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    A Grab clone app consolidates taxi-hailing, food delivery and logistics services into one. Our expertise in designing and developing clone applications can help entrepreneurs around the world to establish themselves. Our solutions are completely white-labelled, giving the entrepreneurs the rights to branding and logo. The highly customizable Grab clone can be enhanced to match any requirement.Our Grab clone script will help your business to take off in no time. An app like grab will ensure that your venture will gain a huge following with its advanced features and responsive interface. Our reputation in clone app development is proof that we will stop at nothing to give you the perfect multi-service app.

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    What we offer in- Our Grab Taxi Clone Script

    Our Grab clone script is the best in the market and provides high-quality services that top the industry. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field of clone app development will suit your needs perfectly.

    Grab Taxi Clone Script

      Our package includes:

    • Completely white-labelled

    • Privacy policy and NDA

    • Rider - iOS App/Android App/Web Panel

    • Driver - iOS App/Android App/Web Panel

    • Website

    • Admin Web Panel

    • Billing Admin Panel

    • Dispatcher Panel

    Our Grab taxi app features

    Grab clone user features


    • Registration - A user can register instantly with their contact information or social media account.
    • GPS tracking - Users can track their drivers or their package using the GPS system built in the app.
    • Estimated rate - Users are shown an estimate of the rate they will be charged
    • Payment modes - payment is possible through cash and debit/credit card.
    • Scheduled booking- Users can schedule rides for later.
    • ETA - The app shows users the estimated time that their package/driver reach the destination.
    • Trip history - The app will keep a record of all the trips the user has made.
    • Digital wallets - These wallets allow users to make cashless payments.
    • Push notifications/Alerts - Users receive alerts on acceptance/decline of service requests, trip details, etc.
    • Rating and review - Users can rate and review the services that they receive.
    Grab clone driver features


    • Registration - Drivers can register on the app using their personal information or social media account.
    • Live Navigation - This helps drivers locate the location they have to pick up or drop the parcel/user.
    • Availability toggle - The driver can update his/her availability on the application.
    • Earnings tab - Drivers can keep track of their everyday earnings.
    • Surge pricing - This feature helps drivers know the locations that have surge pricing.
    • Transaction history - A driver can keep account of all the trips he/she has made.
    • Driver ratings - Drivers’ services are rated by the customers.
    Grab Clone Admin features


    • Sub-admins - An admin can assign sub-admins with various tasks.
    • Driver verification - Drivers/delivery personnel are verified by the admin through the app.
    • Trip details - All information on trips - the count, duration, invoice, driver and user details, etc are available to the admin.
    • Earnings report - It shows the revenue of a driver and commission for the admin.
    Uber clone Dispatcher Panel

    Monitor drivers' dispatch and trips with a dispatcher panel

    The dispatcher panel will instantly allow you to assign, dispatch and track the drivers through the bookings.

    • Request Management
    • Trips Tracking
    • Create Bookings
    • Reviews & Feedback

    How our Grab taxi clone app is

    Powerful Admin Dashboard

    The all-powerful admin dashboard helps the admin of the app manage the entire business efficiently.


    Looking to expand your business? The customizable solutions we give are scalable and flexible to suit your needs.


    The rates we charge are extremely reasonable and the best in the market.

    Grab Clone Features

    The following are the essential features that our Grab clone will have:

    grab clone features

    Android App for User & Providers

    The Android app is built natively for the users and service providers to enjoy seamless usage.

    grab clone features

    iOS App for User & providers

    The iOS app is built natively for users and providers to perform without any hassles.

    grab clone features

    Admin Panel

    The admin app is robust and can handle all the activities of the business.

    grab clone features

    Dispatcher Panel

    The dispatcher panel ensures that service booking and dispatching of drivers is managed efficiently.

    grab clone features

    Billing Admin Panel

    This panel generates a receipt for drivers, delivery personnel and service providers. It helps the admin keep track of all the earnings.

    grab clone features

    Service Provider web panel

    The web panel enables a service provider to manage their business conveniently and effectively.

    grab clone features

    Store/restaurant web panel

    Web panel for the store /restaurant to carry out their transactions.

    grab clone features

    Store/restaurant iOS and Android App

    The iOS and Android apps for the store/restaurant are built.

    grab clone features

    Driver/Delivery Person iOS and Android App

    iOS and Android apps for the driver/delivery personnel is developed for lag-free performance.

    Why choose our Grab clone script

    Turnkey Solution

    Our products are turnkey. They can be launched in no time, allowing you to kickstart your business right away.

    Whitelabel Solution

    After we complete your app development services, you will have complete ownership and have the right to brand and logo.

    Native Apps

    The applications we provide for iOS and Android platforms are natively built. We ensure that the apps work bug-free on both platforms.

    What features our grab clone app provides

    Our Grab clone taxi app has the essential features of a taxi booking application. The Grab clone scripts can be further customized to suit any business model. The following are the indispensable features:

    user profile


    A user/service provider can enter in their profile into the application.

    booking history


    This feature keeps a record of all the trips the user has made and all their details.

    secure payment

    Secure payment modes

    This feature enables users to pay through multiple modes like cash, card or any online payment application.



    Carpooling enables users to share rides with other users and split costs. This makes it a popular mode of travel.

    raings and reviews

    Rating and reviews

    Feedback from users helps maintain the standard of the application by making constant updates.

    estimated travel time

    Estimated travel time

    This feature enables one to know the estimated travel time from pick-up to the destination.

    Trip rate estimator

    Trip rate estimator

    Trip Fare estimator displays the approximate trip fare based on distance to be travelled.

    SMS/ Email notifications

    SMS/ Email notifications

    This feature allows the service provider to send notifications to their customers through SMS or Emails.

    Multiple vehicle types

    Multiple vehicle types

    Users are provided with flexible vehicle options. Various models of cars are displayed for a user to choose from.

    Grab clone app business model

    Taxi booking workflow

    Taxi booking workflow
    • 1.Enter in the pick-up and drop location
    • 2.Get the estimated fare.
    • 3.Find a driver
    • 4.Track your driver real-time
    • 5.Share trip details
    • 6.Pay for the ride

    Food delivery workflow

    Food delivery workflow
    • 1.Pick desired items from available
    • 2.Add to cart.
    • 3.Enter address
    • 4.Pay for the order
    • 5.Track order
    • 6.Enjoy meal

    Logistics workflow

    Logistics workflow
    • 1.Select a delivery option
    • 2.Enter in pick-up and drop location
    • 3.Get estimate fare
    • 4.Key in recipient details
    • 5.Find a driver
    • 6.Confirm order
    • 7.Pay for service
    • 8.Track order

    Our Grab clone script advanced features

    • Integrate Bitcoin Wallet
      Integrate Bitcoin Wallet

      Trade with bitcoin users all around the world with a secure bitcoin wallet we provide.

    • Scheduled Bookings
      Scheduled Bookings

      Users of the app can book services in advance. Drivers/delivery personnel will be notified.

    • In-built Chat
      In-built Chat

      Communication between a user and driver/delivery personnel is enabled in case any information is needed on drop location, order status and more.

    • God's Eye
      God's Eye

      The admin can view overall revenue, users and drivers list, the location of drivers on duty, the total number of trips, commission, etc.

    • Multiple Language
      Multiple Language

      Users can choose the language they prefer. This helps reach a wider audience.

    • MLM

      With multi-level marketing, riders and drivers can use referrals to promote business. Designed to help the business grow rapidly.

    • Real-time Navigation
      Real-time Navigation

      This feature enables drivers/delivery personnel to navigate to the location entered by the user of the app.

    • Promo Code
      Promo Code

      This feature gives users the chance to enjoy discounts and offers, thereby attracting more users.

    • Video Calling
      Video Calling

      Video calling feature for the users and drivers/delivery personnel.

    • Geo Fencing
      Geo Fencing

      GPS tracking to create boundaries for the drivers and alerts them when they cross these geographical boundaries.

    • Voice Calling
      Voice Calling

      Voice calling feature is integrated into the app so that drivers and users can communicate without the need to share mobile numbers.

    • Smart Wallet
      Smart Wallet

      A user can recharge the online wallet in the app with money, for a cashless experience.

    • Outstanding Ride
      Outstanding Ride

      This feature enables a user to book a taxi in advance to travel outstation.

    Check out our Grab clone app demo

    We will ensure that you are investing in a project that is worth every dime.
    Know exactly what you get for the price you pay.
    Watch the demo to get a clear understanding of how Grab clone app works.

    Key for - Grab taxi clone app success

    Grab Taxi rapidly expanded its business by providing taxis for hire to users at affordable prices. With an app like Grab, users no longer needed to go through the struggle of negotiation and searching for taxis. Grab clone apps also offer users with food delivery and logistics. Payment is made through cash or online with smart wallets.

    Grab clone is a huge success due to the instant services it provides. It is cost-effective and provides entrepreneurs with a great way to begin their venture. Users of the app no longer have to wait in long lines or pay huge taxi fares. They can enjoy next-generation services.

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    How a Grab clone app works

    • 1 Register

      Users register on the app with contact information and social profile like Facebook, email etc.

    • 2 Select service

      A user should choose the service they require. They can pick from ride, food delivery and other services.

    • 3 Pick-Up And Drop

      Users enter the pick-up and drop location. An approximate cost of the trip is displayed on the app before the users search for drivers.

    • 4 Find driver

      After entering the address, the user looks for drivers in the vicinity. Available drivers accept the request and arrive at the location.

    • 5 Pay

      Users can pay for their trips with cash, debit/credit cards and through the inbuilt digital wallet.

    • 6 Rate and review

      Users can rate the services provided and also give feedback. This helps maintain the quality of the application.

    What technology we use in our Grab clone script

    We use high-end software for On-Demand Taxi App Development on both Android and iOS platforms.

    • iOS Applications

      iOS Swift Technology (Apple),Xcode (Integrated development environment)

    • Android applications

      Native Java Technology (Google),Android studio (Integrated development environment)

    • Web Panels

      Our web panels are backed by PHP

    • Servers

      The Grab taxi app functions seamlessly on servers like Linux, AWS cloud server, and Shared server

    • API

      Google maps API (Navigation system)

    Taxi app development

    How much it costs to build Grab taxi clone app

    We provide the best of the best and our high-end development services are proof of it. Costing is based on what features you wish to incorporate into your robust mobile application. Whether the features are basic or advanced, our pricing is still extremely reasonable. This is why many startups and entrepreneurs have approached us and left with products that were perfect for their business. Our on-time delivery and moderate rates are the reasons why we are still leaders in the market. Get in touch with us right away to know the prices we offer our services at.

    Grab clone App Screenshots

    Our Clients


    No. when you sign with us, we relieve you of all technological burdens. You will not need to have any knowledge of programming.

    Clone apps are just like any other apps. The only difference is that they are readymade and easy to use. You will only enjoy many advantages in using them.

    The app has an in-built card and digital wallet system. So, a user can make cashless payments through the app

    The rates we offer our clone apps at are unbeatable. Contact us to know more about the packages we provide.

    Not at all. Unlike building an app from scratch, using clone apps can significantly shorten the process.

    We provide free post-development support for 3 months. If any service is required after this period, feel free to avail our inexpensive paid support package

    For any more queries, contact our team and we will get back to you in no time.

    How our customers rate our Grab clone taxi app


    Pricing - 95


    Design - 94


    User interface - 93


    Features - 94


    Support - 91

    Our company provides the best solution for your business and our customers’ rating will prove it to you!

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