schedule Bookings/DeliveryStitch together the essentialities of the day with the ability to schedule the bookings of your ride service or delivery of your favorite food in accordance with your convenience.

Estimate and ETAPropel your business traction by displaying the estimated fare of any service requested by the customer in addition to the exhibition of the expected time of arrival of the delivery/service provider etc.

PromotionsSupersize the scope of your business operations by conferring the customers with plentiful advertising campaigns such as offers, discounts through promo codes, exclusive sale days, etc.

Reviews and RatingsSustain a sense of authenticity by entitling the users to express their genuine opinions on the service availed through the exclusive ratings and reviews field available in the app.

Super App Demo Videos

WebPanel WorkFlow Screen ScreenShot
Web Panel Work Flow
Admin Panel WorkFlow ScreenShot
Admin Panel Work Flow
Android App Workflow ScreenShot
Android App work Flow
IOS App Workflow ScreenShot
iOS App work Flow
Grab Clone Solution

Why go for a Grab Clone Solution?

In a world dominated and mandated by digits, the time has emerged as the most precious resource an individual can hold besides a smartphone. Storage is a scarce asset, and we don’t think anyone will have the patience to download dedicated apps for each and every service, such as taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, etc. This long has spoiled the user experience and has shackled the growth of many ingenious ideas trapped in separate application entities.

How would you describe the ability of a solution that empowers users to register once and avail a staggering range of services extending from mobility, delivery to on-demand in a few taps? That’s precisely what the Grab clone is. Leverage this momentous opportunity to conquer the entire spectrum of business verticals and join the bandwagon of global superapp giants.

The capacity to rebrand the Grab Clone with your rooted business identity elements like logo, brand name, UX design, etc., and launch it in a matter of days is what sets it apart from the rest. The future is expected to be under the reigns of superapps, and there isn’t any best time to plunge into this remunerative silo than now. Grab our Garb Clone at an affordable price!

Benefits of a Super App Solution like Grab Clone

One App. Multiple Services

Congregating a legion of users into a single platform is a cakewalk as the Grab clone lets you concorde any of the services you wish all through a titular application.

Go Cashless

Establish your fiscal dominance as much of the transactions can be facilitated through top-notch digital means such as net banking, wallet, credit/debit cards, etc.

Schedule a Service

Users can effortlessly schedule the delivery of a product or service request placed by them based on their agenda and convenience.

Multiple Employment Options

Drivers can work through many mobilities and delivery niches such as food delivery, grocery delivery, alcohol delivery, etc.

How Our Multi Services Grab Clone Script Works?

Taxi or Bike Ride/Rental

Register App ScreenShot
On-Demand Services App Screenshot
Select the Ride Type and Book a Ride

View Estimated Fare ScreenShot
View Estimated Fare
Ride Accepted App ScreenShot
Ride Accepted by Nearest Driver
Avails The Ride ScreenShot
Avails the Ride
Payment App ScreenShot
Payment through Available Methods
User Provides Feedback App ScreenShot
User provides Feedback

Food, Grocery, Courier, Water, and much more

Delivery Service App ScreenShot
Select an available Delivery Service
Select The Item/Product For Delivery ScreenShot
Select the Item/Product for Delivery
Accepts Or Rejects The Order Request App ScreenShot
The Restaurant/Store Accepts or Rejects the Order Request
Delivery Request Accepted App ScreenShot
Delivery Request Accepted by Nearest Driver
Driver Picks Up And Delivers App ScreenShot
Driver Picks Up and Delivers to the Mentioned Address

Mechanics, Electricians, Plumbers, and more

Multi-Services App ScreenShot
Select a Service Provider
Book The Service Request App Screenshot
Book the Service Request with Date, Time, and Location
Services Provider Offers App ScreenShot
The Service Provider Accepts/ Rejects Offers
Service Provider Arrives App Screenshot
The Service Provider arrives on the date, time and location mentioned
Completes The Requested Work App Screenshots
Completes the Requested Work

Monetization Options in our Grab Clone Solution

Experience exponential growth with the infusion of a diverse range of revenue streams.

  • Delivery FeeArguably the most unfluctuating source of revenue as the business owner can impose a substantial charge on every single delivery taking place over the platform. This could be deliberated based on operating factors such as ride distance, traffic, etc.

  • Vendor FeeA handsome percentage of the fee can be mandated by the business owners to the vendors for annexing into the benefits of the platform. This fee may include sub-charges on every sale, ride, purchase made through the platform.

  • Negotiation PriceMimicking the best of offline trading, the platform owner enters an agreement with vendors who apply preferential pricing to the customers, thereby increasing the business traction and customer engagement rate.

  • Promotional FeeBusiness owners can leverage the platform's digital spaces and lease out them for third-party advertising and Google Ads. Alternatively, in-app promotions can also be seamlessly facilitated.

Grab Clone Multi-Services App Features


Users can sign up with the app using their email addresses, phone numbers, or social media handles. The registered credentials are used for logging in.

Profile Settings

Users are able to readily configure their profile settings elements such as name, delivery address, preferred payment method, contact details, etc.

Real-Time Tracking

Users can keep track of the location and processing status of their orders/ requested services through the GPS integration into the app.

Live Chat

Users are entitled to connect with the service providers/ delivery executives/ store managers instantly through the secured chat feature facilitating the exchange of messages in real-time.

Bill Estimation

Users can view the estimated fare of their ride requests with a proper tax breakdown. This way, they can confirm the bookings unhesitatingly.

Promo Codes

Users can leverage the discounts and price cuts provided by the promo codes and coupon codes, encouraging them to repeatedly avail of the services.


Besides hordes of available payment options, users can leverage the ingenuity of an in-app, rechargeable electronic wallet.

Select a service

Users can avail of any of the several on-demand services listed in the all-in-one Grab clone app.

Book/Schedule services

Users can book any on-demand service by providing their locations and convenient time. They can also schedule it for a later date.

Ratings & Reviews

Users can rate the on-demand service availed and share their feedback on the same, helping other users to make informed choices.

Swift Onboarding

Drivers can kick start their delivery service by entering essential information such as email address and phone number.

Multiple Services

Drivers are bestowed with the opportunity to work under various delivery silos such as mobility, food, grocery, water, etc.

Delivery Planner

Drivers are provided with an automated delivery planner tool that prioritizes delivery requests based on relevancy.

Instant Call/Chat

Drivers have the ability to quickly contact the user/ store/restaurant through the in-app connectivity functionality.

Availability Toggle

Drivers can flag their availability to the admins for a particular order or the whole day by clicking on the toggle button.

Earning Management

Drivers can access detailed information about their earnings on a daily/ weekly/ monthly basis all of a sudden.

Route Optimization

Drivers are proffered with the most optimized routes for a particular location that’s devoid of any traffic or blockages.

Billing Details

Once a ride/ delivery request has been completed, the driver receives a comprehensive invoice with details like total fare, tax, etc.

Customer Reviews

Drivers can assess their performance by viewing the ratings and reviews conferred by the customers.

Bank Details Modification

Drivers can add/modify their bank details without any hesitation and notify the admin to transfer the commission in any of the registered accounts.

Manage Profiles

Service providers can create, edit, and manage their profiles with their names, contact details, and other information.

Service Fare

Service providers can willingly add and modify various service packages, their perks, and allied fares.

Accept/Reject Requests

Service providers can accept or reject users’ requests based on various criteria, including users’ locations, availability, etc.

GPS Integration

To aid in swift arrival to the service location, the providers are provided with multiple optimized routes and navigation assistance.

Order Notifications

Service providers are notified immediately the moment a request is placed through in-app push alerts.

In-App Chat

Service providers are authorized to connect with users after the confirmation of the order request.

Acceptance Range

Service providers can set up and alter the radius at which they can receive service requests.

Support and Helpline

To request any technical support, service providers can effortlessly connect with the platform admin through the helpline.

Earning Details

Service providers can view their earnings on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis.

Generate Invoices

Service providers will be provided with invoices that encompass all service details for future reference.

Order Management

An all-encompassing checklist of crucial order metrics, such as the number of orders received, processed, dispatched, etc., are available to the store manager.

Booking History

The entire gamut of fulfilled orders, along with the respective delivery and transactional details, are provided to the seller.

Driver Allotment

Besides the automated driver matching functionality, store managers can manually allot drivers for delivery.

Product Management

Store managers can add/delete any of their offerings in addition to the capacity to modify their descriptions and availability.

Store Management

Store managers can alter the profile components such as store name, location, and contact details.

Online/Offline Toggle

At the touch of a button, store managers can express their availability and accept/reject orders based on their convenience.

Minimum Order Amount

Store managers can intently fix and amend the least charge only above which orders will be accepted from the users.

Order Status

Store managers can update the status of orders straight away from ‘received,’ ‘processing,’ ‘dispatched,’ and so on without any hassle.

ETA Update

Based on the availability and processing rate, store managers can send out the expected time of arrival report to the user.

Revenue Records

The overall earning figures based on the number of fulfilled orders and rejected orders are readily available to the store manager.

Booking Management

Dispatch requests are made intrinsically effortless as they are gridded in an all-inclusive dashboard.

Live Tracking

Excluding the ability to assign delivery requests, dispatchers can track the packaging in real-time.

Order Details

Dispatchers are equipped with the delivery details of the orders along with the respective customer and transaction information.

Route Assistance

The probability of superfast delivery of orders is established by affording the most optimized route for a specific location.

Safety Assurance

Inconvenience caused due to emergency requests can be promptly mediated and resolved by the team of dispatchers.

Manual Dispatch

Apart from dispatching delivery/ ride requests placed through apps, manual allotment of requests through text messages/calls can also be processed.

Driver/Fleet Management

With access to ride requests, profiles, and similar details, dynamic monitoring of the status and progress of the delivery executives and vehicles is asserted.

Intuitive Dashboard

The admin can view and manage all business processes through the powerful and feature-rich panel.

Manage Users

The admin can manage user profiles and their information all in one convenient location.

Manage Roles

The admin can recruit and assign sub-admins with various roles and responsibilities in the view of pronounced business management.

Manage Content

Armed with a user-friendly CMS integration, the admin can modify the platform's outlook without a hitch.

Manage Promotions

Pertaining to the market environment, admins can create and market various promotional campaigns and coupon-based discounts.

Manage Stores/Restaurants

The entire spectrum of restaurants and stores registered with the platform can be accessed and handled seamlessly.

Manage Drivers

The admin is permitted and responsible for procuring and deploying drivers with various service silos of the platform.

Manage Service Providers

The admin can verify, approve, and manage service providers' profiles, including their personal and service details.

Manage Revenue

The admin can retrieve the platform's financial data, such as total revenue, total profits, profitability rate, etc.

Analytics & Reports

An insightful report is generated regularly to help the admin make informed business decisions.

Add-ons For The Multi-services App

In-app chat/callAllow users to connect with service providers via the chat or call option available in the app to establish an instant connection.

Call maskingUsers and service providers can connect seamlessly without revealing their phone numbers, using the VOIP-based call masking feature.

In-app notifications Users can be notified about their service requests. Service providers can be updated about user requests and other related details.

GPS-enabled tracking Users can track the locations of service providers in real-time via the GPS-enabled navigation system.

Availability toggleService providers can offer their services only when they are available. They can turn off their service listings on other times using the toggle mode.

Multi-currencyUsers can process their payments through any currency of their choosing. The currency exchange rates will be updated automatically.

Create sub-admin rolesThe admin can create sub-admins to manage specific functionalities of the app. They can be restricted from accessing other sections of the app.

Language settingsThe content in our Grab clone can be viewed in multiple languages. Users can choose the language they prefer in the settings section.

Why Invest
In A Super App Like Grab Clone?

Users are moving towards applications that offer additional benefits to the money they spend. They always look for solutions that stand out from other businesses. Here’s how you can captivate such users with our custom-built Grab clone application.

Multiple On-demand Services

Multiple On-demand ServicesWith our Grab clone on board, you can provide several on-demand services, including money transfers, ride-hailing services, deliveries, and many more.

Multiple Business Opportunities

Multiple Business OpportunitiesYou can extend your business operations by integrating any number of services into the app. You can collaborate with third-party businesses, as well.

Multiple Revenue Streams

Multiple Revenue StreamsOur Grab clone lets you generate revenue from several on-demand services offered through it, helping you earn high ROI quickly.

One App-All Services
with Grab Clone App

Delivery SelectionUsers are entitled to plump for any of the available vehicle categories based on their needs and relocation requirements, such as motorbikes, cargo cars, large trucks, etc.

Common DeliveryA reideation of Uber, this feature facilitates the transportation of single or multiple products of varied sizes and types from one location to another without any twitch.

Food DeliveryBrowse, select, order, pay, and get your tongue-smacking food items delivered to doorsteps in a matter of a few taps. Modeled on the features of universally-acclaimed UberEats’ utility.

Rental & TaxiAssorted with the best of Uber, the taxi rental section suffuses stellar functionality into the Grab clone by enabling users to view and book any type of car based on their convenience.

Landing ScreenThe exquisitely designed landing page greets users with a grid display of the headlining services besides the fields to configure the profile, booking, and payment settings.

Larger Delivery SectionUsers are catapulted into all sorts of delivery categories they require - be it grocery, water, flowers, wine, food, etc. and can sort out the scope and availability based on their location.

Grocery DeliveryLaden with essential details about grocery stores available around the predetermined location radius, this screen swiftly actuates the online grocery delivery process.

Single Service ExplainedA comprehensive suite of superior on-demand services is displayed on this screen with a riveting design of minimalistic iterations mimicking their nature.

Single ServiceUsers are provided with the entire range of categories available in a specific service. For instance, the various listings under vehicle maintenance are displayed in an in-your-face manner.

What is Unique
with our Multi Services Grab Clone Solution?

With every monumental opportunity, there comes a magnanimous solution! Despite being loaded with explosive features that set the functionality on fire, we have superimposed our Grab Clone with a set of innovative elements that banishes out constraints of any kind and elevates your business operations to the next level.

Limitless Delivery

Anything at any time can be delivered anywhere!

Humanize the digitized vertical of online delivery by assigning a dedicated delivery advisor to each customer who exerts holistic support across every delivery silos. Want to ramp your snack supplies for the forthcoming party? Feeling like smacking on your favorite food? The limitless delivery features make it a piece of cake!

Limitless Delivery
Location Precision At A Killer Price

Location Precision at a Killer Price

An able alternative to the exorbitantly priced Google Maps

What if we can amplify the accuracy of location services at a cost your eyes won’t be able to believe! We have deduced the perfect lineup of API’s that recreates the functionality of Google Maps at its totality at a fraction of the cost. And yes! They can be embedded with the Grab Clone. A win-win situation!

Extensively Accessible Services

Book services through Website, Phone Calls, and Text Messages

Never miss out on even the minutest of scope and avenue to scale up as we arm you with the capabilities to accept orders through an ultra-responsive, fabulously built website that flaunts a stack of scintillating features. But the icing on the cake is that business owners can receive orders and service requests from phone calls/ text messages from customers. We always seize growth opportunities; so is our Grab Clone!

Extensively Accessible Services
50 +Services Under One Banner

50+ Services Under One Banner

A colossal collection of most sought-after on-demand services

Do away with the download and registration process of multiple applications for diverse perks. With the appellant Grab Clone, your customers need not get under the tenacity clutches rather than experience a real delight. A single login credential is enough to avail of any of the available services from taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, on-demand doctor, etc. A genuinely revolutionary technology!

Say Yes to Secure Shopping and Delivery Experience

And say no to COVID19!

From being a complementary element to the prime deciding factor, safety has come a long way and is succulently relevant in the wake of the dreaded coronavirus. Nurture an unassailable secure shopping environment to your customers with addons like Contactless delivery, Safety Badges, Take Away, etc., made possible by the Grab Clone. Even the pandemic cannot deter your entrepreneurial spirit!

Secure Shopping And Delivery Experience

Our Process of Launching a Super App

  • Experience the App in First HandWe concisely scribe down the extended iterations of your requirements, needs, and app vision and proffer you with a full-fledged planner. Meanwhile, you can jump on our Grab Clone Demo app to experience a miniature version of what could be expected on the final product.

  • Currency & Language PreferenceBased on your target market, a swarm of significant languages can be integrated into the Grab clone along with multiple currency support besides the staple USD.

  • Customization and White-LabelingGrab Clone script is enriched with your unique business identity attributes such as brand name, logo, UX preference, color palette, etc., and is ready to be deployed in the server of your choice and in popular app platforms.

  • Launching and ApprovalUpon being cleared by Quality Assurance experts, the rebranded Grab Clone with your logo and brand name is submitted to the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore, and we make sure the app is instantly ready for user downloads.

View Demo

Here are the Android, iOS & Web Versions of our demo. Take a quick look at the applications, dashboards, and features.

What more do we provide
with our Grab Clone?

Besides a deal of world-beating attributes, we load up the Grab Clone with ingredients of massive success.

  • Multilingual SupportLeverage a global user base by endowing the services of the Grab clone in the world's major languages. Capitalizing both local and global markets was never this easy!

  • Promo Code IntegrationBoost up your customer engagement rate by assigning specific promotional coupon codes to customers, which when availed exerts a predetermined discount on the fare/ delivery.

  • Geo-FencingGird up your delivery executives with the ability to create virtual borders that obstruct the flow of services to a particular location based on a range of various business and operational factors.

  • Corporate RidesAmass a massive infusion of revenue by collaborating with corporates' extensive network to avail their employees with systematic ride services. A consistent income stream!

  • Website FunctionalityExtend your trade horizons by offering the multi-service utility through a separate website that competently complements the Grab clone mobile applications.

Grab Clone Location ScreenShot

Why Choose Us?

Expert TeamWith an experience exceeding a decade, we have cracked the formula to come up with tremendous solutions that are concurrent with market demand and expectations.

Cutting-Edge TechnologyWe deploy some of the path-breaking technological advancements to build the Grab Clone with its all-encompassing multi-service utility diligently.

Lifetime Domain AccessGrab Clone is a truly one-time investment as we transfer the whole spectrum of proprietorship rights, making you the sole owner of the application.

Free DeploymentWe take up the mantle of submitting the app to the Apple App Store and Google PlayStore and ensure the proposal gets approved without any hassle.

100% CustomizationWe are experts in recreating the app on par with your requirements and expectations that reverberate your rooted business sensibilities and market nuances.

360° SupportWe provide our customers with a relentless sense of assistance all the way from conception to post-deployment across every possible support silos.

Tech Stack


Grab taxi app

Grab clone is an assemblage of on-demand services that cater to every individual's needs in a day, ranging from taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, and a plentiful on-demand services. To state in a single sentence, it is an all-encompassing super application.

Yes, Please send us a mail to [email protected], and our experts will catch you with the actual product demo.

Grab Clone is astonishingly identical to the Singaporean super app Grab, which has been making waves in the Asian market for quite some time. You can willingly customize the app and launch it in a matter of a few days, gaining a ceaseless competitive advantage. If you want to ace the entrepreneurial race, the Grab clone is your weapon!

Grab Clone has the ability to offer over 50+ on-demand services that sprinkle across various niches and verticals, all the way from mobility to home services.

Yes, we can readily add/remove/modify any service based on your needs, requirements, and business goals. Not just the services, any feature/ functionality can be altered based on your request.

No worries! We take up the deployment of the Grab Clone for you and submit it to the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store for absolutely free of cost.

Yes! Being a universal solution, the Grab Clone supports any of the major languages of the world. This goes hand-in-hand with its multi-currency integration.

The Grab Clone is robust, and a highly scalable solution and effortlessly handles millions of concurrent users and transactions without a twitch.

Yes, we entitle to around-the-clock technical support for a lifetime and one-year exclusive assistance for removing bugs and glitches, if any, for zero cost.

An exciting yes! The Grab Clone is a complete white-label solution that can be branded with your own business name, logo, tagline, etc.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

Schedule with Us Now!

Grab taxi app

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