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Offer your customers the convenient way of travelling on two wheels and zip through the city. Save commuters from the hassles of traveling in overpopulated modes of transport and unending stretches of traffic with our Rapido clone app. Our top-of-the-line bike taxi app development contains essential features that exceeds the stands of the current market. Experience a fully customizable clone app, contact us today.

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Develop an incredible
bike taxi app with our rapido clone app

As the human population continues to steadily grow, commuting even just a few kilometers away has become more of a tedious journey today. An incredible way to evade this modern problem is by using the best modern solution, a bike taxi app.

By simply requesting a ride through an app, commuters can hop on two wheels as a pillion rider and get dropped off at their destinations. Offering such a solution to the people is sure to be rewarding because of the advantages bike taxis have over conventional four-wheel taxi services.

Widely popular in South East Asian countries like Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and India, bike taxis are gaining impressive momentum in these densely populated regions.

We enable entrepreneurs to actualize their business goals with our state-of-the-art motorcycle taxi app development solution - Rapido clone. We enable our clients to launch world-class, feature-rich bike taxi applications into the market in the shortest time possible.

Being regarded as an app development company that is highly reliable and responsive, we aim to continue providing our best services to our clients at every step of the way.

How does our rapido clone work?

a ride

The commuter requests for a ride after specifying his/her pick up and drop location.


The bike taxi rider accepts the commuter’s request and commences towards his/her pick up location.


On completing the trip, the commuter can pay the ride charge using cash, debit/credit card, and online wallets.

What our rapido clone scripts offer

Our rapido clone scripts enable entrepreneurs to quickly develop an entire functional bike taxi application in the shortest time with complete customizability. Built with concrete scripts that are easy to modify yet secure and stable, we deliver the very best.

Whether you want your app to be available on smartphones, tablets, desktops, be it android or iOS, our rapido clone solution will offer you with an app that works flawlessly on all of them.

In our clone package, we offer

  • Passenger Android App
  • Passenger iOS App
  • Passenger Web Panel
  • Rider Android App
  • Rider iOS App
  • Rider Web Panel
  • Official Website
  • Dispatcher Panel

An uncomplicated booking experience for the passenger

With a seamless, fluid user interface, passengers can navigate through our rapido clone software with the utmost ease to make their ride bookings.

Simple bookings

Request rides by simply performing a few taps and swipes.

Real-time GPS tracking

View the location of your bike taxi through GPS.

Easy payments

Pay for completed trips with multiple payment mode options.

Rating system

Commuters can enter their ratings for trips they finished.

Trip history

Passengers can view previously completed rides.

Offer codes

Passengers can avail discounts on using offer codes.

Charge estimate

The cost that a trip would incur can be viewed before making the booking.

Push notifications

Passengers are kept informed about their bookings at every step of the way.

Referral bonuses

On using referral codes, the one who refers and the one who’s referred both enjoy benefits.

Driver detailse

Passengers can view driver contact details.

Cancel booking

Passengers can cancel their bookings at any time.


In case of inquiries, passengers can call up support for help.

Manage ride requests efficiently

Accept ride requests, view passenger details, payments and more with our top-notch bike taxi software.

Quick registration

An easy sign-up process enables riders to board the app quickly.

Switch between active/inactive

Riders can decide when to accept rides and when not to.


Riders can accurately navigate to pick up and drop off locations using GPS.

Trip information

A summary of trips can be viewed.

Begin/End ride

Trips can be commenced and ended with a simple tap.

Ride requests

Riders receive notifications regarding new ride requests.


Riders can view how much they’ve earned.

Passenger details

Riders can view passenger details such as phone number and location for contact.

Customer ratings

Passengers can be rated according to their behavior by riders.

Cancel bookings

Riders can cancel bookings before trips begin.


Riders can gain an overall bird’s eye view of the trips they’ve made, earnings and more with the dashboard.

Manage your bike taxi software with versatile tools

Our special dashboards for administrators will give you complete control over your app’s content, revenue, bookings and more.

Admin dashboard

Admins can view a summary of all the operations that have occurred and are occurring.

Configure fares

Charges such as base fares, waiting fares, cancellation fares and more can be set up by the administrator.

Manage fleet

Admins can add new bikes and track the entire fleet on the map.

Manage notifications

Edit and create content that can be sent as notifications to commuters and riders.


Admins can view performance reports for better optimization.

Soar up to the top by implementing
advanced features in your bike taxi app

Go the extra mile and boost your business with premium features of our Rapido clone app.

In-app chat

Riders, passengers and the support team can communicate with each other from within the app.

Ride passes

Special passes can be offered to passengers that will discount multiple rides for a period of time.

Pickup points

Passengers can be suggested easier pickup points.

Bookings via web

Provide passengers the convenience of being able to book rides from the mobile web when required.


Passengers who refer people to the app can reap benefits along with the referral.

It takes just 5 simple steps to
start your bike taxi service

  • The first step to develop a world-class bike taxi app is to contact us. Tell us your idea, your vision about how you want your app to look and feel like and we’ll deliver the very best.

  • We will build a demo of the rapido clone app you’re looking for. On testing and experiencing how it works, you can place an order for the app with us.

  • As soon as your order is confirmed, our seasoned team of developers will commence developing your app and see through the process from start to finish.

  • Next, the team will begin implementing the features you want into the app, such as what currency, what kind of languages, brand name, logo, etc you want your app to support.

  • On your final approval, we release it on the platforms you want your app to be available on.

Our distinguishing solutions

We deliver a robust, reliable and a complete white-label bike taxi service solution

Fully scalable

Whenever you want to scale up your business, you can seamless follow it up by increasing the size of your app.

Completely customizable

Customize various aspects of your app, in terms of theme, design, icons and more.

Third-party integrations

Integrate your application with third party softwares such as hotel apps and flight booking apps.

Designed for a global audience

Currency and language in your app will never be a barrier, enabling your app to be deployable in any region.

Multiple payment modes

Our rapido clone app supports multiple modes of payments.

Responsive support

No matter what queries you have, we will be by your side to guide you.

Technologies used in Rapido clone

Our feature-rich rapido clone apps are underpinned by the most up to date technologies to build world class smartphone taxi softwares.

We employ

We deliver the very best to help you launch
your dream Rapido clone app

We provide entrepreneurs with extensive personal support to get their bike taxi service software off the ground.

Push notifications

Set up notifications, emails and SMS alerts.

Security audit

The app will be completely scanned for anomalies in security and updated to the latest protocols

Support and maintenance

Responsive technical support to ensure uninterrupted operations.

App store submissions

We help you successfully deploy your apps on app stores, be it Google Play stores and/or Apple stores.

Analytic reports

Know how your app is performing and what you can tweak to increase its prospects.


The charges you will incur to develop the app will depend on what features you want to implement in your bike taxi software.

Using a clone app will save you time, money and resources which would otherwise be exhaustive if you built your app from scratch.

Getting started is as simple as calling us up and letting us know what you’re looking for.

Our scripts are reliable, bug-free, stable, easily modifiable and easy to understand.

We develop applications for both Android and iOS.

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