Launch A Dynamic On-demand All-in-one Delivery App With Glovo Clone!

On-demand apps have nannied people with dizzying benefits that have changed their lifestyles. From the plethora of advantages that they have been showering upon the users, there are two notable traits: quickest delivery and affordable services. Both the traits stick with the on-demand courier delivery more than other sectors.

Imagine how people would love it when they can get anything delivered to their doorstep without moving from their place. The things on-demand services can do! Form a picture of how it would turn out if you were one offering all the delivery services from just one app: a one-stop delivery service. You could put a ‘full stop’ to the arduous task of installing various apps for your customers and a comma to your success!

Our white-label Glovo like app is here to yield you exactly that. A single application, which helps you to offer a legion of on-demand delivery services to your users. Through the app’s easy-to-use functionality and agility, users can have the high ground on leveraging the best services. Our script is available on both iOS and Android platforms. So, stop mulling and start mounting in the market!

What Is A Glovo Clone?

Glovo Clone is a ready-made on-demand delivery platform that connects local vendors or businesses with their customers. This single application helps in delivering anything to the users at their doorsteps in the quickest time limit possible. The solution lets entrepreneurs like you automate all kinds of delivery operations easily.

Launch An App Like Glovo With Us: One Solution, Brimming Opportunities!

Our on-demand delivery app solution like Glovo is a pragmatic solution that can be used to operate various delivery businesses from different industry verticals.

Glovo Clone App

Food DeliveryGet yourself into the most lucrative and promising business vertical. Let your users order food online and get it delivered to their doorstep. Surefire hit is what your business would reform to!

Glovo like App

Grocery DeliveryProffer your users with the most demanding grocery delivery service. Deliver them their fresh and high-quality staples delivered at their doorstep. Healthy business ahead!

Glovo Clone Solution

Pharmacy DeliveryNo more last-minute search for pharmacies; a few taps, and that’s all it takes to get their meds delivered. Bag this app for the on-demand market’s pulse is high now!

App like Glovo

Alcohol DeliveryIntoxicate yourself with the success of launching an on-demand delivery app into the global alcohol market. Last mile run for booze at midnight is a gone story. With this app at your side for business, it’s always party time!

Glovo App Clone

Medical Marijuana DeliveryDeliver medical marijuana instantly to your users who are desperate to get high, without letting them wait to start their trip.

Glovo Clone Script

Flower Delivery Just a few taps on their smartphones, and your users can now deliver the fresh flowers to anyone at any time. Blooming in the on-demand market is like a bed of roses with the Glovo Clone!

Glovo Clone App Development

Bottled Water DeliveryEnsure that your customers get the bottled water anytime they want it, without searching for the nearby shops. Hydrate yourself with the perks of the industry!

Glovo like App Software

Stationery DeliveryNo matter if it is office supplies or back to school, you can deliver them anything at the quickest time possible with the app.

Next-gen Features Of Our On-demand Delivery App - Glovo Clone

  • Contactless DeliveryTo elevate the safety and trust of the user experience for your business, our Glovo like app comes with the contactless delivery feature that embraces contactless delivery. As an added assurance to hygiene, the solution comes with an image confirmation feature.

  • One-click Pickup ConfirmationThe delivery executives may send pickup confirmation to the users when they pick up the order from the store to let them know about the order status. Followed by which, the user can view that image and also track the real-time delivery status.

  • Stores App Order Customization and ConfirmationAs the stores have a different app module, they can seamlessly customize the order as per the availability of the item and notify users to confirm. They can easily get in touch with the users and provide an efficient service.

  • Diverse CategoriesFor helping users sift through the different items and pick one of their requirements, the stores can define distinct categories and subcategories. Providing a user-friendly experience is our goal, and our multi-delivery app represents the same by offering various categories.

  • Multilingual SupportYou can break free of the barriers that come with languages with our multilingual feature-integrated all-in-one delivery app. With the saved language support and access to different languages, you can win over their hearts easily.

  • Manual Delivery AssignmentQuickest delivery is the motto. So why stray from it? Now you can even let stores assign the deliveries manually from the store app and panel of the Glovo Clone. With this feature at hand, there is no need to fret over a limited number of the delivery personnel. Stores can speed up the delivery process and increase the user retention rate.

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Scope Of Services You Can Provide With Our Glovo App Clone

  • Aggregator Business Model Connect hundreds of stores across the region with the users. A user orders an item via the app, and when the product is ready, delivery personnel will deliver the product to the users.

  • Order and Delivery Business Model Implement this profound and popular model and make all deliveries in a wink, as there’s an interface for customers, couriers, and businesses. Efficiency and its effect are at their peak when you choose the Glovo clone script.

  • Complete Service Business ModelYour efforts, your brand, and your success! An all-inclusive business model where you will manage all operations single-handedly like a king, without relying on third-party agencies. Something you could shout about!

Which Businesses Can Avail Of An Application Like Glovo?

  • Single Store Owners Perfect solution for any store in a single location, for a future emperor of this market!

  • Multiple Stores For owners of chain stores, multiple locations, and franchise businesses, to manage their kingdom!

  • Startups and EntrepreneursThe first step for startups to begin their dream journey into the flourishing on-demand market.

  • SMBsBankable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses

  • Delivery and LogisticsFor any delivery or logistic businesses looking forward to launching apps like Glovo to a bankable change in their business.

  • EnterprisesRobust solution for enterprises, resilient for heavy usage.

How Does Our Glovo App Clone Work?

  • 1

    User signs in to the app using their login credentials.

  • 2

    Search and place their orders from the desired store.

  • 3

    The store receives the order request and has the choice to accept or reject it.

  • 4

    After accepting the order, the app will automatically assign the order request to the nearby delivery personnel.

  • 5

    The delivery partner receives the order and reaches the location with GPS navigation.

  • 6

    Users can track their order in real-time and receive it within the estimated time with a Glovo like app.

  • 7

    The users and delivery partners can rate each other on the experience on the app.

Our Glovo Clone Application Package

Apps like Glovo

Our Glovo app clone is a comprehensive solution that is built to ensure that entrepreneurs can get into the market and make money easily. In order to help you turn your dreams into reality, our solution is capable of helping you to gain massive traction in a few days. It works on both Android and iOS and is 100% responsive, proving its strength.

  • User iOS App

  • User Android App

  • User Web Panel

  • Driver iOS App

  • Driver Android App

  • Driver Web Panel

  • Store iOS App

  • Store Android App

  • Store Web Panel

  • Accounts Panel

  • Admin Panel

Checkmate To All The Shortcomings In Your Business! Launch An App Like Glovo And Reach A Zenith Of Success.

Pertinent Features Of Glovo Clone

  • Signup/LoginThe app is designed in a way that there is no more sign-in process lasting for centuries. Just a phone number/email address is all that is needed to enjoy the uncountable luxuries.

  • SearchWaiting or frequently navigating into the app and exhausting the customers is not something that we like. Our app comes with a smart search feature for them to get the desired store result without scrolling through aimlessly.

  • Advanced Filter Myriad of filters to clip the needed information for the users easily. Some instances: price, sort by popularity, rating, delivery time, etc.

  • Order List A complete checklist for the users to know about the active order and its status updates- canceled, on the way of delivery, or accepted will be updated at a lighting speed in the Glovo clone script.

  • Profile ManagementUsers can edit, delete or add any information they have so far added to their profile.

  • Multiple PaymentsAn extensive range of payment methods that users could avail themselves of in just a few clicks. Your dibs are right on their way!

  • Add Favorite Users can now stamp the most favorite stores on the app and choose to share the same on social media accounts.

  • Cancel OrdersHumans tend to make mistakes, but our app doesn't! Hence, for the users to revert their errors, our perfect app is integrated with the cancellation feature.

  • Map ViewFrom the integrated map of delivery apps like Glovo, the users can have a close eye on the different outlets that support delivery services and select one for the quickest delivery!

  • ReviewLet users sing a carol for their best experience they have had with the app's review and feedback feature.

  • TipAn act of generosity on the spot. Users can choose to pay a tip of any amount to the delivery executives and pay them via in-app or wallet.

  • RegistrationA land of possibilities and handsome revenue is just a step away. The drivers can become a partner for the most profitable business just by entering their personal details and vehicle details and start earning.

  • Verified Driver For a reliable and trustworthy experience for the user, you can verify the driver's details, his experience, and documents.

  • Trip Management An explicit corner for the drivers to know the number of rides they have accomplished so far containing details like fare, location, users, pickup time, etc., dotted in it.

  • Profile Management Drivers can exercise control over the details entered by them anytime they want. An exclusive feature to let them edit or delete any verification details.

  • Availability Toggle Making things easier is what we are known for. Our app like Glovo is evidence for it. Here we are providing the drivers the comfort to go online or offline anytime they want.

  • Earning Let the delivery executives be proud of their accomplishments and get to know about how much they have cashed in on. Information like bank details, trip details, and earnings can all be seen by the drivers on a weekly basis.

  • Accept/Decline Request Drivers could choose to accept or decline a request with just a tap. Efficiency comes with comfort, and having this feature will prove to you that.

  • Effectual Delivery Path Drivers could now kill two birds with one stone! Yes, they can now complete two deliveries easily by choosing the feasible route.

  • Location Here's a contemporary addition to the other awesome features. Drivers can look at the map integrated into the app and reach the user's location on time every time.

  • Reviews After delivering the order and receiving the payment, the delivery executive can rate the service and share feedback as a review.

  • Powerful Dashboard An elegant dashboard just for the store owners to run their operations in a more effective way. They can maintain their profile, enlist their details and analyze the reports for better progress.

  • Verification Sift out only the trustworthy stores for maintaining the quality of your services by verifying the documents and proof.

  • Login With minimal permissions and information, they can enter into the app and start having a flourishing online presence.

  • Service Type Since it is an all-inclusive delivery business, your stores have the choice to choose which service they would like to offer. Whether food, grocery, alcohol, or any other business sectors.

  • Order Management Our solution's dexterity is high enough to let you instantly know of any orders placed by the user on the app. However, as an admin, you have the upper hand on availability, preparation time, etc.

  • Payout Stifle the revenue flow of your business without missing a beat with this option that’s entwined with Glovo app clone. Find all the nuts and bolts about the payment in the payout tab easily with weekly updation of the report.

  • Promos and Offers An amazing feature for the store to make a splash among the users and to increase app engagement. They could now promote any products and augment sales.

  • Offline/Online Mode The stores can show the availability of their store for the users to order anything. This flexibility can be leveraged better by them to increase the income consistently.

  • Craft the Menu The store has the ability to edit, add or delete any item from the menu and empower users to shop more.

  • Mighty Dashboard You can have a holistic view of the overall performance and interaction of the users through this panel.

  • User Management Panel Keep in check all the data of your users and assist them in experiencing the best service of your app. You can even edit, manage or delete the user details.

  • Store Management Keep under thumb all the details of stores and add more stores manually to your app. Expanding your business is now a no-brainer, as Glovo clone script does the job for you!

  • Driver Management Run the show in your app by having all the information of your drivers, like their experience, documents, etc.

  • Manage Issue Clear the air in your app by resolving any issues that arise from stores or drivers, to maintain a good ecosystem. You could also act on the reviews and issues on both of them for a smooth business.

  • Penalty You can charge a penalty on any of the stakeholders: users, drivers, or stores for any delayed delivery, order preparation, or poor service.

Enrich Your Takings
With These Rewarding Revenue Models Of Apps Like Glovo

Glovo Clone Application

Store Fee Rack up millions from the stores partnering with your app for a widespread business in the on-demand market.

Ads The prime revenue model for an on-demand app is here! Amass millions from the stores to get featured and from third-party brands.

Surge Pricing Stash away tens of thousands of currencies by increasing the charges during peak hours of the day or at weekends.

Commission Fee Augment the profits of your business for every successful order fulfilled through your app.

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Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

App Demo
Web Demo

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Dashboard with live ride details
  • View/Manage Dispatcher Panel
  • View/Manage Dispute Panel
  • Heat map
  • God’s View
  • View/Manage Roles
  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • Manage Provider Approval
  • Dispatcher Manager
  • Dispute Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Manage Account Statement
  • Mange Payrolls
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage shop types
  • Manage Cuisines
  • Restaurant Management
  • Order History
  • Manage Commission
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • View/Manage Promocodes
  • View /Manage Country and city
  • View /Manage Services History
  • View/Manage Documents
  • View/Manage Menus
  • View/Manage Ticket Categories
  • View Earning Reports
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Contact Page
  • Site Settings
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Map/SMS configuration
  • Manage Email Configuration
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Search Radius
  • Manage Provider response time
  • Manage Manual/Automatic Assignment
  • Database backup
  • View/Manage Referral
  • Custom Push notification
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Change password
User Features
  • Social media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View Restaurant/Stores list
  • Book order service
  • View Offers/Coupons
  • View Featured Services
  • Search based on Restaurants/Dishes
  • Filter Range
  • View Item/Product List
  • View Cart
  • Order by Delivery/takeaway
  • Real-time tracking
  • View Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Call/Chat Delivery Partner
  • Rate/Review Delivery Partner
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Address
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Invite Referrals
  • Manage Order History
  • In-app Notifications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout
Shop Features
  • Email Login
  • Dashboard
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Location
  • Manage Shop Open Timings
  • Manage Response Time
  • Manage Best Seller Timeline
  • View/Manage Promo codes
  • View/Manage Addons
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Items
  • Manage Item Discounts
  • Accept/Cancel Order
  • View Order Details
  • Manage Estimated Preparation Time
  • Manage Current/Past/Cancel Orders
  • View Live Order Status
  • View In-app Notifications
  • Manage Bank Account
  • Wallet Management
  • Order History
  • Revenue Statements
  • Change Password
  • Forgot Password
  • Logout
Provider Features
  • Social Media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Multiple Services
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Bank Details
  • Mange Payment
  • Wallet Management
  • Manage Earnings
  • Manage Language
  • Accept/Decline Orders
  • Switch Online/Offline
  • Live Order Status
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Live Navigation
  • Call/Chat Partner
  • View Order History
  • View Notifications
  • Raise Disputes
  • Invite Friends & Referral code
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Virtues Of Our On-demand Delivery App Solution

  • Whitelabel Solution Our Glovo clone is an unbranded software that you can customize to any degree and seal it with your brand’s name as pride of your business identity.

  • Deploy on Any Server Name the server, and we deploy it for you. Any choice, whether shared, virtual dedicated, or cloud, you can choose it. Not wishing to deploy it on your server? We will deploy it on ours.

  • Multiple Payment Options Integrate an extensive range of our recommended payment gateway from Stripe, Braintree to PayPal, or any other payment gateway of your choice.

  • Scalable and Robust Business scalability after getting into the on-demand market is something that is inevitable. To withstand more operations at the same time, the system has to be resilient and powerful enough. Since our solution is a cloud-based scalable solution, you won’t have to worry about scalability and concentrate only on growth.

  • Continuous Support We are not just developers, but your partners too. Having an on-demand business and running it smoothly is not a cakewalk, and that’s why we have your back all day, every day. Our team will always provide you with immense support.

  • Quickest Delivery Since the Glovo Clone is a readily available solution, with minimum amendments, next to null coding, and an extensive degree of customization, we deliver your app in the shortest possible time.

Roadmap Of Glovo Like Delivery App Development

  • Netting your RequirementsWe gather all your core requirements you have about the dream delivery app you would like to build.

  • Requirement ScrutinizationAfter jotting down all the pivotal information, the twists and turns are analyzed to make the solution align with the market better.

  • DevelopmentOur effective team members have the upper hand over knowing the most recent trends and bringing into play effective solutions. Hence, leave your worries to them, for they develop a robust Glovo clone app that will speak for itself for the coming years.

  • TestingWe deploy the app only if it wriggles through the different types of bug tests to ensure that it is error-free.

  • On-time Delivery A robust, unparalleled script will reach your hands and the App Stores after going through the tough tests. Voila! Your app is now fit to stack up big bucks!

Glimpse Of Our Glovo Like App

Sign Up Screenshot
Login Screenshot
Offers Screenshot
Menu Screenshot
Restaurant Screenshot
Items Available Screenshot
Item Selection Screenshot
Schedule Screenshot
Filter Screenshot
Map Screenshot
Order Id Screenshot
Rating Screenshot
Incoming Request Screenshot
Service Location Screenshot
Earnings Screenshot
Orders Screenshot
View Receipt Screenshot
Manage Services Screenshot
Add Vehicle Screenshot
Common Document Screenshot
Manage Documents Screenshot
Bank Details Screenshot
Vehicle Name Screenshot
Profile Screenshot
Edit Restaurant Screenshot
Revenue Screenshot
Dishes Screenshot
Create Category Screenshot
Deliveries Screenshot
Filter By Screenshot
Order List Screenshot
Order Delivered Screenshot

Why Choose Us For Delivery App Development?

AppDupe has become the industry leader of the on-demand app development market with so many successful clients that have had their twist of fate.

  • Highly Customizable Our on-demand delivery app solution can be customized to any extent to accommodate any advanced features, integrations, and enhancements.

  • Mastery Having come across the dips and elevations of the on-demand market, we have acquired key insights into it and sharpened our skills in on-demand delivery app development.

  • Dedicated Support Our services don’t end with development and deployment, but our team is always here to provide 24/7 support to the entrepreneurs who rely on us.

Accelerate Your Delivery Business With The Glovo Clone App For A Speedy Delivery Of Success!

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No. AppDupe never includes any hidden charges. You can trust us always, as we charge for just one time.

Of course not. Our Glovo clone solution is scalable, and there are no bars on the number of users who can use it. But if you wish, you can customize the same.

Definitely, our Glovo clone is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.

Definitely, our on-demand delivery app is end-to-end encrypted to dodge and prevent cyber-attacks and unauthorized access.

Absolutely. Our support extends from app launch to app rejection support. We’ll analyze the possible issues, fix them and resubmit them.

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