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Fantasy sports are the flavor of the digital era, with more than 60 million players at any given time. But why the fantasy basketball league app? Because basketball is one of the most popular and followed sports in the world and fantasy players of the game account for more than 50% of the total count. Combined with the fact that an infinite number of basketball leagues are played, especially the NBA, sends enthusiasts into a frenzy. It doesn’t need an expert to assert that launching a fantasy basketball app is highly profitable, even though experts state them frequently.

At Appdupe, we strive to present wholesome fantasy basketball app development solutions that are made to entice the end-users- the fantasy basketball fans and propel your success in the shortest possible time. Interactive, feature-rich, and devised for instant launch.

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What is a
Fantasy basketball league?

Fantasy Basketball leagues are simple - you become the managing head for a team of your dream players. Nah, we aren't kidding. In these leagues, a user can create his own team and draft his/her lineup. What's next? Join a contest, watch, and win! Besides, user can compete with other users worldwide, create private leagues with friends, configure rules, and, most importantly, win massive prize amounts.

Build a custom Fantasy
Basketball App that’s for everyone


Want to play with your buddies? Invite them to compete in private leagues. Designed for maximum fun.

Scoring system

Present a point-system that mimics real matches with points for every basket, free through and three-point arc basket.


Build a league schedule in coherence with the top tournaments like the NBA, BBL, VTB, BSL, EuroLeague, Liga ACB, etc.


Users can draft using the live draft, offline draft, auction draft, etc., and also through salary cap/Budget. Let them choose their method.

Not just the NBA. Take a peek at other leagues covered by our Fantasy Basketball Application

There's no doubt there is anything similar to the fanfare NBA induces, but that doesn't stop us from developing a holistic fantasy basketball league solution made on the lines of other famous leagues of the basketball universe. Some of them are

EuroLeagueWhen the champions of individual leagues of Europe lock horns with each other in a single league, it's no surprise that fans go crazy. The EuroLeague is the ultimate honor every basketball player in Europe wants to attain.

Liga ACBAnything that starts with the name 'Liga' is rage, and Liga ACB is no exception. The Spanish premier basketball league's social media presence and fan following are only next to the La Liga football league. Bestowed with the wildness of its soccer cousin.

Basketball Super LeagueOne of the oldest basketball leagues that's still played around, the Turkish competition has been a regular feature in the list of most followed leagues of the world. Quality of play is its synonym!

VTB Unlimited LeagueThe Russian league is among the top-tier competitions in Europe with giants of game clashes and adrenaline overflows. It's famous for its knockout-stage matches, which are no different from those flashy Hollywood thrillers.

Basketball Bundesliga LeaguePredicted as the next big thing in the European basketball circuits, this german league offers electric performances in an eccentric atmosphere. At this level, it's popularity is only set to grow.

Lega Basket Serie ALBA is a favorite among international basketball superstars, and excluding its football counterpart, this Italian league is adored by fans all over the country. It's the undeniably best choice for anyone willing to set foot on the Italian fantasy sports industry.

LNB Pro ADraw hordes of fans of this elite french basketball league into the fantasy sports space. Provide them a platform where they become the coach managing their basketball idols and grapple their friends through the fantasy arena.

FIBA World CupThe spectacle that's played once in four years descends on basketball fans across the world. Barring the NBA, the world cup generates buzz that rocks the world and is the official tournament of FIBA, the basketball world's governing body.

NBAThe name is enough to induce the basketball maniac in you. The most followed, most famous, most rewarding, and indeed, the most important event of the game. And just to remind you, our white-label fantasy basketball app is the best in the business!

The Chief Differentiating Features of our
Fantasy Basketball Software

Highlighted features of our white-label fantasy NBA solution that gives you the much-needed competitive advantage.

Centralized Lobby/Dashboard

Let it be amateurs or professionals; everyone needs a feature that helps them monitor their progress hassle-free. Our dashboard does the job gracefully.


Feed your users with real-time updates of the game and enhance their trust over your platform


Why just one drafting method when you can provide the entire range? Online drafting, offline drafting, auto-drafting, auction, etc., are made available to users to select their perfect team.

Multiple Game Types

A euphemism for the game structure. Let your users play some of the most popular game types like predictors, pick’em, sportsbook, oppo-picks, over-under, to name a few.

User Statistics

Depict your users’ performance with details on the number of matches played, matched won, winning percentage, ranking, etc.

Multilingual Support

Provide the comfort of playing with the user’s most preferred language and leverage the global popularity of the game. A must-have feature


Honor the most successful players with their rankings in a state-of-art leaderboard that can be sorted using different attributes. Award them with badges that can be shared throughout social media.

High Scalability

As mentioned earlier, our fantasy basketball app was developed with madness in mind. That’s the reason why our app can seamlessly handle millions of concurrent users.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Android, iOS, Windows, or any cross-platforms; mobile or desktop, our solution is smooth and perfectly compatible.

Want to launch a Fantasy Basketball App that's smart and scalable?

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How does our Fantasy Basketball App Work?

The simplified workflow of our Fantasy Basketball app makes users comfortable and proffers an extraordinary user experience.


User registers and logs into the application


User is prompted to select a match


User creates a team for themselves


User drafts players into the team


Pays the possible entry fee


Joins the contest


Users monitors through live scores


Prize money is deposited into the user’s account upon winning

Select match
Create a team
Select players
Pay entry fee
Join the match
View live scores
Receive prize amount if won

Different types of games in the
Fantasy Basketball app

The Fantasy Basketball app borrows the effortless traditional fantasy sports approach and sports a wide range of game types to be played.

Free Game

Suitable for beginners as it is absolutely free to play and stands as an excellent practicing ground.

Prize-enabled Game

The treasures of fantasy basketball leagues are genuinely confined to these prize-enabled games, and users can win big.

Daily Basketball Fantasy

Users can indulge in daily and weekly contests with an increased probability of winning. A huge favorite of teens!


Clash with your nemesis in a contest for a week, and the team securing the highest points is deemed the winner.

Rotisserie (RTO)

The Basketball derivative of the round-robin style, a user’s team has to play with every other team in the league.

Fantasy Points

Calculating points based on the real-time statistics of a particular match, this game style is the bread-and-butter format of fantasy games.

Nonpareil Features of our Fantasy Basketball App

  • Swift RegistrationUsers can register instantly through their social media credentials or using phone numbers.

  • Home ScreenAllure the users with a gorgeous home screen stuffed with details like trending contests, tournaments, etc.

  • Search and FiltersAn intelligent search bar bestowed with a wide range of filters aids the user in selecting the contest they were looking for.

  • Create a Fantasy TeamCrown your users with the opportunity to create their unique fantasy team filled with seasoned superstars.

  • DraftingBased on a versatile range of drafting options and also through auction, users handpick their squad.

  • Player StatisticsUpskill your users with the exhaustive set of information about a player so that they can draft only the best ones.

  • Create LeaguesUsers can create their fantasy leagues with essential details like league name, number of teams allowed, game style, prize money, etc.

  • Join LeaguesNot just create, users can join the most famous leagues that provide the massive sum of money. These leagues are too user-created.

  • Live Scores and UpdatesEnhance the ease of competition by providing real-time live updates about scores and progress of the match.

  • Referral and Reward How awesome will it be for a user to earn rewards by referring his/her friends into a contest? It is as our app provides a comprehensive referral and reward system.

  • Instant LoginWith the admin credentials, login is done at the speed of lightning.

  • Elaborate DashboardReal-time users, number of contests, number of leagues, total revenue, etc. can be monitored at a glance with our inventive dashboard.

  • User ManagementManage the entire class of your users - add, remove, upgrade, block any of the users for valid reasons.

  • Match ManagementAdmins can configure particular matches and add/delete/modify them as they please.

  • League ManagementCreate/Edit and manage leagues that are both standard and custom with a single feature.

  • Content Management SystemAssisted with a powerful CMS, admins can effortlessly manage content that’s on display in the app.

  • Customer Relationship ManagementTake care of the emails, resolve queries, and keep connected with our unique CRM system.

  • Finance ManagementKeep up to date with total revenue earned and other financial activities with the help of this feature.

  • Reward ManagementAdmins are accredited to assign rewards and bonuses to users and track the total referral conversion rate.

  • Social Media SharingUsers can express their fantasy league exploits with their friends and family by sharing it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

  • Analytics DepartmentWith the assimilation of real-time data for producing profound reports on crucial metrics, analytics is a highly practical tool.

  • GPS TrackingUser experience is more streamlined using a GPS tracking system that suggests a fantasy league near the user's location.

  • E-Wallet IntegrationIn addition to the numerous payment methods, users can pay through an in-built e-wallet without any hassle.

  • Push NotificationsRegularly keep updating your users with the happenings of the league and also offers discounts, upcoming events, etc.

Revenue model of our
Fantasy Basketball App solution

Entry Fees

Charges can be inflicted on users for entering a contest. It's easily the most revenue-producing strategy in a fantasy basketball app setup. Don't worry; the attractive prize pool entices users into contests.


Cometh basketball; Cometh superstars. By integrating an ecommerce module, you can sell official merchandise, collectibles, etc. A win-win strategy for both users and app owners.

Brand Promotion

Fantasy basketball apps are platforms with massive user traffic and are ideal for brands looking to promote their products/services.

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Exciting Integrations in our
Fantasy Basketball App

Blockchain Integration

Harness the divine level of security and privacy of our in-house blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is today's order, and we are the pioneers!

Data Feeds

Our fantasy basketball app is devised to integrate third-party APIs like SportsRadar, BetRadar, etc. to enhance user experience.

Payment Gateways

Flatter your users with a plethora of options for payment. Considering the global nature of your user base, it is intelligent to offer international payment options ranging from cards, UPI, PayPal, etc.

Why launching a Fantasy Basketball App
is an excellent investment?

A $150 billion business with more than 25 million players worldwide, fantasy basketball is easily one of the most exciting prospects an entrepreneur can incubate in 2020. With the majority of fans being younger, the sustainability of the investment is concrete. There is a striking correlation between the age of players and the age of young adults of the US that points out at a range of 18-40 and 38.4, respectively.

The sheer number of fantasy sports apps is a reflection of the unbelievable rates of ROI and profitability this industry offers. The stories of top players raising hundreds of millions of dollars investment and the fact that statistics paint a favorable picture, it’s worth concluding that investing in a fantasy basketball app is rightly a significant investment.

Why is playing Fantasy Basketball so much fun?

Greetings, Manager!

It's always great fun to watch team managers make decisions - leave alone playing. The tension, the strategy, the aftermath all give you a thrilling experience. Eat, Sleep, Manage, and Repeat!

Win Each Day

With thousands of contests going on every minute, you'll never feel bored, and even those boring live matches suddenly become immersive. And the best thing, you earn for every victory!

Hey, Bonjour, Hola

Charm your friends with your game intelligence and get a chance to make international friends. It's handy to learn to spell hello in different languages.

What is unique about our Fantasy NBA software development?

Our Fantasy Basketball software solutions are designed to perfection, developed to precision, and deployed for business success. Superimposed with superlative features all in the vicinity of a stunning UX.

  • Security and Privacy ensured
  • Generates massive revenue
  • Easy Betting
  • Multilingual Support
  • Social Sharing
  • Live Scores

Our process of Fantasy basketball app development

We’re all ears

Our team of graceful customer managers and developers get in touch with you to picturise your vision for the app. We are keen listeners!

Requirement Analysis

We make a list of your requirements, and our gang of designers, developers, and fantasy sports experts examine and frame out a coherent, explicit work plan.

UI/UX Design and Wireframe

We come up with all possible design ideations and conceptualizations and get the wireframe right for you. Once it is done and approved by you, we’ll shed our expertise on the development and game experience silo

Product Development

Once sorted out the obligations and requirements, our team of remarkable developers spectacularly begin the development process with the utmost importance to user experience and create a stunning product.


The script is always delivered on or before the promised deadline and is entirely ready to launch.


The penultimate step before the launch, our developers, make sure the app is devoid of any issues/bugs and is compatible with customer needs.

Demo App

Once the development gets completed, we will send you a demo app to give a feel of what to expect from the real app with all its grandeur and features.


Let’s start right now

Why Appdupe for Fantasy Basketball App Development?

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Our decade-long experience in developing fantasy sports apps enable us to provide you with the best fantasy basketball app ever.

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The robustness of our fantasy basketball app makes it suitable for long-time consumption and provides absolute entertainment.

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You and you only are the owner of the app as we rebrand the app with our brand’s name before launching.

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Beautiful is an understatement to describe our app’s interface made possible by master designers.

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Loaded with features to beat, our app engrosses users by providing them tools that make their gaming experience a cakewalk.

idex app clone


Don’t worry about the technicalities! Our friendly development team supports you right from ideation and even after deployment of the app.

Our Other Fantasy Sports App Offerings

Proffer your customers with our intuitive fantasy sports app solutions. We also develop fantasy apps for all major sports and leagues in the world. Miss no fun!

FOOTBALLInfused with the wild spirit of football, our football league fantasy app dribbles around smoothly and shoots for excellence. Loaded with ingenious features.

BASKETBALLSporting a user-friendly UI that’s interactive and feature-rich, our basketball league fantasy app is designed to cater to unlimited entertainment.

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BASEBALLWe provide the best baseball fantasy league app that appeals to both hardcore fans and newcomers—stacked with versatile features and sleek UI.

Our Live Client Demo

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Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our Fantasy Basketball App script is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Yes. We do offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

Connect with our support team over email - [email protected] or call - +916382665366. You can also connect with us directly through the chat option available on our website.

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