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Harness the universal appeal of fantasy sports with our Fanduel clone that’s superimposed with stellar features wrapped around an enticing UI. Leverage a global user base in a short time. Connect with us to know more!

fanduel clone
fanduel clone

FanDuel clone - Launch your Daily fantasy sports app like FanDuel!

FanDuel clone is an online fantasy sports app like FanDuel that enables you to conduct daily fantasy sports contests and also bookmarking services. It’s the kind of solution you need to launch your own fantasy sports business. Meticulously developed and designed, our FanDuel clone offers fantasy sports contests in almost all possible game forms. These include soccer, baseball, hockey, football, rugby, tennis, cricket, badminton, motorsports, to name a few.

Leverage the global market needs with our first-class white label solution by offering daily fantasy sports events in NFL, NBA, MLB, IPL, NHL, WHL, EPL, etc. Flaunting an immersive UI and chiseled with superlative features, our app is robust and can run instantly. It comes with an eerie degree of customization, tailor-made to your business, and engineered for success.

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Our FanDuel Clone

Sports Betting
  • Place your bets on all sporting events and players
  • Instant signup and betting process
  • Live odds updates and forecast
  • Hugely popular in 5 states
Daily Fantasy
  • Create your own fantasy team
  • Participate in daily/weekly contests
  • Play and win games for cash payouts
  • Accessible in 44 states
Horse Racing Betting
  • Users can bet on every live horse race
  • Predictions and forecast support
  • A race for every 5 minutes
  • Available in 23 states

Fantasy Sports & Leagues you can play with
FanDuel Clone App

Online Daily Fantasy Sports

Our FanDuel app facilitates you to proffer daily fantasy contests in sports like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey that’s befitting for beginners, and at the same time, highly engrossing to fantasy sports enthusiasts. The entire drafting process is simplified but not the prize cap with unprecedented chances of winning!

  • NFL (Football)
  • MLB (Baseball)
  • NHL (Hockey
  • EPL (Soccer)
  • NASCAR (Auto racing)
  • PGA (Golf)
  • ATP (Tennis)
  • WNBA (Basketball)
Casino Betting

Relish to the vibe of Vegas in the comfort of your home! Our FanDuel clone welcomes users to bet on online casino games and win quick money. Fully regulated and complied with local state laws, it’s the singular across-the-board casino betting solution.

Horse Race Betting

Be the jockey of your fortune by betting on the most famous horse races of the US. Conferred with live streaming options and access to expert advice, it’s sure to captivate legions of fans towards your business.

UFC Betting

Conduct the splash of adrenaline that’s part and parcel of the high-octane mixed martial arts outfit UFC with our UFC betting feature. Indoctrinate users with profile and track records of players and previous odds of winning, and doing so encourages the wrestling maniacs to turn into your business’ loyal fans.

Online Sportsbook

One of our signature features, an online sportsbook, always finds new ways for users to win big. With compelling predictions and real-time odds updates, users are offered a plethora of betting options like money lines, bet spreads, props, parlays among others, And the best part is that every significant popular sport like basketball, football, soccer, wrestling, golf, boxing, etc., are open to betting.

A Fantasy Sports app that’s nothing like anything - FanDuel Clone

Bug-free, incompetence proof fantasy sports clone app that translates your entrepreneurial fantasies into success

Different Fantasy Sports Games Styles offered in our FanDuel clone script

Our FanDuel clone script is apt for conducting contests in different game styles- the structure of a fight. Our developers work in tandem with experts in fantasy sports games and have devised an array of game styles to play upon.


It is a conventional format of the fantasy legion, where there is a fixed salary cap and full roster.


A derivative of a full roster, users draft players from a single game with flex positions excluding the most valuable player, who scores 1.5 times above the rest.


Users are permitted to include a super flex position along with a full roster. It is a trendy game style among millennials.


Users draft players from similarly valued tiers and not by their salary cap. A fresh dash of change to the traditional formats.

Custom Game types in FanDuel clone Software

Our Fanduel clone is ideal for

Sports Startups & Entrepreneurs Which entrepreneur doesn’t want to enter a $200 billion strong business that has been highly profitable for newcomers? Our FanDuel clone amalgamates the best of fantasy sports in a single app. We don’t think there will be a second thought!

Sports Books & Betting Operators Ditch the traditional pain points involved in sports betting with our completely legal fantasy sports solution. Greater reach, increased user base, and, of course, spiking revenue.

Sports Leagues & Clubs Expand your empire with our top-rated fantasy sports solution and keep your fans engaged. A definitive, next-gen fan management idea!

Media Houses & Brands Translate the exploits of our fantasy sports app into enhanced engagement and sports content consumption and reach.

Our Massive Range of Features

  • fandual app clone

    SportsbookUsers can instantly avail bookmaking and sports betting services across our multitude of sports betting events and contests.

  • fandual app clone

    RegistrationUsers can register easily through their social media accounts or using phone numbers or email IDs instantly.

  • fandual app clone

    Fantasy Team CreationUsers are accredited to design a team based on players' statistics and strategic importance on a particular fixture.

  • fandual app clone

    Search Bar and FiltersUsers can view matches played or scheduled and sort them using various filter options, such as playing teams, dates, time, etc

  • fandual app clone

    Join TournamentsUsers have access to join exciting tournaments based on their winner count, entry fee, number of teams allowed, etc.

  • fandual app clone

    Create TournamentsNot just join, but users can also create tournaments by entering essential information like tournament size, name, winner prize, and other similar attributes.

  • fandual app clone

    Friends ModeUses are accessed to contest in season-long fantasy tournaments with their selected ones and enhance their companionship while winning.

  • fandual app clone

    Referral BonusUses can receive a fee for every new user recruited by their referrals via unique URL or referral codes.

  • fandual app clone

    Private ModeUsers can restrict the view of sensitive data like their personal information, financial information, contests played, etc. They can also impose a limit on the maximum betting amount and winning amount.

  • fandual app clone

    DashboardUsers can access their complete details on a single feature called dashboard and track their progress, the amount earned, etc

  • fandual app clone

    User HistoryThe number of matches played, the number of games won, the number of games lost, and total revenue can be contemplated.

  • fandual app clone

    Multiple Team CreationA single user can create any number of teams and increase his/her chances of winning through this fantastic feature.

  • fandual app clone

    Content Management SystemAided with the most optimized CMS, content management and support are made readily available for users.

  • fandual app clone

    Admin LoginAdmin can log in using a username and password.

  • fandual app clone

    Role-Based DashboardAdmins are armed with the bird's eye view of all statistics; matches played, users engaged, revenue earned, transactions done, etc.

  • fandual app clone

    User ManagementAdmins can edit/modify the details of users and can approve/delete user accounts.

  • fandual app clone

    League ManagementThe number of leagues played and other league related crucial information can be scrutinized by the admin.

  • fandual app clone

    Cash Prize ManagementThe entire report of cash bonus conferred to users is available for the admin's view, and he/she can process/reject a cash prize to a particular user for a specific reason.

  • fandual app clone

    Finance ManagementAdmins can have a say over the revenues earned from matches and tournaments.

  • fandual app clone

    Match ManagementAdmins can add/delete/modify matches scheduled.

  • fandual app clone

    Reward Points ManagementThe Admin has permission to proffer reward points to users.

  • fandual app clone

    Customer-Relationship ManagementAdmins can maintain healthy CRM by using push-notifications, updates, alerts, and other promotional materials.


fandual app clone
In-Built Analytics

Gain insights about the game with customized reports based on essential trade metrics.

fandual app clone
Live Group Chat

Uses can chat with their friends and share strategies, achievements, and updates.

fandual app clone
Live Match Score

Feed the users with real-time live updates and scores of matches played live, enhancing user trust and interaction.

fandual app clone
Push Notifications

Engage with your users even when they aren't using your app by push notifications with updates about events, matches, leagues, etc.

fandual app clone
GPS Tracking

Accredit players to participate in leagues in their geographical proximity using the GPS tracker feature.

fandual app clone
Loyalty Programme

Pamper your users with unique features and bonus loyalty points and ensure their prolonged stay with your app.

fandual app clone
Social Media Sharing

Get a free channel of marketing by enabling your users to share their winnings in their social media profile and gain more user traction.

fandual app clone
Multiple Payment System

Users can pay through every possible and trending payment option.

Want to launch the best fantasy sports app solution in the market?

Friends Mode in our FanDuel Clone

A clone app is not really a clone if it doesn’t mirror the features of the original. That’s why we have specially integrated the FRIENDS MODE feature- an eminent component that allows users to create their own, private league and play against their friends in weekly and season-long contests. Our app takes care of every other attribute, and the user has to do precisely one thing - PLAY!

In-Game Features of FanDuel Clone

fandual app clone

Fantasy Sports Dashboard

An all-encompassing lobby where you can have a fly-on-the-wall view of processes taking place in the app. Is the sheer magnitude of contests, users, and leagues stressing you out? Don't worry, our strikingly concise dashboard sorts the impossible and makes your surveillance a lot smoother.

fandual app clone

Integrated and Manual Data Feeds

Fantasy sports league attracts a multitude of users, and consequently, a tsunami of data will be generated. Let this not worry you as our app comes with futuristic data assimilation tools and provides you the exact information needed at the precise time

fandual app clone

Fantasy Sports Ad Module

Draw more revenue with our integrated ad module that allows you to set up Google ads and rent banners to third-party advertisers.

fandual app clone

Fantasy Sports Leaderboard

Instill the spirit of competitiveness with a modernistic dashboard that ranks players based on various filters and contest attributes.

fandual app clone

Badges of Achievement

Reward your top-performing and loyal users with a badge of honor that can be shared in social media and other networks.

fandual app clone

Fantasy Sports Social Model

In a Facebook-meets-FanDuel scenario, assign your users a fantasy platform that's not only about making money but also friendships and community.

fandual app clone

Fantasy Sports Referral

Upgrade your users into brand ambassadors as you reward them with points/coins/real money for every successful referral made by them. Cheeky and highly engaging!

Offer Your Customers with Multiple Game Formats

How does the FanDuel Clone App Work?

Monetization Model of FanDuel Clone

Entry Fee

You can charge a substantial amount as an entry fee from the users. Considering the fantasy league attracts more than a billion users worldwide, it’s undoubtedly a good revenue strategy.


By reselling merchandise of the popular teams, players, and superstars of sports, you can witness a more significant surge in revenue, and moreover, merchandise is always on demand.

Brand Promotion

Leverage the marketing needs of third-party businesses as they look after online spaces with massive customer traffic, and our FanDuel clone is one such platform.

Experience the Professional Difference in making a Fantasy Sports App like FanDuel with us

There are clone app development companies, and there is Appdupe. Molded by absolute expertise in fantasy app development services, our FanDuel clone is the app to beat.

  • Fantasy Sports Software

    Regal solutions that offer both daily/weekly and season-long fantasy sports contests.

    • Versatile contest support
    • Game management tools
    • Manual and integrated data feeds
  • League Management

    Manage leagues, schedules, teams, players, contests, etc., hasslefree.

    • Content management system
    • Customized league software
    • Team media management
  • Mobile platform compatibility

    Launch fantasy sports apps on every mobile platform available.

    • IOS
    • Android
    • Cross Platform
  • Data Integration

    Our data science experts design, develop, and integrate data feed systems

    • Custom API integration
    • STATS, SportRadar, Gracenote
    • Robowire, FantasyData

The Best Time to Launch a FanDuel Clone is Today.

Our process of FanDuel clone app development

Ideated, Designed, and Developed for Greatness.

We’re all ears

Our team of graceful customer managers and developers get in touch with you to picturise your vision for the app. We are keen listeners!

Requirement Analysis

We make a list of your requirements, and our gang of designers, developers, and fantasy sports experts examine and frame out a coherent, explicit work plan.

UI/UX Design and Wireframe

We come up with all possible design ideations and conceptualizations and get the wireframe right for you. Once it is done and approved by you, we’ll shed our expertise on the development and game experience silo.

Product Development

Once sorted out the obligations and requirements, our team of remarkable developers spectacularly begin the development process with the utmost importance to user experience and create a stunning product.

Demo App

Once the development gets completed, we will send you a demo app to give a feel of what to expect from the real app with all its grandeur and features.


The penultimate step before the launch, our developers, make sure the app is devoid of any issues/bugs and is compatible with the customer needs.


The script is always delivered on or before the promised deadline and is entirely ready to launch./p>

Our Live Client Demo

Different Mobile Wallet Payment Options
We Offer With fandual Clone

Superior Quality
Every app that has been developed at Appdupe bears the hallmarks of quality of the highest possible measure. We’ll compromise on anything but quality.
Designed for Excellence
Our FanDuel clone can be customized to an extent where the build resonates with your business’ nuances and sensibilities.
Precise Strategy
We provide you with a clear-cut development plan covering the initial stage, development stage, and post-deployment stage.
360° Support
Our dedicated team of developers and customer relations team assist you right from the ideation and extend the support post-deployment too.
Brand Reach
Our FanDuel clone’s entrancing UI and it’s one-of-a-kind user experience entice scores of players towards your app and provides you with the much needed competitive edge.
Fantastic Profit marks
Clone apps made by us have reported to storm their respective markets and amass astonishing profit.


Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our FanDuel clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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