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    An online sports betting software lets you integrate games that your participants can bet on. There are many betting games online and with software by your side you can earn commission from the betters who participate. We at AppDupe ensure that we build you a seamless app with the perfect user experience. Our sports betting app gives you complete access to the Billion dollar online sports betting industry. Users can enjoy betting on popular sports like Football, Cricket, Horse Racing, Rugby and more at the convenience of their home, office or even during a date. All the advanced sports betting features delivered at the palm of their hand. Our Sports betting app is highly customizable and is packed with numerous cutting-edge features, user-friendly interface and most of all, just pure fun. Also, we provide Sports betting app development like no other. Impressed? Wish to develop sports betting app? Read its features below.

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    Sports Betting Software Business Model

    Sports Betting App

    The first step, users register via their social profiles like Facebook, email etc or using information such as name, address and phone number.

    Sports Betting App
    Home Screen

    Post registration, users will be directed to the home screen where they will choose from services such as leaderboard, betting page, projection, live-score and more.

    Sports Betting App
    Sports News

    This section offers users with up to date sports related information and news. New player addition or exit from a sports team, upcoming matches and more can be viewed here.

    Sports Betting App
    Sports Betting Section

    Users can bet on single or multiple matches. The section offers live match scores to keep the players updated.

    Sports Betting App

    Global players will be ranked country wise and state wise based upon their overall score.

    Sports Betting App

    Sports Betting App Solutions

    Development Create your own Sports Betting App
    Development Create your own Sports Betting App
    Development Create your own Sports Betting App
    Development Create your own Sports Betting App
    Development Create your own Sports Betting App
    Horse Racing
    Development Create your own Sports Betting App

    Our Package Includes

    We offer state-of-the-art solutions for your business and provide you with the
    following advanced services

    Android and iOS apps for User

    We build stellar android and iOS apps with glitch-free performance for users.

    Android and iOS apps for Bookie

    We design and develop apps for bookies. These apps are specially customized to help bookie manage the betting mechanism with ease.

    Admin Panel

    The powerful admin panel offers hassle-free functioning and stellar monitoring options for admins. They can track the betting for each match with ease.

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    One Touch Betting

    With convenience in mind, our online players can bet with just one touch. Instructions will be provided beforehand, and it's designed to provide convenience.

    Create Sports Betting App

    In-App Advertising

    Boost your revenue stream by showcasing advertisements. Our ad space is strategically placed to avoid any snags during the course of play.

    Create Sports Betting App

    In-App Purchase

    Players can boost their account by purchasing add-ons offered within the app. This is a popular revenue generating mechanism for admins.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Real/Virtual Currency Betting

    Players can bet using fiat currency or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Designed to deliver endless convenience to players, based on clients requirements.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Bet On Real Matches

    Users can bet on real-world sports and enjoy the excitement of luck. This is the most sought-after features in sports betting.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Live Score

    Players can view live match scores in their apps and plan on their bettings ahead.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Play With Friends

    Users can invite their friends and play together as one. Players can share suggestions based on live-score and come up with common conclusions.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Social Sharing

    Players can share their scorecard or their global leadership ranking with their friends via numerous popular online social networks.

    Create Sports Betting App


    Users can share the apps referral code with friends and earn extra points. A popular way to boost apps users.

    Create Sports Betting App


    A global leaderboard would showcase the global player ranking and gets updated based on the overall score of each player.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Multiple Betting

    Our app offers players with the flexibility to bet on numerous games simultaneously. Users can track their individual bettings with ease.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Betting Manager

    Players can check their betting history and keep track of their outcomes or winnings. Designed for easy tracking of bets.

    Create Sports Betting App

    User Profile And Bio

    Users can create their profile and customize their bio with ease. During live betting, players can view their competitor's profile, based upon users discretion.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Calendar Day And Schedule

    The app’s calendar will be updated with all the upcoming matches and players can schedule their betting accordingly.

    Create Sports Betting App

    Security/Anti Fraud System

    The app boasts Fort Knox like security with state-of-the-art Anti Fraud System. The app is designed to protect players from any unforeseen external influence.

    Key for Sports Betting Business Success

    The Billion dollar sports betting industry has not seen a single hiccup in its growth. With sports having a huge following, sports fans participate in their favourite game via betting. Generations have witnessed millions of people betting on events like horse racing and today it includes popular sports like soccer, baseball, rugby and others. By identifying its potential, we have developed a stellar app with numerous features designed to provide users with the very best sports betting experience.

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