A complete white-labeled
on-demand delivery app solution

With the advent of the “on-demand” mode of doing business, numerous industries have been altered completely. The delivery industry is one shining example of this phenomenon. With customers expecting a high degree of convenience and ease of use, enabling them by making life easier is a big requirement for any business to cement their success.

Our team of on-demand delivery app developers excels in building delivery app solutions that streamline your business operations, increase efficiency, and boost your profits. Armed with cutting-edge technology at the forefront of the application development industry, we have the knowledge and skill to take your business to the next level with our delivery service app development. Join the Appdupe family and enjoy all that we have to offer.

Our On-Demand Delivery App Solution Can Be Modified
To Fit Any Business

We offer delivery app solutions that can be integrated into any kind of delivery business for taking them on-demand and increasing their efficiency. Below are some sectors where our on-demand delivery apps are widely used:

  • Food DeliveryOwn a restaurant? Let your customers order food online with ease with our robust solution with cutting edge technology that will help your business grow.

  • Grocery DeliveryWhether you’re the owner of a small grocery store or a large grocery store chain, this on-demand delivery app solution is the perfect way forward.

  • PharmacyAn on-demand delivery app solution can be of great help for customers who are too sick to make it to your pharmacy. With the help of this solution, they can order from the comfort of their homes!

  • Alcohol DeliveryDo your part in curbing drunk driving with this on-demand delivery app solution. Allow your customers to order and get drunk in the sanctity of their own homes.

  • Water DeliveryWater is one of the essentials of life, and one cannot go more than a day without it. With the horrid quality of tap water in most metropolitan cities, it is a wise choice to invest in a water delivery app.

  • Marijuana DeliveryIf you are lucky enough to live in a place where weed is legal, the only thing that can top it is if you can have it delivered right to your house. Make the stoners in your city happy with this on-demand delivery app solution!

  • Courier DeliveryAllow delivery executives to pick up couriers from the user locations and deliver them to the specified drop-off locations. With the increasingly busy lifestyle, your app will be the choice for people looking to send across couriers.

  • Flower DeliverySupport users to send flowers to their family and friends on special occasions through your delivery app solution. Especially, users who live far from their loved ones will find your app extremely valuable.

  • Fuel and Gas DeliveryDeliver fuel and gas to users in need. Allow them to avail of your delivery service to their desired location with just a few taps on their smartphones.

  • Stationery DeliveryEnable users to order stationery items from the nearby stores and deliver them to their doorsteps. You can list all available stationery stores in a specified region and allow the users to choose the ones they prefer.

  • Bakery DeliveryList all bakeries near user locations and let them order to a specified location. Pick up their orders from the bakery and deliver it to users' doorsteps via your bakery products delivery app.

  • Essentials DeliveryLet users order all essential products, from grocery to bakery products, through your essentials delivery app. Including the delivery of several products will help you gain a massive user base.

Starting Up A Delivery App In
The Difficult Times Of Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak with the subsequent phases of lockdown has made people stay in their homes to curb the virus spread. Though several businesses are finding it challenging to operate in the current times, several businesses are witnessing an uptrend even among the lockdown.

The major industry that sees a steep rise in its growth amid the COVID-19 chaos is the delivery sector. As people are confined to their homes, they are primarily dependent on on-demand apps for the delivery of essential products to keep their days going. Be it food, grocery, medicine, or bottled water, users can order anything with just a few taps and a couple of swipes on their smartphones.

Several companies saw this thriving opportunity and launched their delivery applications to serve the people in need, along with gaining a massive user base in a short period. After everything returns to normal, it is evident that these apps will still hold their user base due to the convenience they offer.

As the saying goes, ‘when you can’t change the wind direction, adjust the sails,’ it is time for you to set up a business that can withstand even the difficult times. Connect with our expert team to deploy your app right away and gain instant success amid the lockdown!

Advanced Options
For Delivery Apps In Covid-19 Times

  • Take AwayYour app users might wish to collect their orders by themselves directly from the restaurants or respective stores. Allow them to do so by enabling the ‘Take away’ feature in your app. With this feature, store executives will get the orders ready as the users place them. This way, users can collect their orders at the scheduled time with ease.

  • Contact-Free DeliveryThe Corona-ridden times have made people follow social distancing and avoid direct contact with anyone. To boost this, our apps offer the ‘Contact-free delivery’ feature where the orders will be delivered by delivery executives in the user doorsteps, without coming in contact with users.

  • Safety BadgeThe feature ‘Safety badge’ allows the app owners to provide badges to stores that follow all social distancing and safety guidelines. This way, users will be informed about the stores that follow prior safety measures, allowing them to make informed decisions for their essentials purchase.

How our on-demand delivery app solution can
help you grow

ProfitabilityBy streamlining your process and making your operation more efficient, you can fix the redundancies and non-cost-effective aspects of your business. This, in turn, can help you boost your productivity and, thus, profit.

ScalabilityWe know the importance of scaling your business. We ensure that all our on-demand delivery app solutions can be scaled up to the growing needs of your enterprise.

Global PresenceWith multi-currency and multi-language options, you can cater to customers around the globe. Sky's the limit to your growth.

Brand AwarenessWhen it comes to designing your on-demand delivery app solution, we will ensure that your branding is prominently displayed to boost brand awareness and bring you customers.

Customer ServiceShould you choose to avail it, we also provide expert customer service and can help you out with any queries and concerns you might have.

How Does a Delivery App Development Solution work?

  • Step 1

    Product SearchCustomers can search for the product that they want, whether that’s a food item, alcohol, flowers, clothing, etc.

  • Step 2

    Search For StoresStores in the locality that have the item that customer searches for will be displayed in order of their proximity.

  • Step 3

    OrderThe customer is then prompted to order the items they want from the store. These items are added to the cart.

  • Step 4

    PaymentOnce the customer is done shopping, they can pay for items that they have purchased through a multitude of ways, including card, e-payments, and cash on delivery when available.

  • Step 5

    DeliveryThe delivery personnel delivers the items to the location the user has specified. Once the items have been delivered, the customer is prompted to rate the service.

What our on-demand delivery app solution offers

  • User iOS App
  • Driver iOS App
  • Store iOS App
  • User Android App
  • Driver Android App
  • Store Android App
  • User Web Application
  • Driver Web Application
  • Store Owner Web Application
  • Admin Web Application

Delivery Management Software Features

  • Register / LoginA quick registration and login process for the users to get started in the app.

  • Search Items / StoreUsers can search either the items they want or the stores they are looking for.

  • CategoriesUsers can sort through all stores by filtering them by categories.

  • Schedule DeliveriesUsers can either choose the ‘order now’ option or set up a date and time for future delivery.

  • Set LocationUsers can set their location both manually and through GPS. The deliveries will be sent to this address.

  • Multi Payment OptionsUsers can pay through a multitude of ways, including cards, e-payments and cash on delivery when applicable.

  • NotificationsCustomers are notified in real-time of the progress of the delivery through the use of push notifications.

  • Order HistoryCustomers can view the entirety of their order history from one convenient location.

  • Live-TrackingCustomers can track the order from the store to their house in real-time.

  • Ratings And ReviewsCustomers can rate the delivery service provided and give valuable feedback and reviews.

  • Register / LoginProviders can quickly register and log-in to the app with much ease.

  • Submit DocumentationProviders can submit the necessary information electronically to the app.

  • Create ProfileProviders can create their own unique profile that is highly customizable.

  • Delivery RequestProviders can view pending delivery requests.

  • AvailabilityProviders can choose the timing of their availability at their convenience.

  • Bank DetailsProviders are prompted to share their bank details for their earnings.

  • Accept / Reject OrdersDelivery providers can choose to accept or reflect any incoming order.

  • Route OptimizationDelivery personnel are guided to the location with an optimized route that saves on time and fuel.

  • Calling And MessagingDelivery providers call and message their customers or the shop and vice versa.

  • Register / LoginStore owners can register and log in to the app at any time.

  • Manage OrdersAn easy way for the store owner to manage all the incoming and existing orders.

  • Manage DeliveryStore owners can oversee the delivery operation from inside the app.

  • Manage ProductsStore owners can list their products in the way that they want and manage them efficiently.

  • Add ItemsStore owners can add a new item to the app at any time.

  • HistoryStore owners can see the history of orders and sort them by day, week, month or year.

  • Earning DetailsA detailed break of the money the store owner has earned from the app.

  • Delivery Service RadiusThe store owner can set the radius in which they want to fulfill orders from.

  • Max QuantityThe store owner can limit the number of purchases by a user for an item when it’s low in stock.

  • Minimum Order AmountThe store owner can choose a minimum amount for the delivery option to be available.

  • SettingsThe store owner can modify and personalize their app through this useful tool.

  • Manage DeliveriesThe admin can oversee all current deliveries from their dashboard.

  • Vehicle ManagementThe admin can manage the entire fleet they have employed and get details on where each vehicle is.

  • Referral BonusThe admin can gift users and stores with a referral bonus for bringing more customers in.

  • Manage CustomersThe admins can oversee and manage the profiles of their customers from here.

  • Manage ProvidersThe admins can oversee and manage the profiles of their delivery personnel from here.

  • Store ManagementThe admins can oversee and manage the list of stores that are under their supervision.

  • SettingsThe admins can change and modify their app with the help of this feature.

  • RatingsThe admins can see the ratings and feedback provided by the customers to better improve their service.

  • TargetsThe admins can set daily targets for the employees to reach. These can also be modified into weekly, monthly, and yearly targets.

  • Service RateThe admins can set the rate for deliveries that will be paid out to the delivery executive with details such as base charges, distance charge, surge charge, extra fees, etc.

Extra Paid add ons

  • Call Masking Between Customer And Delivery ProviderPrivacy and security is a big concern for many of the customers. With call masking, their numbers will be effectively masked when the call is made. This feature will enable the delivery driver and the rider to place calls to each other without having to reveal their personal phone numbers.

  • SEO OptimizationWith our extensive experience in marketing tactics, we will provide you with search terms that are SEO optimized and can drive your traffic further. This is a highly effective marketing strategy to help yourself stand out from the competition.

  • Multi DeliveriesIncrease the operational efficiency of your delivery process by allowing your delivery providers to handle multiple deliveries at one time. With this, they will be able to save on time and fuel costs, while ultimately reducing wastage and boosting your profits.

  • Customized App BrandingWant your app to be as unique as possible? For an additional charge, we will completely alter the look and feel of the app to match your brand and its logo. From color schemes to the overall aesthetics, everything can be made to fit you in the best way possible.

Complimentary Features
We Provide In Our Delivery App Development

Our apps are integrated with the several additional features mentioned below to help them stand apart from other app solutions in the market.

  • Multilingual Our delivery apps can be accessed in several regional languages. It helps you in gaining a large user base irrespective of the geographical location.

  • Multi-CurrencyOur apps also support multiple currencies so that users can pay using any currency of their preferences. It helps you in taking your business on a global scale.

  • Payment GatewaysWe integrate multiple payment gateways into our apps. By doing so, users can pay for your services through the payment mode that they find convenient.

  • White-labelThe apps we offer are white label solutions that allow you to change its logo, color scheme, and other associated elements with ease.

Premier Features
For Our Delivery App Development Solution

  • Verification CodeConfirmation code is sent to the delivery executives, which they have to provide at the stores when picking up the orders. It ensures an efficient and secure delivery.

  • In-App WalletsThe apps are integrated with an in-app wallet system that allows users to pay securely. It also ensures seamless cash transactions at any time of the day.

  • Promotional AdsThe admin can promote a specific store on their apps through paid ads. These ads can be created and posted through the ad management section.

  • Multicity BusinessThe settings of the app can be fixed for different cities accordingly. This feature is of great help when the app owners wish to launch the app in multiple cities.

  • Delivery ChargesThe delivery charges can be set based on the type of vehicles chosen by the users for delivery. These can be manually fixed or calculated using a set of algorithms.

  • Delivery Charge BiddingUsers can bid for the delivery charges, i.e., they can negotiate with the delivery partners to reduce the delivery prices before availing their respective services.

A complete solution with
a robust web panel

At Appdupe, we believe in delivering an all-around experience. Our on-demand delivery app solution not only comes with a standalone application for the customer, delivery executive, store owner, and admin, but we will also provide an intuitive web panel for all those mentioned.

With the added power of the web panel, the efficiency of the entire operation will be boosted. Enrich your business with a solution that is compatible with multiple devices and makes life easier for customers and you alike.

A Sneak Peek Into Our Delivery App Solutions

Our delivery app development package involves three different app panels for each of the stakeholders engaged in the delivery business. To help you get a clear picture of how these apps work, we have given a glimpse of them below. Click on the one that you wish to get a better understanding.

Why choose
our on-demand delivery app solution?

  • Web And Mobile Apps We give you a complete range of solutions, including web and mobile apps that are multi-device compatible.

  • Free LicensingOnce we deliver the app to you, you have complete control over it. There are no hidden licenses or clauses that eat away your profit.

  • LanguageBuilt on the idea of a globalized platform, we enable you to transact business in over 15 languages. Cater to customers around the world.

  • CurrencyKeep in line with our global approach, and you can take the app to any country you like with multi-currency compatibility.

  • White Label SolutionAt Appdupe, we believe that each customer is unique and special in their own way. We provide our customers with fully customized white label solutions that they can modify how they wish.

  • Quick Turnaround TimeGet your app launch-ready in the quickest time possible.

How can an on-demand delivery app help you?


  • Allows users to order and have items delivered straight to their doorsteps. Getting shopping done has never been easier.

  • Customers are allowed to make payments for their orders using Apple Pay, Google Pay and debit/credit card. The app helps customers to make a cashless transaction with a safe and secure method.

  • Instant access to thousands of products and services. This is an all-in-one, on-demand delivery application that makes life easier for everyone involved.

  • Customers don’t have to worry about traffic or stepping out of their homes in heat, snow or rain. Everything will be brought straight to their house with a few taps on their phones.


  • Retailers can expand their reach by catering to customers who would not otherwise visit their stores.

  • They can boost their brand awareness and recognition by being featured on the on-demand delivery apps.

  • Using this on-demand delivery platform, retailers can make it convenient for their customers to order from the comfort of their homes. This helps increase their chance of getting and retaining more customers.

  • They can stay at the forefront of the changing delivery landscape. An on-demand delivery app helps them stay relevant and successful in a competitive marketplace.

View Demo

Get both the Android and iOS apps for free. After all, building a business doesn’t have to cost you a bomb!

App Demo
Web Demo

Pricing Package

Admin Panel Features
  • Dashboard with live ride details
  • View/Manage Dispatcher Panel
  • View/Manage Dispute Panel
  • Heat map
  • God’s View
  • View/Manage Roles
  • User Management
  • Provider Management
  • Manage Provider Approval
  • Dispatcher Manager
  • Dispute Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Manage Account Statement
  • Mange Payrolls
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage shop types
  • Manage Cuisines
  • Restaurant Management
  • Order History
  • Manage Commission
  • View Reviews and Ratings
  • View/Manage Promocodes
  • View /Manage Country and city
  • View /Manage Services History
  • View/Manage Documents
  • View/Manage Menus
  • View/Manage Ticket Categories
  • View Earning Reports
  • Manage CMS Pages
  • Manage Contact Page
  • Site Settings
  • Manage Social Login
  • Manage Map/SMS configuration
  • Manage Email Configuration
  • Manage Payment Settings
  • Manage Search Radius
  • Manage Provider response time
  • Manage Manual/Automatic Assignment
  • Database backup
  • View/Manage Referral
  • Custom Push notification
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Change password
User Features
  • Social media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View Restaurant/Stores list
  • Book order service
  • View Offers/Coupons
  • View Featured Services
  • Search based on Restaurants/Dishes
  • Filter Range
  • View Item/Product List
  • View Cart
  • Order by Delivery/takeaway
  • Real-time tracking
  • View Estimated Time of Arrival
  • Call/Chat Delivery Partner
  • Rate/Review Delivery Partner
  • Manage Profile
  • Manage Address
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Wallet
  • Manage Language
  • Manage Invite Referrals
  • Manage Order History
  • In-app Notifications
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout
Shop Features
  • Email Login
  • Dashboard
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Location
  • Manage Shop Open Timings
  • Manage Response Time
  • Manage Best Seller Timeline
  • View/Manage Promo codes
  • View/Manage Addons
  • View/Manage Categories
  • View/Manage Items
  • Manage Item Discounts
  • Accept/Cancel Order
  • View Order Details
  • Manage Estimated Preparation Time
  • Manage Current/Past/Cancel Orders
  • View Live Order Status
  • View In-app Notifications
  • Manage Bank Account
  • Wallet Management
  • Order History
  • Revenue Statements
  • Change Password
  • Forgot Password
  • Logout
Provider Features
  • Social Media Register/Login
  • Email and Mobile Number Register/Login
  • Verification of Email or Number
  • View/Manage Profile
  • Manage Multiple Services
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Bank Details
  • Mange Payment
  • Wallet Management
  • Manage Earnings
  • Manage Language
  • Accept/Decline Orders
  • Switch Online/Offline
  • Live Order Status
  • Order OTP Verification
  • Live Navigation
  • Call/Chat Partner
  • View Order History
  • View Notifications
  • Raise Disputes
  • Invite Friends & Referral code
  • Privacy Policy
  • Support
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Looking for a Specialized Delivery App for Just 1 Type Of Delivery?

Do you wish to launch only a single delivery service like food, grocery, or flower delivery? Well, do not worry. We are here to back you up! We offer not only all-in-one delivery apps but also app solutions that are assigned for specialized delivery service. We have listed below some of our delivery app solutions that you can customize for your delivery business in a jiffy.

Why choose Appdupe
as your on-demand delivery app solution provider?

We provide high-quality solutions at affordable prices.

We have numerous years of experience in development and marketing applications.

We have specialized personnel who are experts in their field.

We allot dedicated personnel for each project on hand.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the market today.

We have a quick turnaround time and never miss a deadline.

We provide a highly transparent service that is upfront at all times.

We follow all the necessary regulations and are compliant with the highest standards.

Technology we use

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

With most businesses quickly moving to the digital mode of doing business, it is highly important to keep up with this technological shift if you do want to get left behind. With an on-demand delivery app solution, you’ll be able to stay at the forefront of this change and cater to customers in a way that will grow your enterprise to greater heights.
The pricing of an on-demand delivery app solution is dependent on the factors such as the amount of work that goes into it, the features that the customer wants to include and other variables that change from project to project. To get an accurate estimate, tell us your idea.
Similar to the pricing, the time of development is also dependent on the individual needs of the customers. Get in touch with our team to get a timeline of the app you want to make.
Yes! We have a highly trained marketing team that can boost the popularity of your app and help you attract new customers. Our SEO optimization is second to none.
Yes. For an additional cost, we provide our customers with extensive support to help them sort out any issues that might face post-development.
All of our application solutions are customizable. We will provide you with the codes and the capability to change the app how you see fit according to your individual needs.

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